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Joham Choque-Velasquez, Roberto Colasanti, Behnam Rezai Jahromi, Juha Hernesniemi
OBJECTIVE: The preservation of normal peri/intralesional bridging veins is extremely important in every microneurosurgical operation. Purpose of our study is to describe the "squeeze maneuver" assisted by indocyanine green videoangiography (ICGV), a simple technique to "resuscitate" partially occluded bridging veins during microneurosurgical operations. METHODS: When a bridging vein is inadvertently stretched up to its collapse during microneurosurgical procedures, a precise identification of the partially occluded zone is carried out under high magnification (10-15x), as well as with the aid of the ICGV...
October 8, 2016: World Neurosurgery
Alexandre de Matos Soeiro, Pedro Gabriel Melo de Barros E Silva, Eduardo Alberto de Castro Roque, Aline Siqueira Bossa, Maria Cristina César, Sheila Aparecida Simões, Mariana Yumi Okada, Tatiana de Carvalho Andreucci Torres Leal, Fátima Cristina Monteiro Pedroti, Múcio Tavares de Oliveira
Background: Recent studies have shown fondaparinux's superiority over enoxaparin in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome (ACS), especially in relation to bleeding reduction. The description of this finding in a Brazilian registry has not yet been documented. Objective: To compare fondaparinux versus enoxaparin in in-hospital prognosis of non-ST elevation ACS. Methods: Multicenter retrospective observational study. A total of 2,282 patients were included (335 in the fondaparinux group, and 1,947 in the enoxaparin group) between May 2010 and May 2015...
September 2016: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia
Margot Neyret, Lisa Patrick Bentley, Imma Oliveras, Beatriz S Marimon, Ben Hur Marimon-Junior, Edmar Almeida de Oliveira, Fábio Barbosa Passos, Rosa Castro Ccoscco, Josias Dos Santos, Simone Matias Reis, Paulo S Morandi, Gloria Rayme Paucar, Arturo Robles Cáceres, Yolvi Valdez Tejeira, Yovana Yllanes Choque, Norma Salinas, Alexander Shenkin, Gregory P Asner, Sandra Díaz, Brian J Enquist, Yadvinder Malhi
Understanding variation in key functional traits across gradients in high diversity systems and the ecology of community changes along gradients in these systems is crucial in light of conservation and climate change. We examined inter- and intraspecific variation in leaf mass per area (LMA) of sun and shade leaves along a 3330-m elevation gradient in Peru, and in sun leaves across a forest-savanna vegetation gradient in Brazil. We also compared LMA variance ratios (T-statistics metrics) to null models to explore internal (i...
August 2016: Ecology and Evolution
Jaeson Santos Calla-Choque, Elisa Elvira Figueroa-Angulo, Leticia Ávila-González, Rossana Arroyo
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1155/2014/424767.].
2016: BioMed Research International
Cintia Koerich, Gabriela Marcellino de Melo Lanzoni, Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann
OBJECTIVE: to investigate the factors associated with mortality in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting in a cardiovascular referral hospital in Santa Catarina. METHOD: quantitative, exploratory, descriptive and retrospective study. The medical records of 1447 patients, from 2005 to 2013, were analyzed for statistically related variables, these being: profile, hospitalization diagnosis, risk factors for coronary artery disease, complications recorded during the hospitalization, length of hospitalization and cause of death...
August 8, 2016: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Francisca Tatiana Moreira Pereira, Eduardo Arrais Rocha, Marcelo de Paula Martins Monteiro, Neiberg de Alcantara Lima, Carlos Roberto Martins Rodrigues Sobrinho, Roberto da Justa Pires Neto
BACKGROUND: The outcome of Chagas disease patients after receiving implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) is still controversial. OBJECTIVE: To compare clinical outcomes after ICD implantation in patients with chronic Chagas cardiomyopathy (CCC) and ischemic heart disease (IHD). METHODS: Prospective study of a population of 153 patients receiving ICD (65 with CCC and 88 with IHD). The devices were implanted between 2003 and 2011. Survival rates and event-free survival were compared...
August 2016: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia
Fernando Choque-Chávez, Francisco Huamaní-Fuente, Carlos Canelo-Aybar
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Maynara Fernanda Carvalho Barreto, Mara Solange Gomes Dellaroza, Gilselena Kerbauy, Cintia Magalhães Carvalho Grion
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the cost of hospitalization of patients with severe sepsis or septic shock admitted or diagnosed in the Urgent and Emergency sector at a university hospital and followed until the clinical outcome. METHOD: An epidemiological, prospective, observational study conducted in a public hospital in southern Brazil for the period of one year (August 2013 to August 2014). Sepsis notification forms, medical records and data of the cost sector were used for the collection of clinical and epidemiological data...
April 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
D Calla-Choque, F Nava-Alonso, J C Fuentes-Aceituno
The recovery of silver from hazardous jarosite residues was studied employing thiourea as leaching agent at acid pH and 90°C. The stability of the thiourea in synthetic solutions was evaluated in the presence of some cations that can be present in this leaching system: cupric and ferric ions as oxidant species, and zinc, lead and iron as divalent ions. Two silver leaching methods were studied: the simultaneous jarosite decomposition-silver leaching, and the jarosite decomposition followed by the silver leaching...
November 5, 2016: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Miguel Hernán Vicco, Luz Rodeles, Gabriela Soledad Capovilla, Melina Perrig, Ana Gabriela Herrera Choque, Iván Marcipar, Oscar Bottasso, Celeste Rodriguez, Washington Cuña
Objective The aim of the present research was to evaluate the correlation of vertically transmitted IgG antibodies induced by T. cruzi and newborn early outcome assessment, mainly birth weight and gestational age. Methods We performed a cross-sectional study with 183 pregnant women (64 with asymptomatic Chagas disease) and their newborns. Both were subjected to complete clinical examination. Peripheral parasitemia was assessed in mother and neonates by parasite detection through microscopic examination of the buffycoat from mother's peripheral and cord blood...
October 2016: Maternal and Child Health Journal
Joham Choque-Velasquez, Roberto Colasanti, Behnam Rezai Jahromi, Ahmadreza Rafei, Fransua Sharafeddin, Juha Hernesniemi
OBJECTIVE: Preservation of the integrity of perilesional and intralesional arteries, as well as of perforating vessels, is of utmost importance in microneurosurgery. The purpose of our study was to describe our adaptation of the short-burst bipolar coagulation technique, which was initially introduced by Professor Yasargil, for repairing partially damaged brain arteries. METHODS: When a brain artery is partially and inadvertently damaged during microneurosurgical procedures, microscope magnification is further increased from the high magnification that is routinely used (10-15×) up to 14-17× in order to recognize clearly the injured zone of the vessel...
September 2016: World Neurosurgery
Gayatri V Nair, Ernesto Cazorla, Henry Choque, A Clinton White, Miguel M Cabada
Overt gastrointestinal bleeding caused by hookworm infection is rarely reported. We present a 34 year old male with lower gastrointestinal bleeding with evidence of massive hookworm infection on colonoscopy and discuss the need to consider hookworm infection as a possible etiology of gastrointestinal bleed in endemic areas.
January 2016: Revista de Gastroenterología del Perú: órgano Oficial de la Sociedad de Gastroenterología del Perú
Nora Choque Olsson, Daniel Rautio, Jenny Asztalos, Ulrich Stoetzer, Sven Bölte
Systematic reviews show some evidence for the efficacy of group-based social skills group training in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, but more rigorous research is needed to endorse generalizability. In addition, little is known about the perspectives of autistic individuals participating in social skills group training. Using a qualitative approach, the objective of this study was to examine experiences and opinions about social skills group training of children and adolescents with higher functioning autism spectrum disorder and their parents following participation in a manualized social skills group training ("KONTAKT")...
February 24, 2016: Autism: the International Journal of Research and Practice
Louise Neil, Nora Choque Olsson, Elizabeth Pellicano
Guided by a recent theory that proposes fundamental differences in how autistic individuals deal with uncertainty, we investigated the extent to which the cognitive construct 'intolerance of uncertainty' and anxiety were related to parental reports of sensory sensitivities in 64 autistic and 85 typically developing children aged 6-14 years. Intolerance of uncertainty and anxiety explained approximately half the variance in autistic children's sensory sensitivities, but only around a fifth of the variance in typical children's sensory sensitivities...
June 2016: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Joham C Velasquez, Jane Lau, Danil Kozyrev, Fransua Sharafeddin, Roberto Colasanti, Teemu Luostarinen, Juha Hernesniemi
After the senior author took chairmanship in Helsinki University Hospital in, he led the department into making neurosurgical operations much faster, safer and workflow more efficient, and at the same time maintaining high surgical quality and results. The aim was to describe the philosophies and style of Helsinki Microneurosurgery. The philosophies of Helsinki Neurosurgery are categorized into two concepts: The operation room TEAM concept and the main principle "Simple, clean, fast and respecting the normal anatomy"...
March 2016: Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences
Eric Zander, Charlotte Willfors, Steve Berggren, Nora Choque-Olsson, Christina Coco, Anna Elmund, Åsa Hedfors Moretti, Anette Holm, Ida Jifält, Renata Kosieradzki, Jenny Linder, Viviann Nordin, Karin Olafsdottir, Lina Poltrago, Sven Bölte
The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is a first-choice diagnostic tool in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Excellent interpersonal objectivity (interrater reliability) has been demonstrated for the ADOS under optimal conditions, i.e., within groups of highly trained "research reliable" examiners in research setting. We investigated the spontaneous interrater reliability among clinically trained ADOS users across multiple sites in clinical routine. Forty videotaped administrations of the ADOS modules 1-4 were rated by five different raters each from a pool of in total 15 raters affiliated to 13 different clinical sites...
July 2016: European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Justine Marchix, Benjamin Choque, Maryline Kouba, Alain Fautrel, Daniel Catheline, Philippe Legrand
Following the historical dietary recommendations, the substitution of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) for saturated fatty acids (SFAs) resulted in a dramatic increase of linoleic acid (LA) in the Western diet. While proatherogenic properties of SFAs have been described, the involvement of LA on the inflammatory process remains controversial. Herein, we evaluated the effects of an excessive LA intake on the cytokine-induced expression of endothelial adhesion molecules vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) and intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), through the nuclear factor (NF)-κB pathway, in comparison with a control diet and regarding a "positive" SFA diet...
December 2015: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Laila González-Melchor, Eric Kimura-Hayama, Mariana Díaz-Zamudio, Jesús Higuera-Calleja, Cinthia Choque, Gabriel I Soto-Nieto
OBJECTIVE: Cardiac complications in infectious endocarditis (IE) are seen in nearly 50% of cases, and systemic complications may occur. The aim of the present study was to determine the characteristics of inpatients with IE who suffered acute neurologic complications and the factors associated with early mortality. METHODS: From January 2004 to May 2010, we reviewed clinical and imaging charts of all of the patients diagnosed with IE who presented a deficit suggesting a neurologic complication evaluated with Computed Tomography or Magnetic Resonance within the first week...
July 2015: Archivos de Cardiología de México
Rocío Molina-Barea, Beatriz Pérez-Cabrera, María Dolores Hernández-García, Francisco Navarro-Freire, José Antonio Jiménez-Ríos
BACKGROUND: Intramural duodenal haematoma is a rare entity that usually occurs in the context of patients with coagulation disorders. A minimum percentage is related to processes such as pancreatitis and pancreatic tumours. CLINICAL CASE: The case is presented of a 45 year-old male with a history of chronic pancreatitis secondary to alcoholism. He was seen in the emergency room due to abdominal pain, accompanied by toxic syndrome. The abdominal computed tomography reported increased concentric duodenal wall thickness, in the second and third portion...
March 2015: Cirugia y Cirujanos
Ulf Jonsson, Nora Choque Olsson, Sven Bölte
Systematic reviews have traditionally focused on internal validity, while external validity often has been overlooked. In this study, we systematically reviewed determinants of external validity in the accumulated randomized controlled trials of social skills group interventions for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. We extracted data clustered into six overarching themes: source population, included population, context, treatment provider, treatment intervention, and outcome. A total of 15 eligible randomized controlled trials were identified...
April 2016: Autism: the International Journal of Research and Practice
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