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Chrons disease

Pedro Pinto Sousa, Rui Machado, Pedro Sá Pinto, Rui Almeida
INTRODUCTION: Renal autotransplantation (RA) is a safe and effective procedure to reconstruct the urinary tract which first successful surgery was performed by Hardy in 1963. The main indications reported for performing RA generally includes renovascular disease, ureteral pathologies and neoplastic disease. RA may be also useful as the last recourse in preventing kidney loss in highly selected patients, especially when conventional methods have failed. METHODS: The authors pretend to describe four total different situations where the RA was the key solution for the pathology initially presented...
July 2017: Revista Portuguesa de Cirurgia Cardio-torácica e Vascular
Livia Carrascal, Pedro Nunez-Abades, Antonio Ayala, Mercedes Cano
Melatonin is an indolamine synthesized and secreted by the pineal gland along with other sources including immune system cells, the brain, skin and the gastrointestinal tract. Growing interest in this compound as a potential therapeutic agent in several diseases stems from its pleiotropic effects. Thus, melatonin plays a key role in various physiological activities that include regulation of circadian rhythms, immune responses, the oxidative process, apoptosis or mitochondrial homeostasis. Most of these processes are altered during inflammatory pathologies, among which neurodegenerative and bowel diseases stand out...
April 25, 2018: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Mehmet Baysal, Elif Gülsüm Ümit, Fatih Sarıtaş, Nil Su Kodal, Ahmet Muzaffer Demir
BACKGROUND: Certolizumab pegol is used to treat ankylosing spondylitis (AS), chron disease, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In contrast to other monoclonal antibodies such as infliximab and adalimumab, certolizumab does not contain an Fc fraction and hence, does not induce complement activation. In this case, we are presenting a case with thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA) due to certolizumab pegol, with a touch of pathophysiological approach to TMA. CASE REPORT: A-39-year-old man with AS of ten years presented with fatigue...
April 24, 2018: Balkan Medical Journal
Anke Jaudszus, Christin Arnold, Julia Hentschel, Kerstin Hünniger, Michael Baier, Jochen G Mainz
OBJECTIVES: Previously, we found linkages of inflammatory mediator levels in CF upper airways (UAW) sampled by nasal lavage (NL) to disease severity and to chronic pathogen colonization such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PsA). Here, we assess UAW cytokine dynamics in CF patients with a new PsA colonization. METHODS: We measured cytokines in 149 longitudinally obtained NL samples from 34 CF patients. Cytokine concentrations determined prior to, at the time of de novo PsA detection in either UAW or lower airways (LAW), and in a subsequent PsA free period in newly colonized patients (PsA-new/n = 7) were compared to levels of not- (PsA-free/n = 13) and chronically colonized patients (PsA-chron/n = 14)...
April 6, 2018: Pediatric Pulmonology
Julianne Campos Dos Santos, Carla Malaguti, Fernando de Azevedo Lucca, Andrea Lemos Cabalzar, Tarsila Campanha da Rocha Ribeiro, Pedro Duarte Gaburri, Liliana Andrade Chebli, Julio Maria Fonseca Chebli
Introduction: Protein-energy malnutrition in Crohn's disease (CD) has been reported in 20 to 92% of patients, and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality and higher costs for the health system. Anti-TNF drugs are a landmark in the clinical management, promoting prolonged remission in patients with CD. It is believed that the remission of this disease leads to nutritional recovery. The effect of biological therapy on body composition and nutritional status is unclear. Method: Prospective study of body assessment by bioelectrical impedance method in patients with moderate to severe CD undergoing treatment with infliximab...
May 2017: Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira
Andrea Cassoni, Umberto Romeo, Valentina Terenzi, Marco Della Monaca, Oriana Rajabtork Zadeh, Ingrid Raponi, Maria Teresa Fadda, Antonella Polimeni, Valentino Valentini
Objective. The acronym MRONJ has been created in order to identify "Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw," observed after the use of Bisphosphonates, RANK ligand inhibitor, and antiangiogenic medications. Only a case of osteonecrosis of the jaw in a Chron's disease patient following a course of Bisphosphonate and Adalimumab therapy has been recently described, so that it has been supposed that also this medication could promote manifestation of osteonecrosis. Clinical Case. On August, 2014, a 63-year-old female with a history of idiopathic arthritis treated with medical treatment with Adalimumab from 2010 to 2013 presented referring pain in the right mandible...
2016: Case Reports in Dentistry
Sanvila Rašković, Jasna Bolpacić, Aleksandra Perić Popadić, Žikica Jovicić, Rada Mišković, Mirjana Bogić
INTRODUCTION: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is a rare disease of unknown etiology. Histopathologically, it presents as granulomatous cheilitis. From laboratory aspect, it is a nonspecific, differential diagnostically and therapeutically complex condition. CASE REPORT: This is a report of six cases treated at the Department of Allergology and Immunology of the Clinical Center of Serbia, who had presented with the referral diagnosis of recurring or persistent lip edema, and who were diagnosed with Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome upon detailed evaluation...
November 2015: Medicinski Pregled
S Jankovic, L Djakovic, R Sujic, M Kostic
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2015: Value in Health: the Journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
Piera Dones, Maria Di Gangi, Maria Concetta Failla, Selene Genova, Caterina Giannitto, Giovanni Corsello, Nicola Principi, Susanna Esposito
BACKGROUND: Relatively common in adults, intestinal tuberculosis is considered rare in children and adolescents. The protean manifestations of intestinal tuberculosis mean that the diagnosis is often delayed (sometimes even for years), thus leading to increased mortality and unnecessary surgery. The main diagnostic dilemma is to differentiate intestinal tuberculosis and Crohn's disease because a misdiagnosis can have dramatic consequences. CASE PRESENTATION: A 13-year-old Caucasian, Italian female adolescent attended the Emergency Department complaining of abdominal pain, a fever of up to 38 °C, night sweats, diarrhea with blood in stool, and a weight loss of about three kilograms over the previous two months...
October 27, 2014: BMC Research Notes
Paula Arrabal Durán, Rosa María Romero Jiménez, Cristina Cuerda Compes, Miguel Camblor Álvarez, Irene Bretón Lesmes, Ana De Lorenzo Pinto, Silvia Buendía Bravo, Laura Frías Soriano, Pilar García Peris, María Sanjurjo Sáez
INTRODUCTION: Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) is a practice in continually growing by the significant advantages involved for the patient and the healthcare system. Today, in the investigation of health outcomes is essential to assess the patient s opinion. Among the measures focused on patients with HPN, several studies about quality of life have been done, but the degree of satisfaction with this treatment modality has not been evaluated. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the degree of satisfacion of patients and their caregivers receiving HPN with doctors, pharmacists and nurses in a hospital...
2014: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
Pablo Castelo-Baz, Juan M Seoane-Romero, Lucía García-Caballero, José M Suárez-Peñaranda, María A Romero-Méndez, Pablo Varela-Centelles
Orofacial granulomatosis is defined by permanent or recurrent swelling of orofacial tissues with different multiform and multifocal clinical patterns. An 11-year old boy presented with a 2-month history of mucosa enlargement. Intraoral examination revealed an erythematous, polylobulated, exophytic lesion with a smooth surface located in retromolar mucosa, non-tender and non-infiltratated to palpation. The diagnosis was inflammatory lesion compatible with pyogenic granuloma and laser excision was decided. Haematological parameters were within normal range, as well as chest Xrays...
April 2014: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Sabina A Antoniu
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive inflammatory disease that is mainly linked to smoking and is associated with significant medical and economic burdens. For example, in the USA the estimated direct costs are US$29.5 billion, whereas at the EU level these costs are estimated to amount to approximately 56% of the costs related to respiratory diseases. COPD is characterized by chronic respiratory symptoms such as dyspnea and productive cough, which are progressive and further worsen during exacerbation of the disease...
July 2012: Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research
P Guisado Vasco, G Fraile Rodríguez
We studied a patient with edema secondary to protein losing enteropathy, and recurrent bouts of bloating and abdominal pain secondary to intestinal subocclusion episodes. After the clinical study, the patient was diagnosed of cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis (CMUSE), that is a rare disease, probably caused by mutations in the gene PLA2G4A, and characterized by multiple short stenosis of the small bowel with superficial ulcers, which do not exceed the submucosa layer. Inflammatory bowel disease (Chron's disease), intestinal tuberculosis and intestinal ulcers secondary to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the main differential diagnosis...
January 2014: Revista Clínica Espanõla
D Carter, A Lang, R Eliakim
Small bowel imaging and endoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) underwent a lot of change and advancement in the recent years. Modalities have shifted from gastroscopy, colonoscopy and small bowel follow through, to ileo-colonoscopy, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR), enteroscopy, wireless video capsule endoscopy and balloon assisted enteroscopy. Nowadays endoscopy has a major role in the diagnosis of IBD, assessing its extent, treating some of its complications (stricture, bleeding), assessing the success of various treatments (mucosal healing), and as a predictor of disease course...
September 2013: Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica
Christos P Papaneophytou, George A Kontopidis
Tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) is responsible for many autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Chron's disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Thus, inhibition of TNF-α is a major challenge in drug discovery. However, a sufficient amount of purified protein is needed for the in vitro screening of potential TNF-α inhibitors. In this work, induction conditions for the production of human TNF-α fusion protein in a soluble form by recombinant Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) pLysS were optimized using response surface methodology based on the central composite design...
November 2012: Protein Expression and Purification
Vincenzo Spina, Massimo Giovannini, Cristina Fabiani, Giuseppe Vetrano, Pietro Bagolan, Sergio Colizza, Vincenzo Aleandri
This case report regards pregnancy and delivery of a patient who had undergone proctocolectomy and ileo-pouch-anal-anastomosis (IPAA) for ulcerative colitis. The patient delivered through cesarean section and experienced serious complications postpartum. Such complications have been described in association with Chron's disease and have never been described after proctocolectomy and IPAA for ulcerative colitis. This case report suggests that the limit between these two diseases is not sharp.
April 2012: Journal of Prenatal Medicine
Petra Anna Golovics, Péter László Lakatos, Gyula Dávid, Tünde Pandur, Zsuzsanna Erdélyi, Agnes Horváth, Gábor Mester, Mihály Balogh, István Szipocs, Csaba Molnár, Erzsébet Komáromi, Barbara Dorottya Lovász, Miklós Szathmári, Lajos S Kiss, László Lakatos
UNLABELLED: Medical therapy for Crohn's disease has changed significantly over the past 20 years with the increasing use of immunosuppressants. In contrast, surgery rates are still high and evidence about the the changes in the outcome of Crohn's disease over the past decades is scarce. AIMS: The objective of this study was to analyze the evolution of the surgical rates and medical therapy in the population-based Veszprém county database. METHODS: Data of 506 Crohn's disease patients were analyzed (age at diagnosis: 31...
April 8, 2012: Orvosi Hetilap
David Warde-Farley, Michael Brudno, Quaid Morris, Anna Goldenberg
Genome Wide Association (GWA) studies resulted in discovery of genetic variants underlying several complex diseases including Chron's disease and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Still geneticists find that in majority of studies the size of the effect even if it is significant tends to be very small. There are several factors contributing to this problem such as rare variants, complex relationships among SNPs (epistatic effect), and heterogeneity of the phenotype. In this work we focus on addressing phenotypic heterogeneity...
2012: Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
Giovanni Tomasello, Maurizio Bellavia, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo, Maria Concetta Gioviale, Provvidenza Damiani, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte
The gut of a healthy adult harbours a myriad of different microbial species. It is estimated that approximately 10 14 are present in total bacterial colony forming units (CFU). Each colony colonizes a specific intestinal tract. In healthy adult, the main control of intestinal bacterial colonization occurs through gastric acidity but also other factors can influence the intestinal microenvironment such as pH, temperature, competition among different bacterial strains, peristalsis, drugs, radiotherapy and much more...
September 2011: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Fehmi Ateş, Melih Karincaoğlu, Süleyman Savaş Hacievlıyagıl, Mehmet Yalniz, Yüksel Seçkın
BACKGROUND/AIMS: We aimed to determine the changes in the pulmonary function tests of the patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. METHODS: Forty inflammatory bowel dieases patients; 30 ulcerative colitis and 10 Crohn's disease, and ageand sex-matched control group, consisting of 30 healthy persons, were included in the study. Disease activity in patients with ulcerative colitis was assessed by Truelove and Witts Criteria and in Crohn's disease patients by Chron's Disease Activity Index...
June 2011: Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology: the Official Journal of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology
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