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Daniel James Madigan, Miling Li, Runsheng Yin, Hannes Baumann, Owyn E Snodgrass, Heidi Dewar, David P Krabbenhoft, Zofia Baumann, Nicholas S Fisher, Prentiss H Balcom, Elsie M Sunderland
Pelagic ecosystems are changing due to environmental and anthropogenic forces, with uncertain consequences for the ocean's top predators. Epipelagic and mesopelagic prey resources differ in quality and quantity, but their relative contribution to predator diets has been difficult to track. We measured mercury (Hg) stable isotopes in young (<2 years old) Pacific bluefin tuna (PBFT) and their prey species to explore the influence of foraging depth on growth and methylmercury (MeHg) exposure. PBFT total Hg (THg) in muscle ranged from 0...
May 15, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
Klaree Boose, Frances White, Colin Brand, Audra Meinelt, Josh Snodgrass
Infant handling describes interactions between infants and non-maternal group members and is widespread across mammalian taxa. The expression of infant handling behaviors, defined as any affiliative or agonistic interaction between a group member and an infant, varies considerably among primate species. Several functional hypotheses may explain the adaptive value of infant handling including the Kin Selection hypothesis, which describes handling as a mechanism through which indirect fitness is increased and predicts a bias in handling behaviors directed toward related (genetic) infants; the Alliance Formation hypothesis, which describes handling as a social commodity and predicts females with infants will support handlers during conflict; and the Learning-to-Mother hypothesis, which describes handling as a mechanism through which handlers learn species-specific maternal behaviors and predicts that handling will occur most frequently in immature and nulliparous females...
May 9, 2018: Physiology & Behavior
Fei-Wu Song, Du-Miao Li, Ya-Li Xu, He Huang, Xing-He Chen
Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of modified Snodgrass surgical technique in the treatment of hypospadias. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical data about 212 cases of hypospadias treated by urethroplasty from January 2008 to October 2016, 94 with the modified Snodgrass technique, namely with a silk line in addition to the urethral suture to make easier postoperative removal of the suture (group A), and the other 118 with the conventional Snodgrass technique (group B)...
October 2017: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue, National Journal of Andrology
Katherine A Parys, Randall G Luttrell, Gordon L Snodgrass, Maribel R Portilla
Populations of tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois) (Hemiptera: Miridae), from the Lower Mississippi Delta regions of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were evaluated from 2008 through 2015 for susceptibility to pyrethroid insecticides using a diagnostic-dose assay with permethrin. Resulting data add to the compilation of pyrethroid susceptibility data carefully tracked in this pest since 1994 and provide continuing evidence of high frequencies of pyrethroid resistance in field populations of the tarnished plant bug...
March 1, 2018: Journal of Insect Science
Tamer E Helmy, Wael Ghanem, Hesham Orban, Helmy Omar, Mahmoud El-Kenawy, Ashraf T Hafez, Mohammed Dawaba
OBJECTIVE: To detect whether grafting the incised plate during Snodgrass repair would improve outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty patients with primary distal hypospadias were included. Patients were equally randomized using closed envelop method to either Snodgrass or grafted tubularized incised plate repair (GTIP). All operations were performed by a single surgeon. All intaroperative data were recorded. All patients were followed up for 1 year. Success was defined as slit shaped meatus at the tip of the glans with no stenosis, fistula or diverticulum...
March 21, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Andrew Snodgrass
This paper addresses the continued association of Richard Hofstadter with consensus history. More specifically, it challenges the view that the origins of this conservative trend in American history can be located within The American Political Tradition . Whilst primarily concerned with reinterpreting Hofstadter's work within its original context, the paper raises questions regarding author intention and both the reception and shifting perceptions of works of history.
2018: Society
Daniel I Rhon, Suzanne J Snodgrass, Joshua A Cleland, Tina A Greenlee, Charles D Sissel, Chad E Cook
Background: Physical therapy and opioid prescriptions are common after hip surgery, but are sometimes delayed or not used. Objective: The objective of this study was to compare downstream health care utilization and opioid use following hip surgery for different patterns of physical therapy and prescription opioids. Design: The design of this study was an observational cohort. Methods: Health care utilization was abstracted from the Military Health System Data Repository for patients who were 18 to 50 years old and were undergoing arthroscopic hip surgery between 2004 and 2013...
May 1, 2018: Physical Therapy
Donald J Hunter, Darren A Rivett, Sharmain McKiernan, Ishanka Weerasekara, Suzanne J Snodgrass
BACKGROUND: Radiographs are used to monitor thoracic kyphosis in individuals with certain pathologies (e.g. osteoporosis), exposing patients to potentially harmful radiation. Thus, other measures for monitoring the progression of thoracic kyphosis are desirable. The gravity-dependent inclinometer has been shown to be reliable but its validity as a measure of thoracic kyphosis has not been investigated. OBJECTIVES: To determine the validity of the gravity-dependent (analogue) inclinometer for measuring thoracic kyphosis...
March 6, 2018: Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
Suzanne J Snodgrass, Scott F Farrell, Henry Tsao, Peter G Osmotherly, Darren A Rivett, Lucy S Chipchase, Siobhan M Schabrun
CONTEXT:   Scapular taping can offer clinical benefit to some patients with shoulder pain; however, the underlying mechanisms are unclear. Understanding these mechanisms may guide the development of treatment strategies for managing neuromusculoskeletal shoulder conditions. OBJECTIVE:   To examine the mechanisms underpinning the benefits of scapular taping. DESIGN:   Descriptive laboratory study. SETTING:   University laboratory...
March 23, 2018: Journal of Athletic Training
Keaton Stagaman, Tara J Cepon-Robins, Melissa A Liebert, Theresa E Gildner, Samuel S Urlacher, Felicia C Madimenos, Karen Guillemin, J Josh Snodgrass, Lawrence S Sugiyama, Brendan J M Bohannan
Economic development is marked by dramatic increases in the incidence of microbiome-associated diseases, such as autoimmune diseases and metabolic syndromes, but the lifestyle changes that drive alterations in the human microbiome are not known. We measured market integration as a proxy for economically related lifestyle attributes, such as ownership of specific market goods that index degree of market integration and components of traditional and nontraditional (more modern) house structure and infrastructure, and profiled the fecal microbiomes of 213 participants from a contiguous, indigenous Ecuadorian population...
January 2018: MSystems
Carole James, Daphne James, Valerie Nie, Tracy Schumacher, Maya Guest, John Tessier, Jeffrey Marley, Joanna Bohatko-Naismith, Suzanne Snodgrass
This cross-sectional study investigated musculoskeletal discomfort and computer use in university staff, through the use of online questionnaires. Results showed a high prevalence of staff reported musculoskeletal discomfort during the preceding year (80%), with neck (60%), shoulder (53%) and lower back discomfort (47%) being the most common. Most believed discomfort was caused by work, although neck discomfort was significantly less in those reporting excellent mental health (OR 0.44, p < 0.01). Computer navigation was performed primarily by mouse (77%); however, using a touch pad increased the odds (OR 1...
May 2018: Applied Ergonomics
Deborah L Carr, Ernest E Smith, Arunthavarani Thiyagarajah, Meghan Cromie, Christopher Crumly, Angela Davis, Meijun Dong, Carlos Garcia, Lucas Heintzman, Tiffany Hopper, Kourtney Kouth, Kimberly Morris, Amelia Ruehlen, Phillip Snodgrass, Katelynn Vaughn, James A Carr
We examined gonads and thyroid glands of Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis) 1yr after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. F. grandis were trapped from two impacted sites in Barataria Bay (Bayou St. Denis, Bay Jimmy) and an un-impacted site in East Texas (Sabine Pass). The greatest number of F. grandis were collected at Sabine Pass. F. grandis collected at Bayou St. Denis were smaller and had smaller Fulton condition factor scores than fish collected at Sabine Pass. Sex ratios were biased roughly 2:1 in favor of females at Sabine Pass and Bayou St...
June 15, 2018: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Stephanie D Snodgrass, Tasha M Poissant, Ann R Thomas
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 16, 2018: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Rajat Piplani, Satish K Aggarwal, Simmi K Ratan
Aims: To study the role of uroflowmetry in the preoperative and early postoperative period in children undergoing hypospadias repair. Materials and Methods: Twenty-six cases undergoing hypospadias repair over 1 year (tubularized incised plate [TIP] Snodgrass [17 patients], TIP with Snodgraft [5 patients], Duckett's onlay flap [2 patients], and Duckett's tube [2 patients] urethroplasty) were prospectively evaluated with preoperative ultrasound and uroflowmetry and postoperative uroflowmetry at 3 months after the surgery and at 6 and 9 months interval if these dates fell within the study period on follow-up...
January 2018: Urology Annals
Rayven Snodgrass, Leonard T Nguyen, Maggie Guo, Marcus Vaska, Christopher Naugler, Fariborz Rashid-Kolvear
OBJECTIVE: Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is a rare malignant neoplasm that develops from abnormal lymphoid stem cells. ALL incidence is highest among children and declines towards adolescence. There is limited data on the epidemiology of ALL, especially in Canada. This retrospective cohort study used patient data from the Calgary Laboratory Services Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory to report the incidence rate of ALL in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. New cases of ALL were identified for the 5-year period of January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2015...
February 7, 2018: BMC Research Notes
Melinda R Snodgrass, Moon Y Chung, Hedda Meadan, James W Halle
BACKGROUND: Single-case research (SCR) has been a valuable methodology in special education research. Montrose Wolf (1978), an early pioneer in single-case methodology, coined the term "social validity" to refer to the social importance of the goals selected, the acceptability of procedures employed, and the effectiveness of the outcomes produced in applied investigations. Since 1978, many contributors to SCR have included social validity as a feature of their articles and several authors have examined the prevalence and role of social validity in SCR...
March 2018: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Ekaterina Zezina, Ryan G Snodgrass, Yannick Schreiber, Sven Zukunft, Christoph Schürmann, Dagmar Meyer Zu Heringdorf, Gerd Geisslinger, Ingrid Fleming, Ralf P Brandes, Bernhard Brüne, Dmitry Namgaladze
Macrophages in adipose tissue contribute to inflammation and the development of insulin resistance in obesity. Exposure of macrophages to saturated fatty acids alters cell metabolism and activates pro-inflammatory signaling. How fatty acids influence macrophage mitochondrial dynamics is unclear. We investigated the mechanism of palmitate-induced mitochondrial fragmentation and its impact on inflammatory responses in primary human macrophages. Fatty acids, such as palmitate, caused mitochondrial fragmentation in human macrophages...
April 2018: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Nathanael West, Suzanne J Snodgrass, Carole James
BACKGROUND: Limited literature exists investigating biomechanical changes during a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). OBJECTIVE: To determine change in joint angle measurement between minimum load to safe maximum load in the bench to shoulder lift of the WorkHab FCE. METHODS: Dartfish ProSuite was used to analyse bench to shoulder lift video from 28 subjects. Measurements of joint angle at lumbar spine, thoracic spine, elbow and shoulder at four points in the ascending and descending lift phases (0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3) in the minimum load and safe maximum lift were collected...
2018: Work: a Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation
Jodi L Young, Daniel I Rhon, Joshua A Cleland, Suzanne J Snodgrass
Study Design Systematic review. Background Therapeutic exercise is commonly used to treat individuals with knee disorders, but dosing parameters for optimal outcomes are unclear. Large variations exist in exercise prescription, and research related to specific dosing variables for knee osteoarthritis, patellar tendinopathy, and patellofemoral pain is sparse. Objectives To identify specific doses of exercise related to improved outcomes of pain and function in individuals with common knee disorders, categorized by effect size...
March 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
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