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Chicken pox

Fatemeh Kaveh-Yazdy, Ali-Mohammad Zareh-Bidoki
BACKGROUND: Digital epidemiology tries to identify diseases dynamics and spread behaviors using digital traces collected via search engines logs and social media posts. However, the impacts of news on information-seeking behaviors have been remained unknown. METHODS: Data employed in this research provided from two sources, (1) Parsijoo search engine query logs of 48 months, and (2) a set of documents of 28 months of Parsijoo's news service. Two classes of topics, i...
July 2018: International Journal of Medical Informatics
Dafei Yin, Jianmin Yuan, Yuming Guo, Lee I Chiba
Corn is one of the staple food and feed ingredients in China, therefore its storage is of particular importance. Corn is typically stored for 2 or more years in national barns before it is sold as a food or feed ingredient. However, the effects of stored corn in national barns on the animal performance and nutrient utilization have not been investigated thus far. This study attempted to determine the effects of storage time on the chemical and physical characteristics of corn and its nutritional value, broiler growth performance, and meat quality...
September 2017: Animal nutrition
X Chen, R Gu, L Zhang, J Li, Y Jiang, G Zhou, F Gao
The oxidative study has always been particularly topical in poultry science. However, little information about the occurrence of cellular apoptosis and autophagy through the reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) signal pathway was reported in the liver of broilers exposed to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). So we investigated the change of growth performance of broilers exposed to H2O2 and further explored the occurrence of apoptosis and autophagy, as well as the expression of NF-κB in these signaling pathways in the liver...
May 3, 2018: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Hongmei Wang, Ruili Zhang, Yangyang Song, Tianqi Li, Ming Ge
Studies have shown that cadmium can cause chicken testicular damage, but a protective effect of Ganoderma triterpenoids on cadmium-induced testicular damage in chickens has not yet been reported. The present study was designed to research the protective effect of Ganoderma triterpenoids on cadmium-induced testicular damage in chicken. Eighty healthy 7-day-old Hyline egg laying chickens were randomly divided into four groups with 20 in each group. The control group was fed with normal full-fodder, the model group was fed with normal full-fodder with 140 mg/kg of CdCl2 , the Ganoderma triterpenoid treatment group was fed with a full-fodder diet containing 140 mg/kg of CdCl2 and 0...
May 2, 2018: Biological Trace Element Research
He Huang, Yang An, Wanying Jiao, Jinghan Wang, Shu Li, Xiaohua Teng
Lead (Pb) is an environmental pollutant. Selenium (Se) has alleviative effect on Pb poisoning. However, mitigative effect of Se on Pb-induced apoptosis has not been unclear via endoplasmic reticulum (ER) pathway in chicken testes. The aim of this study was to investigate mitigative effect of Se on apoptosis induced by Pb poisoning via ER pathway in chicken testes. Sixty male chickens (7-day-old) were randomly divided into the control group offered drinking water (DW) and basic diet (BD) (0.49 mg/kg Se), the Se group offered DW and BD containing Na2 SeO3 (SeBD) (1...
April 30, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Yu Wang, Hongjing Zhao, Juanjuan Liu, Yizhi Shao, Jinglun Li, Liyang Luo, Mingwei Xing
Arsenic and copper, two ubiquitous pollutants, can be oxidative stress inducers when organisms are heavy or chronically exposed, causing adverse effects on digestion and absorption function, resulting in potential losses to poultry husbandry. The present study examined the effects of arsenic trioxide (30 mg/kg)- and copper sulfate (300 mg/kg)-mixed foods, administered alone or in combination for 12 weeks, on various biochemical indices of oxidative stress and immunity in the small intestines of Hy-line chickens...
April 26, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Ramadan Salem, Nagwan El-Habashi, Sabreen E Fadl, Osama A Sakr, Zizy I Elbialy
The present study aimed to investigate the toxic effect of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and the effectiveness of a biological mycotoxin binder (Nutritox® ) in detoxifying aflatoxicosis. Ninety one-day-old chicks were chosen and divided into 3 groups. The first group received standard basal diet only, the second group received a basal diet with AFB1 (0.25 mg/kg diet), and the third group received a basal diet with AFB1 (0.25 mg/kg diet) and Nutritox® (1 kg/ton diet). AFB1 feed contamination significantly reduced growth performance and deteriorated FCR...
April 26, 2018: Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology
J H Park, S I Lee, I H Kim
This study examined the effects of dietary Spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis supplementation on growth performance, antioxidant enzyme activity, nutrient digestibility, cecal microflora, excreta noxious gas emission, organ weight and breast meat quality in broiler chickens. In total, 800 Ross 308 male broiler chickens (1-d-old) were randomly divided into 5 dietary treatments with 10 replicate cages (16 birds/replicate) per treatment for 5 wk. The dietary treatments were a control basal diet without Spirulina or with 0...
April 17, 2018: Poultry Science
Sumaira Saleem, Gulzar Muhammad, Muhammad Ajaz Hussain, Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari
Azadirachta indica L. is a multipurpose medicinal tree of family Meliaceae. It occurs in tropical and semitropical regions of the world. Different parts of this miraculous tree are used to treat pyrexia, headache, ulcer, respiratory disorders, cancer, diabetes, leprosy, malaria, dengue, chicken pox, and dermal complications. The tree is popular for its pharmacological attributes such as hypolipidemic, antifertility, microbicidal, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antipyretic, hypoglycemic, insecticidal, nematicidal, antiulcer, antioxidant, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and antileishmaniasis properties...
April 19, 2018: Phytotherapy Research: PTR
S Bi, X Chi, Y Zhang, X Ma, S Liang, Y Wang, S H Hu
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of oral administration of ginsenoside Rg1 on oxidative stress induced by cyclophosphamide in chickens. Ninety-six chickens were randomly divided into 4 groups, each consisting of 24 birds. Groups 2 and 3 received intramuscular injection of cyclophosphamide at 100 mg/kg body weight for 3 d to induce oxidative stress and immune suppression. Groups 1 and 4 were injected with saline in the same way as groups 2 and 3. Then chickens in group 3 were orally administrated Rg1 of 1 mg/kg body weight in drinking water for 7 d...
April 5, 2018: Poultry Science
Walid S Habashy, Marie C Milfort, Romdhane Rekaya, Samuel E Aggrey
Heat stress causes critical molecular dysfunction that affects productivity in chickens. Thus, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of heat stress (HS) on the expression of select genes in the oxidation/antioxidation machinery in the liver of chickens. Chickens at 14 days of age were randomly assigned to two treatment groups and kept under either a constant normal temperature (25 °C) or high temperature (35 °C) in individual cages for 12 days. mRNA expression of Nrf2, oxidants NADPH(NOX): [NOX1, NOX2, NOX3, NOX4, NOX5 and DUOX2], and antioxidants [SOD1, CAT, GR, GPx1, NQO1] in the liver were analyzed at 1 and 12 days post-HS...
April 4, 2018: Molecular Biology Reports
Chelsea Gerada, Megan Steain, Brian P McSharry, Barry Slobedman, Allison Abendroth
There are many facets of varicella zoster virus (VZV) pathogenesis that are not fully understood, such as the mechanisms involved in the establishment of lifelong latency, reactivation and development of serious conditions such as post herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Virus-encoded modulation of apoptosis has been suggested to play an important role in these processes. VZV open reading frame (ORF) 63 has been shown to modulate apoptosis in a cell type specific manner, but the impact of ORF63 on cell death pathways has not been examined in isolation, in the context of human cells...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Virology
Mangesh Nakade, Csilla Pelyhe, Benjámin Kövesi, Krisztián Balogh, Balázs Kovács, Judit Szabó-Fodor, Erika Zándoki, Miklós Mézes, Márta Erdélyi
Short-term (48-hour) effects of 3.74/1.26 mg kg-1 T-2/HT-2 toxin or 16.12 mg kg-1 DON in feed were investigated in the liver of three-week-old cockerels (body weight: 749.60 ± 90.98 g). Markers of lipid peroxidation showed no significant changes. At hour 24, glutathione content in the T-2/HT-2 toxin group was significantly higher than in the control. Glutathione peroxidase activity was significantly higher than the control at hour 24 in the T-2/H-2 toxin group and at hour 48 in the DON group. In the DON group, expression of the glutathione peroxidase 4 gene (GPX4) was significantly lower than in the control at hours 12 and 14, and higher at hour 48...
March 2018: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Tao Ruan, Lingjun Li, Yingnan Lyu, Qin Luo, Bangyuan Wu
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of methionine (Met) deficiency on antioxidant functions (in the duodenal, jejunal and ileal mucosa) and apoptosis in the duodenum, jejunum and ileum of broiler chickens. A total of 120 one-day-old Cobb broilers were divided into two groups and fed a Metdeficient diet and a control diet, respectively, for six weeks. The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), the ability to inhibit hydroxyl radicals, and glutathione (GSH) content were significantly decreased in the Met-deficient group compared to the control...
March 2018: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Armando Stefanati, Federica Brosio, Parvanè Kuhdari, Valeria Baccello, Paola De Paris, Marco Nardini, Piera Boschetto, Silvia Lupi, Giovanni Gabutti
The hospital as a work environment is particularly characterized by various risks for healthcare workers (HCWs). The main risk is represented by biological accidents, associated with the parenteral transmission of pathogens. Biological injuries can occur during the care service and the manipulation of biological fluids. Hepatitis B (and hepatitis D), hepatitis C and HIV are the most common infections transmitted by biological injuries. Physicians should acquire awareness of the risks associated with their professional activity during their training as medical residents (MRs)...
November 2017: Igiene e Sanità Pubblica
Ahmed A Saleh, Tarek A Ebeid, Alaeldein M Abudabos
This experiment was conducted to study that effect of a phytogenics (herbal mixture) supplementation as alternative to antibiotics on the growth performance and immune response in broilers. Three thousand broiler male chicks at 1 day of age were housed in floor pens and divided into five experimental groups with five replicates of 120 birds each. The first group was fed the basal diet without any additive in feed or water; the second group was fed the basal diet, and the drinking water was supplemented with mixture of antibiotics (Doxycycline 1 g/5 L + Colistine sulfate 1 g/5 L) for the first 10 days of life...
March 12, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Haiyan Wang, Huanshun Yin, Hua Huang, Kelin Li, Yunlei Zhou, Geoffrey I N Waterhouse, Hai Lin, Shiyun Ai
Herein, a novel dual-signal amplified photoelectrochemical (PEC) biosensor was successfully developed for the highly selective detection of N6 -methyladenosine (m6 A) methylated RNA. The PEC biosensor comprised BiVO4 -110-TiO2 heterojunction and gold nanoparticle decorated MoS2 (MoS2 -AuNPs) as the photoactive materials, horseradish peroxidase conjugated biotin (HRP-Biotin) as the enzymatic unit, Ag+ -mediated cytosine pairs (C-Ag+ -C) as the signal amplification unit, and the anti-m6 A antibody as the m6 A methylated RNA recognition unit...
June 15, 2018: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
L Xueting, M U Rehman, H Zhang, X Tian, X Wu, Shixue, K Mehmood, D Zhou
The valuable role of selenium in mitigation of oxidative stress and heavy metal toxicity is well-known. Thus, the aim of the current study on broiler chickens was to examine whether nano elemental selenium (Nano-Se) supplementation can reduce the effects of chromium VI (K2Cr2O7) toxicity. For this purpose, a total of 150, one-day-old broiler chickens were allotted to five groups with three replicates: control group (standard diet), poisoned group (K2Cr2O7 via drinking water), protection group (K2Cr2O7 + Nano- Se), cure group (K2Cr2O7 for initial 2 weeks and then Nano-Se), and prevention group (opposite to the cure group)...
January 2018: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
Giulia Freer, Mauro Pistello
Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is the etiologic agent of varicella (chicken pox), a childhood exanthematic disease that develops as a result of primary infection, and zoster (shingles), caused by reactivation of the virus persisting in a latent form in the dorsal sensory ganglia. Although varicella is generally a mild self-limiting illness, in immunocompromised subjects and adults it can have a serious clinical course that can lead to permanent damage of the central nervous system. In these and in most zoster cases, treatment with anti-herpetic drugs and/or immunotherapy is necessary...
March 2, 2018: New Microbiologica
S V Rama Rao, B Prakash, U Rajkumar, M V L N Raju, T Srilatha, E P K Reddy
An experiment was conducted to study the effects of supplementing sprouts of pulses on performance, carcass variables, immune responses, and anti-oxidant variables in broiler chicken (day 1 to 6 weeks of age) reared during summer season in tropical region. Sprouts of black gram (BG, Vigna mungo), green gram (GG, Vigna radiata), and wild gram (WG, Vigna trilobata) were produced by soaking the pulses in water for 16 h and incubating at 37 °C for 24 h. Total phenolic content in sprouts of WG, BG, and GG was 102, 96...
February 22, 2018: Tropical Animal Health and Production
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