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Stefano Cinti, Mattia Basso, Danila Moscone, Fabiana Arduini
Herein, we report the first example of a paper-based screen-printed biosensor for the detection of ethanol in beer samples. Common office paper was adopted to fabricate the analytical device. The properties of this paper-based screen-printed electrode (SPE) were investigated by cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy, and they were compared with the well-established polyester-based SPEs as well. Paper demonstrated similar properties when compared with polyester, highlighting suitability towards its utilization in sensor development, with the advantages of low cost and simple disposal by incineration...
April 1, 2017: Analytica Chimica Acta
Giselle C Yeo, Alexey Kondyurin, Elena Kosobrodova, Anthony S Weiss, Marcela M M Bilek
Biomimetic materials which integrate with surrounding tissues and regulate new tissue formation are attractive for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Plasma immersion ion-implanted (PIII) polyethersulfone (PES) provides an excellent platform for the irreversible immobilization of bioactive proteins and peptides. PIII treatment significantly improves PES wettability and results in the formation of acidic groups on the PES surface, with the highest concentration observed at 40-80 s of PIII treatment...
February 2017: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Judith M Phillips, Tom Gallagher, Susan R Weiss
: The coronavirus S protein requires cleavage by host cell proteases to mediate virus-cell and cell-cell fusion. Many strains of the murine coronavirus mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) have distinct, S-dependent organ and tissue tropisms despite using a common receptor, suggesting that they employ different cellular proteases for fusion. In support of this hypothesis, we found that inhibition of endosomal acidification only modestly decreased entry and overexpression of the cell surface protease TMPRSS2 greatly enhanced entry of the highly neurovirulent MHV strain JHM...
February 1, 2017: Journal of Virology
Mary Jo Weiss-Errico, Kevin E O'Shea
Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are contaminants of serious concern because of their toxicological properties, widespread presence in drinking water sources, and incredible stability in the environment. To assess the potential application of α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrins for PFC remediation, we investigated their complexation with linear fluorinated carboxylic acids, sulfonates, and a sulfonamide with carbon backbones ranging from C4-C9. (19)F Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy studies demonstrated β-CD formed the strongest complexes with these PFCs...
January 16, 2017: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Benjamin Zeeb, Vanessa Schöck, Nicole Schmid, Lisa Majer, Kurt Herrmann, Jörg Hinrichs, Jochen Weiss
Particulated complexes composed of oppositely charged biopolymers were incorporated into highly concentrated protein matrices as potential fat replacers and structuring agents. A multistep procedure was therefore utilized to generate process-stable complexes, which were subsequently embedded into emulsion-type sausages, whereas macro- and microstructural properties were then assessed. Firstly, stock WPI and sugar beet pectin solutions were mixed under neutral conditions (pH 7) at various biopolymer ratios r (2 : 1, 5 : 1, 8 : 1)...
January 6, 2017: Food & Function
Catharina Wesseling, Aurora Aragón, Marvin González, Ilana Weiss, Jason Glaser, Christopher J Rivard, Carlos Roncal-Jiménez, Ricardo Correa-Rotter, Richard J Johnson
OBJECTIVES: To study Mesoamerican nephropathy (MeN) and its risk factors in three hot occupations. DESIGN: Cross-sectional. SETTING: Chinandega and León municipalities, a MeN hotspot on the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, January-February 2013. PARTICIPANTS: 194 male workers aged 17-39 years: 86 sugarcane cutters, 56 construction workers, 52 small-scale farmers. OUTCOME MEASURES: (1) Differences between the three occupational groups in prevalences/levels of socioeconomic, occupational, lifestyle and health risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and in biomarkers of kidney function and hydration; (2) differences in prevalences/levels of CKD risk factors between workers with reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFRCKD-EPI <80 mL/min/1...
December 8, 2016: BMJ Open
Hanna Salminen, Thrandur Helgason, Bjarki Kristinsson, Kristberg Kristbergsson, Jochen Weiss
HYPOTHESIS: This study demonstrates that tuning the shell thickness of lipid particles can modulate their oxidative stability. We hypothesized that a thick crystallized shell around the incorporated fish oil would improve the oxidative stability due to the reduced diffusion of prooxidants and oxygen. EXPERIMENTS: We prepared solid lipid nanoparticles (5%w/w lipid phase, 1.5%w/w surfactant, pH 7) by using different ratios of tristearin as carrier lipid and ω-3 fish oil as incorporated liquid lipid stabilized by high- or low-melting lecithin...
November 19, 2016: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Florian Huemer, Martin Dejaco, Christoph Grabmer, Thomas Melchardt, Daniel Neureiter, Georg Mayer, Alexander Egle, Richard Greil, Lukas Weiss
BACKGROUND: Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is an inherited autosomal dominant disease presenting with recurrent bleeding episodes and iron deficiency anemia due to vascular malformations. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is associated with an increased risk of stroke, gastrointestinal bleeding and pulmonary hypertension and life expectancy is significantly reduced. Excess vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) plays a key role in the pathophysiology of the disease. CASE PRESENTATION: Here we report about a male patient with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia presenting with pulmonary and central nervous system involvement experiencing repetitive nosebleeds, necessitating frequent local cauterization and transfusion of more than 100 units of packed red blood cells...
November 23, 2016: Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift
Christopher M Thompson, Mohamad Kodaimati, Dana Westmoreland, Raul Calzada, Emily A Weiss
This paper describes the pH dependence of the excitonic energies and dynamics of CdS quantum dots (QDs) capped with phosphonopropionate (PPA) in water. QDs capped with PPA carry a negative charge on their surfaces upon deprotonation of PPA above pH ∼ 8.5; the resultant electric field induces large changes in the QD's optical properties. Between pH 5.6 and 12.0, an increase in pH is accompanied by a 47-meV bathochromic shift in the bandgap of the QDs and a decrease in the Stokes shift by ∼4.3 meV/pH unit...
October 6, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Andreas C Scheinost, Robin Steudtner, René Hübner, Stephan Weiss, Frank Bok
The Np(V) retention by siderite, an Fe(II) carbonate mineral with relevance for the near-field of high-level radioactive waste repositories, was investigated under anoxic conditions. Batch sorption experiments show that siderite has a high affinity for aqueous Np(V)O2(+) across pH 7 to 13 as expressed by solid-water distribution coefficients, log Rd, > 5, similar to the log Rd determined for the (solely) tetravalent actinide Th on calcite, suggesting reduction of Np(V) to Np(IV) by siderite. Np L3-edge X-ray absorption near edge (XANES) spectroscopy conducted in a pH range typical for siderite-containing host rocks (7-8), confirmed the tetravalent Np oxidation state...
October 4, 2016: Environmental Science & Technology
Kamrouz Ghadimi, Jacob T Gutsche, Harish Ramakrishna, Samuel L Setegne, Kirk R Jackson, John G Augoustides, E Andrew Ochroch, Stuart J Weiss, Joseph E Bavaria, Albert T Cheung
OBJECTIVE: Metabolic acidosis after deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) for thoracic aortic operations is commonly managed with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO 3 ). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between total NaHCO 3 dose and the severity of metabolic acidosis, duration of mechanical ventilation, duration of vasoactive infusions, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or hospital length of stay (LOS). METHODS: In a single center, retrospective study, 87 consecutive elective thoracic aortic operations utilizing DHCA, were studied...
July 2016: Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia
Chen Wang, Emily A Weiss
Energy transfer (EnT) of near-infrared (NIR) excitons enables applications in harvesting of solar energy and biological imaging. Fast exciton extraction from NIR-absorbing Pb-chalcogenide quantum dots (QDs) may allow utilization of the photon downconversion (multiple exciton generation) process that occurs in those QDs to amplify signal in QD-based sensors or photocurrent in QD-based photovoltaics. This paper describes subnanosecond extraction of NIR excitons from PbS QDs by adsorbed J-aggregates of cyanine dye in aqueous dispersions...
August 3, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Kai Schwedtmann, Robin Schoemaker, Felix Hennersdorf, Antonio Bauzá, Antonio Frontera, Robert Weiss, Jan J Weigand
2-Phosphanyl-substituted imidazolium salts 2-PR2(4,5-Cl-Im)[OTf] (9a,b[OTf]) (4,5-Cl-Im = 4,5-dichloro-1,3-bis(2,6-di-isopropylphenyl)-imidazolium) (a: R = Cy, b: R = Ph) are prepared from the reaction of R2PCl (R = Cy, Ph) with NHC 8 (4,5-dichloro-1,3-bis(2,6-di-isopropylphenyl)-imidazolin-2-ylidene) in the presence of Me3SiOTf. 5-Phospanyl-substituted imidazolium salts 5-PR2(2,4-Cl-Im)[OTf] (10a,b[OTf]) are obtained in quantitative yield when a slight excess of the NHC 8 is used. 5-Phosphonio-substituted imidazolium salts 5-PR2Me(2,4-Cl-Im)[OTf]2 (14a,b[OTf]2) and 5-PR2F(2,4-Cl-Im)[OTf]2 (16a,b[OTf]2) result from methylation reaction or oxidation of 10a,b[OTf] with XeF2 and subsequent fluoride abstraction...
July 28, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Dmitri V Konarev, Alexey V Kuzmin, Yoshiaki Nakano, Salavat S Khasanov, Manabu Ishikawa, Akihiro Otsuka, Hideki Yamochi, Gunzi Saito, Rimma N Lyubovskaya
The interaction of Sn(IV)Cl2Pc with an excess of NaBPh4 in the presence of fullerenes C60 and C70 provides complete dissolution of Sn(IV)Cl2Pc and the formation of blue solutions from which the crystals of [SnPhPc(2-)](+)(BPh4)(-)·C6H14 () or [SnPhPc˙(3-)]·C6H4Cl2 () were selectively isolated. According to the optical spectra, salt contains dianionic Pc(2-) macrocycles, whereas macrocycles are reduced to form the Pc˙(3-) radical trianions in . As a result, the phthalocyanine macrocycle is dianionic in , and the positive charge of Sn(IV) is compensated by the Ph(-), Pc(2-), and BPh4(-) anions in this compound...
June 28, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Tatsuki Sugi, Yan Fen Ma, Tadakimi Tomita, Fumi Murakoshi, Michael S Eaton, Rama Yakubu, Bing Han, Vincent Tu, Kentaro Kato, Shin-Ichiro Kawazu, Nishith Gupta, Elena S Suvorova, Michael W White, Kami Kim, Louis M Weiss
UNLABELLED: Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular apicomplexan parasite that infects warm-blooded vertebrates, including humans. Asexual reproduction in T. gondii allows it to switch between the rapidly replicating tachyzoite and quiescent bradyzoite life cycle stages. A transient cyclic AMP (cAMP) pulse promotes bradyzoite differentiation, whereas a prolonged elevation of cAMP inhibits this process. We investigated the mechanism(s) by which differential modulation of cAMP exerts a bidirectional effect on parasite differentiation...
2016: MBio
Matthias Sendler, Sandrina Maertin, Daniel John, Maria Persike, F Ulrich Weiss, Burkhard Krüger, Thomas Wartmann, Preshit Wagh, Walter Halangk, Norbert Schaschke, Julia Mayerle, Markus M Lerch
Pancreatitis is associated with premature activation of digestive proteases in the pancreas. The lysosomal hydrolase cathepsin B (CTSB) is a known activator of trypsinogen, and its deletion reduces disease severity in experimental pancreatitis. Here we studied the activation mechanism and subcellular compartment in which CTSB regulates protease activation and cellular injury. Cholecystokinin (CCK) increased the activity of CTSB, cathepsin L, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and caspase 3 in vivo and in vitro and induced redistribution of CTSB to a secretory vesicle-enriched fraction...
July 8, 2016: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Wolfram Adlassnig, Yasmin S Weiss, Stefan Sassmann, Georg Steinhauser, Florian Hofhansl, Nils Baumann, Irene K Lichtscheidl, Ingeborg Lang
Historic mining in the Eastern Alps has left us with a legacy of numerous spoil heaps hosting specific, metal tolerant vegetation. Such habitats are characterized by elevated concentrations of toxic elements but also by high irradiation, a poorly developed substrate or extreme pH of the soil. This study investigates the distribution of vascular plants, mosses and lichens on a copper spoil heap on the ore bearing Knappenberg formed by Prebichl Layers and Werfener Schist in Lower Austria. It serves as a model for discriminating between various ecological traits and their effects on vegetation...
September 1, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
L Bassin, B Weiss, G Cranney, D Gimpel, P Gilhooly, R Smith, Z Akhunji, P Grant, H Wolfenden
INTRODUCTION: American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines recommend mitral valve repair for myxomatous mitral regurgitation whenever possible to prevent LV dysfunction and early mortality. Here we review our early operative outcomes with mitral valve repair for myxomatous mitral regurgitation. METHODS: We collected data from 586 consecutive patients that underwent mitral repair for myxomatous disease at the Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospitals Sydney between 1997 and 2012...
August 2016: Heart, Lung & Circulation
Chutima Thongkaew, Benjamin Zeeb, Monika Gibis, Jörg Hinrichs, Jochen Weiss
The effect of pH change on the morphology of whey protein isolate (WPI)-pectin dispersions obtained from phase-separated systems after mild shear was studied. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of mixing speed on the initial particle size of biopolymer complexes and their structure morphology after sequentially changing the pH. Therefore, solutions of WPI and pectin were combined at pH 6.1, allowed to phase separate and were then mildly homogenized at 50, 100, and 150 rpm, respectively, to form a dispersion containing differently sized WPI droplets in a surrounding pectin-rich phase...
May 2016: Journal of Food Science
Alexia Viguier, Cecile Boyer, Christophe Chassenieux, Lazhar Benyahia, Jérôme Guicheux, Pierre Weiss, Gildas Rethore, Taco Nicolai
Interpenetrated gels of biocompatible polysaccharides alginate and silanized hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (Si-HPMC) have been studied in order to assess their potential as scaffolds for the regeneration of human tissues. Si-HPMC networks were formed by reduction of the pH to neutral and alginate networks were formed by progressive in situ release of Ca(2+). Linear and non-linear mechanical properties of the mixed gels at different polymer and calcium concentrations were compared with those of the corresponding single gels...
May 2016: Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine
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