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Anupam Prakash, Harbans S Randhawa, Zia U Khan, Suhail Ahmad, Ferry Hagen, Jacques F Meis, Anuradha Chowdhary
A study of environmental distribution revealed the occurrence of Cryptococcus neoformans and C. gattii in 9% and 3%, respectively, of 611 samples investigated. C. neoformans showed the highest isolation frequency from tree trunk hollows in Delhi (31%), whereas C. gattii occurred in 12% of the samples in Delhi and 5% in Rajasthan. In addition, Cryptococcus laurentii (=Papiliotrema laurentii), C. rajasthanensis (=Papiliotrema rajasthanensis), C. podzolicus (=Saitozyma podzolica) and C. flavescens (=Papiliotrema flavescens) occurred in 0...
December 27, 2017: Mycoses
Nikolas T Weissmueller, Leanne Marsay, Heiko A Schiffter, Robert C Carlisle, Christine S Rollier, Robert K Prud'homme, Andrew J Pollard
Powder-injectors use gas propulsion to deposit lyophilised drug or vaccine particles in the epidermal and sub epidermal layers of the skin. We prepared dry-powder (Tg = 45.2 ± 0.5°C) microparticles (58.1 μm) of a MenY-CRM197 glyconjugate vaccine (0.5% wt.) for intradermal needle-free powder injection (NFPI). SFD used ultrasound atomisation of the liquid vaccine-containing excipient feed, followed by lyophilisation above the glass transition temperature (Tg' = - 29.9 ± 0.3°C). This resulted in robust particles (density~ 0...
2017: PloS One
Mario Schietroma, Beatrice Pessia, Francesco Carlei, Gianfranco Amicucci
POURPOSE: The aim was to evaluate the relationship between failure of gut barrier function, inflammatory markers and septic complications after pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma. METHODOLOGY: 44 patients were enrolled in this prospective observational clinical study and underwent curative open pancreatoduodenectomy for adenocarcinoma of the head of the pancreas. All patients underwent assessment of intestinal permeability using the lactulose/manitol excretions ratios (L/M ratio), endotoxemia, IL-1β, IL-6, CRP, and elastase levels before surgery and on postoperative days 1, 3 and 7...
September 2017: Pancreatology: Official Journal of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) ... [et Al.]
Tsehaynesh G/Eyesus, Feleke Moges, Setegn Eshetie, Biruk Yeshitela, Ebba Abate
BACKGROUND: Neonatal sepsis is a blood stream infection which is seen in the first month of life of the neonate. Bacterial profile of neonatal septicemia is constantly changing thus, current knowledge on the patterns of bacterial isolates, its antibiotic resistance profile, and associated factors, are essential to design and implement appropriate interventions. Therefore, the aim of this study was to identify bacterial etiologic agents, their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and associated risk factors of neonatal sepsis among neonates...
June 6, 2017: BMC Pediatrics
Julieta Diaz-Juarez, Jorge Suarez, Federico Cividini, Brian T Scott, Tanja Diemer, Anzhi Dai, Wolfgang H Dillmann
Diabetic cardiomyopathy is associated with metabolic changes, including decreased glucose oxidation (Gox) and increased fatty acid oxidation (FAox), which result in cardiac energetic deficiency. Diabetic hyperglycemia is a pathophysiological mechanism that triggers multiple maladaptive phenomena. The mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter (MCU) is the channel responsible for Ca2+ uptake in mitochondria, and free mitochondrial Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+ ]m ) regulates mitochondrial metabolism. Experiments with cardiac myocytes (CM) exposed to simulated hyperglycemia revealed reduced [Ca2+ ]m and MCU protein levels...
December 1, 2016: American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology
Hardiono D Pusponegoro, Sofyan Ismael, Sudigdo Sastroasmoro, Agus Firmansyah, Yvan Vandenplas
PURPOSE: Various gastrointestinal factors may contribute to maladaptive behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). To determine the association between maladaptive behavior in children with ASD and gastrointestinal symptoms such as severity, intestinal microbiota, inflammation, enterocyte damage, permeability and absorption of opioid peptides. METHODS: This observational cross-sectional study compared children with ASD to healthy controls, aged 2-10 years...
December 2015: Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Mohammad Zarin, Muhammad Imran Khan, Mukhtar Ahmad, Muhammad Ibrahim, Muhammad Asim Khan
OBJECTIVE: To share our findings that the new treatment modality Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT) is a better alternate to the conventional treatments of Fistula in Ano in our setup with minor changes in the initial method described by Meinero. METHODS: Karl Storz Video equipment including Meinero Fistuloscope was used. Key steps are visualization of the fistula tract, correct localization of the internal fistula opening under direct vision and endoscopic treatment of the fistula...
September 2015: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Ma Luisa Gómez Gómez, Ma Yolanda García García, José Luis González-Pola González, M Pilar Llaneza García, Ma Blanca María Rodríguez, Ma Carmen Tejedor Tejedor
UNLABELLED: In previous studies carried out in our hospital (Hospital de Cabueñes, Gijón, Spain) it could be noticed/stated that every year there was a considerable difference between the patients with urine catheterization in the Neurology Service and the patients in the other hospital wards. This encourages us to carry out the following research. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study is to determine the causes that increase the urinary infections in neurological patients with bladder catheterization compared to catheterized patients with other diseases...
July 2015: Revista de Enfermería
Behjatolmolook Ajami, Ghazale Abolfathi, Eftekhar Mahmoudi, Zahra Mohammadzadeh
Background and aims . In the presence of certain systemic diseases, oral microflora may aggravate the condition of the disease. Microbial population in the oral cavity especially with heart disease can increase the risk of bacterial endocarditis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the rate of oral Streptococcus mutansand the rate of caries in children suffering from heart disease. Materials and methods. In this cross-sectional research, 66 children with congenital or acquired heart disease and 50 healthy children were selected...
2015: Journal of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects
Hyung Won Lee, Suek Joo Choi, Sung Hoon Park, Jong-Ki Jeon, Sang-Chul Jung, Sang Chai Kim, Young-Kwon Park
The catalytic co-pyrolysis of a seaweed biomass, Laminaria japonica, and a typical polymer material, polypropylene, was studied for the first time. A mesoporous material Al-SBA-15 was used as a catalyst. Pyrolysis experiments were conducted using a fixed-bed reactor and pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS). BET surface area, N2 adsorption-desorption isotherms, and NH3 temperature programmed desorption were measured to examine the catalyst characteristics. When only L. japonica was pyrolyzed, catalytic reforming slightly increased the gas yield and decreased the oil yield...
2014: Nanoscale Research Letters
Tazebew Demilie, Getenet Beyene, Selabat Melaku, Wondewosen Tsegaye
BACKGROUND: Untreated bacteriuria during pregnancy has been shown to be associated with low birth-weight and premature delivery. Therefore, routine screening for bacteriuria is advocated. The decision about how to screen pregnant women for bacteriuria has always been a balance between the cost of screening versus the sensitivity and specificity. This study was designed to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of the rapid dipstick test to predict urinary tract infection in pregnancy against the gold standard urine culture...
2014: BMC Research Notes
Margarida Sousa, Nuno Silva, Gilberto Igrejas, Filipe Silva, Roberto Sargo, Nuno Alegria, Daniel Benito, Paula Gómez, Carmen Lozano, Elena Gómez-Sanz, Carmen Torres, Manuela Caniça, Patrícia Poeta
Antibiotic resistance among wild animals represent an emerging public health concern. The objective of this study was to analyze the staphylococcal nasal microbiota in birds of prey and their content in antimicrobial resistance determinants. Nasal samples from 16 birds of prey were collected, swabs were dipped and incubated into BHI broth [6.5% NaCl] and later seeded on manitol salt agar and oxacillin-resistance screening agar base media. Staphylococcal colonies were isolated from both media and were identified by biochemical and molecular methods...
July 16, 2014: Veterinary Microbiology
Mostafa Erfani, Mohammad Shafiei
A new formulation for preparation of (99m)Tc-labeled tropane derivative, (99m)Tc-TRODAT-1, which is useful as a potential CNS dopamine transporter imaging agent, was evaluated and characterized. Preparation of (99m)Tc-TRODAT-1 was attained previously by a formulation in which vial has to be autoclaved at 121 °C for 30 min. It is highly desirable to further improve the preparation method by developing a simplified one vial formulation which will be labeled in boiling water bath (95 °C) for 15 min and a high labeling yield will be achieved...
April 2014: Nuclear Medicine and Biology
Abolfazl Aslani, Fatemeh Jalilian
BACKGROUND: Caffeine which exists in drinks such as coffee as well as in drug dosage forms in the global market is among the materials that increase alertness and decrease fatigue. Compared to other forms of caffeine, caffeine gum can create faster and more prominent effects. In this study, the main goal is to design a new formulation of caffeine gum with desirable taste and assess its physicochemical properties. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Caffeine gum was prepared by softening of gum bases and then mixing with other formulation ingredients...
2013: Advanced Biomedical Research
Lucas Barasnevicius Quagliato, Kleyton Barella, José Maria Abreu Neto, Elizabeth Maria Aparecida Barasnevicius Quagliato
This paper describes a topiramate induced acute bilateral angle-closure glaucoma. This rare adverse effect is an idiosyncratic reaction characterized by uveal effusion and lens forward displacement, leading to increased intraocular pressure and vision loss. We describe a 55 year-old white woman with migraine, spasmodic torticollis and essential tremor, who developed bilateral acute angle-closure glaucoma, one week after starting topiramate 25 mg/day. She was seen at the Ophthalmology Emergency Department of the Fundação João Penido Burnier (Campinas, SP, Brazil) with a 4 hours history of blurry vision, ocular pain and bright flashes vision...
January 2013: Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia
Jan Mracek, Irena Holecková, Pavel Lavicka, Jan Mork, David Stepánek, Petra Struncová, Václav Cervený
BACKGROUND: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of neuroprotection, administered during carotid endarterectomy, on brain metabolism. The secondary objective was to assess the impact on clinical outcome of the resulting changes to brain metabolism. METHODS: A total of 35 patients underwent carotid endarterectomy with prophylactic combined neuroprotection (Sendai cocktail: Manitol, Phenhydan, Solumedrol, Tokoferol; Cerebrolysin; fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) = 1, middle arterial pressure (MAP) = 100 mm Hg, total intravenous anaesthesia--TIVA)...
2011: Casopís Lékar̆ů C̆eských
Romulus Ion Scorei, Petre Rotaru
Calcium fructoborate is a boron-based nutritional supplement. Its chemical structure is similar to one of the natural forms of boron such as bis-manitol, bis-sorbitol, bis-fructose, and bis-sucrose borate complexes found in edible plants. In vitro studies revealed that calcium fructoborate is a superoxide ion scavenger and anti-inflammatory agent. It may influence macrophage production of inflammatory mediators, can be beneficial for the suppression of cytokine production, and inhibits progression of endotoxin-associated diseases, as well as the boric acid and other boron sources...
December 2011: Biological Trace Element Research
Roya Ghasemian, Narges Najafi, Atieh Makhlough, Mohammad Khademloo
INTRODUCTION: Staphylococcus aureus is currently the most common cause of infection in hospitalized patients. Patients on hemodialysis are at increased risk due to their immunocompromised state. The present study was designed to determine the frequency of S aureus nasal carriage in patients on hemodialysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was undertaken in 2 dialysis centers to establish the frequency of S aureus nasal carriage at teaching hospitals of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, in the north of Iran...
July 2010: Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases
Parlindungan Siregar, Siti Setiati
AIM: Investigation was done in the institutionalized elderly in order to know the value of urine osmolality in this population. METHODS: Cross sectional study was done in the government institutionalized elderly that localized in South Jakarta. By using simple random sampling, 50 elderly people were chosen from all of the residents in this institutionalized elderly aged more than 60 years. They were excluded if they had diabetes mellitus, abnormal cortisol (reference range of morning cortisol, 5-25 ug/dL), potassium less than 3 meq/L, chronic diarrhoe, congestive heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, and cirrhosis of the liver, and also if they were in manitol or diuretic treatment, and not cooperative...
January 2010: Acta Medica Indonesiana
E M D Scheidegger, S A P Fracalanzza, L M Teixeira, P Cardarelli-Leite
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of a PCR-amplified fragment of the 16S rRNA gene was performed on reference strains belonging to 21 different enterococcal species and on 75 Enterococcus isolates recovered from poultry meat, pasteurised milk and fresh cheese. PCR amplification generated a 275 bp fragment, which was digested with three restriction endonucleases (DdeI, HaeIII, HinfI). The strains were divided into five groups (groups A-E) on the basis of their restriction patterns. Five biochemical tests (arabinose, arginine, manitol, methyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside and raffinose) were then performed in addition to RFLP analysis to narrow the identification of enterococcal strains to the species level...
November 2009: Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
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