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Abubakar Danjuma Salisu, Aminu Bakari, Hamisu Abdullahi
INTRODUCTION: Une déficience auditive non détectée chez le personnel de santé pourrait affecter leur capacité à obtenir une pression artérielle (PA) précise avec des conséquences négatives sur les soins aux patients. Le but de cet article était de déterminer l'impact de l'audition de l'opérateur sur la mesure manuelle de la pression artérielle. Méthodologie: Une étude transversale portant sur 25 patients et 60 personnel de santé composé de 25 médecins (groupe 1), 25 infirmières (groupe 2) et 10 10 personnes qualifiées sélectionnées ayant une audition normale formé (groupe 3)...
January 2017: Annals of African Medicine
Patricia M Schwerdtle, Veronique De Clerck, Virginia Plummer
Introduction An appreciation of the experience of Ebola survivors is critical for community engagement and an effective outbreak response. Few qualitative, descriptive studies have been conducted to date that concentrate on the voices of Ebola survivors. Problem This study aimed to explore the experiences of Ebola survivors following the West African epidemic of 2014. METHOD: An interpretive, qualitative design was selected using semi-structured interviews as the method of data collection...
February 20, 2017: Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
Anna Kuehne, Amanda Tiffany, Estrella Lasry, Michel Janssens, Clement Besse, Chibuzo Okonta, Kwabena Larbi, Alfred C Pah, Kostas Danis, Klaudia Porten
BACKGROUND: In October 2014, during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia healthcare services were limited while malaria transmission continued. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) implemented a mass drug administration (MDA) of malaria chemoprevention (CP) in Monrovia to reduce malaria-associated morbidity. In order to inform future interventions, we described the scale of the MDA, evaluated its acceptance and estimated the effectiveness. METHODS: MSF carried out two rounds of MDA with artesunate/amodiaquine (ASAQ) targeting four neighbourhoods of Monrovia (October to December 2014)...
2016: PloS One
Shona Horter, Beverley Stringer, Jane Greig, Akhmet Amangeldiev, Mirzagaleb N Tillashaikhov, Nargiza Parpieva, Zinaida Tigay, Philipp du Cros
BACKGROUND: Treatment for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is lengthy, has severe side effects, and raises adherence challenges. In the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Ministry of Health (MoH) programme in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, a region with a high burden of MDR-TB, patient loss from treatment (LFT) remains high despite adherence support strategies. While certain factors associated with LFT have been identified, there is limited understanding of why some patients are able to adhere to treatment while others are not...
2016: BMC Infectious Diseases
Y Glèlè Ahanhanzo, D Palenfo, C Saussier, P Gbèdonou, A Tonda, A Da Silva, A Aplogan
Within the framework of its strategic goal of vaccine coverage (VC) improvement, GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance has entrusted the Agence de médecine préventive (agency for preventive medicine, AMP) with technical assistance services to Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and Mauritania. This support was provided to selected priority districts (PDs) with the worst Penta3 coverage performances. In 2014, PDs benefited from technical and management capacities in vaccinology strengthening for district medical officers, supportive supervisions and technical assistance in health logistics, data management and quality...
August 2016: Bulletin de la Société de Pathologie Exotique
David Maman, Benson Chilima, Charles Masiku, Ahidjo Ayouba, Sophie Masson, Elisabeth Szumilin, Martine Peeters, Nathan Ford, Annette Heinzelmann, Benjamin Riche, Jean-François Etard
INTRODUCTION: The antiretroviral therapy (ART) programme supported by Médecins Sans Frontières in the rural Malawian district of Chiradzulu was one of the first in sub-Saharan Africa to scale up ART delivery in 2002. After more than a decade of continuous involvement, we conducted a population survey to evaluate the cascade of care, including population viral load, in the district. METHODS: A cross-sectional household-based survey was conducted between February and May 2013...
2016: Journal of the International AIDS Society
A Prouteau, A Stéfan, L Wiart, J M Mazaux
UNLABELLED: Behavioural changes are the main cause of difficulties in interpersonal relationships and social integration among traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. The Société française de médecine physique et réadaptation (SOFMER) decided to develop recommendations for the treatment and care provision for these problem under the auspices of the French health authority, the Haute Autorité de la santé (HAS). Assessment of behaviour is essential to describe, understand and define situations, assess any change and suggest lines for intervention...
February 2016: Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Stella Benbaba, Petros Isaakidis, Mrinalini Das, Sonakshi Jadhav, Tony Reid, Jennifer Furin
INTRODUCTION: Directly-observed therapy (DOT) is recommended for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) patients during their entire treatment duration. However, there is limited published evidence on implementation of direct observation (DO) in the field. This study aims to detail whether DO was followed with DR-TB patients in a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) tuberculosis program in Mumbai, India. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional, mixed-methods study. Existing qualitative data from a purposively-selected subset of 12 patients, 5 DOT-providers and 5 family members, were assessed in order to determine how DO was implemented...
2015: PloS One
Michelle Stuart, Carol Wilson
Les médecins, la direction, le personnel et les bénévoles des entreprises veulent former de futurs leaders au sein de leur organisation. Le présent article décrit les efforts pour concevoir, mettre en œuvre et évaluer un programme de mentorat d'un an utilisé pour la première fois par le Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital des Alberta Health Services. Des sondages d'évaluation ont été analysés pour faire ressortir les facteurs de succès décisifs, qui intégraient un vaste processus de candidatures diversifié de mentorés et de mentors, des critères bien définis de sélection ou de jumelage de mentorés et de mentors et un programme visant à soutenir l'acquisition du savoir par des projets, des séances d'apprentissage et des présentations...
January 2015: Healthcare Management Forum
Julita Gil Cuesta, Narcisse Mukembe, Palle Valentiner-Branth, Pawel Stefanoff, Annick Lenglet
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has committed to eliminate measles by 2020. In 2013, in response to a large outbreak, Médecins Sans Frontières conducted a mass vaccination campaign (MVC) in Moba, Katanga, DRC. We estimated the measles vaccination coverage for the MVC, the Expanded Programme on Immunization routine measles vaccination (EPI) and assessed reasons for non-vaccination. We conducted a household-based survey among caretakers of children aged 6 months-15 years in Moba from November to December 2013...
2015: PLoS Currents
Daniel Martinez Garcia, Laurent Bonnardot, David Olson, Harriet Roggeveen, Jaap Karsten, Peter Moons, Myrto Schaefer, Joanne Liu, Richard Wootton
We conducted a retrospective analysis of all pediatric cases referred by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) field doctors via the MSF telemedicine system during a 4-year period from April 2010. A total of 467 pediatric cases were submitted, representing approximately 40% of all telemedicine cases. The median age of the patients was 4 years. The median response time (i.e., the interval between the case being submitted and the first response from a specialist) was 13 h (interquartile range 4-32 h). We selected a random sample of 12 pediatric cases in each of four age categories for detailed analysis by an experienced MSF pediatrician...
2014: Frontiers in Public Health
M Maravic, K Briot, C Roux
OBJECTIVE: To describe the characteristics of patients hospitalized for osteoporotic proximal humerus fracture in 2009 in France, in-patient mortality, and further hospitalizations for hip fracture. METHODS: Data were extracted from the French Hospital National Database. We selected patients aged 40 years and over hospitalized for proximal humerus fracture in 2009, without cancer. Based on their unique identification number, we described the next hospitalizations occurring in 2009-2011 whatever the causes...
December 2014: Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Surgery & Research: OTSR
Philippe Bosman, Jorgen Stassijns, Fabienne Nackers, Lydie Canier, Nimol Kim, Saorin Khim, Sweet C Alipon, Meng Chuor Char, Nguon Chea, Lek Dysoley, Rafael Van den Bergh, William Etienne, Martin De Smet, Didier Ménard, Jean-Marie Kindermans
BACKGROUND: Intensified efforts are urgently needed to contain and eliminate artemisinin-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in the Greater Mekong subregion. Médecins Sans Frontières plans to support the Ministry of Health in eliminating P. falciparum in an area with artemisinin resistance in the north-east of Cambodia. As a first step, the prevalence of Plasmodium spp. and the presence of mutations associated with artemisinin resistance were evaluated in two districts of Preah Vihear Province...
2014: Malaria Journal
Shona Horter, Beverley Stringer, Sarah Venis, Philipp du Cros
BACKGROUND: In 2011, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) established a blogging project, "TB&Me," to enable patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) to share their experiences. By September 2012, 13 MDR-TB patients had blogged, either directly or with assistance, from the UK, Australia, Philippines, Swaziland, Central African Republic, Uganda, South Africa, India, and Armenia. Due to the lack of research on the potential for social media to support MDR-TB treatment and the innovative nature of the blog, we decided to conduct a qualitative study to examine patient and staff experiences...
2014: PloS One
Eman Zaher, Kelly Keogh, Savithiri Ratnapalan
OBJECTIF: Décrire et évaluer l'efficacité de la formation concernant la violence conjugale pour améliorer les connaissances et permettre la reconnaissance et la prise en charge par les médecins des femmes victimes de violence. SOURCES DES DONNÉES: On a fait une recension dans la base de données des révisions systématiques de Cochrane, MEDLINE, PubMed, PsycINFO, ERIC et EMBASE pour trouver des articles publiés entre le 1(e) janvier 2000 et le 1(e) novembre 2012. Des recherches manuelles ont complété cette recension pour cerner des articles pertinents à l'aide d'une stratégie de recherche combinant des textes, mots et expressions MeSH...
July 2014: Canadian Family Physician Médecin de Famille Canadien
Francisco J Luquero, Lise Grout, Iza Ciglenecki, Keita Sakoba, Bala Traore, Melat Heile, Alpha Amadou Diallo, Christian Itama, Anne-Laure Page, Marie-Laure Quilici, Martin A Mengel, Jose Maria Eiros, Micaela Serafini, Dominique Legros, Rebecca F Grais
BACKGROUND: The use of vaccines to prevent and control cholera is currently under debate. Shanchol is one of the two oral cholera vaccines prequalified by the World Health Organization; however, its effectiveness under field conditions and the protection it confers in the first months after administration remain unknown. The main objective of this study was to estimate the short-term effectiveness of two doses of Shanchol used as a part of the integrated response to a cholera outbreak in Africa...
May 29, 2014: New England Journal of Medicine
Ainsley Moore, Christopher Patterson, Linda Lee, Isabelle Vedel, Howard Bergman
OBJECTIF: Revoir les stratégies diagnostiques de la maladie d'Alzheimer, actualiser les recommandations concernant le traitement des symptômes de démence et proposer une approche thérapeutique à la démence d'apparition précoce et d'évolution rapide. COMPOSITION DU COMITÉ: Des spécialistes et des délégués de diverses régions du Canada et représentant diverses disciplines pertinentes ont discuté et se sont mis d'accord sur les révisions à apporter aux lignes directrices de 2006...
May 2014: Canadian Family Physician Médecin de Famille Canadien
Shona Horter, Beverley Stringer, Lucy Reynolds, Muhammad Shoaib, Samuel Kasozi, Esther C Casas, Meggy Verputten, Philipp du Cros
BACKGROUND: Ambulatory, community-based care for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) has been found to be effective in multiple settings with high cure rates. However, little is known about patient preferences around models of MDR-TB care. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has delivered home-based MDR-TB treatment in the rural Kitgum and Lamwo districts of northern Uganda since 2009 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the National TB and Leprosy Programme. We conducted a qualitative study examining the experience of patients and key stakeholders of home-based MDR-TB treatment...
2014: BMC Health Services Research
J Cuypers, C Mathieu, K Benhalima
Treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) continues to present challenges, with significant proportion of patients failing to achieve and maintain glycemic targets. Despite the availability of many oral antidiabetic agents, therapeutic efficacy is offset by side effects such as weight gain and hypoglycemia. Therefore, the search for novel therapeutic agents with an improved benefit-risk profile continues. Recent research has focused on the kidney as a potential therapeutic target, especially because maximal renal glucose reabsorption is increased in T2DM...
July 2013: Acta Clinica Belgica
Sophie Laurence, Marielle Chappuis, Dorinela Lucas, Martin Duteurtre, Jean-François Corty
CONTEXT: Between 2008 and 2011, a measles epidemic raged in France. Immunization coverage in France, already insufficient in the general population, is even more worrying for deprived populations in whom exposure to the disease and the risk of complications are much higher. In this context, Medecins du Monde (MdM), the General Council of the Seine-Saint-Denis (CG93) and the Territorial Directorate of the Regional Health Agency (DTARS) implemented a measles vaccination campaign among the Rom population of the department...
September 2013: Santé Publique: Revue Multidisciplinaire Pour la Recherche et L'action
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