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Fish reproduction

J S Shima, E G Noonburg, S E Swearer, S H Alonzo, C W Osenberg
Parents are expected to make decisions about reproductive timing and investment that maximize their own fitness, even if this does not maximize the fitness of each individual offspring. When offspring survival is uncertain, selection typically favors iteroparity, which means that offspring born at some times can be disadvantaged, while others get lucky. The eventual fate of offspring may be further modified by their own decisions. Are fates of offspring set by birthdates (i.e., determined by parents), or can offspring improve upon the cards they've been dealt? If so, do we see adaptive plasticity in the developmental timing of offspring? We evaluate these questions for a coral reef fish (the sixbar wrasse, Thalassoma hardwicke) that is characterized by extreme iteroparity and flexible larval development...
October 14, 2017: Ecology
Fan Wang, Xiangmeng Guo, Wanguang Chen, Yaowen Sun, Chaojie Fan
Triclosan (TCS), a member of the class of compounds called pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs), is a broad antibacterial and antifungal agent found in a lot of consumer products. However, TCS hormone effect mechanism in teleost female fish is not clear. Female Yellow River carp (Cyprinus carpio) were exposed to 1/20, 1/10 and 1/5 LC50 TCS (96h LC50 of TCS to carp) under semi-static conditions for 42days. Vitellogenin (Vtg), 17β-estradiol (E2), testosterone(T), estrogen receptor (Er), gonadotropin (GtH), and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) levels were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)...
October 12, 2017: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
E M Brouwer-Brolsma, O van de Rest, R Godschalk, M P A Zeegers, M Gielen, R H M de Groot
INTRODUCTION: Concentrations of the fish fatty acids EPA and DHA are low among Dutch women of reproductive age. As the human brain incorporates high concentrations of these fatty acids in utero, particularly during third trimester of gestation, these low EPA and DHA concentrations may have adverse consequences for fetal brain development and functioning. METHODS: Analyses were conducted using longitudinal observational data of 292 mother-child pairs participating in the MEFAB cohort...
November 2017: Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Essential Fatty Acids
Elizabeth Hutchison, Nicholas A Yager, May N Taw, Matthew Taylor, Francine Arroyo, David R Sannino, Esther R Angert
Few studies have described chromosomal dynamics in bacterial cells with more than two complete chromosome copies or described changes with respect to development in polyploid cells. We examined the arrangement of chromosomal loci in the very large, highly polyploid, uncultivated intestinal symbiont Epulopiscium sp. type B using fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). We found that in new offspring, chromosome replication origins (oriCs) are arranged in a three-dimensional array throughout the cytoplasm. As development progresses, most oriCs become peripherally located...
October 10, 2017: Molecular Microbiology
Ayoub Baali, Hajar Bourassi, Samira Falah, Wahbi Abderrazik, Khalid Manchih, Khadija Amenzoui, Ahmed Yahyaoui
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Sardinella sp. has gained much attention lately because of its biomass increase, which might be the result of climatic changes occurring across the Atlantic sea. Little information is known about reproduction of these species particularly in the Moroccan Atlantic area. The objective of the this study was to explore some aspects of the reproductive biology of Sardinella in the South of Atlantic Moroccan coast. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Monthly samples were collected during the period between February, 2015 and January, 2016 in the area between Cape Boujdor and Cape Blanc...
2017: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: PJBS
Yangyang Liu, Susan Buchanan, Henry A Anderson, Zhiwen Xiao, Victoria Persky, Mary E Turyk
BACKGROUND: MeHg is a well-established neurotoxicant for fetal brain growth and development and has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in aging populations. In the U.S., Asian populations are of particular concern because of their seafood consumption behaviors. OBJECTIVES: Our objective was to calculate the average daily MeHg intake (ADMI) from seafood and to assess the relationship between ADMI with blood methylmercury (BMeHg) concentrations, specifically among women of reproductive age (WORA) and adults ≥ 50 years of age...
October 8, 2017: Environmental Research
Joanna Nynca, Mariola A Dietrich, Andrzej Ciereszko
Two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) appears to be especially useful in quantitative approaches, allowing the co-separation of proteins of control samples from proteins of treatment/disease samples on the same gel, eliminating gel-to-gel variability. The principle of 2D-DIGE is to label proteins prior to isoelectric focusing and use three spectrally resolvable fluorescent dyes, allowing the independent labeling of control and experimental samples. This procedure makes it possible to reduce the number of gels in an experiment, allowing the accurate and reproducible quantification of multiple samples...
2018: Methods in Molecular Biology
Tove Porseryd, Martin Kellner, Nasim Reyhanian Caspillo, Kristina Volkova, Lubna Elabbas, Shahid Ullah, Håkan Olsén, Patrik Dinnétz, Inger Porsch Hällström
Sewage effluents contain pharmaceuticals, personal care products and industrial chemicals, exposing aquatic organisms to complex mixtures. The consequences of exposure to combinations of different classes of drugs in fish are largely unknown. In this study, we exposed adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) males and females for two weeks to low, environmentally relevant concentrations of the endocrine disrupting chemical 17α-etinylestradiol (EE2) and the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) citalopram, alone and in combination, and analyzed behaviors of importance for population fitness, scototaxis (light/dark preference), the novel tank test and shoal cohesion...
October 4, 2017: Aquatic Toxicology
Ricardo Beldade, Agathe Blandin, Rory O'Donnell, Suzanne C Mills
Organisms can behaviorally, physiologically, and morphologically adjust to environmental variation via integrative hormonal mechanisms, ultimately allowing animals to cope with environmental change. The stress response to environmental and social changes commonly promotes survival at the expense of reproduction. However, despite climate change impacts on population declines and diversity loss, few studies have attributed hormonal stress responses, or their regulatory effects, to climate change in the wild. Here, we report hormonal and fitness responses of individual wild fish to a recent large-scale sea warming event that caused widespread bleaching on coral reefs...
October 10, 2017: Nature Communications
Paul M Forlano, Roshney R Licorish, Zachary N Ghahramani, Miky Timothy, Melissa Ferrari, William C Palmer, Joseph A Sisneros
Little is known regarding the coordination of audition with decision-making and subsequent motor responses that initiate social behavior including mate localization during courtship. Using the midshipman fish model, we tested the hypothesis that the time spent by females attending and responding to the advertisement call is correlated with the activation of a specific subset of catecholaminergic (CA) and social decision-making network (SDM) nuclei underlying auditory- driven sexual motivation. In addition, we quantified the relationship of neural activation between CA and SDM nuclei in all responders with the goal of providing a map of functional connectivity of the circuitry underlying a motivated state responsive to acoustic cues during mate localization...
July 20, 2017: Integrative and Comparative Biology
R Zupa, C Fauvel, C C Mylonas, C Pousis, N Santamaria, Μ Papadaki, I Fakriadis, V Cicirelli, S Mangano, L Passantino, G M Lacalandra, Aldo Corriero
The greater amberjack, (Risso, 1810), is a promising candidate for the diversification of European aquaculture production, but inconsistent reproduction in captivity prevents commercial production. Recent studies showed that greater amberjack confined in sea cages exhibited scarce gonad development and early interruption of gametogenic activity during the reproductive season. The aim of the present study was to improve our understanding of the observed impairment of spermatogenesis. Adult wild and captive-reared males were sampled during 3 different phases of the reproductive cycle: early gametogenesis (EARLY; late April to early May), advanced gametogenesis (ADVANCED; late May to early June), and spawning (SPAWNING; late June to July)...
September 2017: Journal of Animal Science
Mehwish Faheem, Saba Khaliq, Khalid Pervaz Lone
Environmental estrogens such as bisphenol-A (BPA) cause reproductive disorders in many vertebrate species, especially fish. BPA is used extensively in the manufacture of plastic and plastic products, epoxy resins, and dental sealants. The presence of BPA in sewage and surface water raises a potential threat to aquatic populations. In the present study, we investigated the effects of BPA on ovarian histology and transcription of key genes involved in reproduction. Adult female Catla catla were exposed to graded concentrations of BPA (10, 100, 1000 µg/l) for 14 days...
October 2017: Zoological Science
Quang Minh Dinh, Tien Thi My Le
Butis butis is a commercially important goby that is widely distributed in Indo-Pacific regions; however, its reproductive biology is poorly characterized. We condcted the present study in estuarine and coastline areas in the Mekong Delta from June 2015 to May 2016 to generate reproductive parameters for this species. The results of data analysis based on a collection of 173 individuals (74 females and 99 males) indicate that the sex ratio of this species is close to 1:1. Mature (stage IV) and ripe (stage V) gonads were found monthly during the study period, suggesting that Butis butis is an iteroparous fish that spawns in a year-round cycle...
October 2017: Zoological Science
Andrew R Thompson, Dustin C Chen, Lian W Guo, John R Hyde, William Watson
Marine protected areas (MPAs) can facilitate recovery of diminished stocks by protecting reproductive adults. To effectively augment fisheries, however, reproductive output must increase within the bounds of MPAs so that larvae can be exported to surrounding areas and seed the region. In response to dramatic declines of rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) in southern California by the late 1990s two large MPAs, the Cowcod Conservation Areas (CCAs), were established in 2001. To evaluate whether the CCAs affected rockfish productivity we evaluated the dynamics of 8 species that were, and 7 that were not, historically targeted by fishing...
September 2017: Royal Society Open Science
Miguel González-Doncel, Salvador Sastre, Gregoria Carbonell, Eulalia María Beltrán, Cristina González Anaya, José Enrique García-Mauriño, Carlos Fernández Torija
A previous study conducted in our laboratory with growing medaka (Oryzias latipes) showed the capacity of BDE-47 (10-1000ng/g) to bioaccumulate during a 40-day oral exposure. However, the results did not provide evidence for effects during or after the exposure period. In this study, breeding medakas were fed a diet for 40days that contained 1000ng of BDE-47/g. At predefined time points, females (time points 10, 20, 30 and 40), males (time points 30 and 40) and pools of laid eggs (time points 10, 20, 30 and 40) were sampled and collected for: 1) the BDE-47 quantitative analysis in adults in the <24-h-old post-fertilization (hpf) embryos, and in the <24-h-old post-hatch (hph) eleutheroembryos; 2) the evaluation of fecundity, fertility and hatching...
September 28, 2017: Aquatic Toxicology
Chengcheng Feng, Shihong Xu, Yifan Liu, Yanfeng Wang, Wenqi Wang, Jingkun Yang, Chunyan Zhao, Qinghua Liu, Jun Li
In teleost, sex steroid hormones are critical for reproduction. Progestin is known to promote spermiation. To further understand the functions of progestin via its receptors during the annual reproductive cycle in male turbot (Scophthalmus maximus), we observed testicular development, quantified several sex steroid hormones, detected the expression of progestin receptors, and measured various sperm parameters. Results showed that the turbot testicular structure was of the lobular type. During breeding season, a number of spermatocytes (stage III) developed into spermatids (stage IV), then differentiated into sperm during spermiogenesis (stage V), and finally regressed to spermatocytes (stage VI)...
October 6, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Kristen A Kellock, Adrian P Moore, Robert B Bringolf
Nitrate is a ubiquitous aquatic pollutant that is commonly associated with eutrophication and dead zones in estuaries around the world. At high concentrations nitrate is toxic to aquatic life but at environmental concentrations it has also been purported as an endocrine disruptor in fish. To investigate the potential for nitrate to cause endocrine disruption in fish, we conducted a lifecycle study with fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) exposed to nitrate (0, 11.3, and 56.5 mg/L (total nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N)) from <24 h post hatch to sexual maturity (209 days)...
October 3, 2017: Environmental Pollution
Carlos E Tolussi, Aline D Olio Gomes, Anupama Kumar, Cristiele S Ribeiro, Fabiana L Lo Nostro, Peter A Bain, Gabriela B de Souza, Rodrigo Da Cuña, Renato M Honji, Renata G Moreira
Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) have the potential to alter fish reproduction at various levels of organization. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of a natural environment with heavily anthropogenic influence on the physiological processes involved in reproduction in the freshwater fish lambari (Astyanax fasciatus) using different biomarkers. Adult males and females were collected in different seasons from two distinct sites in the same watershed: Ponte Nova Reservoir (PN) considered a pristine or small anthropogenic influence reference point; and Billings Reservoir (Bil), subjected to a large anthropogenic impact...
October 2, 2017: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Likun Yao, Jing Chen, Xiaotong Wu, Shunji Jia, Anming Meng
Cell Division Cycle 6 (Cdc6) is a component of pre-replicative complex (preRC) forming on DNA replication origins in eukaryotes. Recessive mutations in ORC1, ORC4, ORC6, CDT1 or CDC6 of the preRC in human cause Meier-Gorlin syndrome (MGS) that is characterized by impaired post-natal growth, short stature and microcephaly. However, vertebrate models of MGS have not been reported. Through N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenesis and Cas9 knockout, we generate several cdc6 mutant lines in zebrafish. Loss-of-function mutations of cdc6, as manifested by cdc6tsu4305 and cdc6tsu7cd mutants, lead to embryonic lethality due to cell cycle arrest at the S phase and extensive apoptosis...
August 2, 2017: Human Molecular Genetics
Steven J Bursian, John Kern, Richard E Remington, Jane E Link
To evaluate health effects associated with consumption of PCB-contaminated fish from the upper Hudson River, farm-raised mink were fed diets containing fish collected from the river. Endpoints assessed included adult reproductive performance, offspring growth and mortality, and organ mass and pathology of adults and their offspring. Scat samples were collected from adult males at the time of necropsy and from adult females just prior to whelping. Scat samples were analyzed for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs)...
October 6, 2017: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
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