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Alma Nieto, David G Pérez Ishiwara, Esther Orozco, Virginia Sánchez Monroy, Consuelo Gómez García
Transcriptional regulation of the multidrug resistance EhPgp5 gene in Entamoeba histolytica is induced by emetine stress. EhPgp5 overexpression alters the chloride-dependent currents that cause trophozoite swelling, diminishing induced programmed cell death (PCD) susceptibility. In contrast, antisense inhibition of P-glycoprotein (PGP) expression produces synchronous death of trophozoites and the enhancement of the biochemical and morphological characteristics of PCD induced by G418. Transcriptional gene regulation analysis identified a 59 bp region at position -170 to -111 bp promoter as putative emetine response elements (EREs)...
2017: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Junli Chang, Hong Chen, Hongkuan Yuan, Biao Wang, Xiaorui Chen
Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites as new emerging functional materials stand out from numerous photovoltaic materials thanks to the unprecedentedly rapid improvement of their power conversion efficiency within a short period. To explore potentially more efficient photovoltaic candidates, the structural and electronic properties of FAxMA1-xPbI3 based on prototype MAPbI3 are investigated for superior performance. Specifically, structural relaxation is performed at the PBE+D2 level and the electronic and optical properties are investigated at the HSE + SOC level...
December 12, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Li Fei, Huanru Zhang, Husheng Zhao, Tianwei Gao, Aiping Song, Jiafu Jiang, Fadi Chen, Sumei Chen
Salinity-induced Na+ toxicity and oxidative stress hamper plant growth. Here, we showed that expression of the chrysanthemum CmHSFA4, a homologue of the heat shock factor AtHSFA4a, is inducible by salt, and localizes to the nucleus. It is a transcription activator binding with HSE. Chrysanthemum overexpressing CmHSFA4 displayed enhanced salinity tolerance by limiting Na+ accumulation while maintaining K+ concentration, which is consistent with the up-regulation of ion-transporters CmSOS1 and CmHKT2. Additionally, the transgenic plants reduced H2 O2 and O2∙- accumulation under salinity, which could be due to up-regulation of ROS-scavenger activities such as SOD, APX and CAT as well as CmHSP70, CmHSP90...
December 12, 2017: Plant Biotechnology Journal
Line Lykke Andersen, Ewa Terczyńska-Dyla, Nanna Mørk, Carsten Scavenius, Jan J Enghild, Klara Höning, Veit Hornung, Mette Christiansen, Trine H Mogensen, Rune Hartmann
We selected two sets of naturally occurring human missense allelic variants within innate immune genes. The first set represented eleven non-synonymous variants in six different genes involved in interferon (IFN) induction, present in a cohort of patients suffering from herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) and the second set represented sixteen allelic variants of the IFNLR1 gene. We recreated the variants in vitro and tested their effect on protein function in a HEK293T cell based assay. We then used an array of 14 available bioinformatics tools to predict the effect of these variants upon protein function...
December 4, 2017: Genes and Immunity
Joanna Brzeszczyńska, Angelika Meyer, Robin McGregor, Alain Schilb, Simone Degen, Valentina Tadini, Neil Johns, Ramon Langen, Annemie Schols, David J Glass, Ronenn Roubenoff, James A Ross, Kenneth C H Fearon, Carolyn A Greig, Carsten Jacobi
BACKGROUND: Sarcopenia is defined as the age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function. While all humans lose muscle with age, 2-5% of elderly adults develop functional consequences (disabilities). The aim of this study was to investigate muscle myogenesis in healthy elderly adults, with or without sarcopenia, compared with middle-aged controls using both in vivo and in vitro approaches to explore potential biomarker or causative molecular pathways associated with sarcopenic versus non-sarcopenic skeletal muscle phenotypes during ageing...
December 6, 2017: Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle
Mauricio Angel Vega-Teijido, Martina Kieninger, Oscar N Ventura
The formation of selenium species in some biological processes involves the generation of ionic and radical intermediates such as RSe●, RSe-, RSeO●, and RSeO-, among others. We performed a theoretical study of the possible mechanisms for the reaction of the two simplest Se radicals-the hydroselenyl (HSe●) and selenenic (HSeO●) radicals, in which the possible products, intermediates, and transition-state structures were investigated. Density functional theory (DFT) was applied at the B3LYP/6-311++G(3df,3pd) level and the Ahlrichs Coulomb fitting basis sets were employed with an effective core potential (ECP) for both Se atoms...
December 5, 2017: Journal of Molecular Modeling
Jo Bowen, Laurie Davies, Garry John Burdett, Christopher Michael Barber
The duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises is described in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) policy and guidance on asbestos in the built environment in Great Britain is that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that are in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed can be managed in place. Where ACMs are in poor condition or likely to be disturbed they should be repaired, encapsulated or, if necessary, removed. HSE and Government Office for Science hosted a stakeholder workshop to consider evidence on the management of ACMs in public buildings...
January 1, 2017: Annals of Work Exposures and Health
San Kim, Kathleen Bennett, Emma Wallace, Tom Fahey, Caitriona Cahir
PURPOSE: Older people with several chronic conditions require multiple drugs from different classes to be adequately treated. This study aims to: (i) measure medication adherence across multiple conditions and therapeutic drug groups in older community-dwelling patients, and (ii) examine the effect of multimorbidity on adherence. METHODS: This is a retrospective cohort study of medication adherence in 855 community-dwelling patients aged ≥ 70 years from 15 practices in Ireland using the Health Service Executive Primary Care Reimbursement Service (HSE-PCRS) pharmacy claims database...
December 3, 2017: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Olatunde Owoeye, Micheal Oluwatosin Gabriel
Ischaemic brain injury continues to be devastating, causing social, medical and relationship disruption. Oxidativedamage has been reported to be one of the mechanisms for brain damage following ischaemic stroke. The antioxidant activityof Hibiscus sabdariffa L. was investigated for a possible protective effect against ischaemia-induced brain damage in rats.Adult male Wistar rats (n=35) were divided into five groups of 7 rats per group. Group 1 served as control was given tapwater; Group 2: 500 mg/kg daily of Hibiscus sabdariffa L...
June 30, 2017: Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences: Official Publication of the Physiological Society of Nigeria
S Das, M Mulheran, M Brewster, A R Banerjee
OBJECTIVES: The surveillance of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) differs from the medico-legal criteria used to assess NIHL. Our study compares the two systems and proposes a novel method of simplifying the medico-legal criteria and applying it to ascertain noise-induced hearing loss. DESIGN: The anonymised audiograms of a group of 87 industrial workers from a single site were analysed with both methods. RESULTS: The comparison showed approximately one-third of the workers assessed in this study had their noise-induced hearing loss underestimated by the HSE criteria...
November 9, 2017: Clinical Otolaryngology
Allison L Dzubak, Chandrima Mitra, Michael Chance, Stephen Kuhn, Gerald E Jellison, Athena S Sefat, Jaron T Krogel, Fernando A Reboredo
MnNiO3 is a strongly correlated transition metal oxide that has recently been investigated theoretically for its potential application as an oxygen-evolution photocatalyst. However, there is no experimental report on critical quantities such as the band gap or bulk modulus. Recent theoretical predictions with standard functionals such as LDA+U and HSE show large discrepancies in the band gaps (about 1.23 eV), depending on the nature of the functional used. Hence there is clearly a need for an accurate quantitative prediction of the band gap to gauge its utility as a photocatalyst...
November 7, 2017: Journal of Chemical Physics
Emmanuel Stamatakis, I-Min Lee, Jason Bennie, Jonathan Freeston, Mark Hamer, Gary O'Donovan, Ding Ding, Adrian Bauman, Yorgi Mavros
Public health guidance includes strength-promoting exercise (SPE) but there is little evidence on its links with mortality. Using data from the Health Survey for England (HSE) and Scottish Health Survey (SHS) from 1994-2008 we examined the associations between SPE (gym-based and own bodyweight strength activities) and all-cause, cancer, and cardiovascular disease mortality. Multivariable-adjusted Cox regression examine the associations between SPE (any, low/high volume, adherence to SPE guideline) and mortality...
October 31, 2017: American Journal of Epidemiology
Lauren Clack, Manuela Scotoni, Aline Wolfensberger, Hugo Sax
Background: Healthcare workers' hands are the foremost means of pathogen transmission in healthcare, but detailed hand trajectories have been insufficiently researched so far. We developed and applied a new method to systematically document hand-to-surface exposures (HSE) to delineate true hand transmission pathways in real-life healthcare settings. Methods: A head-mounted camera and commercial coding software were used to capture ten active care episodes by eight nurses and two physicians and code HSE type and duration using a hierarchical coding scheme...
2017: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control
Katie L Druce, John McBeth, Sabine N van der Veer, David A Selby, Bertie Vidgen, Konstantinos Georgatzis, Bruce Hellman, Rashmi Lakshminarayana, Afiqul Chowdhury, David M Schultz, Caroline Sanders, Jamie C Sergeant, William G Dixon
BACKGROUND: The huge increase in smartphone use heralds an enormous opportunity for epidemiology research, but there is limited evidence regarding long-term engagement and attrition in mobile health (mHealth) studies. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to examine how representative the Cloudy with a Chance of Pain study population is of wider chronic-pain populations and to explore patterns of engagement among participants during the first 6 months of the study...
November 1, 2017: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Beyza Çiftçi Kavaklioğlu, Eda Çoban, Aysu Şen, Elif Söylemezoğlu, Mehmet Ali Aldan, Dilek Atakli, Aysun Soysal
INTRODUCTION: The objective of this study was to determine the incidence of herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE), known as the most common, potentially mortal, and treatable cause of sporadic encephalitis, in a sample Turkish population. METHODS: The demographic, clinical, laboratory, imaging, electrophysiology, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) DNA results of patients examined with a pre-diagnosis of encephalitis were retrospectively examined. RESULTS: A total of 68 patients were included in the study...
September 2017: Noro Psikiyatri Arsivi
Jimmy Hu, Phillip Cantrell, Aklesh Nand
Urethane products that contain isocyanates are extensively used in the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry and other industries such as furniture and cabinet-making as two-pack spray paints, clears, and adhesives. Attention has recently been refocussed on isocyanate-containing chemicals, particularly in paints. The spray painters in the MVR industry had a propensity to develop industrial asthma at a rate 80 times higher than the general public, which was previously reported in the UK. To track workers exposure to isocyanates, urine samples were collected from 196 spray painters who worked mainly in 78 MVR shops across 54 New South Wales (NSW) towns and suburbs...
October 1, 2017: Annals of Work Exposures and Health
Hui Wang, Mingyue Jiang, Shujun Li, Chung-Yun Hse, Chunde Jin, Fangli Sun, Zhuo Li
Cinnamaldehyde amino acid Schiff base (CAAS) is a new class of safe, bioactive compounds which could be developed as potential antifungal agents for fungal infections. To design new cinnamaldehyde amino acid Schiff base compounds with high bioactivity, the quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) for CAAS compounds against Aspergillus niger (A. niger) and Penicillium citrinum (P. citrinum) were analysed. The QSAR models (R(2) = 0.9346 for A. niger, R(2) = 0.9590 for P. citrinum,) were constructed and validated...
September 2017: Royal Society Open Science
Azar Hosseini, Elham Bakhtiari, Seyed Hadi Mousavi
Doxorubicin (DOX) is an effective anticancer drug. But its clinical application is limited, because DOX induces apoptosis in cardiomyocytes and it leads to permanent degenerative cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Recent trainings showed that Hibiscus sabdariffa exhibit pharmacological actions such as potent antioxidant. So, in this study we explored the protective effect of H. sabdariffa extract on doxorubicin-induced cytotoxicity in H9c2 cells. Cell viability was quantified by MTT assay. Apoptotic cells were determined using PI staining of DNA fragmentation by flowcytometry (sub-G1 peak)...
2017: Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: IJPR
Madeleine A M Davies, Andrew D Judge, Antonella Delmestri, Simon P T Kemp, Keith A Stokes, Nigel K Arden, Julia L Newton
In the general population, physical activity is associated with improved health outcomes. However, long-term sports participation may be associated with adverse outcomes, particularly at the elite level. The aims of this study were to assess morbidity and health-related quality of life (HrQoL) amongst former rugby players, compared to an age-standardised general population sample. A cross-sectional study of former elite, male, rugby players (n = 259) was undertaken, and standardised morbidity ratios (SMR) calculated, assessing morbidity prevalence relative to English Longitudinal Study of Aging participants (ELSA, n = 5186)...
September 28, 2017: Scientific Reports
A Goren, J Mccoy, M Kovacevic, M Situm, N Lonky
Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is associated with significant mortality and morbidity. As a consequence of HSE, up to 75% of infected individuals die or experience irreversible neurological damage. While the pathogenesis of the disease is unknown, it is traditionally hypothesized that the viral infection occurs by neuronal transmission directly from peripheral sites. Non-neuronal modes of infection have generally been overlooked as the brain is protected by the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). The BBB poses an effective barrier to pathogens as well as to drugs such as chemotherapies...
July 2017: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
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