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Siméon Ponou, Sven Lidin
In this article four new ternary phases of RE7Co2Ge4 (RE = La-Nd) are reported. They were synthesized by a solid-state reaction of the elements at high temperature, and their crystal structures were investigated by single crystal X-ray diffraction data. The isostructural phases crystallize in a new monoclinic structure type, space group P21/c, Z = 4, Pearson code mP52, and Wyckoff sequence e(13). They feature planar {Co4Ge6} clusters consisting of a benzene-like six-membered (Co4Ge2) metal heterocycle and four Co-Ge exo-bonds...
November 3, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Tatiana Smirnova, Laura Bonapace, Gwen MacDonald, Shunya Kondo, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Hilmar Ebersbach, Bérengère Fayard, Arno Doelemeyer, Marie-May Coissieux, Marinus R Heideman, Mohamed Bentires-Alj, Nancy E Hynes
The extracellular serine protease inhibitor serpinE2 is overexpressed in breast cancer and has been shown to foster metastatic spread. Here, we investigated the hypothesis that serpinE2 creates tumor-promoting conditions in the tumor microenvironment (TME) by affecting extracellular matrix remodeling. Using two different breast cancer models, we show that blocking serpinE2, either by knock-down (KD) in tumor cells or in response to a serpinE2 binding antibody, decreases metastatic dissemination from primary tumors to the lungs...
October 26, 2016: Oncotarget
Maxime Cailleret, Steven Jansen, Elisabeth M R Robert, Lucía Desoto, Tuomas Aakala, Joseph A Antos, Barbara Beikircher, Christof Bigler, Harald Bugmann, Marco Caccianiga, Vojtěch Čada, J Julio Camarero, Paolo Cherubini, Hervé Cochard, Marie R Coyea, Katarina Čufar, Adrian J Das, Hendrik Davi, Sylvain Delzon, Michael Dorman, Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo, Sten Gillner, Laurel J Haavik, Henrik Hartmann, Ana-Maria Hereş, Kevin R Hultine, Pavel Janda, Jeffrey M Kane, Vyacheslav I Kharuk, Thomas Kitzberger, Tamir Klein, Koen Kramer, Frederic Lens, Tom Levanic, Juan Carlos Linares Calderon, Francisco Lloret, Raquel Lobo-Do-Vale, Fabio Lombardi, Rosana López Rodríguez, Harri Mäkinen, Stefan Mayr, Ilona Mészáros, Juha M Metsaranta, Francesco Minunno, Walter Oberhuber, Andreas Papadopoulos, Mikko Peltoniemi, Any Mary Petritan, Brigitte Rohner, Gabriel Sangüesa-Barreda, Dimitrios Sarris, Jeremy M Smith, Amanda B Stan, Frank Sterck, Dejan B Stojanović, Maria Laura Suarez, Miroslav Svoboda, Roberto Tognetti, José M Torres-Ruiz, Volodymyr Trotsiuk, Ricardo Villalba, Floor Vodde, Alana R Westwood, Peter H Wyckoff, Nikolay Zafirov, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta
Tree mortality is a key factor influencing forest functions and dynamics, but our understanding of the mechanisms leading to mortality and the associated changes in tree growth rates are still limited. We compiled a new pan-continental tree-ring width database from sites where both dead and living trees were sampled (2,970 dead and 4,224 living trees from 190 sites, including 36 species), and compared early and recent growth rates between trees that died and those that survived a given mortality event. We observed a decrease in radial growth before death in ca...
October 19, 2016: Global Change Biology
Weijie Zhou, Fengjuan Pan, Lei Zhou, Dejian Hou, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Hongbin Liang
In this work, we report the tunable emission properties of Ce(3+) in an apatite-type LiY9(SiO4)6O2 compound via adjusting the doping concentration or temperature. The occupancies of Ce(3+) ions at two different sites (Wyckoff 6h and 4f sites) in LiY9(SiO4)6O2 have been determined by Rietveld refinements. Two kinds of Ce(3+) f-d transitions have been studied in detail and then assigned to certain sites. The effects of temperature and doping concentration on Ce(3+) luminescence properties have been systematically investigated...
October 4, 2016: Inorganic Chemistry
Isabel F Augur, Andrew R Wyckoff, Gary Aston-Jones, Peter W Kalivas, Jamie Peters
UNLABELLED: The ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) has been shown to negatively regulate cocaine-seeking behavior, but the precise conditions by which vmPFC activity can be exploited to reduce cocaine relapse are currently unknown. We used viral-mediated gene transfer of designer receptors (DREADDs) to activate vmPFC neurons and examine the consequences on cocaine seeking in a rat self-administration model of relapse. Activation of vmPFC neurons with the Gq-DREADD reduced reinstatement of cocaine seeking elicited by cocaine-associated cues, but not by cocaine itself...
September 28, 2016: Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience
Evan M Forman, Meghan L Butryn, Stephanie M Manasse, Ross D Crosby, Stephanie P Goldstein, Emily P Wyckoff, J Graham Thomas
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy, as well as potential moderators and mediators, of a revised acceptance-based behavioral treatment (ABT) for obesity, relative to standard behavioral treatment (SBT). METHODS: Participants with overweight and obesity (n = 190) were randomized to 25 sessions of ABT or SBT over 1 year. Primary outcome (weight), mediator, and moderator measurements were taken at baseline, 6 months, and/or 12 months, and weight was also measured every session...
October 2016: Obesity
Jing W Hughes, Jennifer A Wyckoff, Abby S Hollander, Colin P Derdeyn, Janet B McGill
CONTEXT: Moyamoya syndrome is an idiopathic brain vasculopathy characterized by stenosis of major intracranial arteries. It often presents in patients with type 1 diabetes or thyroid disease and may have an autoimmune etiology. Moyamoya-related stroke poses a diagnostic challenge as initial symptoms and deficits vary greatly from classic ischemic stroke to encephalopathy, psychiatric, or seizure disorder. CASE DESCRIPTION: We report 4 patients with type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases who developed moyamoya-related stroke at a young age...
November 2016: Journal of Diabetes and its Complications
Massimo Nespolo, Mois I Aroyo
Volume A of International Tables for Crystallography is the reference for space-group information. However, the content is not exhaustive because for many space groups a variety of settings may be chosen but not all of them are described in detail or even fully listed. The use of alternative settings may seem an unnecessary complication when the purpose is just to describe a crystal structure; however, these are of the utmost importance for a number of tasks, such as the investigation of structure relations between polymorphs or derivative structures, the study of pseudo-symmetry and its potential consequences, and the analysis of the common substructure of twins...
September 1, 2016: Acta Crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and Advances
Cheryl Stroud, Igor Dmitriev, Elena Kashentseva, Jeffrey N Bryan, David T Curiel, Hans Rindt, Carol Reinero, Carolyn J Henry, Philip J Bergman, Nicola J Mason, Josephine S Gnanandarajah, Julie B Engiles, Falon Gray, Danielle Laughlin, Anita Gaurnier-Hausser, Anu Wallecha, Margie Huebner, Yvonne Paterson, Daniel O'Connor, Laura S Treml, James P Stannard, James L Cook, Marc Jacobs, Gerald J Wyckoff, Lee Likins, Ubadah Sabbagh, Andrew Skaff, Amado S Guloy, Harlen D Hays, Amy K LeBlanc, Joan R Coates, Martin L Katz, Leslie A Lyons, Gayle C Johnson, Gary S Johnson, Dennis P O'Brien, Dongsheng Duan, James P Calvet, Barbara Gandolfi, David A Baron, Mark L Weiss, Debra A Webster, Francis N Karanu, Edward J Robb, Robert J Harman
A1 One health advances and successes in comparative medicine and translational researchCheryl StroudA2 Dendritic cell-targeted gorilla adenoviral vector for cancer vaccination for canine melanomaIgor Dmitriev, Elena Kashentseva, Jeffrey N. Bryan, David T. CurielA3 Viroimmunotherapy for malignant melanoma in the companion dog modelJeffrey N. Bryan, David Curiel, Igor Dmitriev, Elena Kashentseva, Hans Rindt, Carol Reinero, Carolyn J. HenryA4 Of mice and men (and dogs!): development of a commercially licensed xenogeneic DNA vaccine for companion animals with malignant melanomaPhilip J...
August 2016: Clinical and Translational Medicine
Mohammed Hadouchi, Abderrazzak Assani, Mohamed Saadi, Lahcen El Ammari
Single crystals of the title compounds, disodium di(cobalt/iron) cobalt tris-(orthovanadate), Na2(Fe/Co)2Co(VO4)3, and disilver di(cobalt/iron) cobalt tris-(orthovanadate), Ag2(Fe/Co)2Co(VO4)3, were grown from a melt consisting of stoichiometric mixtures of three metallic cation precursors and vanadium pentoxide. The difficulty to distinguish between cobalt and iron by using X-ray diffraction alone forced us to explore several models, assuming an oxidation state of +II for Co and +III for Fe and a partial cationic disorder in the Wyckoff site 8f containing a mixture of Co and Fe with a statistical distribution for the Na compound and an occupancy ratio of 0...
July 1, 2016: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Sanjay Chawla, Elizabeth E Foglia, Vishal Kapadia, Myra H Wyckoff
The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network (NRN) has examined the effects of various obstetrical perinatal interventions and neonatal delivery room practices on the newborn with particular focus on those born preterm. Studies exploring the effects and safety of various antepartum maternal medications and the effects of the route and timing of delivery are examined. The NRN has contributed key studies to the evidence base for the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation neonatal resuscitation guidelines...
October 2016: Seminars in Perinatology
Nansi S Boghossian, Nellie I Hansen, Edward F Bell, Jane E Brumbaugh, Barbara J Stoll, Abbot R Laptook, Seetha Shankaran, Myra H Wyckoff, Tarah T Colaizy, Abhik Das, Rosemary D Higgins
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Little is known about in-hospital morbidities and neurodevelopmental outcomes among extremely preterm infants born to women with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). We examined risks of mortality, in-hospital morbidities, and neurodevelopmental outcomes at 18 to 22 months' corrected age between extremely preterm infants of women with insulin use before pregnancy (IBP), with insulin use started during pregnancy (IDP), and without IDDM. METHODS: Infants 22 to 28 weeks' gestation born or cared for at a Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network center (2006-2011) were studied...
June 2016: Pediatrics
Qingfeng Guo, Qidi Wang, Liwei Jiang, Libing Liao, Haikun Liu, Lefu Mei
The lutetium containing nitride apatite Lu5(SiO4)3N was prepared by a solid state reaction at high temperature for the first time. Rietveld refinement indicated that the Lu5(SiO4)3N compound has a hexagonal space group of P63/m with cell parameters a = b = 9.700 Å and c = 7.238 Å. Additionally, the results revealed that there are two distinct lutetium sites in the Lu5(SiO4)3N host lattice, i.e. a Lu(1) site with nine coordination (Wyckoff site 4f) and a Lu(2) site with seven coordination (Wyckoff site 6h)...
June 21, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Ubadah Sabbagh, Saman Mullegama, Gerald J Wyckoff
The purpose of this study was to find genes linked with eating disorders and associated with both metabolic and neural systems. Our operating hypothesis was that there are genetic factors underlying some eating disorders resting in both those pathways. Specifically, we are interested in disorders that may rest in both sleep and metabolic function, generally called Night Eating Syndrome (NES). A meta-analysis of the Gene Expression Omnibus targeting the mammalian nervous system, sleep, and obesity studies was performed, yielding numerous genes of interest...
2016: BioMed Research International
Hui Zhang, Chao Zhang, Tao Hu, Xun Zhan, Xiaohui Wang, Yanchun Zhou
Tilt-dominated grain boundaries have been investigated in depth in the deformation of MAX phases. In stark contrast, another important type of grain boundaries, twist grain boundaries, have long been overlooked. Here, we report on the observation of small angle twist sub-grain boundaries in a typical MAX phase Ti3AlC2 compressed at 1200 °C, which comprise hexagonal screw dislocation networks formed by basal dislocation reactions. By first-principles investigations on atomic-scale deformation and general stacking fault energy landscapes, it is unequivocally demonstrated that the twist sub-grain boundaries are most likely located between Al and Ti4f (Ti located at the 4f Wyckoff sites of P63/mmc) layers, with breaking of the weakly bonded Al-Ti4f...
2016: Scientific Reports
Si Chen, Huicai Cheng, Kristen N Wyckoff, Qiang He
To identify potential linkages between specific bacterial populations and process performance in anaerobic digestion, the dynamics of bacterial community structure was monitored with high-throughput sequencing in triplicate anaerobic digesters treating animal waste. Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes were found as the two most abundant populations, however, with contrasting population dynamics in response to organic overloading. Firmicutes dominated the bacterial community during stable process performance at low organic loading rate, representing over 50 % of the bacterial abundance...
June 2016: Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology
G Carmona, U Perera, C Gillett, A Naba, A-L Law, V P Sharma, J Wang, J Wyckoff, M Balsamo, F Mosis, M De Piano, J Monypenny, N Woodman, R E McConnell, G Mouneimne, M Van Hemelrijck, Y Cao, J Condeelis, R O Hynes, F B Gertler, M Krause
Cancer invasion is a hallmark of metastasis. The mesenchymal mode of cancer cell invasion is mediated by elongated membrane protrusions driven by the assembly of branched F-actin networks. How deregulation of actin regulators promotes cancer cell invasion is still enigmatic. We report that increased expression and membrane localization of the actin regulator Lamellipodin correlate with reduced metastasis-free survival and poor prognosis in breast cancer patients. In agreement, we find that Lamellipodin depletion reduced lung metastasis in an orthotopic mouse breast cancer model...
September 29, 2016: Oncogene
Elhassan Benhsina, Abderrazzak Assani, Mohamed Saadi, Lahcen El Ammari
The title compound, sodium (sodium,manganese) triiron(II,III) tris[vana-date(V)], (Na0.70)(Na0.70,Mn0.30)(Fe(3+),Fe(2+))2Fe(2+)(VO4)3, was prepared by solid-state reactions. It crystallizes in an alluaudite-like structure, characterized by a partial cationic disorder. In the structure, four of the 12 sites in the asymmetric unit are located on special positions, three on a twofold rotation axis (Wyckoff position 4e) and one on an inversion centre (4b). Two sites on the twofold rotation axis are entirely filled by Fe(2+) and V(5+), whereas the third site has a partial occupancy of 70% by Na(+)...
February 1, 2016: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Elaine L Duryea, David B Nelson, Myra H Wyckoff, Erica N Grant, Weike Tao, Neeti Sadana, Lina F Chalak, Donald D McIntire, Kenneth J Leveno
BACKGROUND: Neonatal hypothermia is common at the time of cesarean delivery and has been associated with a constellation of morbidities in addition to increased neonatal mortality. Additionally, maternal hypothermia is often uncomfortable for the surgical patient and has been associated with intraoperative and postoperative complications. Various methods to decrease the rates of neonatal and maternal hypothermia have been examined and found to have varying levels of success. OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine whether an increase in operating room temperature at cesarean delivery results in a decrease in the rate of neonatal hypothermia and associated morbidities...
April 2016: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hans Reuter, Natalia Röwekamp-Krugley, Marius Imwalle, Simona Keil, Martin Reichelt
The title compound, [SnBr4(C4H8S2)] {systematic name: catena-poly[[tetrabromidotin(IV)]-μ-1,4-dithiane-κ(2) S:S']}, represents the first 1,4-di-thiane complex with tin as coordination centre. The asymmetric unit consist of half a formula unit with the tin(IV) atom at the centre of symmetry at 0,0,1/2 (Wyckoff symbol b) and a centrosymmetric 1,4-di-thiane mol-ecule with the centre of symmetry in 1/2,0,1 (Wyckoff symbol c). The tin(IV) atom is coordinated in a distorted octa-hedral manner by the four bromine atoms and two sulfur atoms of two 1,4-di-thiane mol-ecules in a trans-position...
December 1, 2015: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
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