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Oocyte pick up

B C Perez, F F Silva, R V Ventura, F A T Bruneli, J C C Balieiro, M G D C Peixoto
Four models for in vitro embryo production traits in Guzerá cattle were compared: Gaussian (untransformed variable - LIN and transformed in logarithmic scale - LOG), Poisson (POI) and zero-inflated Poisson (ZIP). Data consisted of 5716 ovum pick-up and in vitro fertilization records performed in 1205 cows from distinct regions of Brazil. Analyzed count traits were the number of viable oocytes (NOV), number of grade I oocytes (NGI), number of degenerated oocytes (NDG), number of cleaved embryos (NCLV) and number of viable produced embryos (NEMB)...
February 27, 2017: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Semra Kahraman, Kahraman Ulker, Caroline Pirkevi Çetinkaya, Yesim Kumtepe Colakoglu, Hakan K Yelke, Cihangir Yilanlioglu
OBJECTIVES: To present the first pregnancy achieved in Turkey with frozen-warmed oocytes in a case with previous nine unsuccessful assisted reproductive technology (ART) attempts. METHODS: The clinical follow-up of a 33-year-old female applying to our ART centre after a long and complicated history of infertility is described. RESULTS: In April 2013, the woman attempted our centre for her 10th ART trial. She informed us on oocyte pick-up (OPU) day that her husband had been hospitalized following a car crush in Albania and was unable to travel to our clinic to give a sperm sample...
2017: SAGE open medical case reports
Ampika Thongphakdee, Debra K Berg, Theerawat Tharasanit, Nikorn Thongtip, Wanlaya Tipkantha, Chainarong Punkong, Daraka Tongthainan, Sakhon Noimoon, Umaporn Maikeaw, Nudthakamol Kajornklin, Boripat Siriaroonrat, Pierre Comizzoli, Sumate Kamolnorranath
Propagating genetically valuable individuals through oocyte collection, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer is critical to maintain sustainable populations of the endangered Eld's deer. The objectives of this study were to assess the impact of exogenous FSH injections on (1) the number and in vitro competence of oocytes collected and (2) the developmental potential of resulting IVF embryos after transfer into recipients during the breeding season (February-April). In a pilot experiment, estrus synchronization was conducted in three surplus females (using intravaginal progesterone-releasing devices, CIDRG for 14 days and injections of buserelin (a GnRH agonist)...
March 15, 2017: Theriogenology
T Leiva, R F Cooke, A P Brandão, U Pardelli, R O Rodrigues, F N Corrá, J L M Vasconcelos
This experiment compared insulin sensitivity parameters, milk production and reproductive outcomes in lactating dairy cows consuming excessive energy, and receiving in a 2×2 factorial arrangement design: (1) concentrate based on ground corn (CRN; n=13) or citrus pulp (PLP; n=13), and (2) supplemented (n=14) or not (n=12) with 2.5 g/day of chromium (Cr)-propionate. During the experiment (day 0 to 182), 26 multiparous, non-pregnant, lactating Gir×Holstein cows (initial days in milk=80±2) were offered corn silage for ad libitum consumption, and individually received concentrate formulated to allow diets to provide 160% of their daily requirements of net energy for lactation...
March 2017: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Júlio César Barboza da Silva, Roberta Machado Ferreira, Milton Maturana Filho, Julianne de Rezende Naves, Thiago Santin, Guilherme Pugliesi, Ed Hoffmann Madureira
We aimed with the present study to evaluate the effects of FSH treatment (200 mg) split in four or six administrations on ovarian follicle stimulation and in vitro oocyte competence for embryo production in dairy cows with synchronized follicular wave emergence. On random days of the estrous cycle (Day 0), non-lactating Holstein cows received a progesterone (P4)-releasing intravaginal device and 2 mg estradiol benzoate IM. On Day 3, they received 0.530 mg sodium cloprostenol (PGF2α) IM. Control cows (n = 35) received no further treatments, whereas FSH-treated cows received 200 mg FSH split in four (FSH4 group; n = 33) or six (FSH6 group; n = 33) administration regimens...
March 1, 2017: Theriogenology
B Lawrenz, F Ruiz, N Engelmann, H M Fatemi
Over the past few years, the use of Gonadotropin-releasing-hormone (GnRH)-agonist for final oocyte maturation in GnRH-antagonist-protocols in stimulated IVF/ICSI cycles has gained worldwide acceptance, as this approach reduces significantly the risk for development of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). Final oocyte maturation with GnRH-agonist leads to sever luteolysis, which cannot be counterbalanced using standard luteal phase support with purely progesterone (P4) application and therefore administration of hCG or high doses of P4 is considered to be essential to prevent/counteract luteolysis...
December 26, 2016: Gynecological Endocrinology
Kubilay Vicdan, Cem Akarsu, Eran Sözen, Burcu Buluç, Deniz K Üstündağ, Kutay Biberoğlu
We here report two successful pregnancies obtained by converting an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle to an intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle in five poor responder patients whose oocyte pick-up (OPU) procedures were canceled due to documented premature ovulation immediately before OPU. To our knowledge, this is the first article that demonstrates that switching an IVF cycle to an IUI cycle when premature ovulation occurs on the day of OPU can produce successful pregnancies, even in poor responder patients...
2016: Journal of the Turkish German Gynecological Association
K Lattes, M A Checa, R Vassena, M Brassesco, V Vernaeve
STUDY QUESTION: Does the time from ovum pick-up (OPU) to frozen embryo transfer (FET) affect reproductive outcomes in a freeze-all strategy? SUMMARY ANSWER: Our study did not detect statistically significant differences between first and subsequent cycles, clinically relevant differences are not ruled out and further and larger studies are required. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Following controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) delaying FET until the endometrium has returned to an optimal pre-stimulation state may have a significant emotional impact on patients, which adds to the stress and anxiety accompanying a standard IVF cycle...
February 2017: Human Reproduction
Yavuz Sahin, Enis Özkaya, Semra Kayatas Eser, Tayfun Kutlu, Ilhan Sanverdi, Gulden Tunali, Ates Karateke
AIM: The aim of this study was to assess the predictive value of serum substance P (SP) concentrations on oocyte maturation and clinical pregnancy. METHODS: Ninety-three women with unexplained infertility underwent intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles. Antagonist protocol was started for each participant and at the day of oocyte pick up, serum samples were obtained from each participant to assess SP concentrations, and these concentrations were utilized to predict mature/total oocyte ratio and clinical pregnancy...
December 2, 2016: Gynecological Endocrinology
Kati V M Korhonen, Hanna M Savolainen-Peltonen, Tomi S Mikkola, Aila E Tiitinen, Leila S Unkila-Kallio
OBJECTIVES: Many in vitro fertilization (IVF) complications are inflammatory by nature, some of which are even life-threatening. We evaluated the response of C-reactive protein (CRP) in IVF complications, especially in early and late ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), to support clinical decision making in gynecological emergency policlinics. STUDY DESIGN: In a prospective two-year study at Helsinki University Hospital, Finland, we recruited patients with IVF complications including moderate or severe OHSS (n=47 patients: 36 early and 14 late OHSS cases), or other IVF complications (n=13)...
December 2016: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology
N Navali, A Gassemzadeh, L Farzadi, S Abdollahi, M Nouri, K Hamdi, F Mallah, F Jalilvand
STUDY QUESTION: Does the intrauterine administration of hCG immediately after oocyte retrieval in antagonist cycles with ICSI and fresh embryo transfer (ET) influence the implantation rate or chemical and clinical pregnancy rates? SUMMARY ANSWER: The intrauterine administration of hCG after oocyte retrieval increases the implantation rate and chemical and clinical pregnancy rates. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Over half of IVF/ICSI cycles fail due to implantation failure...
November 2016: Human Reproduction
Alice Luddi, Angela Capaldo, Riccardo Focarelli, Martina Gori, Giuseppe Morgante, Paola Piomboni, Vincenzo De Leo
BACKGROUND: The status characterized by the imbalance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants molecules, defined as oxidative stress, has been suggested to be involved in the pathogenesis of subfertility in females. This study aims to evaluate the impact of a complete micronutrients supplementation on oxidative stress levels in follicular microenvironment as well as on in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcome. METHODS: This preliminary study was conducted between January 2014 and July 2015 at the Siena University Hospital Infertility Clinic...
September 7, 2016: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology: RB&E
Louise H Oliveira, Carlos P Sanches, Adriano S Seddon, Marcio B Veras, Flávio A Lima, Pedro L J Monteiro, Milo C Wiltbank, Roberto Sartori
The objective was to evaluate in vitro embryo production (IVEP) in nonlactating Holstein cows after ovarian superstimulation. Cows were randomly assigned in a crossover design to 1 of 2 groups: control (n=35), which was not synchronized and not treated with hormones before ovum pick-up (OPU), or hormone-treated (n=35), in which wave emergence was synchronized and animals treated with porcine (p)-FSH in the presence of norgestomet before OPU. In the hormone-treated group, all follicles ≥7mm in diameter were aspirated for synchronization of wave emergence and cows received a norgestomet ear implant...
November 2016: Journal of Dairy Science
Jei-Won Moon, Chung-Hoon Kim, So-Yun Park, Sung-Hoon Kim, Hee-Dong Chae, Byung-Moon Kang
In this retrospective cohort study, the effect of endometrial polypectomy carried out on the day of oocyte retrieval and on the first day of ovarian stimulation in patients with a large (≥10 mm) endometrial polyp undergoing IVF and intractyoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) was investigated and compared. A total of 74 eligible IVF-ICSI cycles in 74 women who underwent endometrial polypectomy on either the day of oocyte pick-up (late polypectomy group, 39 cycles) or the first day of ovarian stimulation (early polypectomy group, 35 cycles) between January 2007 and July 2012 were included in this study...
September 2016: Reproductive Biomedicine Online
K Dafopoulos, C I Messini, G Anifandis, P Georgoulias, D Sourlas, I E Messinis
The aim of the present study was to investigate changes of blood ghrelin, adiponectin and resistin levels in IVF/ICSI-ET cycles. Twenty women were stimulated with recombinant FSH in a GnRH agonist short protocol for IVF/ICSI. Blood samples were taken on cycle day 2 before the commencement of injections, on cycle day 6 and on the days of HCG injection, oocyte pick up (OPU), embryo transfer (ET) as well as 7 and 12 days post-ET. Serum E2 levels increased during the stimulation, peaking on the HCG day and declined thereafter (p<0...
November 23, 2016: Physiological Research
Nezaket Kadıoğlu, Başak Güler, Sibel Özler, Sevtap Kılıç, M Nedim Çiçek, A Sertaç Batıoğlu
INTRODUCTION: Our aim in this study is to evaluate the effects of in vitro fertilization (IVF), including controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) and the number of oocyte pick-up (OPU) procedures on the development of anti-ovarian antibodies (AOA). METHODS: To evaluate the effects of IVF procedures, namely, COH and OPU, serum samples for measuring AOA concentration levels by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay were collected on the third day of the menstrual cycle, at the end of the COH, and after OPU...
August 2016: Advances in Therapy
Lanlan Fang, Yiping Yu, Ruizhe Zhang, Jingyan He, Ying-Pu Sun
Growth differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8) is found in the human serum, follicular fluid and granulosa cells. Our previous studies have shown that the human cumulus expansion and steroidogenesis can be regulated by GDF-8. However, thus far, the expression profile of GDF-8 in serum and whether the level of serum GDF-8 influences pregnancy results for patients treated with in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transfer (IVF/ICSI-ET) is totally unknown. In this study, we showed that GDF-8 had a dynamic trend during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) procedure...
2016: Scientific Reports
Miro Kasum, Kristijan Kurdija, Slavko Orešković, Ermin Čehić, Dinka Pavičić-Baldani, Lana Škrgatić
The aim of the review is to analyse the combination of a gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist with a human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) trigger, for final oocyte maturation in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycles. The concept being a ''dual trigger'' combines a single dose of the GnRH agonist with a reduced or standard dosage of hCG at the time of triggering. The use of a GnRH agonist with a reduced dose of hCG in high responders demonstrated luteal phase support with improved pregnancy rates, similar to those after conventional hCG and a low risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)...
November 2016: Gynecological Endocrinology
Yasuhiro Ogata, Guang-Min Yu, Takemasa Hidaka, Tadami Matzushige, Teruo Maeda
The low efficiency of embryo production in Holstein cows during early lactation presents many challenges for animal production. To improve its efficiency, the outcomes of single GnRH injections 48 hours before each of three cycles of ovum pick up (OPU; weeks 2, 4, and 6) were compared with three cycles of unstimulated OPU (controls; weeks 1, 3, and 5) in 35 Holstein cows during 6 weeks of early lactation (40-80 days postpartum). More total follicle numbers (19.5 vs. 16.0; P < 0.05) but fewer dominant follicles (0...
October 1, 2016: Theriogenology
Xiaokun Hu, Yingyi Luo, Kejun Huang, Yubing Li, Yanwen Xu, Canquan Zhou, Qingyun Mai
The aim of this study was to investigate 2 quantification criteria to evaluate the developmental condition of follicles cohort and clarify their impacts upon the determining of human chorionic gonadotropin trigger timing and the reproductive outcome: the proportion of mature follicles in growing follicles cohort on the day of human chorionic gonadotropin trigger and the peak estradiol level per oocyte on the day of human chorionic gonadotropin administration.Of the patients who underwent in vitro fertilization/ intracytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transfer from 2011 to 2013, 492 controlled ovarian hyperstimulation cycles using gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists reaching the ovum pick-up and fresh embryo-transfer stage were included...
May 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
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