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Patricia Irizarry-Barreto, Susan Coletta, Kathleen Scott
This article presents a case study about the impact that our mobile laboratory, the Rutgers Science Explorer bus, has had on the professional development of graduate students and content enrichment for the middle school communities in the state of New Jersey.
2018: Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education: JMBE
Ågot Kirsten Watne, Magda Psichoudaki, Evert Ljungstrom, Michael Le Breton, Mattias Hallquist, Martin Jerksjö, Henrik Fallgren, Sara Jutterström, Åsa Marita Hallquist
The potential effect of changing to a non-fossil fuel vehicle fleet was investigated by measuring primary emissions (by extractive sampling of bus plumes) and secondary mass formation, using a Gothenburg Potential Aerosol Mass (Go:PAM) reactor, from 29 in-use transit buses. Regarding fresh emissions, diesel (DSL) buses without a diesel particulate filter (DPF) emitted the highest median mass of particles, whereas compressed natural gas (CNG) buses emitted the lowest (Md EFPM 514 and 11 [mg (kg fuel-1 )] , respectively)...
June 12, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
R Patterson, E Webb, C Millett, A A Laverty
Background: Walking and cycling for transport (active travel) is an important source of physical activity with established health benefits. However, levels of physical activity accrued during public transport journeys in England are unknown. Methods: Using the English National Travel Survey 2010-14 we quantified active travel as part of public transport journeys. Linear regression models compared levels of physical activity across public transport modes, and logistic regression models compared the odds of undertaking 30 min a day of physical activity...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Public Health
Manon Westra, Jaap J van Netten, Hendrik A Manning, Jeff G van Baal, Sicco A Bus
BACKGROUND: Non-removable knee-high devices, such as a total contact cast (TCC), are recommended for offloading diabetic plantar forefoot ulcers. However, it is insufficiently known how each of the different design characteristics of these devices contribute to offloading the diabetic foot. RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the offloading effect of the different design characteristics that make up a non-removable knee-high cast for people with diabetes and active or previous plantar forefoot ulcers? METHODS: Sixteen persons with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and a healed or active plantar forefoot ulcer had their plantar pressures measured during walking in a non-removable knee-high device (TCC), in that device made removable (BTCC), in that device made below-ankle (cast shoe), in that cast shoe worn with a different walking sole and in a newly made cast shoe without a custom-moulded foot-device interface...
May 22, 2018: Gait & Posture
Farzaneh Dehghani, Narges Sotoude, Hossein Bordbar, M R Panjeshahin, Saied Karbalay-Doust
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has a potential effect on tissue repair through proliferation and differentiation of tissue progenitor cells. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of PRP on the testis structure and function in infertile rat model by stereological method. Thirty-two male rats were divided into four groups. Infertility was induced by the administration of busulfan (BUS) (10mg/kg, I.P., single dose). PRP (80μl, testis local injected, single dose) was administered for the subjects. After 48 days, semen analysis was performed and blood samples were taken from the heart to measure the testosterone...
June 8, 2018: Platelets
Roman Kusche, Paula Klimach, Martin Ryschka
Pulse wave analysis is an important method used to gather information about the cardiovascular system. Instead of detecting the pulse wave via pressure sensors, bioimpedance measurements can be performed to acquire minuscule changes in the conductivity of the tissue, caused by the pulse wave. This work presents a microcontroller-based bioimpedance measurement system, which has the capability to acquire impedance measurements from up to four independent channels simultaneously. By combining a problem-specific analog measurement circuit with a 24 bits analog-to-digital converter, the system is capable of acquiring 1000 impedances per second with a signal-to-noise ratio in a range from 92 to 96 dB...
June 2018: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Soy Ty Kheang, May Aung Lin, Saw Lwin, Ye Hein Naing, Phyo Yarzar, Neeraj Kak, Taylor Price
BACKGROUND: Mobile populations and migrant workers are a key population to containing the spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria found in the border areas between Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Migrants often have limited knowledge of public health, including malaria, services in the area, and many seek care from unregulated, private vendors. METHODS: Between October 2012 and August 2016, we implemented malaria case finding and treatment in Tanintharyi Region, Kayin State, and Rakhine State of Myanmar through 3 entry points: village malaria workers (VMWs), mobile malaria clinics, and screening points...
June 6, 2018: Global Health, Science and Practice
Junshi Xu, Jonathan Wang, Nathan Hilker, Masoud Fallah-Shorshani, Marc Saleh, Ran Tu, An Wang, Laura Minet, Christos Stogios, Greg Evans, Marianne Hatzopoulou
This study presents a comparison of fleet averaged emission factors (EFs) derived from a traffic emission model with EFs estimated using plume-based measurements, including an investigation of the contribution of vehicle classes to carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx ), and elemental carbon (EC) along an urban corridor. To this end, a field campaign was conducted over one week in June 2016 on an arterial road in Toronto, Canada. Traffic data were collected using a traffic camera and a radar, while air quality was characterized using two monitoring stations: one located at ground-level and another at the rooftop of a four-storey building...
June 5, 2018: Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
Katherine A Hirchak, Emily Leickly, Jalene Herron, Jennifer Shaw, Jordan Skalisky, Lisa G Dirks, Jaedon P Avey, Sterling McPherson, Jenny Nepom, Dennis Donovan, Dedra Buchwald, Michael G McDonell
INTRODUCTION: Many American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people seek evidence-based, cost-effective, and culturally acceptable solutions for treating alcohol use disorders. Contingency management (CM) is a feasible, low-cost approach to treating alcohol use disorders that uses "reinforcers" to promote and support alcohol abstinence. CM has not been evaluated among AI/AN communities. This study explored the cultural acceptability of CM and adapted it for use in diverse AI/AN communities...
July 2018: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Toshihiro Tsuji, Toru Oizumi, Hideyuki Fukushi, Nobuo Takeda, Shingo Akao, Yusuke Tsukahara, Kazushi Yamanaka
The measurement and control of trace moisture, where the water concentration is lower than 1 ppmv [-76.2 °C for the frost point (°CFP)], are essential for improving the yield rate of semiconductor devices and for ensuring their reliability. A ball surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor with a sol-gel silica coating exhibited useful characteristics for a trace moisture analyzer (TMA) when the temperature drift of the delay time output was precisely compensated using two-frequency measurement (TFM), where the temperature-compensated relative delay time change (RDTC) was obtained by subtracting the RDTC at the fundamental frequency from that at the third harmonic frequency on an identical propagation path...
May 2018: Review of Scientific Instruments
Jaeyoung Lee, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Imran Shah
Pedestrians are considered the most vulnerable road users who are directly exposed to traffic crashes. With a view to addressing the growing concern of pedestrian safety, Federal and local governments aim at reducing pedestrian-involved crashes. Nevertheless, pedestrian volume data are rarely available even though they among the most important factors to identify pedestrian safety. Thus, this study aims at identifying surrogate measures for pedestrian exposure at intersections. A two-step process is implemented: the first step is the development of Tobit and generalized linear models for predicting pedestrian trips (i...
May 30, 2018: Accident; Analysis and Prevention
Ei Ei Mon, Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao, Buratin Khampirat, Wichuda Satiennam, Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha
The dramatic increase in vehicle ownership in Myanmar over the past few years has resulted in an alarming increase in traffic accidents. Thus, road safety at the national level needs to be improved urgently in order to reduce the costs associated with traffic accidents and to assist policy makers in making economically efficient resource allocation decisions for road safety improvements. This research was conducted to determine the costs related to fatality risk reductions using a willingness to pay (WTP) approach for motorcyclists, car drivers, and bus passengers in Myanmar...
May 30, 2018: Accident; Analysis and Prevention
Senem Ozcan-Sezer, Elif Ince, Atilla Akdemir, Özlem Öztürk Ceylan, Sibel Suzen, Hande Gurer-Orhan
1. A causal association is reported between prolonged exposures to elevated levels of estrogen and breast cancer. Therefore inhibiting aromatase (CYP19A), which catalyses the conversion of androgens to estrogens, is an important approach in prevention and treatment of estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. 2. Melatonin, a natural indolic hormone, is reported to prevent free radical induced carcinogenesis and block local estrogen synthesis in breast tissue via aromatase inhibition. However several features of melatonin limit its therapeutic use...
May 28, 2018: Xenobiotica; the Fate of Foreign Compounds in Biological Systems
Anniek Bus, Veerle van Hoeck, An Langbeen, Jo L M R Leroy, Peter E J Bols
PURPOSE: Individual follicle cryopreservation techniques, without hydrogel support, are labor-intensive and a substantial proportion of isolated follicles are lost during handling and after warming. Therefore, the viability and morphology of isolated bovine (as a model for human) pre-antral follicles after vitrification and warming, when encapsulated in alginate beads, were investigated. METHODS: Bovine pre-antral follicles were mechanically isolated and divided into four different groups: (1) culture in 2% alginate beads (3D system) and vitrification in beads using mesh cups (3DVIT), (2) culture in 2% alginate beads (3DCUL), (3) culture in 96-well plates (2D system) and vitrification using High Security Vitrification straws® (2DVIT), (4) culture in a 2D system (2DCUL)...
May 24, 2018: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
WenJie Kang, Gang Hu, PeiDong Zhu, Qiang Liu, Zhi Hang, Xin Liu
Many previous works only focused on the cascading failure of global coupling of one-to-one structures in interdependent networks, but the local coupling of dual coupling structures has rarely been studied due to its complex structure. This will result in a serious consequence that many conclusions of the one-to-one structure may be incorrect in the dual coupling network and do not apply to the smart grid. Therefore, it is very necessary to subdivide the dual coupling link into a top-down coupling link and a bottom-up coupling link in order to study their influence on network robustness by combining with different coupling modes...
May 24, 2018: Sensors
Anne-Kristin Trützschler, Tanja Bus, Martin Sahn, Anja Traeger, Christine Weber, Ulrich S Schubert
In this study we show the potential of oligo(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) (OEtOx) shielded graft copolymers of (2 aminoethyl)-methacrylate (AEMA) and N methyl (2-aminoethyl) methacrylate (MAEMA) for pDNA delivery in HEK cells. Copolymers were synthesized via the macromonomer method using a combination of cationic ring opening polymerization (CROP) and reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization to vary the degree of grafting (DG = 10% and 30%) as well as the side chain degree of polymerization (DP = 5 and 20)...
May 23, 2018: Biomacromolecules
Shaik Ijaz Ahmed, Kudlur Maheswarappa Sudhir, V Chandra Sekhara Reddy, R V S Krishna Kumar, G Srinivasulu, Athuluru Deepthi
Aim and Objectives: To assess the sense of coherence (SOC) and the impact of SOC on oral hygiene behaviors and oral health status among bus drivers in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted during August-September 2017. Cluster random sampling methodology was used for the selection of drivers. Five depots were randomly selected from the list of various Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation depots in Nellore district...
March 2018: Journal of International Society of Preventive & Community Dentistry
Rafael Fleischman, Ran Amiel, Jan Czerwinski, Andreas Mayer, Leonid Tartakovsky
Retrofitting older vehicles with diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a cost-effective measure to quickly and efficiently reduce particulate matter emissions. This study experimentally analyzes real-world performance of buses retrofitted with CRT DPFs. 18 in-use Euro III technology urban and intercity buses were investigated for a period of 12months. The influence of the DPF and of the vehicle natural aging on buses fuel economy are analyzed and discussed. While the effect of natural deterioration is about 1...
May 2018: Journal of Environmental Sciences (China)
Melvin E Andersen, George Cruzan, Michael B Black, Salil N Pendse, Darol E Dodd, James S Bus, Satinder S Sarang, Marcy I Banton, Robbie Waites, Debra B Layko, Patrick D McMullen
Both CD-1 and C57BL/6 wildtype (C57BL/6-WT) mice show equivalent short-term lung toxicity from exposures to styrene, while long-term tumor responses are greater in CD-1 mice. We analyzed lung gene expression from styrene exposures lasting from 1-day to 2-years in male mice from these two strains, including a Cyp2f2(-/-) knockout (C57BL/6-KO) and a Cyp2F1/2A13/2B6 transgenic mouse (C57BL/6-TG). With short term exposures (1-day to 1-week), CD-1 and C57BL/6-WT mice had thousands of differentially expressed genes (DEGs), consistent with changes in pathways for cell proliferation, cellular lipid metabolism, DNA-replication and inflammation...
May 16, 2018: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: RTP
Mariana Roberta Lopes Simões, Ada Ávila Assunção, Adriane Mesquita de Medeiros
Musculoskeletal pain among professionals in the transport sector has been linked to working conditions. The scope of this study was to assess the prevalence of cervical musculoskeletal pain and its relation to pain in other areas (arms, hands and shoulders). The association between neck pain, related to pain in other areas or otherwise, was checked against occupational factors. A cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study was conducted with 799 bus drivers and 708 fare collectors of the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, Brazil...
May 2018: Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
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