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Qingkui Fang, Gengyou Yao, Yanhong Shi, Chenchun Ding, Yi Wang, Xiangwei Wu, Rimao Hua, Haiqun Cao
The residue dynamics and risk assessment of prochloraz and its metabolite 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (2,4,6-TCP) in apple under different treatment concentrations were investigated using a GC-ECD method. The derivatization percent of prochloraz to 2,4,6-TCP was stable and complete. The recoveries of prochloraz and 2,4,6-TCP were 82.9%-114.4%, and the coefficients of variation (CV) were 0.7%-8.6% for the whole fruit, apple pulp, and apple peel samples. Under the application of 2 °C 2.0 g/L, 2 °C 1.0 g/L, 20 °C 2...
October 20, 2017: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Morteza Rashtbar, Jamshid Hadjati, Jafar Ai, Sadegh Shirian, Issa Jahanzad, Mahmoud Azami, Shiva Asadpuor, Esmaeil Sadroddiny
Decellularized extracellular matrices (ECM) based materials are routinely used for a variety of clinical applications. Hereof, in vivo application of decellularized ovine small intestinal submucosal (DOSIS) layer as, a scaffold is yet to be investigated. In this study, the effectiveness of the DOSIS scaffold, with or without rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs), in full-thickness wound healing of critical-sized defect was experimentally studied in a rat model. The experimental groups included; group I (control), group II (DOSIS), and group III (BM-MSCs-seeded DOSIS)...
October 20, 2017: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials
Lakshmanaperumal Sundarabharathi, Hemalatha Parangusan, Deepalekshmi Ponnamma, Mariam Al Ali Al-Maadeed, Mahendran Chinnaswamy
In the present investigation, we have successfully synthesized luminescent Eu(3+) -doped and Eu(3+) /Sr(2+) codoped hydroxyapatite (HA) nanoparticles through sol-gel assisted precipitation method with the aim of developing novel biomaterials containing osteoblast mineral (Sr(2+) ) and luminescence activator (Eu(3+) ). The structure, morphology, thermal stability, and luminescence properties of the resultant spherical nanoparticles (50-100 nm diameters) were studied. Moreover, the in-vitro bioactivity of Eu0...
October 20, 2017: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials
Ankita Mohapatra, Michael A Harris, David LeVine, Madhav Ghimire, Jessica A Jennings, Bashir I Morshed, Warren O Haggard, Joel D Bumgardner, Sanjay R Mishra, Tomoko Fujiwara
Local antibiotic delivery can overcome some of the shortcomings of systemic therapy, such as low local concentrations and delivery to avascular sites. A localized drug delivery system (DDS), ideally, could also use external stimuli to modulate the normal drug release profile from the DDS to provide efficacious drug administration and flexibility to healthcare providers. To achieve this objective, chitosan microbeads embedded with magnetic nanoparticles were loaded with the antibiotic vancomycin and stimulated by a high frequency alternating magnetic field...
October 20, 2017: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials
Kalpa Gunaratna, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit Sheth, Gong Cheng
Representing world knowledge in a machine processable format is important as entities and their descriptions have fueled tremendous growth in knowledge-rich information processing platforms, services, and systems. Prominent applications of knowledge graphs include search engines (e.g., Google Search and Microsoft Bing), email clients (e.g., Gmail), and intelligent personal assistants (e.g., Google Now, Amazon Echo, and Apple's Siri). In this paper, we present an approach that can summarize facts about a collection of entities by analyzing their relatedness in preference to summarizing each entity in isolation...
August 2017: IJCAI: Proceedings of the Conference
Sergio Covarrubias, Elektra K Robinson, Barbara Shapleigh, Apple Vollmers, Solomon Katzman, Nicole Hanley, Nicholas Fong, Michael T McManus, Susan Carpenter
The innate immune system protects against infections by initiating an inducible inflammatory response. NF-kappa B (NF-KB) is one of the critical transcription factors controlling this complex response, but some aspects of its regulation remain unclear. For example, although long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been shown to critically regulate gene expression, only a fraction of these have been functionally characterized, and the extent to which lncRNAs control NF-KB expression is unknown. Here, we describe the generation of a GFP-based NF-KB reporter system in immortalized murine bone marrow-derived macrophages (iBMDMs)...
October 19, 2017: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Beata Komorowska, Beata Hasiów-Jaroszewska, Julia Minicka
DNA aptamers (PSA-H and MT32) were applied for the detection of Apple stem pitting virus (ASPV) isolates using an Enzyme-Linked Oligonucleotide Assay (ELONA) and Western blot analysis. The specificity and effectiveness of aptamers were verified in comparison to a conventional Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). A genetically diverse group of ASPV isolates was tested. The results showed that aptamer MT32 detected a wider range of ASPV isolates than an aptamer PSA-H and proved to be superior to commercially available monoclonal antibodies...
October 16, 2017: Molecular and Cellular Probes
Yao Zhou, Huiqin Yang, Yiyin Shi, Jiaxian Chen, Jian Zhu, Xiaojun Deng, Dehua Guo
A method was developed for the simultaneous determination of six strobilurin fungicide (E-metominostrobin, azoxystrobin, kresoxim-methyl, picoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin and trifloxystrobin) residues in orange, banana, apple and pineapple samples by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). The fragmentation routes of all the compounds were explained by the aid of a fragment predicting software ACD Lab/MS Fragmenter. The samples were extracted by acetonitrile, then cleaned up by amino solid phase extraction cartridges (SupelClean LC-NH2)...
September 8, 2017: Se Pu, Chinese Journal of Chromatography
(no author information available yet)
J Appl Biomater Funct Mater. 2014; 12(1):13-20 What role do periodontal pathogens play in osteoarthritis and periprosthetic joint infections of the knee? Ehrlich GD, Hu FZ, Sotereanos N, Sewicke J, Parvizi J, Nara PL, Arciola CR PMID: 24921460 DOI: 10.5301/jabfm.5000203 Accepted on 09/11/2013 Available online on 02/06/2014 Published online on 12/06/2014 The above article appeared in J Appl Biomater Funct Mater 2014;12(1):13-20. The studies under the clinical trial set forth in the article were performed with a large group of co-investigators...
October 18, 2017: Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials
Arthur M Agnello, Deborah I Breth, Elizabeth M Tee, Kerik D Cox, Sara M Villani, Katrin M Ayer, Anna E Wallis, Daniel J Donahue, David B Combs, Abagail E Davis, Joshua A Neal, Forrest M English-Loeb
Xylosandrus germanus (Blandford) has caused increasing damage in high-density New York apple orchards since 2013, resulting in tree decline and death. We documented their occurrence and timing in > 50 orchards using ethanol-baited traps from 2014 to 2016. First captures ranged from 48 to 83 degree days (base 10 °C) from 1 January. Captures were numerically higher at the orchard-woods interface than within the orchard interior, but differences were not significant in locations with lower populations...
October 1, 2017: Journal of Economic Entomology
Zhehai Shang, Zhongping Lee, Qiang Dong, Jianwei Wei
Self-shading associated with a skylight-blocked approach (SBA) system for the measurement of water-leaving radiance (Lw) and its correction [Appl. Opt.52, 1693 (2013)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.52.001693] is characterized by Monte Carlo simulations, and it is found that this error is in a range of ∼1%-20% under most water properties and solar positions. A model for estimating this shading error is further developed, and eventually a scheme to correct this error based on the shaded measurements is proposed and evaluated...
September 1, 2017: Applied Optics
Humera Bibi, Khan Alam, Thomas Blaschke, Samina Bibi, Muhammad Jawed Iqbal
The authors regret the incomplete acknowledgment in Appl. Opt.55, 6199 (2016)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.55.006199.
August 10, 2017: Applied Optics
Doron Aloni, Yitzhak Yitzhaky
This publisher's note corrects the Funding section in Appl. Opt.56, 2132 (2017)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.56.002132.
July 20, 2017: Applied Optics
D E Jennings, F M Flasar, V G Kunde, C A Nixon, M E Segura, P N Romani, N Gorius, S Albright, J C Brasunas, R C Carlson, A A Mamoutkine, E Guandique, M S Kaelberer, S Aslam, R K Achterberg, G L Bjoraker, C M Anderson, V Cottini, J C Pearl, M D Smith, B E Hesman, R D Barney, S Calcutt, T J Vellacott, L J Spilker, S G Edgington, S M Brooks, P Ade, P J Schinder, A Coustenis, R Courtin, G Michel, R Fettig, S Pilorz, C Ferrari
This publisher's note renumbers the reference list in Appl. Opt.56, 5274 (2017)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.56.005274.
July 20, 2017: Applied Optics
Shih-Hao Hua, Chao-Pin Chen, Pin Han
The simple and nondestructive detection system studied in this work uses a near-infrared (NIR) detector and parallel-polarized (P-wave) NIR lasers to determine the soluble solids content (SSC) of apples. The P-wave NIR laser in this system is incident into the apple's pulp at the Brewster angle to minimize the interference caused by interfacial reflections. After the apple has been illuminated by four P-wave NIR lasers that correspond to the specified wavelengths of the SSC chemical bonds (880, 940, 980, and 1064 nm), the prediction of correlation (rp2) and the root-mean-square error for prediction (RMSEP) of the SSC are determined via partial least square regression analysis of the reflectance...
August 1, 2017: Applied Optics
Zhen Zhang, Siqing Chen, Huadong Zheng, Zhenxiang Zeng, Hongyue Gao, Yingjie Yu, Anand K Asundi
We have addressed some errors in our recent work [Appl. Opt.56, 5668 (2017)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.56.005668]. Especially, we note that the formulae for reconstruction of phase-only holograms are different from the formulae for amplitude holograms. So Eqs. (9) and (12) must be modified.
September 20, 2017: Applied Optics
Kazuya Nakano, Masafumi Takeda, Hiroyuki Suzuki
This publisher's note corrects a value in Table 3 in [Appl. Opt.56, 4474 (2017)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.56.004474].
June 10, 2017: Applied Optics
Xiao Wang, Feng Yang, Jianhua Yin, Patrick Ferrand, Sophie Brasselet
This publisher's note amends the author list and Acknowledgments in Appl. Opt.56, 2589 (2017)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.56.002589.
June 1, 2017: Applied Optics
P Sprangle, B Hafizi, A Ting, R P Fischer, C C Davis, W Nelson
The comment by Vorontsov and Weyrauch [Appl. Opt.55, 9950 (2016)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.55.009950] is aimed at rebutting the critiques in Sprangle et al. [Appl. Opt.54, F201 (2015)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.54.00F201] and Nelson et al. [Appl. Opt.55, 1757 (2016)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.55.001757]. In the comment, Vorontsov and colleagues describe their experiments aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of coherent combining of lasers on a distant target, using relatively low-power lasers and a cooperative retro-reflective target...
June 1, 2017: Applied Optics
Patrick Staples, John Torous, Ian Barnett, Kenzie Carlson, Luis Sandoval, Matcheri Keshavan, Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Sleep abnormalities are considered an important feature of schizophrenia, yet convenient and reliable sleep monitoring remains a challenge. Smartphones offer a novel solution to capture both self-reported and objective measures of sleep in schizophrenia. In this three-month observational study, 17 subjects with a diagnosis of schizophrenia currently in treatment downloaded Beiwe, a platform for digital phenotyping, on their personal Apple or Android smartphones. Subjects were given tri-weekly ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) on their own smartphones, and passive data including accelerometer, GPS, screen use, and anonymized call and text message logs was continuously collected...
2017: NPJ Schizophrenia
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