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T Afonso, S Giguère, S A Brown, M H Barton, G Rapoport, M Barba, K A Dembek, R E Toribio, A E Coleman
BACKGROUND: Despite the paucity of data available, orally administered angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are empirically used in horses with valvular regurgitation. OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the echocardiographic and hormonal changes in response to oral benazepril in horses with left-sided valvular regurgitation. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective, randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. METHODS: Horses with mitral valve (MR) and/or aortic valve regurgitation (AR) received oral benazepril (n = 6) at a dosage of 1 mg/kg q 12h or a placebo (n = 5) for 28 days...
October 17, 2017: Equine Veterinary Journal
S N Chen, M Vranic, T Gangolf, E Boella, P Antici, M Bailly-Grandvaux, P Loiseau, H Pépin, G Revet, J J Santos, A M Schroer, Mikhail Starodubtsev, O Willi, L O Silva, E d'Humières, J Fuchs
We have investigated proton acceleration in the forward direction from a near-critical density hydrogen gas jet target irradiated by a high intensity (10(18) W/cm(2)), short-pulse (5 ps) laser with wavelength of 1.054 μm. We observed the signature of the Collisionless Shock Acceleration mechanism, namely quasi-monoenergetic proton beams with small divergence in addition to the more commonly observed electron-sheath driven proton acceleration. The proton energies we obtained were modest (~MeV), but prospects for improvement are offered through further tailoring the gas jet density profile...
October 18, 2017: Scientific Reports
Chunjin Wang, Chi Fai Cheung, Mingyu Liu, Wing Bun Lee
This publisher's note amends the funding section of [Opt. Express 25, 22710 (2017)].
September 18, 2017: Optics Express
Chunjin Wang, Chi Fai Cheung, Mingyu Liu, Wing Bun Lee
Optical microstructure array surfaces such as micro-lens array surface, micro-groove array surface etc., are being used in more and more optical products, depending on its ability to produce a unique or particular performance. The geometrical complexity of the optical microstructures array surfaces makes them difficult to be fabricated. In this paper, a novel method named fluid jet-array parallel machining (FJAPM) is proposed to provide a new way to generate the microstructure array surfaces with high productivity...
September 18, 2017: Optics Express
V A Banakh, I N Smalikho, A V Falits
The accuracy of the method of azimuth structure function for estimation of the dissipation rate of the kinetic energy of turbulence from an array of radial velocities measured by low-energy micropulse coherent Doppler lidars with conical scanning by a probing beam around the vertical axis has been studied numerically. The applicability of the method in dependence on the turbulence intensity and the signal-to-noise ratio has been determined. The method of azimuth structure function was applied for estimation of the turbulent energy dissipation rate from radial velocities measured by the lidar in the experiments on the coast of Lake Baikal...
September 18, 2017: Optics Express
V V Strelkov, R A Ganeev
We theoretically analyze the phase-matching of high-order harmonic generation (HHG) in multi-jet plasmas and find the harmonic orders for which the quasi-phase-matching (QPM) is achieved depending on the parameters of the plasma and the generating beam. HHG by single- and two-color generating fields is analyzed. The QMP is studied experimentally for silver, indium and manganese plasmas using near IR and mid-IR laser fields. The theory is validated by comparison with our experimental observations, as well as published experimental data...
September 4, 2017: Optics Express
Qingfeng Li, Anne Patricia Alloncle, David Grojo, Philippe Delaporte
When the energy of a short laser pulse is localized in a fluid material, a flow motion is induced that can lead to the generation of free-surface jets. This nozzle-free jetting process is exploited to print conductive materials, typically metal nanoparticle inks, but this approach remains limited to the transfer of low viscosity fluids with a minimum feature size of few micrometers. We introduce a dual-laser method to achieve reproducible high-aspect-ratio jets from thin solid films. A first laser irradiation induces the melting of copper thin films and a second synchronized short pulse irradiation initiates the jetting process...
October 2, 2017: Optics Express
Yunfeng Zhao, Yunpu Wang, Dengle Duan, Roger Ruan, Liangliang Fan, Yue Zhou, Leilei Dai, Jiaqian Lv, Yuhuan Liu
The ex-catalytic co-pyrolysis of bamboo and polypropylene (PP) with HZSM-5 was investigated with microwave assistance. The influences of catalytic temperature, feedstock/catalyst ratio, and bamboo/PP ratio on the product yields and chemical components of bio-oil from the co-pyrolysis were studied. When the catalytic temperature, feedstock/catalyst ratio, and bamboo/PP ratio were 250 °C, 1:2, and 2:1, respectively, the bio-oil yield reached its maximum value at 61.62 wt%. The oxygenate proportion compounds decreased with increasing catalyst content...
September 28, 2017: Bioresource Technology
Xue Li, Edmund Mupondwa, Lope Tabil
This study undertakes technoeconomic analysis of commercial production of hydro-processed renewable jet (HRJ) fuel from camelina oil in the Canadian Prairies. An engineering economic model designed in SuperPro Designer® investigated capital investment, scale, and profitability of producing HRJ and co-products (biodiesel, naphtha, LPG, and propane) based on biorefinery plant sizes of 112.5-675 million L annum(-1). Under base case scenario, the minimum selling price (MSP) of HRJ was $1.06 L(-1) for a biorefinery plant with size of 225 million L...
September 28, 2017: Bioresource Technology
P Batistoni, R Villari, B Obryk, L W Packer, I E Stamatelatos, S Popovichev, A Colangeli, B Colling, N Fonnesu, S Loreti, A Klix, M Klosowski, K Malik, J Naish, M Pillon, T Vasilopoulou, P De Felice, M Pimpinella, L Quintieri
The design and operation of ITER experimental fusion reactor requires the development of neutron measurement techniques and numerical tools to derive the fusion power and the radiation field in the device and in the surrounding areas. Nuclear analyses provide essential input to the conceptual design, optimisation, engineering and safety case in ITER and power plant studies. The required radiation transport calculations are extremely challenging because of the large physical extent of the reactor plant, the complexity of the geometry, and the combination of deep penetration and streaming paths...
October 5, 2017: Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Motoyuki Kumagai, Junichiro Nishizawa, Kazuhiro Takatoku, Takashi Ohba
A 55-year-old morbidly obese woman [body mass index (BMI) 51.2] developed acute type A aortic dissection, and she also presented with significant hypoxemia and hypercapnia. She underwent a successful emergency total arch replacement, but severe hypoxemia persisted and Pao2/Fio2 lowered to 71.9 mmHg. We therefore applied high frequency jet ventilation (HFJV), which soon improved the hypoxemia without hemodynamic compromise. HFJV was discontinued three days later, when her Pao2/Fio2 improved to 170.0 mmHg. Weaning from the respirator was initiated on postoperative day 13...
October 2017: Kyobu Geka. the Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery
M M Kasliwal, E Nakar, L P Singer, D L Kaplan, D O Cook, A Van Sistine, R M Lau, C Fremling, O Gottlieb, J E Jencson, S M Adams, U Feindt, K Hotokezaka, S Ghosh, D A Perley, P-C Yu, T Piran, J R Allison, G C Anupama, A Balasubramanian, K W Bannister, J Bally, J Barnes, S Barway, E Bellm, V Bhalerao, D Bhattacharya, N Blagorodnova, J S Bloom, P R Brady, C Cannella, D Chatterjee, S B Cenko, B E Cobb, C Copperwheat, A Corsi, K De, D Dobie, S W K Emery, P A Evans, O D Fox, D A Frail, C Frohmaier, A Goobar, G Hallinan, F Harrison, G Helou, T Hinderer, A Y Q Ho, A Horesh, W-H Ip, R Itoh, D Kasen, H Kim, N P M Kuin, T Kupfer, C Lynch, K Madsen, P A Mazzali, A A Miller, K Mooley, T Murphy, C-C Ngeow, D Nichols, S Nissanke, P Nugent, E O Ofek, H Qi, R M Quimby, S Rosswog, F Rusu, E M Sadler, P Schmidt, J Sollerman, I Steele, A R Williamson, Y Xu, L Yan, Y Yatsu, C Zhang, W Zhao
Merging neutron stars offer an exquisite laboratory for simultaneously studying strong-field gravity and matter in extreme environments. We establish the physical association of an electromagnetic counterpart (EM170817) to gravitational waves (GW170817) detected from merging neutron stars. By synthesizing a panchromatic dataset, we demonstrate that merging neutron stars are a long-sought production site forging heavy elements by r-process nucleosynthesis. The weak gamma-rays seen in EM170817 are dissimilar to classical short gamma-ray bursts with ultra-relativistic jets...
October 16, 2017: Science
G Hallinan, A Corsi, K P Mooley, K Hotokezaka, E Nakar, M M Kasliwal, D L Kaplan, D A Frail, S T Myers, T Murphy, K De, D Dobie, J R Allison, K W Bannister, V Bhalerao, P Chandra, T E Clarke, S Giacintucci, A Y Q Ho, A Horesh, N E Kassim, S R Kulkarni, E Lenc, F J Lockman, C Lynch, D Nichols, S Nissanke, N Palliyaguru, W M Peters, T Piran, J Rana, E M Sadler, L P Singer
Gravitational waves have been detected from a binary neutron star merger event, GW170817. The detection of electromagnetic radiation from the same source has shown that the merger occurred in the outskirts of the galaxy NGC 4993, at a distance of 40 megaparsecs from Earth. We report the detection of a counterpart radio source that appears 16 days after the event, allowing us to diagnose the energetics and environment of the merger. The observed radio emission can be explained by either a collimated ultra-relativistic jet viewed off-axis, or a cocoon of mildly relativistic ejecta...
October 16, 2017: Science
Ariel M Langevin, Mary J Dunlop
Stress tolerance studies are typically conducted in an all-or-none fashion. However, in realistic settings-such as in clinical or metabolic engineering applications-cells may encounter stresses at different rates. As such, how cells tolerate stress may depend on its rate of appearance. To address this, we study how the rate of introduction affects bacterial stress tolerance by focusing on a key mechanism for stress response. Efflux pumps, such as AcrAB-TolC from Escherichia coli, are membrane transporters well known for their ability to export a wide variety of substrates, including antibiotics, signaling molecules, and biofuels...
October 16, 2017: Journal of Bacteriology
Gabriel Altit, Shazia Bhombal, Krisa Van Meurs, Theresa A Tacy
OBJECTIVE: To compare echocardiography (ECHO) findings of patients with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) who required extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to non-ECMO treated patients. STUDY DESIGN: We reviewed clinical and ECHO data of newborns with CDH born between 2009 and 2016. Exclusions included major anomalies, genetic syndromes, or no ECHO prior to ECMO. Pulmonary hypertension was assessed by ductal shunting and tricuspid regurgitant jet. Speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) assessed function by quantifying deformation...
October 13, 2017: Journal of Pediatrics
Mohamed Hafid, Marcel Lacroix
Cryosurgery has become a well-established technique for the ablation of undesirable tissues such as tumors and cancers. The motivation for this study is to improve the efficacy and safety of this technique. This study presents an inverse heat transfer method for monitoring the motion of the freezing front from a cryoprobe. With the help of a thermocouple inserted into the layer of diseased tissue, the inverse heat transfer method estimates simultaneously the blood perfusion rate and the thermal conductivities of both frozen and unfrozen tissues...
October 2017: Journal of Thermal Biology
Samar Reda Al-Sayed Ali, Abdel Hamid Ahmed Hussein, Adel Abdel Menam Saleh Nofal, Salah Elden Ibrahim Hasseb Elnaby, Haytham Abdelrafea Elgazzar, Hassan Abdel Sabour
Laser cladding process was performed on a commercial Ti-6Al-4V (α + β) titanium alloy by means of tungsten carbide-nickel based alloy powder blend. Nd:YAG laser with a 2.2-KW continuous wave was used with coaxial jet nozzle coupled with a standard powder feeding system. Four-track deposition of a blended powder consisting of 60 wt % tungsten carbide (WC) and 40 wt % NiCrBSi was successfully made on the alloy. The high content of the hard WC particles is intended to enhance the abrasion resistance of the titanium alloy...
October 15, 2017: Materials
Katharina A E Meyer, Martin A Suhm
C=O stretching vibrations of formic acid trimers are assigned on the basis of FTIR and Raman jet spectroscopy and further validated by an FTIR imaging study based on their aggregation behavior in supersonic expansions. The effect of shock waves on cluster formation and decomposition is probed by shifting them into the field of view of the focal plane array detector. A double slit nozzle is presented that merges two supersonic jets for a more localized study of such shock waves.
October 14, 2017: Journal of Chemical Physics
Carla Berrospe-Rodriguez, Claas Willem Visser, Stefan Schlautmann, David Fernandez Rivas, Ruben Ramos-Garcia
This is a study motivated by the need to develop a needle-free device for eliminating major global healthcare problems caused by needles. The generation of liquid jets by means of a continuous-wave laser, focused into a light absorbing solution, was studied with the aim of developing a portable and affordable jet injector. We designed and fabricated glass microfluidic devices, which consist of a chamber where thermocavitation is created and a tapered channel. The growth of a vapor bubble displaces and expels the liquid through the channel as a fast traveling jet...
October 2017: Journal of Biomedical Optics
Valeriy V Raznikov, Vladislav V Zelenov, Elena V Aparina, Alexander R Pikhtelev, Ilia V Sulimenkov, Marina O Raznikova
The goals of our study were to investigate abilities of two approaches to eliminate possible errors in electrospray mass spectrometry measurements of biomolecules. Passing of a relatively dense supersonic gas jet through ionization region followed by its hitting the spray of the analyzed solution in low vacuum may be effective to keep an initial biomolecule structure in solution. Provided that retention of charge carriers for some sites in the biomolecule cannot be changed noticeably in electrospray ion source, decomposition and separation of charge-state distributions of electrosprayed ions may give additional information about native structure of biomolecules in solution...
August 2017: European Journal of Mass Spectrometry
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