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Chenggang Wu, Abu Amar Mohamed Al Mamun, Truc Thanh Luong, Bo Hu, Jianhua Gu, Ju Huck Lee, Melissa D'Amore, Asis Das, Hung Ton-That
Fusobacterium nucleatum is a key member of the human oral biofilm. It is also implicated in preterm birth and colorectal cancer. To facilitate basic studies of fusobacterial virulence, we describe here a versatile transposon mutagenesis procedure and a pilot screen for mutants defective in biofilm formation. Out of 10 independent biofilm-defective mutants isolated, the affected genes included the homologs of the Escherichia coli cell division proteins FtsX and EnvC, the electron transport protein RnfA, and four proteins with unknown functions...
April 24, 2018: MBio
Byron L Burlingame
Wearing ring dosimeters Key words: dosimeter, ring dosimeters, finger dosimeters. Reporting a retained surgical item (RSI) Key words: reportable event, retained surgical item, RSI, retained foreign object, counts. Definition of an implant Key words: implant, implant documentation. Determining whether RN first assistants (RNFAs) must maintain CNOR certification to practice Key words: CNOR, CRNFA, RNFA, first assistant, RN first assistant. Definition of personal protective equipment (PPE) Key words: personal protective equipment, PPE, surgical attire, removing PPE...
July 2016: AORN Journal
Luyao Wang, Peter Bradstock, Chuang Li, Michael J McInerney, Lee R Krumholz
Rnf is a membrane protein complex that has been shown to be important in energy conservation. Here, Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20 and Rnf mutants of G20 were grown with different electron donor and acceptor combinations to determine the importance of Rnf in energy conservation and the type of ion gradient generated. The addition of the protonophore TCS strongly inhibited lactate-sulfate dependent growth whereas the sodium ionophore ETH2120 had no effect, indicating a role for the proton gradient during growth...
2016: PeerJ
Amber Wood
Use of count boards Key words: count, retained surgical item, RSI, count board, whiteboard, dry erase board. Subtracting items from the count Key words: count, retained surgical item, RSI, subtract, remove. Counting miscellaneous items for gynecological procedures Key words: count, retained surgical item, RSI, bulb syringe, cervical cup, vagina. RN first assistants (RNFAs) performing initial count Key words: count, retained surgical item, RSI, RNFA, first assistant.
January 2016: AORN Journal
Mary J Ogg, Byron L Burlingame, Kerrie Chambers
Complementary care interventions for pediatric patients Key words: pediatric, complementary care, music, hypnosis, acupressure, play therapy, pain, anxiety. Cleaning personal eyewear Key words: personal eyewear, eye protection, cleaning, bloodborne pathogen exposure. Education requirements for advanced practice RN (APRN) first assistants Key words: advanced practice registered nurse, APRN, registered nurse first assistant, RNFA. Degree requirements for entrance to an RN first assistant (RNFA) program Key words: registered nurse first assistant, RNFA, first assistant...
December 2015: AORN Journal
Melissa Rozakis
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is one of the most commonly performed orthopedic procedures in the United States. Repair of the ACL often requires the use of autografts or allografts, and the RN first assistant (RNFA) often is the team member responsible for preparing the graft. Common grafts used in ACL repair include bone-patellar tendon-bone, hamstring, Achilles tendon, quadriceps tendon, and tibialis anterior tendon. The RNFA must be competent in preparing all of these grafts and in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using each graft, such as the reasons for graft choice, and must ensure that all graft-related supplies and equipment are available and ready for use...
November 2014: AORN Journal
Ronald Degon
The number of online, distance-learning programs has increased to accommodate the needs of today's adult learners; these include new programs that feature perioperative courses for RN first assistants (RNFAs). Whereas the advantages of these programs include flexible schedules and the ability to participate at one's own pace, the disadvantages can include the lack of immediate access to faculty members who can answer questions or clarify information, and the added difficulty of learning a technical skill without hands-on training...
January 2010: AORN Journal
Suzanne M Pear, Theresa H Williamson
The role of the RN first assistant (RNFA) has expanded and evolved during the past three decades. Studies that have examined patient care outcomes relative to RNFAs substituting for surgeons as first assistants have noted no resulting adverse consequences, and the use of RNFAs in surgery may improve patient outcomes. This article reports on an intervention to improve surgical outcomes in patients undergoing cardiac surgery that involved replacing surgical residents with RNFAs for the harvesting of saphenous vein grafts...
June 2009: AORN Journal
Liang Feng, Derek Van Orden, Maxim Abashin, Qian-Jin Wang, Yan-Feng Chen, Vitaliy Lomakin, Yeshaiahu Fainman
We experimentally demonstrate use of plasmonic resonant phenomena combined with strong field localization to enhance efficiency of confining optical fields in a Si waveguide. Our approach utilizes a plasmonic resonant nano-focusing-antenna (RNFA), that simultaneously supports several focusing mechanisms in a single nanostructure, integrated with a lossless Si waveguide utilized with silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, to achieve a sub-diffraction limited focusing with a nanoscale (deeply subwavelength) spot size...
March 16, 2009: Optics Express
(no author information available yet)
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February 2008: Clinical Privilege White Paper
Patricia Zarnitz, Ellen Malone
Advanced practice nurses (APN) who practice in the surgical subspecialty areas may have the opportunity to expand their scope of practice to include first assistant at surgery. Surgical APNs who practice as registered nurse first assistants (RNFA) should seek credentialing and apply for institutional privileges to assure the consumer of competent providers. Credentialing as an RNFA documents the educational learning process and skills acquired, and recognizes this area of expertise. The role of the APN as an RNFA at surgery is practiced within the specialty area of perioperative nursing which includes preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care...
September 2006: Military Medicine
Jocelyne Arpin
In the wide field of nursing specialities, there is one that captured our interest; Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA). In Quebec this is a new profession (known as Nurse First Surgical Assistant or NFSA) so the author has written about the progression that has been achieved, a description of the role, a brief update about its present situation and finally a word about what the future holds.
December 2005: Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal
Grace Groetzsch
Increasingly hospitals are looking to the Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) position as a means to ensure readily available, qualified assistance for a patient's surgical intervention. Each year, in Canada, the number of RNFAs grows. As more individuals learn about the benefits of the position, through either direct experience or published reports, interest in the role increases. This, coupled with the reality of physician shortages, is bringing the RNFA role to the forefront in numerous hospitals across the country...
December 2004: Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal
Joyce DeFrancesco
The goal of marketing an RN first assistant (RNFA) business is to enhance the RNFA's professional reputation, sell the business' services, and build solid client relationships. This article provides prospective RNFA business owners with marketing strategies and techniques for finding clients and keeping their business.
December 2004: AORN Journal
B Brennan
In 1996, Bernadette Brennan, RN, was awarded a fellowship from the Australian Confederation of Operating Room Nurses (now known as the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses Ltd.) to travel to the United States to study the role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner, with an emphasis on the role of the registered nurse first assistant (RNFA). As part of this study, she undertook an RNFA course at Delaware County Community College. This article provides a description of her work to develop an educational program for RNFAs in Australia...
April 2001: Seminars in Perioperative Nursing
D A Smith
Faculty and students in the 21st century need to be skilled in the use of computer technology. In this registered nurse first assistant (RNFA) program, distance learning modalities are used to link students and faculty from different locales, expanding the accessibility of RNFA education. Independent study is used to stimulate critical thinking and skill acquisition in a safe, user friendly environment. The strategies described are simple yet powerful and can be similarly developed by faculty in other RNFA programs without the need for large budgetary expenditures or sophisticated technology...
April 2001: Seminars in Perioperative Nursing
Sheila Hughes
In 1984, AORN developed its first official statement on RN first assistant (RNFA) practice. This article is a guide for RNFAs seeking self-employment. The dynamics of change, with reference to the role of the RNFA, in perioperative nursing and entrepreneurship will be discussed. Nurses' responsibilities in this expanded role, methods of becoming a change agent, and methods of obtaining privileges to practice as a self-employed RNFA (ie, functioning under the supervision of a surgeon) in health care organizations will be identified...
April 2003: AORN Journal
Marlene B Weeks
As monetary constraints in health care increase, stakeholders search for avenues to ensure cost-effective care provision. In the perioperative environment one such avenue involves the group of health care providers supporting surgeons and patients during surgery--the surgical assistant. In Canada, general practice physicians predominantly fill this role. Another viable option promoted as a cost-effective alternative to the physician assistant is the Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA). The relationship between RNFA cost-effectiveness and role implementation and reimbursement is explored in this article...
December 2002: Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal
B Bozkurt, M Irkeç, S Tatlipinar, U Erdener, M Orhan, S Gedik, E Karaağaoğlu
This study was conducted to determine abnormalities of the GDx Glaucoma Scanning System parameters in patients with tilted discs, in order to set guidelines for the evaluation of glaucomatous damage in this situation. The objective was to determine which GDx parameters displayed the highest level of variation, and which remained unchanged in tilted disc syndrome. RNFA was polarimetrically conducted on 45 eyes from 26 subjects with tilted discs, and 43 normal eyes with Nerve Fiber Analyzer II (Laser Diagnostic Technologies)...
2001: International Ophthalmology
P K Harkins, P L Brazill
This inquiry was to determine the feasibility of creating a nursing role for first assisting in the cardiac operating room in Newfoundland and Labrador. A committee was struck to review the role as it existed in the United States and Canada. Following this, the committee gained approval from appropriate professional associations and began developing the program. The result is that three nurses are currently working as RNFA's in Cardiac Surgery and two nurses are piloting a RNFA Program for General Surgery.
December 2001: Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal
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