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C Le Fèvre, C Vigneron, H Schuster, A Walter, L Marcellin, G Massard, P Lutz, G Noël
Malignant transformation of mediastinal mature teratoma is extremely rare and worsens the prognosis of the disease. Transformation can appear synchronously to or several years after the initial diagnosis. Clinical and radiological signs can orientate the clinician but the definitive diagnosis is obtained thanks to histology. An 11 year-old boy presented with a mediastinal mature teratoma and bone and pulmonary metastases. He received six cycles of chemotherapy combining etoposide, ifosfamide, cisplatin, followed by resection of a 16×14×9cm mediastinal mass...
May 2018: Cancer Radiothérapie: Journal de la Société Française de Radiothérapie Oncologique
Serbülent Gökhan Beyaz, Cafer Altaş, Havva Sayhan
Pain treatment can comprise a combination of pharmacological, interventional, surgical, physical, psycological methods. Interventional procedures, particularly minimally invasive percutaneous therapies, have been widely used in recent years. Corticosteroid, hyperbaric saline or oxygen-ozone therapy is a safe procedure for patients in whom pain cannot be relieved by epidural adhesiolysis or other treatments. Complication related to oxygen-ozone therapy have been reported rarely in lumbar sciatalgia. Herein, we present a patient who developed cardiopulmonary arrest and pneumoencephaly as a rare but life-threatening complication of oxygen-ozone therapy, for epidural lysis, applied to the epidural space due to low back pain...
January 2018: Anesthesia, Essays and Researches
Sammy Sinno, Jessica B Chang, Nicholas D Brownstone, Pierre B Saadeh, Simeon Wall
BACKGROUND: Augmentation gluteoplasty has been performed more frequently in the past decade, with over 21,000 procedures performed in the past year alone. The most popular methods for buttock augmentation involve silicone prostheses and autologous fat grafting. A comparison of complications of these two techniques does not exist in our literature. METHODS: The PubMed, MEDLINE, and Cochrane databases were searched through April of 2015 for studies that achieved buttock augmentation through the use of silicone implant placement or autologous lipoinjection...
April 2016: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Tugce O Misirlioglu, Kenan Akgun, Deniz Palamar, Meryem G Erden, Tuba Erbilir
BACKGROUND: Piriformis syndrome (PS), which is characterized by pain radiating to the gluteal region and posterior leg, is accepted as one of the causes of sciatalgia. Although the importance of local piriformis muscle injections whenever PS is clinically suspected has been shown in many studies, there are not enough studies considering the clinical efficacy of these injections. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the differences between local anesthetic (LA) and LA + corticosteroid (CS) injections in the treatment of PS...
March 2015: Pain Physician
Farzad Omidi-Kashani, Ebrahim Ghayem Hasankhani, Ehsan Rafeemanesh
The prevalence of back pain during childhood is 50%; in 22% of these cases, a specific diagnosis can be found. Osteoid osteoma is a rare benign tumor that occursonly in 20% of cases and involves the spine. The aim of this report is to explain an atypical case of lumbar osteoid osteoma with significant neurologic deficit at a very young age. A five-year-old boy was presented with refractory pain in the low back and left extremity for approximately one year. Positive clinical findings were antalgic gait, stiff lumbar spine, weak left big toe extension force and a positive straight leg rising test on the left side...
June 2014: Asian Spine Journal
Farzad Omidi-Kashani, Ebrahim Ghayem Hasankhani, Amir Reza Kachooei, Mohammad Dawood Rahimi, Reza Khanzadeh
Background. In lumbar disc herniation, most authors recommend nonoperative treatment for the first few weeks of presentation, but what about the upper limit of this golden period? The aim of this study is to assess the effect of preoperative sciatica duration on surgical outcome of lumbar disc herniation. Methods. We retrospectively evaluated 240 patients (124 males and 116 females) with a mean age of 36.4 ± 5.9 years (range 16 to 63) surgically treated due to primary stable L4-L5 disc herniation. The patients were placed into two groups: with more and less than 12-month duration of preoperative sciatalgia...
2014: Neurology Research International
Adem Parlak, Aykut Aytekin, Sedat Develi, Safak Ekinci
Piriformis syndrome is a clinical picture of non-discogenic sciatica caused by compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. It has variable etiologies and the patho-physiology is not fully understood. The major etiology was known to be the spasm, edema and inflammation of the piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve compression of the muscle later on. Patients can be diagnosed immediately with a comprehensive clinical examination and early diagnosis makes the treatment much easier. Diagnosis of the piriformis syndrome, a very rare cause of low back pain, first requires that this syndrome is remembered, and then a differential diagnosis should be performed...
2014: Turkish Neurosurgery
Guive Sharifi, Amin Jahanbakhshi, Behnam Daneshpajouh, Abolfazl Rahimizadeh
We report a case of bilateral three-level lumbar spondylolysis that was directly repaired by use of hook-screw technique. The patient complained of low back pain for 2 years that progressively worsened and was exacerbated with standing and walking. He also mentioned bilateral sciatalgia. The neurological examination was normal. Interestingly, we found bilateral lumbar spondylolysis in L3, L4, and L5 levels in imaging studies. After proving that spondylolysis was the source of the low back pain by local anesthetic agent injection, we used a direct technique for correction of spondylolysis by use of a hook-screw device plus decortications of lysis area and iliac crest autograft...
March 2012: Global Spine Journal
A J Shakir, H M Paterson
A 45-year-old woman underwent microdiscectomy for sciatalgia due to prolapsed intravertebral disc between the fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebrae. Post-operatively, she developed abdominal pain and tenderness. Abdominal computerised tomography scan showed evidence of small bowel perforation. She underwent laparotomy and repair of an iatrogenic small bowel injury of the proximal ileum. Small bowel perforation is a rare complication of microdiscectomy and should be considered if abdominal symptoms develop post-operatively...
January 2011: Acta Chirurgica Belgica
Sabri Aydin, Bashar Abuzayed, Hakan Yildirim, Hakan Bozkus, Metin Vural
Discal cysts are rare causes of low back pain and radiculopathy. Only few reports in the literature describe these pathologies. In this article, the authors report five cases (3 males and 2 females) of lumbar discal cysts treated surgically by microdiscectomy. These patients were admitted with a history of back pain and/or sciatalgia. Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine of all patients revealed lumbar discal cysts, causing compression to the spinal dura and roots. All patients were treated by partial hemilaminectomy and microscopic cyst resection...
October 2010: European Spine Journal
Banu Kalpakcioglu, Turgay Altinbilek, Kazim Senel
AIM: Current guides recommend to evaluate the patients with low back pain complaints with initial clinical assessment and history, and to utilize radiological or other imaging technics, in case of possible diagnosis. The aim of this study was to compare the findings of radiological and clinical assessment, and validate the reliability of spondylolisthesis diagnosed with clinical assessment. This study is conducted on 100 patients with, and 30 patients without (control group) radiological diagnosis of spondylolisthesis, who had applied to Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Haydarpasa Numune Hospital with low back pain complaints in one and a half year...
2009: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
C Chauvin, E Azria, D Mahieu-Caputo, P Madelenat
Localisation of endometriosis on the sciatic nerve is exceptional. We report the case of a patient presenting an endometriotic nodule of the left ischio-rectal excavation, with an extension contiguous to the sciatic nerve, responsible of invalidating sciatalgia. Two laparoscopies did not allow to localise the lesion. Finally the endometriotic nodule was treated by a direct access of the left ischio-rectal excavation through a pararectal incision. In this article we discuss the means to localise such lesion and the surgical approach to propose...
February 2010: Gynécologie, Obstétrique & Fertilité
Farzad Omidi-Kashani, Mohamadhosein Ebrahimzadeh, Mohamadtaghi Peivandy
Nowadays percutaneous vertebroplasty is commonly used for vertebral osteoporotic compression fractures. This technique is also useful for other lytic vertebral lesions including hemangioma. Although cement leakage is the most common technical complication, its clinical prevalence is rare and the presentation is always acute. Hereby, we reported a case of vertebral hamangioma in a 14-year-old girl treated by this technique and presented with late onset sciatalgia. According to our knowledge, such a late neurologic presentation has not been reported so far...
2009: Cases Journal
M N C Cordeiro, G N V Cunha, P M Freitas, F C Alves
Focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) is frequently found incidentally in liver imaging but multiple FNH, especially when associated with systemic vascular malformations, are rare. We report on the case of a patient with lumbar sciatalgia and paraparesis. Spinal magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) showed a spinal cord arteriovenous shunt (SCAVS), its arterial feeders and venous drainage, which were later confirmed by digital subtraction angiography (DSA). MRA of the spine offers promising results in the characterization of SCAVS...
December 2009: Journal of Neuroradiology. Journal de Neuroradiologie
A Akhaddar, A Ajja, A Albouzidi, B Elmostarchid, M Boucetta
Cystic schwannoma is highly unusual and intraspinal involvement seems to be even more rare. We report a case of intradural lumbar-cystic schwannoma in a 50-year-old man who presented with chronic low-back pain and sciatalgia, which were initially related to a bulging disc. Diagnosis of a tumor origin was suspected two years later on MRI as a hemangioblastoma. The lesion was histologically confirmed to be a schwannoma. Only eight cases of spinal schwannoma with large cyst have been previously reported. Cystic schwannoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of lumbar intradural-cystic lesion...
April 2008: Neuro-Chirurgie
V Bléhaut, A Drouet, F Tahon, F Salkine, A Belmar, R Déruty, F Turjman
INTRODUCTION: The optimal diagnosis and therapeutic managements of spinal dural arteriovenous fistulae, a rare disease, is discussed. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We report a series of 10 patients seen in a 7-year period, treated by embolization. RESULTS: There were 6 males and 4 females, with an average age of 58.4 years (range: 31 to 74 years). Diagnosis was made 2 days to 5 years (mean 15.3 months) after symptom onset with a high rate of incomplete or atypical clinical patterns (prolonged isolated sensory disorder, lumbo-sciatalgia, claudication, monoplegia), or sudden-onset deficit...
November 2006: Revue Neurologique
E Caroli, M Acqui, G Trasimeni, D Di Stefano, L Ferrante
STUDY DESIGN: Case report and literature review. OBJECTIVE: Intradural-extramedullary cavernoma is a rare condition with only 23 cases reported in the literature. Most cases described adhere to spinal root or spinal cord. We report an example of this rare entity located within the sheets of one cauda equina nerve root. SETTING: Rome, Italy. METHODS: The authors report clinical, radiological, surgical, and pathological features of intraroot cavernoma with a literature review...
April 2007: Spinal Cord
Ayhan Dogukan, Bilge Aygen, Muhammed S Berilgen, Sait Dag, Sevim Bektas, Ali I Gunal
We describe a 60-year-old woman who became comatose after a single dose of gabapentin for right-sided sciatalgia. The patient was improved by hemodialysis. Gabapentin toxicity should be considered when mental status changes develop in patients with renal failure after even a single dose.
April 2006: Hemodialysis International
D Bonaiuti, R Gatti, A Raschi, L Cantarelli, V Sirtori
AIM: The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of a new, simple and cheap device of manual autotraction (MAT), in comparison with Natchev's autotraction system. METHODS: Fifty-four patients, with lumbalgia or sciatalgia for more than 4 months and disc herniation or protrusion at computed tomography (CT) or nuclear magnetic resonance (NRM), have been selected, at random, in a randomized control trial. Patients have been treated by MAT or by Natchev's autotraction...
June 2004: Europa Medicophysica
A Degobbis, M Crucil, M Alberti, A Bortolussi
At the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Unit of the Palmanova Hospital, between 27 October 1989 and 31 December 2003 we performed 506 automated percutaneous nucleotomies according to Onik for the treatment of lumbar disc hernia. The survey of 50 reviewed cases after evaluation of the subjective and objective clinical pictures according to the Cabot method allowed us to come to the conclusion that this percutaneous methodology is suitable to relieve damaged discs from compression. It is also well accepted by patients because it is not too traumatic, it requires short-term hospitalisation, presents no risk of post-operative fibrosis and does not create complications for the eventual traditional operation when unsuccessful...
2005: Acta Neurochirurgica. Supplement
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