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L Rodríguez Caraballo, J Gómez-Chacón Villalban, P Rodríguez Iglesias, L Mangas Álvarez, A Marco Macián
OBJECTIVE: To describe our experience in the use of the guided hook wire placement to undergo thoracoscopic resection of pulmonary metastases in children. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We conducted a retrospective review, between January 2008 and December 2014 of the patients that were diagnosed with pulmonary metastases by image and who underwent a thoracoscopic metastasectomy. Patients in whom a CT- guided hook was done before the surgery were included. RESULTS: Eleven procedures were done in ten patients with a median age of 10 years (range 2-16 years)...
October 10, 2016: Cirugía Pediátrica: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Pediátrica
Emmanuel Jouglar, Antoine Wagner, Grégory Delpon, Loïc Campion, Philippe Meingan, Valérie Bernier, Charlotte Demoor-Goldschmidt, Marc-André Mahé, Thomas Lacornerie, Stéphane Supiot
OBJECTIVES: Late abdominal irradiation toxicity during childhood included renal damage, hepatic toxicity and secondary diabetes mellitus. We compared the potential of conformal radiotherapy (CRT), helical tomotherapy (HT) and proton beam therapy (PBT) to spare the abdominal organs at risk (pancreas, kidneys and liver- OAR) in children undergoing abdominal irradiation. METHODS: We selected children with abdominal tumors who received more than 10 Gy to the abdomen...
2016: PloS One
Katarzyna Taran, Tomasz FrÄ Czek, Anita Sikora-Szubert, Anna Sitkiewicz, Wojciech Må Ynarski, Józef Kobos, Piotr Paneth
The paper describes a novel approach to investigating Wilms' tumour (nephroblastoma) biology at the atomic level. Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) was used to directly assess the isotope ratios of nitrogen and carbon in 84 Wilms' tumour tissue samples from 28 cases representing the histological spectrum of nephroblastoma. Marked differences in nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios were found between nephroblastoma histological types and along the course of cancer disease, with a breakout in isotope ratio of the examined elements in tumour tissue found between stages 2 and 3...
October 8, 2016: Oncotarget
Mingsheng Zhang, Enda Xue, Wei Shao
BACKGROUND: Nephroblastoma (Wilms' tumor [WT]) is the most common malignant renal cancer in children. Although the outcome of WT has significantly improved as a result of the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy; in some cases WT results in severe complications. Thus, novel strategies that would decrease treatment burden are required. The aim of the current study was to investigate the synergistic antitumor effect of andrographolide (AND) in combination with vincristine (VCR) on WT cells...
2016: Drug Design, Development and Therapy
Annemieke S Littooij, Neil J Sebire, Øystein E Olsen
PURPOSE: To explore the potential relation between whole-tumor apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) parameters in viable parts of tumor and histopathological findings in nephroblastoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Children (n = 52) with histopathologically proven nephroblastoma underwent diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (1.5T) before preoperative chemotherapy. Of these, 25 underwent an additional MRI after preoperative chemotherapy, shortly before resection...
October 11, 2016: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging: JMRI
Kiki M G J Wigny, Wendy van Dorp, Anne-Lotte L F van der Kooi, Yolanda B de Rijke, Andrica C H de Vries, Marij Smit, Saskia M F Pluijm, Erica L T van den Akker, Rob Pieters, Joop S E Laven, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink
STUDY QUESTION: Are Inhibin B and testosterone levels reduced in boys with newly diagnosed cancer prior to therapy? SUMMARY ANSWER: Pretreatment serum levels of Inhibin B and testosterone are significantly reduced in boys with newly diagnosed cancer, compared to reference values. WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN: Disease-related gonadal impairment has been demonstrated in girls and young women diagnosed with cancer, prior to therapy. STUDY DESIGN, SIZE, DURATION: We conducted a descriptive study in boys newly diagnosed with cancer between January 2006 and February 2014...
September 28, 2016: Human Reproduction
Jun Li, Xiangyu Gao, Ke Ji, Andrew J Sanders, Zhongtao Zhang, Wen G Jiang, Jiafu Ji, Lin Ye
CCN is an acronym for cysteine-rich protein 61 (CYR61), connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and nephroblastoma overexpressed (NOV). Aberrations of certain CCN members including CYR61, CTGF, Wnt1-inducible signalling pathway protein (WISP)-1 and -3 have been reported in gastric cancer. The present study aimed to examine the clinical relevance of NOV along with CYR61 and CTGF in gastric cancer by analysing their transcript levels. CYR61, CTGF and NOV transcript expression in 324 gastric cancer samples with paired adjacent normal gastric tissues were determined using real-time quantitative PCR and the results were statistically analysed against patient clinicopathological data using SPSS software...
September 8, 2016: Oncology Reports
Ryo Itoshima, Ryoji Kobayashi, Hirozumi Sano, Daiki Hori, Kenji Kishimoto, Daisuke Suzuki, Masayoshi Miura, Yoshitake Takagi, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Shoji Fujita, Ryota Honjo, Kunihiko Kobayashi
Extrarenal nephroblastoma (ERNB) is a rare disease. We report a case of ERNB in a 4-year-old boy complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting. Imaging showed a retroperitoneal mass and left hydronephrosis. The mass was completely removed by surgery. The pathologic diagnosis was ERNB with favorable histology. Postoperative chemotherapy was administered for 24 weeks with actinomycin D, vincristine, and doxorubicin. No signs of recurrence were found for the next 3 years. We consider 53 reports of ERNB and our own...
August 26, 2016: Journal of Pediatric Hematology/oncology
Xiao-Yong Li, Yuan-Yuan Feng, Wei Dan, Deng Pan, Guo-Feng Zhang, Xian-Liang Wang, Guang-Jun Hou
OBJECTIVE: To study the influence of curcumin on chemosensitivity of nephroblastoma cells. METHODS: Human nephroblastoma cells line SK-NEP-1 was transplanted to the nude mice subcutaneously to establish the implantation tumor model of human nephroblastoma cells. A total of 30 tumor-bearing mice were divided into three groups of ten randomly. The routine chemotherapy group was given vincristine (0.05 mg/mL·0.2 mL/d) and actinomycin D (15 ng/mL·0.2 mL/d) combined chemotherapy regime...
August 2016: Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine
Anna Caliò, John N Eble, Ondrej Hes, Guido Martignoni, Saul E Harari, Sean R Williamson, Matteo Brunelli, Adeboye O Osunkoya, Lisha Wang, Eva Comperat, Antonio Lopez-Beltran, Mingsheng Wang, Shaobo Zhang, Kendra L Curless, Kristin M Post, Hsim-Yee Chang, Claudio Luchini, Lee Ann Baldrige, Gregory T MacLennan, Rodolfo Montironi, David J Grignon, Liang Cheng
BRAF mutation recently has been reported in metanephric adenoma. We sought to determine the clinical and morphologic features of BRAF-mutated metanephric adenoma and to correlate BRAF mutation with BRAF V600E immunohistochemical staining results. A series of 48 metanephric adenomas and 15 epithelial-predominant nephroblastomas were analyzed for the occurrence of BRAF mutation (BRAF V600E/V600E complex, BRAF V600D, BRAF V600K and BRAF V600R) using the BRAF RGQ PCR kit (Qiagen). Immunohistochemistry was performed using monoclonal mouse antibodies against p16INK4 and VE1 (Spring Bioscience), recognizing the BRAF V600E mutant protein...
August 8, 2016: Oncotarget
Zhongdong Hu, Ailin Yang, Guozhu Su, Yunfang Zhao, Ying Wang, Xingyun Chai, Pengfei Tu
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cause of malignancy-related mortality worldwide. It is urgently needed to develop potential drugs with good efficacy and low toxicity for HCC treatment. The anti-tumor effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has received increasing attention worldwide. Trametes robiniophila Murr. (Huaier) has been used in TCM for approximately 1,600 years. Clinically, Huaier has satisfactory therapeutic effects in cancer treatment, especially in HCC. However, the mechanisms underlying the anti-cancer effect of Huaier remain ill defined...
2016: Scientific Reports
Daniel Satgé, Motoi Nishi, Nicolas Sirvent, Michel Vekemans
Constitutional trisomy 18 causes Edwards syndrome, which is characterized by intellectual disability and a particular set of malformations. Although this condition carries high mortality during prenatal and early postnatal life, some of the rare infants who survive the first months develop benign and malignant tumors. To determine the tumor profile associated with Edwards syndrome, we performed a systematic review of the literature. This review reveals a tumor profile differing from those of Down (trisomy 21) and Patau (trisomy 13) syndromes...
September 2016: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part C, Seminars in Medical Genetics
Constanza Cafferata, Walter Cacciavillano, María L Galluzzo, Paula Flores, Adriana Rose, Pedro Zubizarreta
OBJECTIVE: Wilms tumor (WT) is a disease with a good prognosis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome of patients with WT, treated according to the SIOP-2001 strategy. METHODS: A retrospective analysis of 141 consecutive patients with WT diagnosed at our institution between December 2001 and 2013 was performed. RESULTS: A total of 114 patients, median age 38.8 months (3 to 155 mo), were assessable for analysis. Fine-needle aspiration was initially performed in 88 patients (84...
July 1, 2016: Journal of Pediatric Hematology/oncology
W J Teng, C Zhou, L J Liu, X J Cao, J Zhuang, G X Liu, C G Sun
Wilms' tumor (WT), or nephroblastoma, is the most common malignant renal cancer that affects the pediatric population. Great progress has been achieved in the treatment of WT, but it cannot be cured at present. Nonetheless, a protein-protein interaction network of WT should provide some new ideas and methods. The purpose of this study was to analyze the protein-protein interaction network of WT. We screened the confirmed disease-related genes using the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database, created a protein-protein interaction network based on biological function in the Cytoscape software, and detected molecular complexes and relevant pathways that may be included in the network...
2016: Genetics and Molecular Research: GMR
Jia Hu, L U Jin, Tao He, Yifan Li, Yang Zhao, Y U Ding, Xianxin Li, Yunchu Liu, Yaoting Gui, Xiangming Mao, Yongqing Lai, Liangchao Ni
Wilms tumor or nephroblastoma is a common kidney malignant tumor in childhood, accounting for ~5% of all pediatric tumors. At present, reports on Wilms' tumor occurring in adults, particularly at ages >30 years, are extremely rare. The majority of the cases of adult Wilms' tumor are closely associated with chemotherapy. Furthermore, in rare cases, Wilms' tumor is characterized by three classic types of cells, namely blastemal, stromal and epithelial cells. We herein report a case of Wilms' tumor with three classic types of cells on histological examination in a 51 year-old male patient who had received prior chemotherapy...
June 2016: Molecular and Clinical Oncology
Claudia Santoro, Andrea Apicella, Fiorina Casale, Angela La Manna, Martina Di Martino, Daniela Di Pinto, Cristiana Indolfi, Silverio Perrotta
BACKGROUND: Cornelia de Lange syndrome is the prototype for cohesinopathy disorders, which are characterized by defects in chromosome segregation. Kidney malformations, including nephrogenic rests, are common in Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Only one post-mortem case report has described an association between Wilms tumor and Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Here, we describe the first case of a living child with both diseases. CASE PRESENTATION: Non-anaplastic triphasic nephroblastoma was diagnosed in a patient carrying a not yet reported mutation in NIPBL (c...
2016: BMC Cancer
Johanna Theruvath, Alexandra Russo, Bettina Kron, Claudia Paret, Arthur Wingerter, Khalifa El Malki, Marie A Neu, Francesca Alt, Gundula Staatz, Raimund Stein, Larissa Seidmann, Dirk Prawitt, Jörg Faber
Although neuro- and nephroblastoma are common solid tumors in children, the simultaneous occurrence is very rare and is often associated with syndromes. Here, we present a unique case of synchronous occurrence of neuro- and nephroblastoma in an infant with no signs of congenital anomalies or a syndrome. We performed genetic testing for possible candidate genes as underlying mutation using the next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach to target 94 genes and 284 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) involved in cancer...
May 2016: Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
O M Zakaria, M Y I Daoud, S H Farrag, A S Mulhim
BACKGROUND: Management of Nephroblastoma (NB) remains a subject of debate despite the fact that it ranked first among primary childhood's renal neoplasm. We have previously discussed this issue 13, 14, yet, the sample size was limited. AIM: The aim of this study was to further evaluate the efficacy of initial surgery in the treatment of stage II and III pediatric NB as a part of the short administration schedule as in National Wilms' Tumor Study (NWTS)-4 and to evaluate its effectiveness compared to the long administration schedule...
May 2016: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Jinhua Hu, Guochang Liu, Zhang Zhao, Wei Jia, Huimin Xia
MiR-197 is frequently upregulated to induce a series of oncogenic effects, which is closely associated with poor survival and prognosis of multiple malignancies. However, the roles of miR-197 in tumorigenesis and the detailed molecular mechanism in Wilms tumor (WT) have rarely been reported. This study aimed to evaluate the expression of miR-197 in WT in vivo and the potential effects of miR-197 on the proliferation and apoptosis in SK-NEP-1 cells. A total of 15 patients with a pathologically confirmed diagnosis of WT and 15 paraneoplastic controls were enrolled...
May 25, 2016: Fetal and Pediatric Pathology
Gordon C Hard, John Curtis Seely, Laura J Betz
In order to harmonize diagnostic terminology, confirm diagnostic criteria, and describe aspects of tumor biology characteristic of different tumor types, a total of 165 cases of mesenchyme-related tumors and nephroblastomas of the rat kidney were reexamined from the National Toxicology Program (NTP) Archives. This survey demonstrated that renal mesenchymal tumor (RMT) was the most common spontaneous nonepithelial tumor in the rat kidney, also occurring more frequently in the NTP studies than nephroblastoma...
August 2016: Toxicologic Pathology
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