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Angelo Olori, Antonella Campopiano, Annapaola Cannizzaro, Fulvio Basili
OBJECTIVES: Studies by The World trade Organization (WTO) and the Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) state that the trade on counterfeit goods corresponds to 10% of the global trade and it is worth 450 billion dollars. In this work we studied the transfer of toxic metals released by some Chinese watches causing significant allergic dermatitis. METHODS: Several samples of dust released from metal parts got collected. Such powders were observed at the Electron Microscope complete with EDAX spectrometer...
April 2013: Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia
Xuan Shen, Xiaomu Chen, David E Tabor, Yi Liu, Methal Albarghouthi, Yi-Fan Zhang, Mark S Galinski
Residual host cell DNA poses potential safety concerns for cell culture-derived vaccines or other biological products. In addition to the quantity of residual DNA, the size distribution is an important measure for determination of its associated risk factor. We have developed a new method for residual DNA size analysis, based on capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) technology with sensitive laser induced fluorescence detection (LIF). The performance of this method was optimized through empirical selection of appropriate testing conditions and optimized conditions are presented...
May 2013: Biologicals: Journal of the International Association of Biological Standardization
A Mladenović, K Davidović, B Marković, P Anojcić, M Stojadinović, H Maksimović
INTRODUCTION: Application of the metallic stents in the interventional uroradioligy is the result of continous development of the new generation methods percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN), ballon catheter dilatation (BCD), methal and covered stent application. Application of metal stents in the renal canal system was attempted in order to eliminate BCD and PCN--related limitations as well as poor therapeutic results of these methods in a number of etiopathogenic groups of urinary stasis. Years--long application of interventional uroradiology methods, until the development of metallic stengts had shown the following therapeutics facts: PCN is incapable to resolve the caus of urinary obstruction...
2010: Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica
Hui-Min Wen, Xiao-Hui Chen, Ting-Xia Dong, Hua-Qiang Zhan, Kai-Shun Bi
OBJECTIVE: To establish a ICP-MS method for the determination of heavy metals, including As, Hg, Pb, Cd, in four traditional Chinese medicines. METHOD: The samples were digested by closed-versel microwave. The four heavy metals were directly analyzed by ICP-MS. Select internal standard element in for the method by which the analyse signal drife is corrected by the signal of another element (internal standard elements) added to both the standard solution and sample...
August 2006: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
M Cakan, U Altu Gcaron, M Aldemir
The aim of this study was to report feasibility, benefit and complications of superselective transcatheter autologous clot embolizations and duplex sonography-guided compression therapy in four patients with delayed post-traumatic high-flow priapism. Medical records of four consecutive patients diagnosed with delayed post-traumatic high-flow priapism (arterial priapism) were reviewed. High-flow priapism occurred mean 41.8 (6-92) h after the trauma developed. The patients were presented to hospital mean 8.3 (5-15) days after priapism occurred...
March 2006: International Journal of Impotence Research
Q Dong, F Hu
Surface-enhanced Raman spectra (SERS) of riboflavin in silver colloids, using near-infrared (NIR) laser operating at 1 064 nm wavelength, were obtained. The enhancement factor was further increased by improving the preparation of silver colloid and with the addition of a small amount of NaOH. The detection limit was lower than 3.2 x 10(-10) mol x L(-1). It is concluded that the larger and aggregated silver particles were more efficient for the electromagnetic enhancement of NIR-SERS. Flavin ring was absorbed on the colloidal silver methal surface, standing on oxygens of C(20)=O) and C(4)=O...
December 1999: Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi, Guang Pu
Methal N Albarghouthi, Thomas M Stein, Annelise E Barron
We present the polymer poly-N-hydroxyethylacrylamide (PHEA) (polyDuramide) as a novel, hydrophilic, adsorbed capillary coating for electrophoretic protein analysis. Preparation of the PHEA coating requires a simple and fast (30 min) protocol that can be easily automated in capillary electrophoresis instruments. Over the pH range of 3-8.4, the PHEA coating is shown to reduce electroosmotic flow (EOF) by about 2 orders of magnitude compared to the bare silica capillary. In a systematic comparative study, the adsorbed PHEA coating exhibited minimal interactions with both acidic and basic proteins, providing efficient protein separations with excellent reproducibility on par with a covalent polyacrylamide coating...
April 2003: Electrophoresis
Erin A S Doherty, Robert J Meagher, Methal N Albarghouthi, Annelise E Barron
The necessity for microchannel wall coatings in capillary and chip-based electrophoretic analysis of biomolecules is well understood. The regulation or elimination of EOF and the prevention of analyte adsorption is essential for the rapid, efficient separation of proteins and DNA within microchannels. Microchannel wall coatings and other wall modifications are especially critical for protein separations, both in fused-silica capillaries, and in glass or polymeric microfluidic devices. In this review, we present a discussion of recent advances in microchannel wall coatings of three major classes--covalently linked polymeric coatings, physically adsorbed polymeric coatings, and small molecule additives...
January 2003: Electrophoresis
Methal N Albarghouthi, Brett A Buchholz, Piet J Huiberts, Thomas M Stein, Annelise E Barron
A replaceable polymer matrix, based on the novel monomer N-hydroxyethylacrylamide (HEA), has been synthesized for application in DNA separation by microchannel electrophoresis. The monomer was found by micellar electrokinetic chromatography analysis of monomer partitioning between water and 1-octanol to be more hydrophilic than acrylamide and N,N-dimethylacrylamide. Polymers were synthesized by free radical polymerization in aqueous solution. The weight-average molar mass of purified polymer was characterized by tandem gel permeation chromatography-multiangle laser light scattering...
May 2002: Electrophoresis
Xin Wang, Tao Chen, Renlu Liang, Qixing Zhou
Effects of land utilization of sewage sludge on crops and soil environment were studied using sewage sludge from the Northern Shenyang Plant of Wastewater Treatment. The results showed that contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter in the soil were increased after the utilization of sewage sludge, thus being advantageous to growth and development of crops. The biomass of rice after having applied 22.5 and 45 of sewage sludge was increased by 11.48%-11.83% compared with the control. There was no evident harmful effect of heavy methals from sewage sludge on quality of soil environment, agricultural products and underground water when the application of sewage sludge was controlled within the range of 45 t...
February 2002: Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao, the Journal of Applied Ecology
Y Fujii, A Takahashi, T Yoshimoto
Of 455 cases of ruptured intracranial aneurysm treated with radical surgery from January 1987 to March 1992, 19 cases with high grade symptomatic vasospasm were treated by percutaneous transluminal balloon angioplasty (PTA). The indication for PTA was high grade symptomatic vasospasm which does not respond to conservative medical treatment. Of the 36 segments of vasospastic arteries, severe vasospasm (angiographical constriction more than 50% of diameter on admission) was observed in 67%. PTA dilated these vasospastic arteries significantly (diameter of more than 75% of diameter on admission) in 83%...
1995: Neurosurgical Review
W L Epstein
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1971: Advances in Biology of Skin
K K Han, A Delacourte, B Hemon
1. Different chemical procedures such as performic oxidation, carboxymethylation, carboxyethylation, aminoethylation, cyanylation, acylation, arylation etc. and addition of thiols to activated double bonds, titration of thiols with DTNB (Dithiobis-Nitro-Benzoate) and the reaction of thiols with organomercurials and the titration with p-chloro-mercuri-benzoate (PCMB) etc. are cited and discussed. Their chemical reactions are shown in the figures. 2. We describe in this paper that several chemicals interfere with microtubule assembly by combining with sulfhydryl residues...
1987: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B, Comparative Biochemistry
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