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Rachel B Acton, Lana Vanderlee, Christine White, David Hammond
OBJECTIVES: Several countries have proposed changes to calorie labelling on nutrition facts tables (NFTs) on pre-packaged foods. As most research to date has examined general use of NFTs, there is a lack of evidence to guide specific design changes to calorie information on labels. This study examined the efficacy of various calorie labelling formats on recall, comprehension, and consumer preferences for calorie information. METHODS: Experiments were conducted as part of an online survey with a national sample of 2,008 Canadians aged 16-24...
October 20, 2016: Canadian Journal of Public Health. Revue Canadienne de Santé Publique
Imranul Alam, Amie K McQueen, Dena Acton, Austin M Reilly, Rita L Gerard-O'Riley, Dana K Oakes, Charishma Kasipathi, Abigail Huffer, Weston B Wright, Michael J Econs
Autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type II (ADO2) is a heritable osteosclerotic bone disorder due to dysfunctional osteoclast activity. ADO2 is caused by missense mutations in the chloride channel 7 (CLCN7) gene characterized by osteosclerosis with multiple fractures. ADO2 can result in osteomyelitis, visual loss and bone marrow failure. Currently, there is no cure for ADO2, and until recently no appropriate animal model of ADO2 existed to understand better the pathogenesis of this disease and to test new therapies...
October 14, 2016: Bone
Louise Terry, Nicola Cassels, Kelly Lu, Jennifer H Acton, Tom H Margrain, Rachel V North, James Fergusson, Nick White, Ashley Wood
Retinal and intra-retinal layer thicknesses are routinely generated from optical coherence tomography (OCT) images, but on-board software capabilities and image scaling assumptions are not consistent across devices. This study evaluates the device-independent Iowa Reference Algorithms (Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging) for automated intra-retinal layer segmentation and image scaling for three OCT systems. Healthy participants (n = 25) underwent macular volume scans using a Cirrus HD-OCT (Zeiss), 3D-OCT 1000 (Topcon), and a non-commercial long-wavelength (1040nm) OCT on two occasions...
2016: PloS One
Holly J Garringer, Jose M Irimia, Wei Li, Charles B Goodwin, Briana Richine, Anthony Acton, Rebecca J Chan, Munro Peacock, Barry B Muhoberac, Bernardino Ghetti, Ruben Vidal
Mutations in the ferritin light chain (FTL) gene cause the neurodegenerative disease neuroferritinopathy or hereditary ferritinopathy (HF). HF is characterized by a severe movement disorder and by the presence of nuclear and cytoplasmic iron-containing ferritin inclusion bodies (IBs) in glia and neurons throughout the central nervous system (CNS) and in tissues of multiple organ systems. Herein, using primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts from a mouse model of HF, we show significant intracellular accumulation of ferritin and an increase in susceptibility to oxidative damage when cells are exposed to iron...
2016: PloS One
Brent Bauman, Daniel Stephens, Hannah Gershone, Connie Bongiorno, Erin Osterholm, Robert Acton, Donavon Hess, Daniel Saltzman, Bradley Segura
PURPOSE: Despite the numerous methods of closure for giant omphaloceles, uncertainty persists regarding the most effective option. Our purpose was to review the literature to clarify the current methods being used and to determine superiority of either staged surgical procedures or nonoperative delayed closure in order to recommend a standard of care for the management of the giant omphalocele. METHODS: Our initial database search resulted in 378 articles. After de-duplification and review, we requested 32 articles relevant to our topic that partially met our inclusion criteria...
October 2016: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Han Hsi Wong, Claire Barton, Gary Acton, Robert McLeod, Sarah Halford
INTRODUCTION: Phase I oncology trials have evolved over the years, and these changes could have implications for future studies and patients. METHODS: Adult trials sponsored by Cancer Research UK Centre for Drug Development between 1995 and 2013 were analysed. Forty-nine trials were divided into two groups based on the starting date for recruitment: 1995-2003 (24 trials, n = 603) and 2004-2013 (25 trials, n = 750) for comparative purposes. RESULTS: From 1995-2003 to 2004-2013, there was a shift towards studying non-cytotoxic agents that are administered orally...
October 2016: European Journal of Cancer
Loren W Acton
This paper documents details of the on-orbit performance, data problem solving, and calibration of the Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) experiment on Yohkoh. This information is important to a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the SXT data set. The paper begins with summaries of SXT calibration issues and how they have been addressed, operational anomalies experienced during the mission, and a brief discussion of the SXT optical train. The following section on the accuracy of Yohkoh pointing determination provides information important for alignment of SXT images with each other and with other solar data...
2016: Solar Physics
Leilani Muhardi, Marieke Abrahamse-Berkeveld, Dennis Acton, Eline M van der Beek
BACKGROUND: The increasing incidence of childhood obesity in Asia could be a reflection of early life programming in which environmental/nutritional challenges during pregnancy and first two years of life (the so-called first 1000 days) influence later health. OBJECTIVE OF NARRATIVE REVIEW: To assess differences/similarities of anthropometric measures in early life and their influences on metabolic health risk in later life among children in Asia. METHODS: Literature search for publication in English using selected key words from Medline (PubMed), Scopus, Science Direct and Google Scholar published from 1994 to October 2014...
July 4, 2016: Obesity Research & Clinical Practice
Molly Marino, Marina Soley-Bori, Alan M Jette, Mary D Slavin, Colleen M Ryan, Jeffrey C Schneider, Amy Acton, Flor Amaya, Melinda Rossi, Rene Soria-Saucedo, Linda Resnik, Lewis E Kazis
Many burn survivors experience social challenges throughout their recovery. Measuring the social impact of a burn injury is important to identify opportunities for interventions. The aim of this study is to develop a pool of items addressing the social impact of burn injuries in adults to develop a self-reported measure using item response theory for development of a computerized adaptive test. The authors conducted a comprehensive literature review to identify preexisting items in other self-reported measures and used data from focus groups to create new items...
June 29, 2016: Journal of Burn Care & Research: Official Publication of the American Burn Association
Maria Hughes, Claire Acton
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 23, 2016: British Journal of Nursing: BJN
Jochen Kammermeier, Robert Dziubak, Matilde Pescarin, Suzanne Drury, Heather Godwin, Kate Reeve, Sibongile Chadokufa, Bonita Huggett, Sara Sider, Chela James, Nikki Acton, Elena Cernat, Marco Gasparetto, Gabi Noble-Jamieson, Fevronia Kiparissi, Mamoun Elawad, Phil L Beales, Neil J Sebire, Kimberly Gilmour, Holm H Uhlig, Chiara Bacchelli, Neil Shah
OBJECTIVES: Inflammatory bowel disease presenting in early childhood is extremely rare. More recently, progress has been made to identify children with monogenic forms of IBD predominantly presenting very early in life. In this study, we describe the heterogeneous phenotypes and genotypes of patients with IBD presenting before the age of two years and establish phenotypic features associated with underlying monogenicity. METHODS: Phenotype data of 62 children with disease-onset before the age of two years presenting over the last 20 years were reviewed...
June 14, 2016: Journal of Crohn's & Colitis
William O Tatum, Emily K Acton, Michael E Langston, Kirsten Yelvington, Cammi Bowman, Jerry J Shih, William P Cheshire
PURPOSE: To assess and compare peak, multimodal ictal vital signs (iVS) during epileptic seizures (ES) and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES). METHODS: Between 4/1/2010 and 4/1/2011, 183 adults had video-EEG monitoring, with 96 consecutive patients meeting inclusion criteria. Heart rate (HR), oxygen saturation (SaO2), and blood pressure (BP) were obtained at baseline and during an ictus. The motor semiology of each ES and PNES was also assessed. Student t-test, Fischer's Test, Wilcoxon Test (p=<0...
August 2016: Seizure: the Journal of the British Epilepsy Association
William O Tatum, Michael E Langston, Emily K Acton
The purpose of this case-matched study was to determine how frequently fibromyalgia is associated with different paroxysmal neurological disorders and explore the utility of fibromyalgia as a predictor for the diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. The billing diagnosis codes of 1,730 new, non-selected patient encounters were reviewed over a three-year period for an epileptologist in a neurology clinic to identify all patients with historical diagnoses of fibromyalgia. The frequency with which epileptic seizures, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, and physiological non-epileptic events were comorbid with fibromyalgia was assessed...
June 1, 2016: Epileptic Disorders: International Epilepsy Journal with Videotape
Yvette Drew, Jonathan Ledermann, Geoff Hall, Daniel Rea, Ros Glasspool, Martin Highley, Gordon Jayson, Julieann Sludden, James Murray, David Jamieson, Sarah Halford, Gary Acton, Zoe Backholer, Raffaella Mangano, Alan Boddy, Nicola Curtin, Ruth Plummer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 14, 2016: British Journal of Cancer
Haoyu Zeng, Maria I Roman, Edward Lis, Armando Lagrutta, Frederick Sannajust
FDSS/μCell is a high-speed acquisition imaging platform (Hamamatsu Ltd., Hamamatsu, Japan) that allows for simultaneous high-throughput reading under controlled conditions. We evaluated the Ca(2+) transients or optical membrane potential changes of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs) (iCells) in the presence or absence of 44 pharmacological agents known to interfere with cardiac ion channels (e.g., hERG, IKs, NaV1.5, CaV1.2). We tested two Ca(2+)-sensitive fluorescence dyes (Codex ACTOne® and EarlyTox®) and a membrane potential dye (FLIPR® membrane potential dye)...
September 2016: Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods
Laurel A Habel, Jafi A Lipson, Ninah Achacoso, Joseph H Rothstein, Martin J Yaffe, Rhea Y Liang, Luana Acton, Valerie McGuire, Alice S Whittemore, Daniel L Rubin, Weiva Sieh
BACKGROUND: Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) has largely replaced film-screen mammography in the US. Breast density assessed from film mammograms is strongly associated with breast cancer risk, but data are limited for processed FFDM images used for clinical care. METHODS: We conducted a case-control study nested among non-Hispanic white female participants of the Research Program in Genes, Environment and Health of Kaiser Permanente Northern California who were aged 40 to 74 years and had screening mammograms acquired on Hologic FFDM machines...
2016: Breast Cancer Research: BCR
James C Barton, Luigi F Bertoli, J Clayborn Barton, Ronald T Acton
We characterized 54 adult index patients with reports of frequent or severe bacterial respiratory tract infections at diagnosis of selective subnormal IgG1. Mean age was 50 ± 13 (SD) y; 87.0% were women. Associated disorders included the following: autoimmune conditions 50.0%; hypothyroidism 24.1%; atopy 38.9%; and other allergy 31.5%. In 35.5%, proportions of protective S. pneumoniae serotype-specific IgG levels did not increase after polyvalent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination (PPPV). Blood lymphocyte subset levels were within reference limits in most patients...
2016: Journal of Immunology Research
Chaela S Presley, Ammaar H Abidi, Bob M Moore
The ACTOne cannabinoid receptor 1 functional system is comprised of transfected HEK cells with the parental cyclic nucleotide gated channel (CNG) co-transfected with cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1). The ACTOne CB1 cell line was evaluated for cAMP driven fluorescence by optimizing experimental conditions for sensitivity to forskolin and CP 55,940, reading time point, reliability of cell passage number, and pertussis inactivation of Gi/o.
June 2016: Data in Brief
Sophie E Acton, Caetano Reis e Sousa
A critical hallmark of adaptive immune responses is the rapid and extensive expansion of lymph nodes. During this process, the complex internal structure of the organs is maintained revealing the existence of mechanisms able to balance lymph node integrity with structural flexibility. This article reviews the extensive architectural remodeling that occurs within lymph nodes during adaptive immune responses and how it is regulated by dendritic cells (DCs). In particular we focus on previously unappreciated functions of DCs in coordinating remodeling of lymph node vasculature, expansion of the fibroblastic reticular network and maintenance of lymphoid stromal phenotypes...
May 2016: Immunological Reviews
Laura M Breij, Gerthe F Kerkhof, Emanuella De Lucia Rolfe, Ken K Ong, Marieke Abrahamse-Berkeveld, Dennis Acton, Anita C S Hokken-Koelega
INTRODUCTION: Body composition in early life influences the development of obesity during childhood and beyond. It is, therefore, important to adequately determine longitudinal body composition during the first months of life. PATIENTS AND METHODS: In 203 healthy term infants, we investigated longitudinal body composition, including fat mass percentage (FM%) and fat-free mass (FFM), by air-displacement plethysmography, at 1, 3 and 6 months of age and abdominal visceral fat and abdominal subcutaneous fat, by ultrasound, at 3 and 6 months...
April 13, 2016: Pediatric Obesity
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