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Steven mcgee

William Rossy, Alan McGee, Steven Shamah, Eric Lepkowsky, Michael Alaia, Laith Jazrawi, Eric Strauss
PURPOSE: Traditionally, biceps tenotomy has been recommended for obese, older, and less active patient populations, while tenodesis is preferred in younger, thinner, and more active individuals. In an effort to better understand the impact obesity has on the surgical management of long head of the biceps tendinopathy, the current study analyzed the effect body mass index had on surgical outcomes following open subpectoralis major biceps tenodesis. METHODS: Patients who underwent biceps tenodesis between June 2006 and December 2013 were identified from our institution's surgical database...
April 2017: Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases
Steven Gluckman, Jonathan Karpelowsky, Angela C Webster, Richard G McGee
BACKGROUND: Intussusception is a common abdominal emergency in children with significant morbidity. Prompt diagnosis and management reduces associated risks and the need for surgical intervention. Despite widespread agreement on the use of contrast enema as opposed to surgery for initial management in most cases, debate persists on the appropriate contrast medium, imaging modality, pharmacological adjuvant, and protocol for delayed repeat enema, and on the best approach for surgical management for intussusception in children...
June 1, 2017: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Benjamin F Arnold, Kenneth C Schiff, Ayse Ercumen, Jade Benjamin-Chung, Joshua A Steele, John F Griffith, Steven J Steinberg, Paul Smith, Charles D McGee, Richard Wilson, Chad Nelsen, Stephen B Weisberg, John M Colford
Rainstorms increase levels of fecal indicator bacteria in urban coastal waters, but it is unknown whether exposure to seawater after rainstorms increases rates of acute illness. Our objective was to provide the first estimates of rates of acute illness after seawater exposure during both dry- and wet-weather periods and to determine the relationship between levels of indicator bacteria and illness among surfers, a population with a high potential for exposure after rain. We enrolled 654 surfers in San Diego, California, and followed them longitudinally during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 winters (33,377 days of observation, 10,081 surf sessions)...
May 11, 2017: American Journal of Epidemiology
Jacob McGee, Vasily Giannakeas, Beth Karlan, Jan Lubinski, Jacek Gronwald, Barry Rosen, John McLaughlin, Harvey Risch, Ping Sun, William D Foulkes, Susan L Neuhausen, Joanne Kotsopoulos, Steven A Narod
OBJECTIVE: Preventive breast surgery and MRI screening are offered to unaffected BRCA mutation carriers. The clinical benefit of these two modalities has not been evaluated among mutation carriers with a history of ovarian cancer. Thus, we sought to determine whether or not BRCA mutation carriers with ovarian cancer would benefit from preventive mastectomy or from MRI screening. METHODS: First, the annual mortality rate for ovarian cancer patients was estimated for a cohort of 178 BRCA mutation carriers from Ontario, Canada...
May 2017: Gynecologic Oncology
Madhu Lal-Nag, Lauren McGee, Steven A Titus, Kyle Brimacombe, Sam Michael, Gurusingham Sittampalam, Marc Ferrer
Two-dimensional monolayer cell proliferation assays for cancer drug discovery have made the implementation of large-scale screens feasible but only seem to reflect a simplified view that oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes are the genetic drivers of cancer cell proliferation. However, there is now increased evidence that the cellular and physiological context in which these oncogenic events occur play a key role in how they drive tumor growth in vivo and, therefore, in how tumors respond to drug treatments...
June 2017: SLAS Discovery
Leonardo Kapural, Christopher A Gilmore, John Chae, Richard L Rauck, Steven P Cohen, Michael F Saulino, Amorn Wongsarnpigoon, Meredith J McGee, Joseph W Boggs
As the leading cause of disability among U.S. adults, chronic low back pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent and challenging musculoskeletal conditions. Neuromodulation provides an opportunity to reduce or eliminate the use of opioids to treat chronic LBP, but the cost and invasiveness of existing methods have limited its broad adoption, especially earlier in the treatment continuum. The present case report details the results of a novel method of short-term percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) in 2 subjects with chronic LBP...
March 14, 2017: Pain Practice: the Official Journal of World Institute of Pain
John Christopher McGee, Christopher G Bise, Joel M Stevens
OBJECTIVES: The scientific literature demonstrates a cost-benefit associated with early access to physical therapy. The purpose of this case study is to report the results of an orthopedic performance improvement initiative (OPII) at a small military treatment facility (approximately 4.5K active duty beneficiaries). The OPII was introduced to (1) limit variation by ensuring that all active duty orthopedic consults were audited ensuring proper timing of appropriate services and (2) establish contractual agreement for shared resources with the U...
March 2017: Military Medicine
Katherine M Partridge, Stephen Antonysamy, Shobha N Bhattachar, Srinivasan Chandrasekhar, Matthew J Fisher, Adrian Fretland, Karen Gooding, Anita Harvey, Norman E Hughes, Steven L Kuklish, John G Luz, Peter R Manninen, James E McGee, Daniel R Mudra, Antonio Navarro, Bryan H Norman, Steven J Quimby, Matthew A Schiffler, Ashley V Sloan, Alan M Warshawsky, Jennifer M Weller, Jeremy S York, Xiao-Peng Yu
We describe a novel class of acidic mPGES-1 inhibitors with nanomolar enzymatic and human whole blood (HWB) potency. Rational design in conjunction with structure-based design led initially to the identification of anthranilic acid 5, an mPGES-1 inhibitor with micromolar HWB potency. Structural modifications of 5 improved HWB potency by over 1000×, reduced CYP2C9 single point inhibition, and improved rat clearance, which led to the selection of [(cyclopentyl)ethyl]benzoic acid compound 16 for clinical studies...
November 7, 2016: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Steven McGee
Evidence-based physical diagnosis is an essential part of the bedside curriculum. By using the likelihood ratio, a simple measure of diagnostic accuracy, teachers can quickly adapt this approach to their bedside teaching. Six recurring themes in evidence-based physical diagnosis are fully reviewed, with examples, in this article.
December 2016: Southern Medical Journal
Cagri Camsari, Joseph K Folger, Devin McGee, Steven J Bursian, Hongbing Wang, Jason G Knott, George W Smith
BACKGROUND: Long-term exposure to the heavy metals cadmium (Cd) and mercury (Hg) is known to increase the risk of chronic diseases. However, to our knowledge, exposure to Cd and Hg beginning at the periconception period has not been studied to date. OBJECTIVE: We examined the effect of Cd and Hg that were co-administered during early development on indices of chronic diseases in adult male mice. METHODS: Adult female CD1 mice were subcutaneously administered a combination of cadmium chloride (CdCl2) and methylmercury (II) chloride (CH3HgCl) (0, 0...
April 2017: Environmental Health Perspectives
Rodrigo S Maeda, Steven E McGee, Daniel S Marigold
Our understanding of how we learn and retain motor behaviors is still limited. For instance, there is conflicting evidence as to whether the memory of a learned visuomotor perturbation consolidates; i.e., the motor memory becomes resistant to interference from learning a competing perturbation over time. Here, we sought to determine the factors that influence consolidation during visually guided walking. Subjects learned a novel mapping relationship, created by prism lenses, between the perceived location of two targets and the motor commands necessary to direct the feet to their positions...
January 1, 2017: Journal of Neurophysiology
Steven L Kuklish, Stephen Antonysamy, Shobha N Bhattachar, Srinivasan Chandrasekhar, Matthew J Fisher, Adrian J Fretland, Karen Gooding, Anita Harvey, Norman E Hughes, John G Luz, Peter R Manninen, James E McGee, Antonio Navarro, Bryan H Norman, Katherine M Partridge, Steven J Quimby, Matthew A Schiffler, Ashley V Sloan, Alan M Warshawsky, Jeremy S York, Xiao-Peng Yu
Here we report on novel, potent 3,3-dimethyl substituted N-aryl piperidine inhibitors of microsomal prostaglandin E synthases-1(mPGES-1). Example 14 potently inhibited PGE2 synthesis in an ex vivo human whole blood (HWB) assay with an IC50 of 7nM. In addition, 14 had no activity in human COX-1 or COX-2 assays at 30μM, and failed to inhibit human mPGES-2 at 62.5μM in a microsomal prep assay. These data are consistent with selective mPGES-1-mediated reduction of PGE2. In dog, 14 had oral bioavailability (74%), clearance (3...
October 1, 2016: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Regina M Simeone, Carrie K Shapiro-Mendoza, Dana Meaney-Delman, Emily E Petersen, Romeo R Galang, Titilope Oduyebo, Brenda Rivera-Garcia, Miguel Valencia-Prado, Kimberly B Newsome, Janice Pérez-Padilla, Tonya R Williams, Matthew Biggerstaff, Denise J Jamieson, Margaret A Honein
Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly and brain abnormalities (1), and it is the first known mosquito-borne infection to cause congenital anomalies in humans. The establishment of a comprehensive surveillance system to monitor pregnant women with Zika virus infection will provide data to further elucidate the full range of potential outcomes for fetuses and infants of mothers with asymptomatic and symptomatic Zika virus infection during pregnancy. In February 2016, Zika virus disease and congenital Zika virus infections became nationally notifiable conditions in the United States (2)...
May 27, 2016: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Sara Tomczyk, Carmen S Arriola, Bernard Beall, Alvaro Benitez, Stephen R Benoit, LaShondra Berman, Joseph Bresee, Maria da Gloria Carvalho, Amanda Cohn, Kristen Cross, Maureen H Diaz, Louise K Francois Watkins, Ryan Gierke, Jose E Hagan, Aaron M Harris, Seema Jain, Lindsay Kim, Miwako Kobayashi, Stephen Lindstrom, Lesley McGee, Meredith McMorrow, Benjamin L Metcalf, Matthew R Moore, Iaci Moura, W Allan Nix, Edith Nyangoma, M Steven Oberste, Sonja J Olsen, Fabiana Pimenta, Christina Socias, Kathleen Thurman, Jessica Waller, Stephen H Waterman, Matthew Westercamp, Melinda Wharton, Cynthia G Whitney, Jonas M Winchell, Bernard Wolff, Curi Kim
BACKGROUND: From January 2014-July 2014, more than 46 000 unaccompanied children (UC) from Central America crossed the US-Mexico border. In June-July, UC aged 9-17 years in 4 shelters and 1 processing center in 4 states were hospitalized with acute respiratory illness. We conducted a multistate investigation to interrupt disease transmission. METHODS: Medical charts were abstracted for hospitalized UC. Nonhospitalized UC with influenza-like illness were interviewed, and nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs were collected to detect respiratory pathogens...
July 1, 2016: Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Molly A Wasserman, Michael F McGee, Irene B Helenowski, Amy L Halverson, Anne-Marie Boller, Steven J Stryker
PURPOSE: The precise definition of the rectum is essential for localizing colorectal pathology, yet current definitions are nebulous. The objective of this study is to determine the anthropometric definition of common pelvic landmarks in relation to patient characteristics. METHODS: Seventy-one patients underwent open proctectomy with intra-operative measurements from the anal verge to various pelvic landmarks, and patient characteristics were evaluated. Analyses were performed using Spearman correlation and Wilcoxon rank sum...
February 2016: International Journal of Colorectal Disease
Sirisha Narayana, Steven McGee
BACKGROUND: In patients with red eye, traditional teachings suggest that photophobia, visual blurring, and eye pain indicate serious eye disease; in patients with presumed conjunctivitis, the finding of purulent drainage traditionally indicates a bacterial cause. The accuracy of these teachings is unknown. METHODS: A MEDLINE search was performed to retrieve articles published between 1966 and April 2014 relevant to the bedside diagnosis of serious eye disease and bacterial conjunctivitis...
November 2015: American Journal of Medicine
Emma J Birks, Edwin C McGee, Keith D Aaronson, Steven Boyce, William G Cotts, Samer S Najjar, Francis D Pagani, David R Hathaway, Kevin Najarian, Mary V Jacoski, Mark S Slaughter
BACKGROUND: The Ventricular Assist Device for the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure (ADVANCE) Bridge to Transplant (BTT) trial was a multicenter, prospective trial of the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD). The performance of the HVAD in various demographic sub-groups was evaluated. METHODS: Baseline characteristics, adverse events, and survival were compared for men vs. women and whites vs. non-whites in the combined ADVANCE BTT and continued access protocol trial...
June 2015: Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation
Yosup Rew, Daqing Sun, Xuelei Yan, Hilary P Beck, Jude Canon, Ada Chen, Jason Duquette, John Eksterowicz, Brian M Fox, Jiasheng Fu, Ana Z Gonzalez, Jonathan Houze, Xin Huang, Min Jiang, Lixia Jin, Yihong Li, Zhihong Li, Yun Ling, Mei-Chu Lo, Alexander M Long, Lawrence R McGee, Joel McIntosh, Jonathan D Oliner, Tao Osgood, Anne Y Saiki, Paul Shaffer, Yu Chung Wang, Sarah Wortman, Peter Yakowec, Qiuping Ye, Dongyin Yu, Xiaoning Zhao, Jing Zhou, Julio C Medina, Steven H Olson
Structure-based rational design and extensive structure-activity relationship studies led to the discovery of AMG 232 (1), a potent piperidinone inhibitor of the MDM2-p53 association, which is currently being evaluated in human clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. Further modifications of 1, including replacing the carboxylic acid with a 4-amidobenzoic acid, afforded AM-7209 (25), featuring improved potency (KD from ITC competition was 38 pM, SJSA-1 EdU IC50 = 1.6 nM), remarkable pharmacokinetic properties, and in vivo antitumor activity in both the SJSA-1 osteosarcoma xenograft model (ED50 = 2...
December 26, 2014: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Yingcai Wang, Jiang Zhu, Jiwen Jim Liu, Xiaoqi Chen, Jeff Mihalic, Jeffrey Deignan, Ming Yu, Daqing Sun, Frank Kayser, Lawrence R McGee, Mei-Chu Lo, Ada Chen, Jing Zhou, Qiuping Ye, Xin Huang, Alexander M Long, Peter Yakowec, Jonathan D Oliner, Steven H Olson, Julio C Medina
We recently reported on the discovery of AMG 232, a potent and selective piperidinone inhibitor of the MDM2-p53 interaction. AMG 232 is being evaluated in human clinical trials for cancer. Continued exploration of the N-alkyl substituent of this series, in an effort to optimize interactions with the MDM2 glycine-58 shelf region, led to the discovery of sulfonamides such as compounds 31 and 38 that have similar potency, hepatocyte stability and rat pharmacokinetic properties to AMG 232.
August 15, 2014: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Marie A Sillice, Andrea L Paiva, Steven F Babbin, Heather A McGee, Joseph S Rossi, Colleen A Redding, Kathryn S Meier, Karin Oatley, Wayne F Velicer
Alcohol use by middle school-aged students is a public health concern because of the numerous adverse social, health and psychological outcomes. Prevention programs attempt to intervene before alcohol use begins. A tailored, computer-delivered program for the prevention of alcohol use and a series of new transtheoretical model measures were developed, including decisional balance (Pros and Cons) of alcohol use and Situational Temptations to Try Alcohol. This study investigated if there were any demographic differences on these measures in a sample of 6th grade middle school students from 20 schools (N=4151) at baseline...
September 2014: Addictive Behaviors
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