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C L Robinson, L Zhang, L F Schütz, M L Totty, L J Spicer
Small non-coding RNA molecules (miRNA) regulate protein levels in a post-transcriptional manner by partial base pairing to the 3'-UTR of target genes thus mediating degradation or translational repression. Previous studies indicate that numerous miRNA regulate the biosynthesis of intraovarian hormones, and emerging evidence indicates that one of these, miRNA-221 (MIR221), may be a modulator of ovarian function. However, the hormonal control of ovarian MIR221 is not known. The objectives of this study were to investigate the developmental and hormonal regulation of MIR221 expression in granulosa and theca cells and its possible role in regulating follicular function...
January 29, 2018: Journal of Animal Science
Priyadarshini, Bechan Lal
The present study was undertaken to examine the cellular localization and potential steroidogenic role of neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the ovary of the freshwater catfish, Clarias batrachus. NPY-immunoreaction was observed in the follicular cells (granulosa and thecal cells) in the growing ovarian follicles, and the intensity of staining increased steadily from the initiation of follicular development until follicles were fully grown. Thereafter as follicles matured the stain intensity decreased. Positive correlations were found between NPY expression and the ovarian levels of 17β-estradiol, testosterone, and activities of 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3β-HSD) and 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17β-HSD) in the ovary...
January 1, 2018: General and Comparative Endocrinology
Islam M Saadeldin, Asmaa Elsayed, Su Jin Kim, Joon Hu Moon, Byeong Chun Lee
The bidirectional communication between oocytes and granulosa cells are mediated by several factors via a local feedback loop(s). The current model was carried out to study the spatial mutual interaction of porcine denuded oocytes and granulosa cells either in direct contact (juxtacrine) or paracrine co-culture using transwell system. Transwell 0.4 μm polyester membrane inserts were used to permit oocytes-granulosa cells paracrine communication with a distance of 2 mm between them in co-culture. Oocytes were cultured with granulosa cells in a defined basic maturation medium for 44 h...
February 2015: Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Issa S Al-Amri, Ibrahim Y Mahmoud, Colin P Waring, Abdulaziz Y Alkindi, Tabisam Khan, Charles Bakheit, Kamla M Al-Mawali
The annual testicular cycle of the house gecko Hemidactylus flaviviridis in Oman was studied. Plasma testosterone (T), estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P) concentrations were measured using a sensitive HPLC-MS/MS detection technique. The ultrastructural steroidogenic features in Sertoli and Leydig cells, which were the major source of steriodogenesis, were examined, using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In addition, progesterone receptors (PR) were examined throughout the testicular cycle, using an immunohistochemical technique...
June 15, 2013: General and Comparative Endocrinology
Gunda Viswanath, Shamba Chatterjee, Swati Dabral, Siddharth R Nanguneri, Gunda Divya, Partha Roy
The present work describes the screening and characterization of some common endocrine disrupting chemicals for their (anti)androgenic activities. Various chemicals (mostly pesticides and pharmaceuticals) were screened with the NIH3T3 cell line stably expressing human androgen receptor (hAR) and luciferase reporter gene for their ability to stimulate luciferase activity or inhibit the response that was evoked by 0.4nM testosterone. The most potent anti-androgenic compounds identified in our assay included chlorpyrifos, endosulfan and piperophos...
May 2010: Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Zhimin Shi, Hongxia Zhang, Lina Ding, Yixing Feng, Jianshe Wang, Jiayin Dai
Perfluorododecanoic acid (PFDoA), a ubiquitous contaminant detected in environmental matrices, wildlife, and human blood, has been shown to produce adverse effects on male reproduction in rats. The mechanism of action of PFDoA in testis, however, is not well understood. In the present study, male rats were orally exposed to PFDoA (0.02, 0.2, and 0.5mg/kg/day for 110 days), and a two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) approach was employed to investigate the alteration of protein expression in the testes...
February 1, 2010: Toxicology Letters
J A Adachi, Z Jiang, M Cox, L Wood, H L DuPont, J J Mathewson
BACKGROUND: Gastric digestion of these antigens plays an important role, decreasing the ability to deliver antigens to the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. To overcome this obstacle, microencapsulated antigens from enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) were evaluated for oral immunization of mice. METHODS: Four groups of 10 each received 3 series of 3 doses each of (1) B subunit of cholera toxin (CTB), similar to heat-labile toxin of ETEC, (2) formalin-killed whole cell ETEC H10407 (FK-ETEC), (3) crude preparation of colonization factor antigen I (CFA/I), or (4) placebo...
November 2000: Journal of Travel Medicine
C Ortega-Camarillo, A M Rosales-Torres, O Hernández-Pérez
The progress of growth and follicular maturation require the participation of several modulators of growth, like gonadotropins, hormonal steroids, interleucins and growth factors, in this case, we are working with the aspects related with mitosis and the differentiation of the cellular components of the follicle, by means of autocrins and/or paracrins action. Sinergical action of growth, factors (EGF, TGF alpha, TGF beta, FGFs and IGFs) stimulating mitosis, is given by one mechanism of mutual reinforcing of its activities, besides of their interaction with gonadotropins and hormonal steroids favoring the proliferation and cytodifferentiation of follicle by stimulation of production and activation of steriodogenesis enzymes and the use of cholesterol coming from high and low density lipoprotein (LDL and HDL), controlling in this way the disponible cholesterol, that is the common substrate for steroids hormonal produced by teca and granulosa cells during the follicular maturation...
February 1997: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
J A Hall, E M Meisterling, A M Benoit, D A Cooper, D A Coleman, S P Lerner, P E Lewis, R A Dailey
Manipulation of an ovary during the follicular phase in cycling gilts or prepubertal gilts treated with PMSG and hCG results in formation of cysts on manipulated ovaries and corpora lutea (CL) of normal appearance on nonmanipulated ovaries. In contrast, cysts did not form after manipulation in luteal phase gilts. In the present experiment, daily administration of 50 mg progesterone to prepubertal gilts treated with PMSG and hCG established luteal phase concentrations of progesterone but did not lessen the incidence of manipulated-induced cysts...
April 1993: Domestic Animal Endocrinology
W B Campbell, C E Gomez-Sanchez, B V Adams
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 1980: Hypertension
J Rosenberg, M Pines, J J Levy, R F Nutt, M P Caulfield, J Russell, L M Sherwood, S Hurwitz
The activity of synthetic chicken (c) PTH-(1-34) amide was tested in dispersed chicken and rat kidney and adrenocortical cells. In the adrenal cells the effect of intact cPTH was also evaluated. In chicken kidney cells, the time- and dose-response patterns of cAMP production were similar for cPTH-(1-34) amide and human (h) PTH-(1-34), whereas rat kidney cells were considerably more sensitive to hPTH-(1-34) than to cPTH-(1-34) amide. The agonist effects of both hPTH-(1-34) and cPTH-(1-34) amide in kidney cells were inhibited by the bovine PTH-(3-34) analog...
August 1989: Endocrinology
S W Chan, J H Leathem
Placental hypertrophy was induced in pregnant rats by daily treatment with estrone (0.5 microng) and progesterone (4 mg) from day 3 through 19 combined with ovariectomy on day 12 of pregnancy. The ratio of basal zone to whole placenta was 47% by weight in these enlarged placentae on day 20 of pregnancy but only 34% in normal placentae. In each case, the basal zone tissue was homogenized and the 10,000 x g supernatant fraction was used for in vitro incubation with [7alpha-3H]pregnenolone as the added substrate...
May 1977: Endocrinology
K Kapur, H S Toor
Methallibure treatment of mature Cyprinus carpio causes a marked reduction in the steroidogenesis, as indicated by the fall in 3beta-HSD activity in the gonads. Significance of these results is discussed.
June 15, 1978: Experientia
D Gospodarowicz, C R Ill, P J Hornsby, G N Gill
Primary functional bovine adrenal cortical cell cultures have been developed to study the factors controlling adrenal cell growth. Cells were prepared by the collagenase technique and maintained in F-12 medium containing fetal calf serum and horse serum. Cells contained abundant lipid as demonstrated by staining with Oil Red O and showed strongly positive staining for delta5,3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. ACTH inhibited DNA synthesis and stimulated steriodogenesis in these cells. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) was shown to be a potent stimulator of the growth of normal bovine adrenal cortical cells maintained in tissue culture...
April 1977: Endocrinology
K H Voigt, H L Fehm, E F Pfeiffer
The diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome due to "autonomous adrenocortical tumour" has been established in a patient by appropriate examinations (especially dexamethasone suppression test, ACTH stimulation test, ACTH measurement by radioimmunoassay). Isolated cells have been prepared from a piece of the tumour by a trypsin technique so that the action of ACTH on steriodogenesis in these cells could be studied in vitro. Basal production of corticosteroids by the isolated tumour cells was low (0.3 mu plus or minus 0...
February 1975: Acta Endocrinologica
S t Herzlinger, P Bauer, H Zimprich
We examined the capacity of reaction in the endocrine tissue of testes in prepubertal boys. 18 boys were endocrinologically healthy, six suffered from cryptorchidism on one or both sides. After a single dose of HCG (5000 IU/m) we found an increase of pregnantriol excretion in the 24 h urine in all subjects studied except in the case of surgically proved anorchia. In all except one boy we found a sharp increase in testosterone after HCG administration.
1976: Pädiatrie und Pädologie
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