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Desy Salvadego, Michail E Keramidas, Roger Kölegård, Lorenza Brocca, Stefano Lazzer, Irene Mavelli, Jörn Rittweger, Ola Eiken, Igor B Mekjavic, Bruno Grassi
KEY POINTS: Superposition of hypoxia on 21 day bed rest did not worsen the impairment of skeletal muscle oxidative function induced by bed rest alone. A significant impairment of maximal oxidative performance was identified downstream of cardiovascular O2 delivery, involving both the intramuscular matching between O2 supply and utilization and mitochondrial respiration. These chronic adaptations appear to be relevant in terms of exposure to spaceflights and reduced gravity habitats (Moon or Mars), as characterized by low gravity and hypoxia, in patients with chronic diseases characterized by hypomobility/immobility and hypoxia, as well as in ageing...
April 17, 2018: Journal of Physiology
Intan Nirwana, Devi Rianti, R Helal Soekartono, Rr Dwi Listyorini, Desi Putri Basuki
Background: Enterococcus faecalis is one of the bacteria that commonly found in root canal and pulp infection after root canal treatment. Sodium hypochlorite is the most widely used root canal irrigation, but it has toxic properties if exposed to periradicular tissues. It is necessary to develop an alternative for root canal irrigation. Fig leaf ( Ficus carica Linn.) extract contains active substances such as flavonoid, tannin, and terpenoid which have been known for their antibacterial potency...
March 2018: Veterinary World
Denise Laskowski, Göran Andersson, Patrice Humblot, Marc-André Sirard, Ylva Sjunnesson, Christina R Ferreira, Valentina Pirro, Renée Båge
Insulin is a key hormone with important functions in energy metabolism and is involved in the regulation of reproduction. Hyperinsulinaemia is known to impair fertility (for example, in obese mothers); therefore, we aimed to investigate the impact of elevated insulin concentrations during the sensitive period of oocyte maturation on gene expression and lipid profiles of the bovine Day-8 embryo. Two different insulin concentrations were used during in vitro oocyte maturation (INS10=10µgmL-1 and INS0.1=0.1µgmL-1) in order to observe possible dose-dependent effects or thresholds for hyperinsulinaemia in vitro...
April 16, 2018: Reproduction, Fertility, and Development
Virginia C Huynh, Desi P Fuhr, Bradley W Byers, Anne-Marie Selzler, Linn E Moore, Michael K Stickland
PURPOSE: Some patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) fail to achieve health benefits with pulmonary rehabilitation (PR). Exercise intensity and load represent stimulus for adaptation but it is unclear whether inappropriate exercise intensity and/or load are affected by severity of COPD, which may affect health benefits. The purpose was to determine whether COPD severity and/or the severity of pulmonary limitation to exercise (PLE) impacted exercising intensity or load and whether resultant intensity/load affected health outcomes derived from PR...
April 11, 2018: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention
Desi Indriarini, Andriansjah Rukmana, Andi Yasmon
Background: Tuberculosis remains the leading cause of death in the world, especially wherever poverty, malnutrition and poor housing prevail. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing strain is the most common strain that causes tuberculosis in Indonesia. The wide spread of tuberculosis has been further aggravated by HIV-AIDS and drug resistance. Unfortunately, Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) as the current vaccine has different protection function and efficacy. According to function analysis, mce1A gene was predicted to have a role in host invasion and survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in human macrophages...
2018: African Journal of Infectious Diseases
Darakhshan Masroor, Sadia Ghousia Baig, Salman Ahmed, Syed Muzzammil Ahmad, Muhammad Mohtasheemul Hasan
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic activities of the methanol extract of two varieties of Cicer arietinum viz black or Desi and white or Kabuli were tested in the doses of 200 and 400 mg/kg. For analgesic effect of the extracts, acetic acid induced writhing, tail immersion and hot plate tests were employed in mice. The anti-inflammatory activity was carried out by carrageenan induced inflammation in rats, whereas the diuretic action was determined using metabolic cages for rats. Animals were divided into six groups (n=7): (1) Control (2) Standard (3) MECAB 200 (4) MECAB 400 (5) MECAW 200 (6) MECAW 400...
March 2018: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Desi M Newberry
BACKGROUND: The utilization of placental blood for neonatal admission laboratory tests, specifically the complete blood cell (CBC) count and blood culture, has the potential to delay the onset of anemia of prematurity and intraventricular hemorrhage, frequency of blood transfusions and associated complications, and painful procedures related to laboratory sampling. PURPOSE: To determine the feasibility of drawing neonatal admission laboratory tests from the placenta rather than the neonate and to compare CBC count and blood culture results...
March 23, 2018: Advances in Neonatal Care: Official Journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses
Hiroshi Naraoka, Minako Hashiguchi
RATIONALE: Since extraterrestrial organic matter in meteorites is a very complex mixture that is hard to ionize due to its association with minerals, in situ analysis of polar organic compounds has never done before. In addition, when studying powdered samples, spatial information of organic compounds is lost. METHODS: In situ molecular analysis and chemical imaging of polar organic compounds were performed on a meteorite surface by desorption electrospray ionization coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry (DESI/HRMS) using an Orbitrap mass spectrometer...
March 23, 2018: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: RCM
Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem, Mushtaq Ahmed, Shaukat Mahmood
Raman spectroscopy as a fast and nondestructive technique has been used to investigate heating effects on Desi ghee during frying/cooking of food for the first time. A temperature in the range of 140-180℃ has been investigated within which Desi ghee can be used safely for cooking/frying without much alteration of its natural molecular composition. In addition, heating effects in case of reuse, heating for different times, and cooking inside pressure cookers are also presented. An excitation laser at 785 nm has been used to obtain Raman spectra and the range of 540-1800 cm-1 is found to contain prominent spectral bands...
January 1, 2018: Applied Spectroscopy
Desi P Schoo, Grace X Tan, Matthew R Ehrenburg, Seth E Pross, Bryan K Ward, John P Carey
Purpose of Review: Aminoglycosides and corticosteroids are commonly used to treat Menière's disease. Intratympanic (IT) administration of these medications allows high inner ear concentrations without significant adverse systemic effects. As a direct result, IT therapy has grown in popularity. Recent studies have compared patient outcomes between IT aminoglycosides and corticosteroids. This review summarizes these findings. Recent Findings: Trials comparing IT corticosteroids to IT placebo or oral therapy have had conflicting results...
June 2017: Current Otorhinolaryngology Reports
Jenny A Wood, Hwei-Ting Tan, Helen M Collins, Kuok Yap, Shi Khor, Wai Li Lim, Xiaohui Xing, Vincent Bulone, Rachel A Burton, Geoffrey B Fincher, Matthew R Tucker
Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is an important nutritionally-rich legume crop that is consumed worldwide. Prior to cooking, desi chickpea seeds are most often cleaved to release the split cotyledons, referred to as dhal. Compositional variation between desi genotypes has a significant impact on nutritional quality and downstream processing, and this has been investigated mainly in terms of starch and protein content. Studies in pulses such as bean and lupin have also implicated cell wall polysaccharides in cooking time variation, but the underlying relationship between desi chickpea cotyledon composition and cooking performance remains unclear...
March 13, 2018: Plant, Cell & Environment
Devin B Phillips, Craig D Steinback, Sophie É Collins, Desi P Fuhr, Tracey L Bryan, Eric Y L Wong, Vincent Tedjasaputra, Mohit Bhutani, Michael K Stickland
COPD patients have increased central arterial stiffness and muscle sympathetic nervous activity (MSNA), both of which contribute to cardiovascular (CV) dysfunction and increased CV risk. Previous work suggests that COPD patients have elevated carotid chemoreceptor (CC) activity/sensitivity, which may contribute to the elevated MSNA and arterial stiffness. Accordingly, the effect of CC inhibition on central arterial stiffness, MSNA and CV function at rest in COPD patients was examined in a randomized placebo-controlled study...
March 12, 2018: Journal of Physiology
Maria F Quintero-Soto, Ana G Saracho-Peña, Jeanett Chavez-Ontiveros, Jose A Garzon-Tiznado, Karen V Pineda-Hidalgo, Francisco Delgado-Vargas, Jose A Lopez-Valenzuela
Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes, nine kabuli from Mexico and 9 desi from other countries, were investigated for their phenolic profiles and antioxidant activity (AA). Phenolics in methanol extracts (ME) were analyzed by ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to diode array detection and mass spectrometry (UPLC-DAD-MS), whereas the AA was measured as Trolox equivalents (TE) by ABTS, DPPH and FRAP methods. Twenty phenolic compounds were identified in the ME and their levels showed a great variability among the chickpea genotypes...
March 7, 2018: Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
Olivier Désy, Stéphanie Béland, Patrice Vallin, Julie Riopel, Eva Latulippe, Eric Wagner, Sacha A De Serres
Follicular helper T cells (Tfh) are crucial for the production of high-affinity antibodies, such as alloantibodies, by providing the signals for B-cell proliferation and differentiation. Here, we demonstrate that human allogeneic dendritic cells (DC) stimulated with antibodies against HLA class II antigens preferentially differentiate human naive CD4+ T cells into Tfh cells. Following coculture with DCs treated with these antibodies, CD4+ T cells expressed CXCR5, ICOS, IL-21, Bcl-6 and phosphorylated STAT3...
March 5, 2018: Scientific Reports
Muhammad Farooq, Aman Ullah, Dong-Jin Lee, Salem S Alghamdi, Kadambot H M Siddique
Chickpea is mostly grown in rainfed environments and, consequently, its growth is affected by drought stress. This study comprised two independent experiments to investigate the physiological basis of drought tolerance in desi and kabuli chickpea genotypes. In Experiment 1, six genotypes each of desi and kabuli types were planted in soil-filled pots under natural conditions. Ten days after planting, soil moisture was maintained at 75% water holding capacity (well-watered) or 50% water holding capacity (drought stress)...
February 27, 2018: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: PPB
Amy Jnah, Desi M Newberry, Elaine Eisenbeisz
BACKGROUND: The use of noninvasive, transcutaneous bilirubin monitoring (TcB) as a jaundice screen in full-term infants is well established; however, there is a paucity of research evaluating the use of TcB in premature infants. PURPOSE: To compare agreement and consistency of transcutaneous and serum bilirubin measurements in a multiracial premature infant population ranging from 30 to 34 6/7 weeks' gestation before, during, and after phototherapy. METHODS: Forty-five neonates, 30 to 34 6/7 weeks' gestation, were enrolled in this prospective, correlational study over a 12-month period...
March 1, 2018: Advances in Neonatal Care: Official Journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses
Sven Falke, Karsten Dierks, Clement Blanchet, Melissa Graewert, Florent Cipriani, Rob Meijers, Dmitri Svergun, Christian Betzel
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) analysis of biomolecules is increasingly common with a constantly high demand for comprehensive and efficient sample quality control prior to SAXS experiments. As monodisperse sample suspensions are desirable for SAXS experiments, latest dynamic light scattering (DLS) techniques are most suited to obtain non-invasive and rapid information about the particle size distribution of molecules in solution. A multi-receiver four-channel DLS system was designed and adapted at the BioSAXS endstation of the EMBL beamline P12 at PETRA III (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)...
March 1, 2018: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
Desie Kasew, Ashenafi Abebe, Ufaysa Munea, Tekalign Deressa, Yalewayker Tegegne, Martha Alemayehu, Mulugeta Melku
Background: Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection is predominantly acquired in childhood from family members. The infection can cause dypepepsia, chronic and acute gastritis and gastric cancer. Dyspepsia is the most common illness in the Ethiopian population visiting outpatient department of health facilities, and it has also been associated with H.pylori infection. The aim of this study was to assess the magnitude of H.pylori and its associated factors among dyspeptic patients who visited University of Gondar Hospital Outpatient Department...
November 2017: Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences
Patrice Vallin, Olivier Désy, Stéphanie Béland, François Bouchard-Boivin, Isabelle Houde, S A De Serres
BACKGROUND: The successful development of immunosuppressive agents has paradoxically led to an era in which adverse effects of immunosuppression, such as infections and cancer, are now a major concern in solid organ recipients. Nevertheless, the main focus of immune monitoring research remains the identification of rejection. There is currently no clinical tool to assess the net state of immunosuppression or to identify patients at increased risk of infectious complications. METHODS: We report a prospective, longitudinal study in which we conducted detailed phenotyping of over 300 peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples from 45 kidney recipients during the first 24 months posttransplant...
February 20, 2018: Transplantation
Ahva Shahabi, Desi Peneva, Devin Incerti, Kimmie McLaurin, Warren Stevens
BACKGROUND: The variability in cost of palivizumab treatment, indicated for prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in high-risk infants, has not been robustly estimated in prior studies. This study aimed to determine the cost variations of palivizumab from a US payer perspective for otherwise healthy preterm infants born 29-35 weeks gestational age (wGA) using infant characteristics and applied dosing regimens. METHODS: Fenton Growth Charts were merged with World Health Organization Child Growth Standards to estimate preterm infant growth patterns...
March 2018: PharmacoEconomics Open
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