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David Rizo-Roca, Juan Gabriel Ríos-Kristjánsson, Cristian Núñez-Espinosa, Estela Santos-Alves, Ines O Goncalves, Jose Magalhaes, Antonio A Ascensao, Teresa Pagès, Ginés Viscor, Joan Ramon Torrella
Unaccustomed eccentric exercise leads to muscle morphological and functional alterations, including microvasculature damage, the repair of which is modulated by hypoxia. Here we present the effects of intermittent hypobaric hypoxia and exercise on recovery from eccentric-induced muscle damage (EEIMD). Soleus muscles from trained rats were excised pre- (CTRL) and 1, 3, 7 and 14 days after a double session of EEIMD protocol. A recovery treatment consisting of one of the following protocols was applied one day after the EEIMD: passive normobaric recovery (PNR), a 4-hour daily exposure to passive hypobaric hypoxia at 4000m (PHR) or hypobaric hypoxia exposure followed by aerobic exercise (AHR)...
October 20, 2016: Journal of Applied Physiology
Sonia Menon, Aibibula Wusiman, Marie Claude Boily, Mbabazi Kariisa, Hillary Mabeya, Stanley Luchters, Frode Forland, Rodolfo Rossi, Steven Callens, Davy Vanden Broeck
BACKGROUND: There is a scarcity of data on the distribution of human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes in the HIV positive population and in invasive cervical cancer (ICC) in Kenya. This may be different from genotypes found in abnormal cytology. Yet, with the advent of preventive HPV vaccines that target HPV 16 and 18, and the nonavalent vaccine targeting 90% of all ICC cases, such HPV genotype distribution data are indispensable for predicting the impact of vaccination and HPV screening on prevention...
2016: PloS One
Juqiao Su, Zhongguo Zhao, Yajiang Huang, Xia Liao, Qi Yang
Hybridization of modified functional graphene oxide (fGO) in silica-filled solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) endows preferable tensile and dynamic properties before and after thermal oxidative aging, and similar mechanical hysteresis performance compared with the composites without fGO. The preventing mechanism of fGO is attributed to its intrinsic peroxy radical scavenging and gas barrier abilities, which significantly reduces the peroxy radical concentration and oxygen permeability of nanocomposites and then prolongs oxidative induction time (OIT), characterized by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)...
October 14, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Leyou Zhang, Qing Wu, Yi Mu, Jingxia Zhang
As a new summarized record of an individual's medical data and information, Personal Health Record (PHR) can be accessible online. The owner can control fully his/her PHR files to be shared with different users such as doctors, clinic agents, and friends. However, in an open network environment like in the Cloud, these sensitive privacy information may be gotten by those unauthorized parties and users. In this paper, we consider how to achieve PHR data confidentiality and provide fine-grained access control of PHR files in the public Cloud based on Attribute Based Encryption(ABE)...
December 2016: Journal of Medical Systems
Yinbin Miao, Jianfeng Ma, Ximeng Liu, Fushan Wei, Zhiquan Liu, Xu An Wang
Online personal health record (PHR) is more inclined to shift data storage and search operations to cloud server so as to enjoy the elastic resources and lessen computational burden in cloud storage. As multiple patients' data is always stored in the cloud server simultaneously, it is a challenge to guarantee the confidentiality of PHR data and allow data users to search encrypted data in an efficient and privacy-preserving way. To this end, we design a secure cryptographic primitive called as attribute-based multi-keyword search over encrypted personal health records in multi-owner setting to support both fine-grained access control and multi-keyword search via Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption...
November 2016: Journal of Medical Systems
Min-Huey Chung, Cheng-Hsun Ho, Hsyien-Chia Wen
OBJECTIVE: The American Nurses Association endorsed the use of online patient personal health records (PHRs) and challenged all nurses to obtain the health records of patients. However, few studies have explored the factors associated with the intentions of nurses to use patient PHRs. Our study used an extended technology acceptance model, with the theory of planned behavior and perceived credibility, to explore factors associated with the intentions of nurses to use patient PHRs. METHODS: This cross-sectional quantitative study comprised a sample of 635 nurses who had worked full time for at least 3 months, and they were recruited from three hospitals affiliated with a university in northern Taiwan...
November 2016: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Emily K Hartman, Guy D Eslick
OBJECTIVE: Previous meta-analyses have examined the prognosis of women with pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC) as well as pregnancy that follows breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, many additional studies have been performed. We conducted an updated meta-analysis to examine the prognosis for women who become pregnant before, during and after a diagnosis of breast cancer. We also performed analyses on the various subgroups within PABC such as pregnancy and postpartum cases, as well as on time periods postpartum...
November 2016: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Pascale Roger Dalbert, Marie-Charlotte d'Anjou
Compilio is a free and secure personal health record (PHR). It is an Internet based innovative tool for families and health professionals. Compilio aims to improve the coordination of the care course for people having specific needs related to a handicap or a chronic disease. Compilio is a project of the "Agence régionale de Santé Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes" and the NGO network R4P (Regional Network of Pediatric Re-education and Re-adaptation in Rhône-Alpes), developed with the participation of Civil hospices of Lyon and GCS SISRA...
September 2016: Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Jorge G Ruiz, Allen D Andrade, Christie Hogue, Chandana Karanam, Sisir Akkineni, David Cevallos, Ramanakumar Anam, Joseph Sharit
Personal health records (PHRs) are intended to increase patients' access to and ownership over their health care information for self-management purposes. The purpose of this study was to determine the association of graph literacy with adoption of an online PHR and, among adopters with self-reported skills, the frequency of use and intent to return to use the PHR . We conducted a cross-sectional survey of veterans receiving outpatient care. We measured health literacy, numeracy, graph literacy, and Internet and PHR adoption and use...
2016: Journal of Health Communication
Marco H Schulze, Fabian M Völker, Raimond Lugert, Paul Cooper, Kai Hasenclever, Uwe Groß, Herbert Pfister, Steffi Silling
Data about the prevalence of human papillomaviruses (HPV) in African women with normal and abnormal cervical cytology are still scarce. Current HPV vaccines contain HPV types, which mainly represent the HPV epidemiology of industrial countries. As further developments of HPV vaccines are going on, it is necessary to regard regional differences in HPV type prevalence to ensure optimal protection by the vaccine. Vaginal swabs of Ghanaian pregnant women, routinely collected before delivery to rule out bacterial infections causing early onset sepsis, were screened for 12 high-risk (HR), 13 probably/possibly (pHR), and 18 low-risk (LR) HPV types...
September 6, 2016: Medical Microbiology and Immunology
S Ryan Greysen, Yimdriuska Magan Mendoza, Jaime Rosenthal, Ronald Jacolbia, Alvin Rajkomar, Herman Lee, Andrew Auerbach
BACKGROUND: Inadequate patient engagement in care is a major barrier to successful transitions from the inpatient setting and can lead to preventable adverse events after discharge, particularly for older adults. While older adults may be less familiar with mobile devices and applications, they may benefit from focused bedside training to engage them in using their Personal Health Record (PHR). Mobile technologies such as tablet computers can be used in the hospital to help bridge this gap in experience by teaching older, hospitalized patients to actively manage their medication list through their PHR during hospitalization and continue to use their PHR for other post-discharge tasks such as scheduling follow-up appointments, viewing test results, and communicating with providers...
September 6, 2016: JMIR Research Protocols
Xuan Ma, Yong-Bin Ou, Yong-Feng Gao, Stanley Lutts, Tao-Tao Li, Yang Wang, Yong-Fu Chen, Yu-Fang Sun, Yin-An Yao
The effects of moderate salinity on the responses of woody plants to UV-B radiation were investigated using two Populus species (Populus alba and Populus russkii). Under UV-B radiation, moderate salinity reduced the oxidation pressure in both species, as indicated by lower levels of cellular H2O2 and membrane peroxidation, and weakened the inhibition of photochemical efficiency expressed by O-J-I-P changes. UV-B-induced DNA lesions in chloroplast and nucleus were alleviated by salinity, which could be explained by the higher expression levels of DNA repair system genes under UV-B&salt condition, such as the PHR, DDB2, and MutSα genes...
2016: Scientific Reports
Carina Seerainer, Stefan W Sabutsch
When it comes to establishing and operating a nationwide personal health record (PHR), effective and efficient terminology management including the development, administration, maintenance and publishing of terminologies is a precondition for semantic interoperability. In the Austrian national patient health record "ELGA" all relevant terminologies are provided and distributed by means of a CTS2-conformant terminology server. In the following article, issues and lessons learned from terminology management in a large-scale eHealth project are presented...
2016: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Hanshu Hong, Di Chen, Zhixin Sun
BACKGROUND: Attribute based encryption has been widely applied for secure data protection in PHR systems. However, since different users may share the same attributes in the system, a user may leaks his private key for illegal data sharing without being detected. This will add more threat to the private data stored in PHR system. FINDING: To help users achieve higher efficiency and more secure data sharing in mobile PHR system, based on previous works, we study the traitor tracing mechanism in attribute based cryptosystem and propose a high efficient attribute based encryption with user accountability in mobile PHR system...
2016: SpringerPlus
Jessica S Ancker, Baria Hafeez, Rainu Kaushal
OBJECTIVES: Since 2009, federal policies have incentivized medical organizations to provide medical record access to patients. We sought to track personal health record (PHR) adoption and differences by sociodemographic group over time. STUDY DESIGN: Random-digit-dial survey conducted for 4 consecutive years in New York state. METHODS: The Empire State Poll is a random digit-dial survey conducted every year in New York state, with an annual sample size of 800 individuals, weighted to create a representative state sample...
August 2016: American Journal of Managed Care
Zhi-Bo Xie, Xiao-Bo Wang, De-Liang Fu, Jian-Hong Zhong, Xia-Wei Yang, Le-Qun Li
BACKGROUND: Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma have the risk of postoperative hepatitis B virus (HBV) reactivation (PHR). Antiviral therapy was given to patients with detectable HBV DNA levels but not to patients with undetectable HBV DNA levels. METHODS: In this retrospective study, 258 patients were enrolled (HBV DNA levels <500 copies/mL group, n=159, and HBV DNA levels >500 copies/mL group, n=99). RESULTS: A total of 50 patients (19...
2016: OncoTargets and Therapy
Noriko Satoh-Asahara, Hiroto Ito, Tomoyuki Akashi, Hajime Yamakage, Kazuhiko Kotani, Daisuke Nagata, Kazuyuki Nakagome, Mitsuhiko Noda
PURPOSE: Depression is frequently observed in people with diabetes. The purpose of this study is to develop a tool for individuals with diabetes and depression to communicate their comorbid conditions to health-care providers. METHOD: We searched the Internet to review patient-held medical records (PHRs) of patients with diabetes and examine current levels of integration of diabetes and depression care in Japan. RESULTS: Eight sets of PHRs were found for people with diabetes...
2016: Japanese Clinical Medicine
Wan Juan Chen, Xingrong Zeng, Xuejun Lai, Hongqiang Li, Wei Zhen Fang, Fei Hou
How to effectively improve the tracking and erosion resistance of silicone rubber (SR) was an urgent topic in the field of high-voltage insulation. In this work, the tracking and erosion resistance of SR was significantly improved by incorporating platinum (Pt) catalyst and nitrogen-containing silane (NS). The suppression effect and mechanism of Pt/NS on tracking and erosion were studied by inclined plane (IP) test, thermogravimetry (TG), thermogravimetry-Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, laser Raman spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy...
August 17, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Qian Zhang, Yufeng Zhou, Fengmei Yu, Lixian Song, Sumin Sun, Zhongyuan Lu, Ai Lu
In this work thermo sensitivity was investigated with the bound rubber theory and thermoelasticity theory of the polymer-filler interface interaction between Polymethylvinylsiloxane (PMVS) and nanofillers (fumed and precipitated silica with the primary particle size of 10 nanometres). Bound rubber (the transition phase between PMVS and silica) content was measured by sol-gel analysis and swelling experiments. Results showed that the amount of bound rubber increases steadily with the increases of filler content...
March 2016: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Seuli Bose-Brill, Matthew Kretovics, Taylor Ballenger, Gabriella Modan, Albert Lai, Lindsay Belanger, Stephen Koesters, Taylor Pressler-Vydra, Christopher Holloman, Celia Wills
OBJECTIVES: The process of planning for end-of life decisions, also known as advance care planning (ACP), is associated with numerous positive outcomes, including improved patient satisfaction with care and improved patient quality of life in terminal illness. In this study, we sought to test a novel personal health record (PHR)-delivered ACP framework through a small-scale randomized trial of usual care practices versus PHR-delivered ACP. STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled pilot intervention...
2016: American Journal of Managed Care
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