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Vincenzo Villani, Neena Gupta, Nahel Elias, Parsia A Vagefi, James F Markmann, Elahna Paul, Avram Z Traum, Heidi Yeh
Primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) is a rare liver enzymatic defect that causes overproduction of plasma oxalate. Accumulation of oxalate in the kidney and subsequent renal failure are fatal to PH1 patients often in pediatric age. Combined liver and kidney transplantation is the therapy of choice for end-stage renal disease due to PH1. Levels of plasma oxalate remain elevated for several months after liver transplantation, as the residual body oxalate is slowly excreted. Patients with persistent hyperoxaluria after transplant often require hemodialysis, and accumulation of residual oxalate in the kidney can induce graft dysfunction...
May 2017: Pediatric Transplantation
Paulina Jawor, Tadeusz Stefaniak, John F Mee
The objective of this study was to compare acute-phase protein [serum amyloid A (SAA) and haptoglobin (Hp)] and immunoglobulin G1 and M concentrations in blood plasma of cases of bovine perinatal mortality due to infection in utero or traumotocia and in unexplained cases. Plasma samples were collected from 110 stillborn calves with bacterial infection (INF_B, n = 16), with viral or parasitic infection (INF_V/P, n = 31) during pregnancy, with lesions of fatal traumotocia (TRAUM, n = 22), and from unexplained deaths (UNEXPL, n = 41)...
February 2017: Journal of Dairy Science
Yue J Wang, Maria L Golson, Jonathan Schug, Daniel Traum, Chengyang Liu, Kumar Vivek, Craig Dorrell, Ali Naji, Alvin C Powers, Kyong-Mi Chang, Markus Grompe, Klaus H Kaestner
The human endocrine pancreas consists of multiple cell types and plays a critical role in glucose homeostasis. Here, we apply mass cytometry technology to measure all major islet hormones, proliferative markers, and readouts of signaling pathways involved in proliferation at single-cell resolution. Using this innovative technology, we simultaneously examined baseline proliferation levels of all endocrine cell types from birth through adulthood, as well as in response to the mitogen harmine. High-dimensional analysis of our marker protein expression revealed three major clusters of beta cells within individuals...
October 11, 2016: Cell Metabolism
Amarvir Bilkhu, Frances Mosley, Jay A Gokhale
New anticoagulants such as Rivaroxaban have become a popular choice for patients needing anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation or venous thromboembolism, chiefly because anticoagulation is maintained without the need for monitoring. This can be problematic in cases of trauma, and in this article, we discuss the management and outcome of managing an elderly patient with a shattered spleen while on Rivaroxaban.
2016: Journal of Surgical Case Reports
Joseph J Morley, Edward Traum
PURPOSE: The effects of restricting dorso-lumbar spine mobility on ground reaction forces in runners was measured and assessed. METHODS: A semi-rigid cast was used to restrict spinal motion during running. Subjects ran across a force platform at 3.6 m/s, planting the right foot on the platform. Data was collected from ten running trials with the cast and ten without the cast and analysed. RESULTS: Casted running showed that the initial vertical heel strike maximum was increased (p < ...
April 2016: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
Jang-June Park, David K Wong, Abdus S Wahed, William M Lee, Jordan J Feld, Norah Terrault, Mandana Khalili, Richard K Sterling, Kris V Kowdley, Natalie Bzowej, Daryl T Lau, W Ray Kim, Coleman Smith, Robert L Carithers, Keith W Torrey, James W Keith, Danielle L Levine, Daniel Traum, Suzanne Ho, Mary E Valiga, Geoffrey S Johnson, Edward Doo, Anna S F Lok, Kyong-Mi Chang
BACKGROUND & AIMS: T cells play a critical role in viral infection. We examined whether T-cell effector and regulatory responses can define clinical stages of chronic hepatitis B (CHB). METHODS: We enrolled 200 adults with CHB who participated in the National Institutes of Health-supported Hepatitis B Research Network from 2011 through 2013 and 20 uninfected individuals (controls). Peripheral blood lymphocytes from these subjects were analyzed for T-cell responses (proliferation and production of interferon gamma and interleukin 10) to overlapping hepatitis B virus (HBV) peptides (preS, S, preC, core, and reverse transcriptase), influenza matrix peptides, and lipopolysaccharide...
March 2016: Gastroenterology
Carlos A Tirado, David Shabsovich, Yeun Kim, Peter Traum, Sheeja Pullarkat, Michael Kallen, Nagesh Rao
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40364-015-0036-1.].
2015: Biomarker Research
A E Sharrock, T Barker, H M Yuen, R Rickard, N Tai
INTRODUCTION: Damage control laparotomy for trauma (DCL) entails immediate control of haemorrhage and contamination, temporary abdominal closure (TAC), a period of physiological stabilisation, then definitive repair of injuries. Although immediate primary fascial closure is desired, fascial retraction and visceral oedema may dictate an alternate approach. Our objectives were to systematically identify and compare methods for restoration of fascial continuity when primary closure is not possible following DCL for trauma, to simplify these into a standardised map, and describe the ideal measures of process and outcome for future studies...
February 2016: Injury
Carlos A Tirado, David Shabsovich, Yeun Kim, Peter Traum, Sheeja Pullarkat, Michael Kallen, Nagesh Rao
BACKGROUND: Rearrangements involving ETV6 (12p13) are among the most common structural abnormalities in pediatric B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) and involve numerous partner genes. Additionally, the t(8;14)(q11.2;q32), which can result in the placement of CEBPD (8q11.2) near the regulatory regions of IGH@ (14q32) and consequent overexpression of CEPBD, occurs at a higher frequency in individuals with Down syndrome-associated ALL (DS-ALL) compared to both the general and pediatric population...
2015: Biomarker Research
Veronica F Sullins, Peter K Traum, Samuel W French, Benjamin M Wu, James C Y Dunn, Steven L Lee
PURPOSE: Long gap esophageal atresia remains a significant treatment challenge. We aimed to create the first large animal model of long gap esophageal atresia to test a degradable esophageal lengthening device. METHODS: The distal esophagus was divided 2 cm above the gastroesophageal junction in 6 minipigs. A polycaprolactone (PCL) spring device was secured inside the distal esophageal segment, and the end was oversewn. Nonexpanding PCL tubes served as controls...
June 2015: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Brian M Nguyen, Chelsea Halprin, Yuliya Olimpiadi, Peter Traum, James J Yeh, Christine Dauphine
BACKGROUND: Excisional biopsy is currently recommended for the analysis of lymphadenopathy suspicious for lymphoma. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of image-guided core needle biopsy (IGCNB) for the diagnosis of lymphoma using a standard protocol for tissue acquisition and analysis. METHODS: All IGCNBs from 2008 to 2014 performed under the study protocol were included in analysis. Demographics, pathology results, additional studies, and follow-up information were recorded...
December 2014: American Journal of Surgery
Robert B Colvin, Avram Z Traum, Diana Taheri, Mohsen Jafari, Shahaboddin Dolatkhah
Granulomatous interstitial nephritis is a rare extraintestinal manifestation of Crohn disease that has been described previously in 4 patients. We report a 23-year-old man with a history of Crohn disease since age 6 years who was admitted to the hospital for weight loss, fever, and bloody diarrhea in the midst of a recent flare up during the past 2 months. Investigations revealed anemia, high erythrocyte sedimentation rate, high C-reactive protein level, and an elevated serum creatinine level. Histopathologic examination of tissue specimens obtained at renal biopsy demonstrated granulomatous interstitial nephritis...
January 2014: Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Angela E Lin, Avram Z Traum, Inderneel Sahai, Kim Keppler-Noreuil, Mary K Kukolich, Margaret P Adam, Sjirk J Westra, Heleen H Arts
Sensenbrenner syndrome, also known as cranioectodermal dysplasia, is a rare multiple anomaly syndrome with distinctive craniofacial appearance, skeletal, ectodermal, connective tissue, renal, and liver anomalies. Dramatic advances with next-generation sequencing have expanded its phenotypic variability and molecular heterogeneity. We review 39 patients including two new patients, one with compound heterozygous novel mutations in WDR35 and a previously unreported multisutural craniosynostosis that may be a part of Sensenbrenner syndrome...
November 2013: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A
Ravi V Shah, Siddique A Abbasi, Tomas G Neilan, Edward Hulten, Otavio Coelho-Filho, Alison Hoppin, Lynne Levitsky, Sarah de Ferranti, Erinn T Rhodes, Avram Traum, Elizabeth Goodman, Henry Feng, Bobak Heydari, William S Harris, Daniel M Hoefner, Joseph P McConnell, Ravi Seethamraju, Carsten Rickers, Raymond Y Kwong, Michael Jerosch-Herold
BACKGROUND: Childhood obesity is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Although ventricular remodeling has been reported in obese youth, early tissue-level markers within the myocardium that precede organ-level alterations have not been described. METHODS AND RESULTS: We studied 21 obese adolescents (mean age, 17.7±2.6 years; mean body mass index [BMI], 41.9±9.5 kg/m(2), including 11 patients with type 2 diabetes [T2D]) and 12 healthy volunteers (age, 15...
August 2013: Journal of the American Heart Association
Mary D Le, Elena Enbom, Peter K Traum, Valentina Medici, Charles H Halsted, Samuel W French
BACKGROUND: The objective of this study is to assess if there were any changes in liver biopsies after treatment with S-adenosyl-L-methionine(SAMe) in alcoholic liver disease patients. METHODS: Liver biopsies of 14 patients were randomized for SAMe treatment at week 0 (biopsy #1) and at 24 weeks (biopsy #2). Patients received 1.2g of SAMe or placebo by mouth daily and stopped alcohol intake. Biopsies were semi-quantitatively scored for: steatosis, inflammation, necrosis, fibrosis, apoptosis by TUNEL stain, percent fibrosis per square field, smooth muscle actin stain, Kupffer cells, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, lipogranules, lymphocytes, balloon cell formation, Mallory-Denk bodies, and duct metaplasia...
October 2013: Experimental and Molecular Pathology
Anthony Cantatore, Sade D Randall, Daniel Traum, Sandra D Adams
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this investigation was to determine if black tea extract (BTE), consisting primarily of flavanol compounds called theaflavins, could inhibit herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1) infection in cultured A549 (human epithelial) and Vero cells. METHODS: The effect of BTE both on A549 and Vero cultured cells and on HSV-1 was assessed by using phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy, and cell viability and proliferation assays. After establishing the maximum non-cytotoxic concentration of BTE, A549 and Vero cells and HSV-1 virions were treated with varying concentrations of BTE, respectively...
2013: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Marcus Müller, Matthew J Traum
To introduce bio- and micro-technologies into general undergraduate thermal-fluids classes, a hands-on interdisciplinary in-class demonstration is described that juxtaposes classical pressure loss pipe flow experiments against a modern micro-characterization technique, AFM profilometry. Both approaches measure surface roughness and can segue into classroom discussions related to material selection and design of bio-medical devices to handle biological fluids such as blood. Appealing to the range of engineering students populating a general thermal-fluids course, a variety of pipe/hose/tube materials representing a spectrum of disciplines can be tested using both techniques...
2012: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Daniel Traum, Patricia Timothee, Jonathan Silver, Stefan Rose-John, Matthias Ernst, David F LaRosa
It is reported that human and mouse mast cells express the IL-27R, which consists of WSX-1 (the IL-27Rα subunit) and the signal-transducing subunit gp130. Although it has been proposed that IL-27 may negatively regulate mast cell-dependent, immediate hypersensitivity responses directly, this has yet to be examined specifically. We found that mouse BMMC and primary peritoneal mast cells are unresponsive to IL-27. Consistent with this, gp130 protein in resting BMMC was not on the cell surface to a measurable degree but was found intracellularly, and data are consistent with incompletely processed N-linked glycosylation...
March 2012: Journal of Leukocyte Biology
Margaret McDermott, Douglas L Noordsy, Marcy Traum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2013: Community Mental Health Journal
SungWon Song, Claude Chew, Benjamin M Dale, Daniel Traum, James Peacock, Tetsuo Yamazaki, Raphael Clynes, Tomohiro Kurosaki, Steven Greenberg
Macrophages are innate immune cells that play key roles in regulation of the immune response and in tissue injury and repair. In response to specific innate immune stimuli, macrophages may exhibit signs of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and progress to apoptosis. Factors that regulate macrophage survival under these conditions are poorly understood. In this study, we identified B cell adapter protein (BCAP), a p85 PI3K-binding adapter protein, in promoting survival in response to the combined challenge of LPS and ER stress...
July 15, 2011: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
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