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Yon Soo An, Hyung Doo Kim, Hyeoung Cheol Kim, Kyoung Sook Jeong, Yeon Soon Ahn
Background: This study aimed to enhance understanding of the epidemiologic characteristics of asbestos-related diseases, and to provide information that could inform policy-making aimed at prevention and compensation for occupational asbestos exposure, through analyzing asbestos-related occupational disease claims to Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service from 2011 to 2015. Methods: We analyzed 113 workers who filed medical care claims or survivor benefits for asbestos exposure and occupational-related disease from 2011 to 2015...
2018: Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Guadalupe Aguilar-Madrid, Beate Pesch, Emma S Calderón-Aranda, Katarzyna Burek, Carmina Jiménez-Ramírez, Cuauhtémoc Arturo Juárez-Pérez, María Dolores Ochoa-Vázquez, Luis Torre-Bouscoulet, Leonor Concepción Acosta-Saavedra, Isabel Sada-Ovalle, Jorge García-Figueroa, Isabel Alvarado-Cabrero, Patricia Castillo-González, Alejandra Renata Báez-Saldaña, José Rogelio Pérez-Padilla, Juvencio Osnaya-Juárez, Rosa María Rivera-Rosales, Eric Marco García-Bazán, Yolanda Lizbeth Bautista-Aragón, Elimelec Lazcano-Hernandez, Daniel Alejandro Munguía-Canales, Luis Marcelo Argote-Greene, Dirk Taeger, Daniel Gilbert Weber, Swaantje Casjens, Irina Raiko, Thomas Brüning, Georg Johnen
Background: Diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) remains a challenge, especially when resources in pathology are limited. The study aimed to evaluate cost-effective tumor markers to predict the probability of MPM in plasma samples in order to accelerate the diagnostic workup of the tissue of potential cases. Methods: We conducted a case-control study stratified by gender, which included 75 incident cases with MPM from three Mexican hospitals and 240 controls frequency-matched by age and year of blood drawing...
2018: International Journal of Medical Sciences
Julius Janssen, Fabien Maldonado, Muzaffer Metintas
Non-specific pleuritis (NSP) is defined as fibrinous or inflammatory pleuritis which cannot be attributed to a specific benign or malignant etiology. It can be diagnosed in biopsies in up to 30% of cases of exudative pleuritis after thoracoscopy, with a mean of 19.2%. In 66 out of 469 (14.2%) patients in combined series, a malignant pleural disease (mostly mesothelioma) was found during a follow-up of at least 21 months. Most likely, a follow-up time of 12 months is sufficient, although the current routine is a follow-up of 2 years...
July 13, 2018: Clinical Respiratory Journal
A Arjona-Sanchez, J Esquivel, O Glehen, G Passot, K K Turaga, D Labow, S Rufian-Peña, R Morales, K van der Speeten
BACKGROUND: Minimally invasive surgery is playing an increasing role in the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal and gynaecological malignancies as the data show reduced morbidity, faster recovery and similar oncological outcome when compared to open procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The American Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies (ASPSM) conducted a retrospective study to analyse peritonectomy procedures and HIPEC done via the laparoscopic route...
July 12, 2018: Surgical Endoscopy
Muaiad Kittaneh, Charles Berkelhammer
Germline mutations in the BRCA-1 associated tumor protein 1 (BAP1) increase susceptibility to mesothelioma and other cancers. We describe a patient with a family history of peritoneal mesothelioma, who developed malignant peritoneal mesothelioma at age 45 in the absence of known asbestos exposure. These findings lead us to hypothesize that the mesothelioma occurred in the setting of germline a BAP1 mutation. This was confirmed by genetic testing. The subsequent therapeutic choices for the patient and testing of at-risk family members highlight the importance of recognizing this genetic syndrome and screening for individuals at high risk...
July 13, 2018: Journal of Translational Medicine
Shoko Nakayama, Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Tatsuya Adachi, Sanae Sueda, Kayo Ueda, Kunimitsu Kawahara, Yuka Ohashi, Sumie Awaji, Shigeo Hashimoto, Itaru Matsumura
A 65-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with left-sided chest and back pain and dyspnea. Computed tomography demonstrated a marked circumferential left pleural thickening. A thoracoscopic pleural biopsy led to a diagnosis of high-grade B-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified (HGBL, NOS). Lymphoma cells were positive for tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interleukin-6. This is the first case report of TNF- and IL-6-producing aggressive HGBL, NOS in the pleura, in which radiological findings mimicked pleural mesothelioma...
2018: Leukemia Research Reports
Lucia Fazzo, Giada Minelli, Marco De Santis, Caterina Bruno, Amerigo Zona, Susanna Conti, Pietro Comba
BACKGROUND: Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is causally linked to asbestos exposure with an estimated etiological fraction of 80% or more. METHODS: Standardized rates of all mesothelioma (C45, ICD-10) and malignant pleural mesothelioma (C45.0, ICD-10) mortality in Italy were computed at national and regional levels, for the period 2003-2014. Standardized Mortality Ratios (SMRs, with 95% Confidence Intervals) were calculated for each of the 8047 Italian municipalities, for both diseases, with respect to Regional figures...
July 7, 2018: Cancer Epidemiology
Babak Masoomian, Jerry A Shields, Carol L Shields
Purpose: The aim of this study was to review the genetics, epidemiology, clinical findings, and management of BRCA1-associated protein-1 (BAP1) cancer predisposition syndrome, particularly focusing on the development of uveal melanoma (UM). Methods: This is a review article based on eligible studies identified by systematically searching PubMed, Web of Science, and reference lists. Results: UM is the most common primary intraocular malignancy...
June 2018: Journal of Current Ophthalmology
A Robert Schnatter, Min Chen, Elizabeth A DeVilbiss, R Jeffrey Lewis, Elizabeth M Gallagher
OBJECTIVE: We studied the risk of 11 cancers of a priori interest in petroleum refinery workers. METHODS: Iterative searches identified 36 studies for the 11 cancer sites. Statistical heterogeneity and publication bias were assessed to enhance interpretation of meta-relative risks. RESULTS: Statistical heterogeneity was marked for mesothelioma, but was largely due to study quality. Higher quality studies showed a meta-relative risk (RR) of 3...
July 2018: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Antonella Muscella, Luca Giulio Cossa, Carla Vetrugno, Giovanna Antonaci, Santo Marsigliante
Although an association between cancer progression and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) 2 and MPP9 expression has been known, the expression, nuclear localization, and physiologically controlled activation of these two MMPs have not been investigated in malignant mesothelioma cells. We examined the expression and intracellular localization of MMP2/9 in ZL55 malignant mesothelioma cells, as well as their regulation by ADP. Using real-time PCR, we showed that activation of the P2Y1 receptor by ADP increased the expression of MMP2/9 mRNAs; MMP2/9 collected from conditioned media also showed an increase in activity; and ADP induced the nuclear localization of MMP2/9...
July 8, 2018: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Michael Roche, Laura Parisi, Linda Li, Amy Knehans, Rebecca Phaeton, Joshua P Kesterson
Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of mortality among gynecologic malignancies, with most cases diagnosed at an advanced stage. Despite an initial response, most develop a recurrence and subsequent resistance to standard therapies. Pemetrexed (AlimtaTM ) is a new generation multi-targeted antifolate initially approved for the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma. In recent years, it has shown promise in the treatment of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer. In this review, we outline the current literature and discuss the future of pemetrexed in the setting of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer...
January 30, 2018: Oncology Reviews
Tommaso A Dragani, Francesca Colombo, Elizabeth N Pavlisko, Victor L Roggli
Asbestos exposure is the main etiology of malignant mesothelioma, but there are conflicting data on whether the intensity of exposure modulates the development of this disease. This study considered 594 patients with malignant mesothelioma for whom count data on asbestos bodies and fibers (per gram of wet lung tissue) were available. The relationships between age at diagnosis (a time-to-event outcome variable) and these two measures of internal asbestos exposure, along with other possible modulating factors (sex, tumor location, histological subtype, and childhood exposure), were assessed on multivariable Cox proportional hazard models, stratifying by decade of birth year...
June 30, 2018: Carcinogenesis
Ali C Ravanpay, Ariana Barkley, Gabrielle A White-Dzuro, Patrick J Cimino, Luis F Gonzalez-Cuyar, Christina Lockwood, Lia M Halasz, Fuki M Hisama, Manuel Ferreira
Rhabdoid meningiomas are rare WHO grade 3 tumors that tend to follow an aggressive course. Pediatric rhabdoid meningioma is an exceedingly rare pathology commonly found on recurrent tumors in conjunction with lower grade meningioma pathology. Here, we present the case of a pediatric patient who came to us with a giant rhabdoid meningioma occurring in the right tentorium and invading the torcula and multiple venous structures, including the right jugular vein, down to the level of the right atrium. The patient underwent five separate surgeries for management of this tumor...
July 5, 2018: World Neurosurgery
Tina Riedel, Sabrina Cavin, Hubert van den Bergh, Thorsten Krueger, Lucas Liaudet, Hans-Beat Ris, Paul J Dyson, Jean Y Perentes
Human pleural mesothelioma is an incurable and chemoresistant cancer. Using a nude mouse xenograft model of human pleural mesothelioma, we show that RAPTA-T, a compound undergoing preclinical evaluation, enhances tumor vascular function by decreasing blood vessel tortuosity and dilation, while increasing the coverage of endothelial cells by pericytes and vessel perfusion within tumors. This in turn significantly reduces the interstitial fluid pressure and increases oxygenation in the tumor. Consequently, RAPTA-T pre-treatment followed by the application of cisplatin or liposomal cisplatin (Lipoplatin) leads to increased levels of the cytotoxin in the tumor and enhanced mesothelioma growth inhibition...
July 6, 2018: Scientific Reports
Koji Chihara
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 3, 2018: Respiratory Investigation
Brice Malgras, Etienne Gayat, Olivier Aoun, Réa Lo Dico, Clarisse Eveno, Karine Pautrat, Jean-Baptiste Delhorme, Guillaume Passot, Frédéric Marchal, Olivia Sgarbura, Gwenael Ferron, Diane Goéré, Thierry Andre, Marc Pocard
BACKGROUND: The introduction of cytoreductive surgery (CRS) in combination with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) improved the prognosis of selected patients with peritoneal mesothelioma (PM). OBJECTIVE: The objective of our study was to evaluate whether different HIPEC agents were associated with different outcomes in patients with PM. METHODS: From the RENAPE database, we selected all patients with histology-proven PM who underwent CRS + HIPEC from 1989 to 2014...
July 5, 2018: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Pritesh Pranay, Viktor Serafimov, Julia Hall, Amit Goel, Majid Mushtaq
Patient with previous asbestos exposure on a watchful wait and watch regime presents acutely with cauda equina syndrome. Radiological imaging confirmed a mass with direct invasion of the spinal cord. Histology confirmed metastatic pleural mesothelioma.
June 2018: Radiology Case Reports
Riley G Jones, Felix Karthik, Anushree Dugar, Karthik Kanagarajan, Kalpan Desai, Manish Bhandari
BACKGROUND Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is a highly lethal cancer with a median survival of ~12 months even with aggressive intervention. Frontline therapy relies on systemic cisplatin and pemetrexed chemotherapy and has a response rate of ~35-41%; currently, there are no US Food and Drug Administration approved second-line therapies for MPM. Herein, we present a patient with MPM who experienced rapid disease progression after standard therapy but who had an exceptional and sustained response to immune checkpoint inhibition with single agent nivolumab...
July 4, 2018: American Journal of Case Reports
Chang Li, Veronika Rezov, Emmi Joensuu, Ville Vartiainen, Mikko Rönty, Miao Yin, Marjukka Myllärniemi, Katri Koli
Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer with poor prognosis. It is characterized by prominent extracellular matrix, mesenchymal tumor cell phenotypes and chemoresistance. In this study, the ability of pirfenidone to alter mesothelioma cell proliferation and migration as well as mesothelioma tumor microenvironment was evaluated. Pirfenidone is an anti-fibrotic drug used in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and has also anti-proliferative activities. Mesothelioma cell proliferation was decreased by pirfenidone alone or in combination with cisplatin...
July 3, 2018: Scientific Reports
Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, Zacariah Labby, Christopher M Straus, William F Sensakovic, Feng Li, Buerkley Rose, Alexandra Cunliffe, Hedy L Kindler, Samuel G Armato
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the utility of haemodynamic parameters derived from dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography (DCE-CT) scans in the assessment of tumour response to treatment in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) patients. METHODS: The patient cohort included nine patients undergoing chemotherapy and five patients on observation. Each patient underwent two DCE-CT scans separated by approximately 2 months. The DCE-CT parameters of tissue blood flow (BF) and tissue blood volume (BV) were obtained within the dynamically imaged tumour...
July 2, 2018: European Radiology
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