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Teaching ambition

Jennifer Punt
A career as a tenure-track professor at a liberal arts college provides the opportunity to combine serious interests in teaching with research. The basic goals of the liberal arts institution are to educate the student broadly while encouraging mastery of a particular area of interest. Preparing for such a career requires not only a commitment to teaching but also a productive PhD and postdoctoral experience, regardless of the expectations for active research within the job. The application and interview processes require one to be informed, flexible, energetic, and clear-in writing and in speaking...
October 3, 2017: Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
Stefania Barbieri, Paolo Feltracco, Luca Omizzolo, Rossella Snenghi, Rafi El Mazloum, Gianna Vettore, Mauro Bergamini, Armando Stefanati, Daniele Donato, Cecilia Ferronato, Francesco Maria Avato, Alberto Tredese, Rosa Maria Gaudio
BACKGROUND: The monitoring and management of risks regarding children and young people admitted to the emergency department as a result of dangerous behaviors distributed via the Internet should be based on clinical reasoning and knowledge about these social media-related phenomena. Here we examine 2 cases of teenagers who reported severe injuries while performing the "planking" craze, a challenge that consists in lying face-down stiffly like a board on any kind of surface. OBJECTIVE: Our objective is to examine and describe the Internet craze called planking, also known as the "lying-down game," through 2 case reports from our experience, enriching this study with information gained through discussions with secondary school teenagers...
March 23, 2017: Interactive Journal of Medical Research
E Benjamín Puertas, Tamara Y Rivera
Objective: To 1) describe patterns of specialty choice; 2) investigate relationships between career selection and selected demographic indicators; and 3) identify salary perception, factors that influence career choice in primary care, and factors that influence desired location of future medical practice. Methods: The study used a mixed-methods approach that included a cross-sectional questionnaire survey applied to 234 last-year medical students in Honduras (September 2014), and semi-structured interviews with eight key informants (October 2014)...
November 2016: Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública, Pan American Journal of Public Health
Thomas Kötter, Johanna Ritter, Alexander Katalinic, Edgar Voltmer
Medical students and doctors have to be particularly stress-resilient, as both medical education and practice are considered very stressful. Specific stressors can lead to increased risks of developing, for example, depression, anxiety and burnout. Relaxation techniques have proven to be effective for the prevention of these outcomes in student populations. However, only a very few medical students practice relaxation techniques regularly early on in their studies. Furthermore, it is unclear which students make use of stress-management offers and hence whether vulnerable students are generally reachable...
2016: PloS One
Irene Arida Slootweg
Teamwork among clinical teachers is essential for continuous improvement of postgraduate medical training. This thesis deconstructs teamwork in four studies, mostly based on qualitative research approaches and one study utilizes mixed methods. We found that clinical teachers do train residents, but individually rather than as a team. The programme directors as leaders focus more on teaching activities than on the collective ambition and mutual engagement of clinical teachers. During the teaching meetings, mistakes and conflicts are mainly discussed in a general sense and are often neither directed at the individual, nor result-oriented...
August 2016: Perspectives on Medical Education
Gabriela Sánchez-Sanhueza, Francisco Cisterna Cabrera
The practice of assessing must ensure that the outcome of the process be a reflection of the learning achieved by students. The aim of this study was to describe the essential attributes of the praxis teacher in the area of Endodontics Learning Evaluation, in the School of Dentistry at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. This study is designed to diagnose the reliability and objectivity of assessing the learning process, as a framework for innovation, and with a focus on evaluating endodontics skills. This hermeneutic study has a qualitative methodology...
2015: Brazilian Oral Research
Alfredo Morabia
In this issue of the Journal, Keyes and Galea (Am J Epidemiol. 2014;180(7):661-668) propose "7 foundational steps" for introducing epidemiologic methods and concepts to beginners. Keyes and Galea's credo is that the methododological and conceptual components that comprise epidemiology, today scattered in textbook chapters, come together as an integrated and coherent methodological corpus in the process of designing studies. Thus, they expound, the process of designing studies should be the core of teaching epidemiology...
October 1, 2014: American Journal of Epidemiology
Cathleen Cerny, Susan Hatters Friedman, Delaney Smith
OBJECTIVE: This article describes notable illustrations of female psychopathy on modern television to review various characters that will have utility in teaching students about female psychopathy in distinction to male psychopathy and to encourage consideration of the potential effects that viewing these countless examples may have on a generation of young women. METHODS: The authors use examples from soap operas, crime procedurals, reality television, fantasy, comedies, and young adult programs to illustrate gender differences in psychopathy and make specific teaching points...
April 2014: Academic Psychiatry
Anna-Greta Mamhidir, Marja-Leena Kristofferzon, Eva Hellström-Hyson, Elisabeth Persson, Gunilla Mårtensson
Preceptors play an important role in the process of developing students' knowledge and skills. There is an ongoing search for the best learning and teaching models in clinical education. Little is known about preceptors' perspectives on different models. The aim of the study was to describe nursing preceptors' experiences of two clinical models of clinical education: peer learning and traditional supervision. A descriptive design and qualitative approach was used. Eighteen preceptors from surgical and medical departments at two hospitals were interviewed, ten representing peer learning (student work in pairs) and eight traditional supervision (one student follows a nurse during a shift)...
August 2014: Nurse Education in Practice
Bruna Pedroso Canever, Marta Lenise do Prado, Vânia Marli Schubert Backes, Mariana Cabral Schveitzer
This is a qualitative, descriptive, exploratory and analytical research, with documentary basis. The objective was to characterize and analyze teaching trends found in scientific articles related to the topic Education in Nursing, captured from the publication of the researchers of Research Groups in Nursing Education of the State of São Paulo from 2004 to 2010. We identified the following teaching trends: Traditional, Renewed, Tecnicist, Liberating and Critical Social-Contents. We analyzed 131 studies, of which 46...
December 2013: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
Mahmoud Motamedi, Mohammad Ali Sahraian, Sasan Moshirzadeh
BACKGROUND: Epileptic seizures would result in embarrassment in society and have some negative impact on the patients' social activities. The aim of this study was to show the perceived impact of epilepsy by patients on different aspect of their social activities including occupation, marriage and education. METHODS: We studied 179 epileptic patients aged 16 years and over using face to face interview. Nine domains including relation to spouses, relation to family members, social life, general health, interpersonal communications and friendships, feelings about success, hope for future, ordinary life and cope with others were considered...
2011: Iranian Journal of Neurology
Maaike van der Lugt
Urso, the last of the great Salernitan physicians, was both an ardent defender of a theoretical, scientific medicine and the first in the medieval West to propose, in his aphorisms, a rational and naturalistic explanation of the healing power of incantations. The article explores this paradox and provides an in-depth analysis of Urso's highly original and hitherto ignored argument, as well as its intellectual and social background. According to Urso, the efficacy of incantations relies not on the power of words, but on the charismatic physician's "aura"-spirits emanating from his body-and the patient's confidence in and conformity with the physician...
2013: Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Telma Ribeiro Garcia, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega
This paper aims to describe (1) the evolution of the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP® ), since the International Council of Nurses (ICN) assumed, in 1989, the task of developing a classification of the elements of professional practice (nursing diagnoses, interventions and outcomes) with an international ambit; (2) the ICNP® Programme and its structural components, which fit together to conform the ICNP® terminology life cycle; (3) the Centres for ICNP® Research and Development, accredited by ICN; (4) finally, the Brazilian Center's contribution for research, development and dissemination of the ICNP® terminology...
September 2013: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
João Martins e Silva
Is briefly analyzed the evolution that the objectives, strategies and models of medical education have had since their presentation and subsequent implementation of the famous model of Abraham Flexner, is now 103 years. Although globally accepted in their original pedagogical principles and instruments, that model does not have avoided the continuing dissatisfaction by the medical community and students and, most markedly in recent decades, the demanding of a most efficient health care by society, in general, and by patients in particular...
July 2013: Acta Médica Portuguesa
Patricia D'Antonio
I examine the history of the East Harlem Nursing and Health Service in New York City from its beginnings as a demonstration project in 1922 to its closing in 1941. I explore the less tangible goals, needs, and ambitions of the many different constituents that paid for, delivered, and received health care services. I place these goals, needs, and ambitions as critically important drivers of ultimate success or failure. The East Harlem Nursing and Health Service gained international fame among public health leaders for its innovative and independent nursing practice and teaching...
June 2013: American Journal of Public Health
T Kinnison, S A May
The Royal Veterinary College's 'Teaching Quality Survey' was completed by 261 recent graduates (six months after graduation) from 2005 to 2011 (26.8 per cent response rate). The results were used to compare veterinarians' background information with current position and career ambition, and to investigate perceptions of curriculum balance. There was a significant difference between males' and females' current positions and career ambitions with comparatively lower percentages of females in farm animal and farm and equine practices...
March 23, 2013: Veterinary Record
Ingunn Aase, Karina Aase, Peter Dieckmann
The notions of interprofessional education and interprofessional teamwork have attained widespread acceptance, partly because lack of teamwork has been tentatively linked to adverse incidents in healthcare. By analyzing data from 32 educational institutions, this study identifies the status of interprofessional teamwork in all nursing and medical education in Norway. The study programs issued by the 32 educational institutions were subject to content analysis, distilling the ambitions and goals for teaching interprofessional teamwork...
May 2013: Journal of Interprofessional Care
Marcus May, Peter Mand, Frank Biertz, Eva Hummers-Pradier, Carsten Kruschinski
BACKGROUND: In Germany, family physicians (FPs) are increasingly needed to participate in undergraduate medical education. Knowledge of FPs' motivation to teach medical students in their practices is lacking. PURPOSE: To describe a novel questionnaire that assesses the motivation of FPs to teach undergraduates in their practices and to show the results of a subsequent survey using this instrument. METHODS: The questionnaire was developed based on a review of the literature...
2012: PloS One
Christina Ahlgren, Katja Gillander Gådin
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to from a gender perspective, explore elementary school teacher' experiences of their work situation, and identify conditions that could be health risks. PARTICIPANTS: Eighteen female teachers who work in an elementary school in Northern Sweden. METHOD: Thematic interviews were conducted using an interview guide. The interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Qualitative content analysis was used to analyse the transcribed text and interpretations were made within gender theory...
2011: Work: a Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation
Ph Govens, P Bourdoux
A medical department in a university hospital has 3 duties: care, teaching, and research. Partnership between the department of pediatrics and a laboratory of pediatrics is therefore essential; they are complementary. The development of the laboratory requires constructive collaboration with the medical department, clinicians addressing questions to the laboratory, and the laboratory developing tools in order to provide answers. This clearly supposes that the necessary human and material resources are made available to the laboratory...
2006: Revue Médicale de Bruxelles
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