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Manfred Karras, Michał Dąbrowski, Radek Pohl, Jiří Rybáček, Jaroslav Vacek, Lucie Bednárová, Karol Grela, Ivo Starý, Irena G Stará, Bernd Schmidt
Helical chirality is a novel enantioselectivity inducing element in transition metal catalyzed transformations. The principle is illustrated herein for the example of asymmetric olefin metathesis. We describe the synthesis of the first helically chiral Ru-NHC alkylidene complex from an aminohelicene-derived imidazolium salt, which was ligated to the first generation Hoveyda-Grubbs catalyst. Kinetic data were aquired for benchmark test reactions and compared to an achiral catalyst. The helically chiral Ru-catalyst was evaluated in asymmetric RCM and ROM/CM reactions, which proceeded with promising levels of enantioselectivity...
June 19, 2018: Chemistry: a European Journal
Mattias Hofmans, Tim Lammens, Hetty H Helsmoortel, Silvia Bresolin, Hélène Cavé, Christian Flotho, Henrik Hasle, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Charlotte Niemeyer, Jan Stary, Nadine Van Roy, Pieter Van Vlierberghe, Jan Philippé, Barbara De Moerloose
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 1, 2018: Haematologica
Jessica Rieder, Agnieszka Cain, Erica Carson, Andrea Benya, Paul Meissner, Carmen R Isasi, Judith Wylie-Rosett, Neal Hoffman, Colleen Kelly, Ellen J Silver, Laurie J Bauman
Effective obesity prevention and treatment interventions are lacking in the United States, especially for impoverished minority youths at risk for health disparities, and especially in accessible community-based settings. We describe the launch and pilot implementation evaluation of the first year of the B'N Fit POWER initiative as a middle school-based comprehensive wellness program that integrates weight management programming into existing onsite preventive and clinical services. Consistent with the existing implementation science literature, we focused on both the organizational structures that facilitate communication and the development of trust among stakeholders, students, and families and the development of realistic and timely goals to implement and integrate all aspects of the program...
2018: Journal of Obesity
Natasha K A van Eijkelenburg, Mareike Rasche, Essam Ghazaly, Michael N Dworzak, Thomas Klingebiel, Claudia Rossig, Guy Leverger, Jan Stary, Eveline S J M de Bont, Dana A Chitu, Yves Bertrand, Benoit Brethon, Brigitte Strahm, Inge M van der Sluis, Gertjan J L Kaspers, Dirk Reinhardt, C Michel Zwaan
Survival in children with relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia is unsatisfactory. Treatment consists of one course fludarabine, cytarabine and liposomal daunorubicin, followed by fludarabine and cytarabine and stem-cell transplantation. Study ITCC 020/I-BFM 2009-02 aimed to identify the recommended phase 2 dose of clofarabine replacing fludarabine in the abovementioned combination regimen (3+3 design). Escalating dose-levels of clofarabine (20-40mg/m2/day x5days) and liposomal daunorubicin (40-0mg/m2/day) were administered with cytarabine (2g/m2/day x5days)...
May 17, 2018: Haematologica
Gonzalo Grandes, Hilary Pinnock, Andrew Bazemore, Paul Meissner
The potential of implementation research in understanding strategies for changing practice is undermined by poor reporting, leaving readers unable to replicate such strategies and unclear whether they apply in the context of their practice. These challenges are particularly pertinent in the complex, diverse world of primary care. The recently published Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies (StaRI) provides a framework for comprehensive reporting of implementation research. A key concept is the consideration and reporting in "dual strands": on the one hand, the implementation strategy and on the other, the evidence-based intervention...
May 2018: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: JABFM
Julius Lukes, Eliska Potuckova, Lucie Sramkova, Jan Stary, Julia Starkova, Jan Trka, Felix Votava, Jan Zuna, Marketa Zaliova
Fusion genes resulting from chromosomal rearrangements represent a hallmark of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Unlike more common fusion genes generated via simple reciprocal chromosomal translocations, formation of the ETV6-ABL1 fusion gene requires 3 DNA breaks and usually results from an interchromosomal insertion. We report a child with ALL in which a single interchromosomal insertion led to the formation of ETV6-ABL1 and two novel fusion genes: AIF1L-ETV6 and ABL1-AIF1L. We demonstrate the prenatal origin of this complex chromosomal rearrangement, which apparently initiated the leukemogenic process, by successful backtracking of the ETV6-ABL1 fusion into the patient's archived neonatal blood...
May 4, 2018: Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer
Ondrej Hrusak, Valerie De Haas, Jitka Stancikova, Barbora Vakrmanova, Iveta Janotova, Ester Mejstrikova, Vaclav Capek, Jan Trka, Marketa Zaliova, Ales Luks, Kirsten Bleckmann, Anja Möricke, Julie Irving, Benigna Konatkowska, Thomas B Alexander, Hiroto Inaba, Kjeld Schmiegelow, Simone Stokley, Zuzana Zemanova, Anthony V Moorman, Jorge Gabriel Rossi, Maria Sara Felice, Luciano Dalla-Pozza, Jessa Morales, Michael Dworzak, Barbara Buldini, Giuseppe Basso, Myriam Campbell, Maria Elena Cabrera, Neda Marinov, Sarah Elitzur, Shai Izraeli, Drorit Luria, Tamar Feuerstein, Alexandra Kolenova, Peter Svec, Olena Kreminska, Karen R Rabin, Sophia Polychronopoulou, Elaine da Costa, Hanne Vibeke Marquart, Antonis Kattamis, Richard Ratei, Dirk Reinhardt, John K Choi, Martin Schrappe, Jan Stary
Despite attempts to improve the definitions of ambiguous leukemia (ALAL) during the last two decades, general therapy recommendations are missing. Herein, we report a large cohort of children with ALAL and propose a treatment strategy. A retrospective multinational study iBFM-AMBI2012 on 233 cases of pediatric ALAL patients is presented. Survival statistics were used to compare the prognosis of subsets and types of treatment. Five-year event-free survival (5yEFS) of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)-type primary therapy (80±4%) was superior to that of children who received acute myeloid leukemia (AML)-type or combined-type treatments (36±7...
May 2, 2018: Blood
Jaroslav StarÝ, Jozef OboŇa
Redescriptions are provided of the Palaearctic species of Thaumastoptera (s. str.) Mik, viz. T. (T.) calceata Mik, 1866 (Europe; Saudi Arabia), T. (T.) intermixta Savchenko, 1974 (Russia: North Caucasus; Georgia), and T. (T.) insignis Lackschewitz, 1940 (Portugal, Spain), and a new species, T. (T.) spathifera sp. n. (Italy: Sicily), is described. All important characters of the wing and the male terminalia are illustrated. A key to the Palaearctic Thaumastoptera (s. str.) is appended.
March 13, 2018: Zootaxa
Mustafa E Ghaliow, Andjeljko PetroviĆ, Korana KociĆ, Jelisaveta ČkrkiĆ, Ana Mitrovski BogdanoviĆ, Petr StarÝ, Nickolas G Kavallieratos, Željko TomanoviĆ
Although Aphidiinae parasitoids have been used as agents for biocontrol of alfalfa aphids for more than half a century and have been the subject of numerous ecological investigations, there is an evident lack of systematic studies on the parasitoids of aphids infesting alfalfa in Europe. Here we present an original and up-dated key for identification of both native and invasive Aphidiinae parasitoids attacking aphids that feed on alfalfa in Europe. In total, 20 species are keyed and illustrated with scanning electron micrographs and line drawings...
February 7, 2018: Zootaxa
Stanislav KalÚz, Josef StarÝ
Two new mite species from Madagascar, based on female specimens, viz. Armascirus skvarlai sp. nov. and Cunaxa corpuzrarosae sp. nov. (Acari: Prostigmata: Cunaxidae), are described and figured. Armascirus skvarlai sp. nov. differs from the related species A. gimpeli Smiley, 1992 by having long hysterosomal platelets, thin and long lateromedial sts on the palpal genu, and from A. ozarkensis Skvarla Dowling, 2012 by having a cone-shaped proterosomal shield with straight lateral edges, and by its nearly triangular hysterosomal shield...
February 11, 2018: Zootaxa
Sergey G Ermilov, Josef StarÝ
Three new species of oribatid mites of the superfamily Galumnoidea (Acari, Oribatida) are described from vicinities of the city of Hanoi in Northern Vietnam. Allogalumna bochkovi sp. nov. differs from all species of the genus Allogalumna by the spindle-shaped bothridial setae having very long, setiform apex. Trichogalumna mironovi sp. nov. differs from all species of the genus Trichogalumna by the presence of a large quadrangular protruding rostrum and strong ridges of different form in median part of notogaster and anogenital region, and the absence of notogastral porose areas Aa...
February 15, 2018: Zootaxa
Manfred Karras, Jan Holec, Lucie Bednárová, Radek Pohl, Bernd Schmidt, Irena G Stará, Ivo Starý
Alternative ways of preparing nonracemic 2-amino[6]helicene derivatives were explored. The enantioselective [2 + 2 + 2] cycloisomerization of a nonchiral triyne under Ni(cod)2 /( R)-QUINAP catalysis delivered the enantioenriched (+)-( P)-2-aminodibenzo[6]helicene derivative in 67% ee. An ultimate "point-to-helical" chirality transfer was observed in the cyclization of enantiopure triynes mediated by Ni(CO)2 (PPh3 )2 affording (-)-( M)- or (+)-( P)-7,8-bis( p-tolyl)hexahelicen-2-amine in >99% ee as well as its benzoderivative in >99% ee...
May 18, 2018: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Christine M Prodinger, Georg Stary, Verena Paulitschke, Wolfram Hoetzenecker, Verena Moosbrugger-Martinz, Lisa Arzt, Matthias Schmuth
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft, Journal of the German Society of Dermatology: JDDG
D L Wachter, D Neureiter, V Câmpean, K F Hilgers, M Büttner-Herold, C Daniel, K Benz, K Amann
AIMS: Mast cells (MC) and dendritic cells (DC) have immune modulatory function and can influence T-cell activity. Both cell types have been found in atherosclerotic plaques and are thought to play an important role for plaque stability. Compared to matched segments of the non-renal population, patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) show a more pronounced and more aggressive course of atherosclerosis with higher plaque calcification and significantly higher complications rates. It was the aim of this study to analyze the number and localization of MCs and DCs, macrophages, T- and B-cells as well as the expression of markers of inflammation such as CRP and NFκB in calcified and non-calcified atherosclerotic plaques of patients with CKD and control patients...
April 4, 2018: Histology and Histopathology
D Starý, J Tůma, R Doušek, R Macháček, J Škvařil, L Plánka
INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopy in small children was developed only after the adoption and verification of basic principles in adult patients and is mostly concentrated in specialized facilities due to the possible complications and necessity of follow-up specialized anesthesiological and post-operative care. In the 1990s, the Clinic of Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology at University Hospital Brno was one of the first in the Czech Republic to begin operating on children laparoscopically...
2018: Rozhledy V Chirurgii: Měsíčník Československé Chirurgické Společnosti
Roberta Gualdani, Maria Maddalena Cavalluzzi, Francesco Tadini-Buoninsegni, Marino Convertino, Philippe Gailly, Anna Stary-Weinzinger, Giovanni Lentini
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Lubeluzole is a benzothiazole derivative that has shown neuroprotective properties in preclinical models of ischemic stroke. However, clinical research on lubeluzole is now at a standstill, since lubeluzole seems to be associated with the acquired long QT syndrome and ventricular arrhythmias. Since the cardiac cellular effects of lubeluzole have not been described thus far, an explanation for the lubeluzole-induced QT interval prolongation is lacking. METHODS: We tested the affinity of lubeluzole, its enantiomer, and the racemate for hERG channel using the patch-clamp technique...
2018: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
Igor Baburin, Rosanne Varkevisser, Anja Schramm, Priyanka Saxena, Stanislav Beyl, Phillip Szkokan, Tobias Linder, Anna Stary-Weinzinger, Marcel A G van der Heyden, Marien Houtman, Hiroki Takanari, Malin Jonsson, Jet H D Beekman, Matthias Hamburger, Marc A Vos, Steffen Hering
Evodiae fructus is a widely used herbal drug in traditional Chinese medicine. Evodia extract was found to inhibit hERG channels. The aim of the current study was to identify hERG inhibitors in Evodia extract and to investigate their potential proarrhythmic effects. Dehydroevodiamine (DHE) and hortiamine were identified as IKr (rapid delayed rectifier current) inhibitors in Evodia extract by HPLC-microfractionation and subsequent patch clamp studies on human embryonic kidney cells. DHE and hortiamine inhibited IKr with IC50 s of 253...
May 2018: Pharmacological Research: the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society
Baixin Ye, Creed M Stary, Xuejun Li, Qingping Gao, Chunsheng Kang, Xiaoxing Xiong
Intratumor heterogeneity of tumor clones and an immunosuppressive microenvironment in cancer ecosystems contribute to inherent difficulties for tumor treatment. Recently, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy has been successfully applied in the treatment of B-cell malignancies, underscoring its great potential in antitumor therapy. However, functional challenges of CAR-T cell therapy, especially in solid tumors, remain. Here, we describe cancer-immunity phenotypes from a clonal-stromal-immune perspective and elucidate mechanisms of T-cell exhaustion that contribute to tumor immune evasion...
February 15, 2018: Molecular Cancer
Marta Kozuń, Magdalena Kobielarz, Agnieszka Chwiłkowska, Celina Pezowicz
The aim of this work is to determine the impact of development of atherosclerosis on dissection of the human thoracic aorta on the basis of an analysis of the mechanical properties of the interfaces between its layers. The research material consisted of 17 pathologically unchanged aortae and 74 blood vessels with atherosclerotic lesions, which were classified according to the histological classification by Stary. The subject of the analysis were the interfaces between the adventitia and the media-intima complex (A-MIC) and between the intima and the media-adventitia complex (I-MAC)...
March 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Rene Cervenka, Peter Lukacs, Vaibhavkumar S Gawali, Song Ke, Xaver Koenig, Lena Rubi, Touran Zarrabi, Karlheinz Hilber, Walter Sandtner, Anna Stary-Weinzinger, Hannes Todt
Inactivation of voltage-gated Na+ channels (VGSC) is essential for the regulation of cellular excitability. The molecular rearrangement underlying inactivation is thought to involve the intracellular linker between domains III and IV serving as inactivation lid, the receptor for the lid (domain III S4-S5 linker) and the pore-lining S6 segements. To better understand the role of the domain IV S6 segment in inactivation we performed a cysteine scanning mutagenesis of this region in rNav 1.4 channels and screened the constructs for perturbations in the voltage-dependence of steady state inactivation...
January 12, 2018: Scientific Reports
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