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Core Strength

Emily K Dudgeon, Megan Crichton, James D Chalmers
BACKGROUND: Bronchiectasis is a heterogeneous disease which affects quality of life. Measuring symptoms and quality of life has proved challenging and research is limited by extrapolation of questionnaires and treatments from other diseases. The objective of this study was to identify the major contributors to quality of life in bronchiectasis and to evaluate existing health related quality of life questionnaires in bronchiectasis. METHODS: Eight adults with bronchiectasis participated in one to one semi-structured interviews...
May 22, 2018: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Sergey A Shmakov, Kira S Makarova, Yuri I Wolf, Konstantin V Severinov, Eugene V Koonin
The CRISPR-Cas systems of bacterial and archaeal adaptive immunity consist of direct repeat arrays separated by unique spacers and multiple CRISPR-associated ( cas ) genes encoding proteins that mediate all stages of the CRISPR response. In addition to the relatively small set of core cas genes that are typically present in all CRISPR-Cas systems of a given (sub)type and are essential for the defense function, numerous genes occur in CRISPR- cas loci only sporadically. Some of these have been shown to perform various ancillary roles in CRISPR response, but the functional relevance of most remains unknown...
May 21, 2018: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Raffaele Raucci, Elodie Laine, Alessandra Carbone
Several models estimating the strength of the interaction between proteins in a complex have been proposed. By exploring the geometry of contact distribution at protein-protein interfaces, we provide an improved model of binding energy. Local interaction signal analysis (LISA) is a radial function based on terms describing favorable and non-favorable contacts obtained by density functional theory, the support-core-rim interface residue distribution, non-interacting charged residues and secondary structures contribution...
April 28, 2018: Structure
Leam A Craig, Martin Rettenberger
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Case formulations (CF) have been the cornerstone of effective practice in clinical psychology since the 1950s and now form one of the core competencies in clinical and forensic assessment. The use of CFs within forensic settings is becoming more relevant when working with offenders who have experienced significant trauma, suffered from personality disorder, and have displayed sexually abusive behavior. Furthermore, most North American and European jurisdictions insist that expert witnesses adopt an idiosyncratic approach to risk assessment and consider the characteristics of the individual as part of a wider formulation of the problem behavior...
May 19, 2018: Current Psychiatry Reports
Kiyofumi Katagiri, Yoshinori Shishijima, Kunihito Koumoto, Kei Inumaru
pH-Responsive smart capsules were developed by the layer-by-layer assembly with a colloidtemplating technique. Polystyrene (PS) particles were employed as core templates. Acid-soluble inorganic nanosheets were prepared from Mg-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) by an exfoliation technique. LDH nanosheets and anionic polyelectrolytes were alternatively deposited on PS core particles by the layer-by-layer assembly using electrostatic interaction. Hollow capsules were obtained by the removal of the PS core particles...
January 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Yuri P Panarin, Sithara P Sreenilayam, Jagdish K Vij, Anne Lehmann, Carsten Tschierske
Two homologue achiral bent-core liquid crystals (LCs), BCN66 and BCN84, in their nematic phases are studied by dielectric spectroscopy in the frequency range 10 Hz-10 MHz. In each of these compounds, two relaxation processes are identified and assigned to (i) collective dynamics of molecules in nanometer-sized cybotactic clusters and (ii) individual molecular relaxations, in the ascending order of frequency of the probe field. The temperature and the bias electric field dependence of the dielectric strength and relaxation frequency for these processes are shown to give rise to sharpness in cluster boundaries, increased size and volume fraction in the LC nematic phase...
2018: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
Mackenzie L Sennett, Gregory R Meloni, Alexandra J E Farran, Hans Guehring, Robert L Mauck, George R Dodge
Cartilage integration remains a clinical challenge for treatment of focal articular defects. Cartilage exhibits limited healing capacity that declines with tissue maturation. Many approaches have been investigated for their ability to stimulate healing of mature cartilage or integration of repair tissue or tissue-engineered constructs with native cartilage. Growth factors present in immature tissue may enhance chondrogenesis and promote integrative repair of cartilage defects. In this study, we assessed the role of one such factor, fibroblast growth factor 18 (FGF18)...
May 14, 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic Research: Official Publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society
Liu-Suo Wang, Ning-Xi Li, Jing-Jia Chen, Xiao-Peng Zhang, Feng Liu, Wei Wang
A positive and a negative feedback loop can induce bistability and oscillation, respectively, in biological networks. Nevertheless, they are frequently interlinked to perform more elaborate functions in many gene regulatory networks. Coupled positive and negative feedback loops may exhibit either oscillation or bistability depending on the intensity of the stimulus in some particular networks. It is less understood how the transition between the two dynamic modes is modulated by the positive and negative feedback loops...
April 2018: Physical Review. E
A Revel, F M Marqués, O Sorlin, T Aumann, C Caesar, M Holl, V Panin, M Vandebrouck, F Wamers, H Alvarez-Pol, L Atar, V Avdeichikov, S Beceiro-Novo, D Bemmerer, J Benlliure, C A Bertulani, J M Boillos, K Boretzky, M J G Borge, M Caamaño, E Casarejos, W N Catford, J Cederkäll, M Chartier, L Chulkov, D Cortina-Gil, E Cravo, R Crespo, U Datta Pramanik, P Díaz Fernández, I Dillmann, Z Elekes, J Enders, O Ershova, A Estradé, F Farinon, L M Fraile, M Freer, D Galaviz, H Geissel, R Gernhäuser, P Golubev, K Göbel, J Hagdahl, T Heftrich, M Heil, M Heine, A Heinz, A Henriques, A Ignatov, H T Johansson, B Jonson, J Kahlbow, N Kalantar-Nayestanaki, R Kanungo, A Kelic-Heil, A Knyazev, T Kröll, N Kurz, M Labiche, C Langer, T Le Bleis, R Lemmon, S Lindberg, J Machado, J Marganiec, A Movsesyan, E Nacher, M Najafi, T Nilsson, C Nociforo, S Paschalis, A Perea, M Petri, S Pietri, R Plag, R Reifarth, G Ribeiro, C Rigollet, M Röder, D Rossi, D Savran, H Scheit, H Simon, I Syndikus, J T Taylor, O Tengblad, R Thies, Y Togano, P Velho, V Volkov, A Wagner, H Weick, C Wheldon, G Wilson, J S Winfield, P Woods, D Yakorev, M Zhukov, A Zilges, K Zuber
The emission of neutron pairs from the neutron-rich N=12 isotones ^{18}C and ^{20}O has been studied by high-energy nucleon knockout from ^{19}N and ^{21}O secondary beams, populating unbound states of the two isotones up to 15 MeV above their two-neutron emission thresholds. The analysis of triple fragment-n-n correlations shows that the decay ^{19}N(-1p)^{18}C^{*}→^{16}C+n+n is clearly dominated by direct pair emission. The two-neutron correlation strength, the largest ever observed, suggests the predominance of a ^{14}C core surrounded by four valence neutrons arranged in strongly correlated pairs...
April 13, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Cristiano Lazzari Pinto, Claudia Lopes Brilhante Bhering, Gabriel Rodrigues de Oliveira, Angélica Maroli, Vagner Flávio Reginato, Ricardo Armini Caldas, Atais Bacchi
PURPOSE: To evaluate the influence of different post systems on the biomechanical behavior of teeth with a severe loss of remaining coronal structure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty standardized bovine teeth (n = 10 per group) were restored with: cast post-and-core (CPC), prefabricated metallic post (PFM), parallel glass-fiber post (P-FP), conical glass-fiber post (C-FP), or composite core (no post, CC). The survival rate during thermomechanical challenging (TC), the fracture strength (FS), and failure patterns (FP) were evaluated...
May 14, 2018: Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists
Shannon Sauer-Zavala, Clair Cassiello-Robbins, Amantia A Ametaj, Julianne G Wilner, Danyelle Pagan
Most patients in community practice attend significantly fewer sessions than are recommended by treatment protocols that have demonstrated efficacy in addressing emotional disorders. Personalized interventions that target the core processes thought to maintain a wide range of disorders may serve to increase treatment efficiency, addressing this gap. This study sought to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the personalized delivery of a mechanistically transdiagnostic intervention, the Unified Protocol (UP) for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders...
May 1, 2018: Behavior Modification
Ruili Shi, Keyao Li, Yan Su, Lingli Tang, Xiaoming Huang, Linwei Sai, Jijun Zhao
Using a genetic algorithm incorporated with density functional theory, we explore the ground state structures of protonated water clusters H+ (H2 O)n with n = 10-17. Then we re-optimize the isomers at B97-D/aug-cc-pVDZ level of theory. The extra proton connects with a H2 O molecule to form a H3 O+ ion in all H+ (H2 O)10-17 clusters. The lowest-energy structures adopt a monocage form at n = 10-16 and core-shell structure at n = 17 based on the MP2/aug-cc-pVTZ//B97-D/aug-cc-pVDZ+ZPE single-point-energy calculation...
May 7, 2018: Journal of Chemical Physics
Milan Rambukwella, Le Chang, Anish Ravishanker, Alessandro Fortunelli, Mauro Stener, Amala Dass
Here, we report the synthesis of selenophenol (HSePh) protected Au36(SePh)24 nanomolecules via a ligand-exchange reaction of 4-tert-butylbenzenethiol (HSPh-tBu) protected Au36(SPh-tBu)24 with selenophenol, and its spectroscopic and theoretical analysis. Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry, electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry and optical characterization confirm that the composition of the as synthesized product is predominantly Au36(SePh)24 nanomolecules. Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) was employed to isolate the Au36(SePh)24 and temperature dependent optical absorption studies and theoretical analysis were performed...
May 8, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Zhiying Ma, Shoupu He, Xingfen Wang, Junling Sun, Yan Zhang, Guiyin Zhang, Liqiang Wu, Zhikun Li, Zhihao Liu, Gaofei Sun, Yuanyuan Yan, Yinhua Jia, Jun Yang, Zhaoe Pan, Qishen Gu, Xueyuan Li, Zhengwen Sun, Panhong Dai, Zhengwen Liu, Wenfang Gong, Jinhua Wu, Mi Wang, Hengwei Liu, Keyun Feng, Huifeng Ke, Junduo Wang, Hongyu Lan, Guoning Wang, Jun Peng, Nan Wang, Liru Wang, Baoyin Pang, Zhen Peng, Ruiqiang Li, Shilin Tian, Xiongming Du
Upland cotton is the most important natural-fiber crop. The genomic variation of diverse germplasms and alleles underpinning fiber quality and yield should be extensively explored. Here, we resequenced a core collection comprising 419 accessions with 6.55-fold coverage depth and identified approximately 3.66 million SNPs for evaluating the genomic variation. We performed phenotyping across 12 environments and conducted genome-wide association study of 13 fiber-related traits. 7,383 unique SNPs were significantly associated with these traits and were located within or near 4,820 genes; more associated loci were detected for fiber quality than fiber yield, and more fiber genes were detected in the D than the A subgenome...
May 7, 2018: Nature Genetics
Xingui Chen, Gong-Jun Ji, Chunyan Zhu, Xiaomeng Bai, Lu Wang, Kongliang He, Yaxiang Gao, Longxiang Tao, Fengqiong Yu, Yanghua Tian, Kai Wang
Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) are a core symptom of schizophrenia, and resistant to antipsychotic medication in a substantial proportion of patients. This study aimed to investigate the neural correlates of AVHs in schizophrenia patients and its response to a modified continuous theta-burst stimulation (cTBS) by transcranial magnetic stimulation. In a cross-sectional experiment, resting-state functional magnetic resonance images were collected from 31 AVH schizophrenia patients, 26 non-AVH schizophrenia patients, and 33 sex-/age-matched healthy controls (HCs)...
May 3, 2018: Schizophrenia Bulletin
Rajesh Vyas, S R Suchitra, Prafulla T Gaikwad, Vishwanath Gurumurthy, Suraj Arora, Shashit Shetty
Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the capacity to resist fracture in different core buildup materials with porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown. Materials and methods: Totally, 45 mandibular single rooted first premolars were collected, which were sound along with similar shape and size. The teeth were sectioned at 15 mm above the root apex sparing the sound tooth structure. The teeth were endodontically treated with the crown-down technique using nickel-titanium (NiTi) instrumentation. The specimens were randomized into three groups as per the core materials used and were labeled accordingly...
April 1, 2018: Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
Lauren N Siff, Audra J Hill, Samantha J Walters, Ginny Walters, Mark D Walters
OBJECTIVE: The aim oft his study was to compare the effects of 10 common exercises to traditional pelvic floor muscle (PFM) contractions (Kegel) on levator hiatus (LH) area and PFM length and strength. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study of 15 healthy postpartum women. Ten exercises were studied. These were common variations of leg, core, and back exercises used in yoga, Pilates, strength training, and physical therapy. Each participant performed all 10 exercises at a single visit in 2 examination settings: transperineal ultrasound and perineometry...
May 2, 2018: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
Naoya Suzuki, Kayo Suda, Daisuke Yokogawa, Hirotaka Kitoh-Nishioka, Stephan Irle, Akihiro Ando, Luis M G Abegão, Kenji Kamada, Aiko Fukazawa, Shigehiro Yamaguchi
Fluorophores that can undergo excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) represent promising scaffolds for the design of compounds that show red-shifted fluorescence. Herein, we disclose new near infrared-emissive materials based on a dialkylamine-strapped 2,5-dithienylpyrrole as an ESIPT scaffold. The introduction of electron-accepting units to the terminal positions of this scaffold generates acceptor-π-donor-π-acceptor (A-π-D-π-A) type π-conjugated compounds. Following the ESIPT, the electron-donating ability of the core scaffold increases, which results in a substantially red-shifted emission in the NIR region, while increasing the oscillator strength...
March 14, 2018: Chemical Science
Guenther Glatz, Alexandre Lapene, Louis M Castanier, Anthony R Kovscek
A conventional high-pressure/high-temperature experimental apparatus for combined geomechanical and flow-through testing of rocks is not X-ray compatible. Additionally, current X-ray transparent systems for computed tomography (CT) of cm-sized samples are limited to design temperatures below 180 °C. We describe a novel, high-temperature (>400 °C), high-pressure (>2000 psi/>13.8 MPa confining, >10 000 psi/>68.9 MPa vertical load) triaxial core holder suitable for X-ray CT scanning. The new triaxial system permits time-lapse imaging to capture the role of effective stress on fluid distribution and porous medium mechanics...
April 2018: Review of Scientific Instruments
Mohamed A S Zaghloul, Mohan Wang, Sheng Huang, Cyril Hnatovsky, Dan Grobnic, Stephen Mihailov, Ming-Jun Li, David Carpenter, Lin-Wen Hu, Joshua Daw, Guillaume Laffont, Simon Nehr, Kevin P Chen
This paper reports the testing results of radiation resistant fiber Bragg grating (FBG) in random air-line (RAL) fibers in comparison with FBGs in other radiation-hardened fibers. FBGs in RAL fibers were fabricated by 80 fs ultrafast laser pulse using a phase mask approach. The fiber Bragg gratings tests were carried out in the core region of a 6 MW MIT research reactor (MITR) at a steady temperature above 600°C and an average fast neutron (>1 MeV) flux >1.2 × 1014 n/cm2 /s. Fifty five-day tests of FBG sensors showed less than 5 dB reduction in FBG peak strength after over 1 × 1020 n/cm2 of accumulated fast neutron dose...
April 30, 2018: Optics Express
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