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Luis A Flores, Julia G Murphy, William B Copeland, David A Dixon
Adsorption of CO2 to uranium oxide, (UO3)n, clusters was modeled using density functional theory (DFT) and coupled cluster theory (CCSD(T)). Geometries and reaction energies were predicted for carbonate formation (chemisorption) and Lewis acid-base addition of CO2 (physisorption) to these (UO3)n clusters. Chemisorption of multiple CO2 moieties was also modeled for dimer and trimer clusters. Physisorption and chemisorption were both predicted to be thermodynamically allowed for (UO3)n clusters, with chemisorption being the more thermodynamically favorable than physisorption...
October 13, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
F Zhu, Z Jiang, H-W Li
OBJECTIVE: In this prospective cohort study, the efficacy and action mechanism of an intestinal probiotic formulation, Golden Bifid, in severe hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) were determined in 63 consecutively admitted patients successfully treated in the Pediatrics Emergency Department of our hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS: All patients had a persistent fever; 43 patients had rashes on hands, feet, crissum, and hips; and 45 patients had neurological signs and symptoms...
September 2017: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
Guang-Bo Wang, Karen Leus, Kevin Hendrickx, Jelle Wieme, Hannes Depauw, Ying-Ya Liu, Veronique Van Speybroeck, Pascal Van Der Voort
In this work, we present the successful synthesis of a series of sulfonic acid functionalized mixed-linker metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) having the DUT-4 topology by using different ratios of 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid (H2-NDC) and 4,8-disulfonaphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylic acid (H2-NDC-2SO3H) in one-pot reactions. The obtained materials were fully characterized and their CO2 adsorption properties at low and high pressures were studied and compared with those of the pristine DUT-4 material. Generally, the CO2 adsorption capacities range from 3...
October 13, 2017: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Charlotte Petersen, Mette D Nielsen, Elise S Andersen, Astrid L Basse, Marie S Isidor, Lasse K Markussen, Birgitte M Viuff, Ian H Lambert, Jacob B Hansen, Stine F Pedersen
Adipose tissue takes up glucose and releases lactate, thereby contributing significantly to systemic glucose and lactate homeostasis. This implies the necessity of upregulation of net acid and lactate flux capacity during adipocyte differentiation and function. However, the regulation of lactate- and acid/base transporters in adipocytes is poorly understood. Here, we tested the hypothesis that adipocyte thermogenesis, browning and differentiation are associated with an upregulation of plasma membrane lactate and acid/base transport capacity that in turn is important for adipocyte metabolism...
October 12, 2017: Scientific Reports
Maria Giovanna Gandolfi, Fausto Zamparini, Micaela Degli Esposti, Federica Chiellini, Conrado Aparicio, Fabio Fava, Paola Fabbri, Paola Taddei, Carlo Prati
Polylactic acid (PLA), dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) and/or hydraulic calcium silicate (CaSi) have been used to prepare highly-porous scaffolds by thermally induced phase separation technique (TIPS). Three experimental mineral-doped formulations were prepared (PLA-10CaSi, PLA-5CaSi-5DCPD, PLA-10CaSi-10DCPD). Pure PLA scaffolds constituted the control group. Scaffolds were tested for their chemical-physical and biological properties, namely calcium release, alkalinizing activity, surface microchemistry and micromorphology by ESEM, apatite-forming ability by EDX, micro-Raman and IR spectroscopy, thermal properties by differential scanning calorimetry, mechanical properties by quasi-static parallel-plates compression testing, porosity by a standard water-absorption method and direct-contact cytotoxicity...
January 1, 2018: Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Xiaoshun He, Fei Ji, Zhiheng Zhang, Yunhua Tang, Lu Yang, Shanzhou Huang, Wenwen Li, Qiao Su, Wei Xiong, Zebin Zhu, Linhe Wang, Lei Lv, Jiyou Yao, Linan Zhang, Longjuan Zhang, Zhiyong Guo
It has been showed that combined liver-kidney normothermic machine perfusion (NMP) is able to better maintain the circuit's biochemical milieu. Nevertheless, whether the combined perfusion is superior to liver perfusion alone in protecting livers from donation after cardiac death (DCD) is unclear. We aimed to test the hypothesis and explored the mechanisms. Livers from 15 DCD pig donors were subjected to either static cold storage group (Group A), liver alone NMP group (Group B), or combined liver-kidney NMP group (Group C)...
October 10, 2017: Liver Transplantation
Chan Cao, Jie Yu, Meng-Yin Li, Ya-Qian Wang, He Tian, Yi-Tao Long
Direct, low-cost, label-free, and enzyme-free identification of single nucleobase is a great challenge for genomic studies. Here, this study reports that wild-type aerolysin can directly identify the difference of four types of single nucleobase (adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine) in a free DNA oligomer while avoiding the operations of additional DNA immobilization, adapter incorporation, and the use of the processing enzyme. The nanoconfined space of aerolysin enables DNA molecules to be limited in the narrow pore...
October 11, 2017: Small
Monika Astasov-Frauenhoffer, Muth M Varenganayil, Alan W Decho, Tuomas Waltimo, Olivier Braissant
Caries-associated biofilms induce loss of calcium from tooth surfaces in the presence of dietary carbohydrates. Exopolysaccharides (EPS) provide a matrix scaffold and an abundance of primary binding sites within biofilms. The role of EPS in binding calcium in cariogenic biofilms is only partially understood. Thus, the aim of the present study is to investigate the relationship between the calcium dissolution rates and calcium tolerance of caries-associated bacteria and yeast as well as to examine the properties of EPS to quantify its binding affinity for dissolved calcium...
2017: PloS One
Jungyeon Ji, Han-Ik Joh, Yongjin Chung, Yongchai Kwon
Glucose oxidase (GOx) and polyacrylic acid (PAA) based water swellable non-toxic enzyme-polymer conjugate (PAA-GOx) was immobilized on a substrate consisting of graphene oxide (GO) and polyethyleneimine (PEI) (GO-PEI) and the electrochemical performances of the new catalyst were investigated. According to the measurements, although the amount of GOx immobilized on PAA-GOx was lower than that on glutaraldehyde (GA)-GOx, which is a conventionally used conjugate, its catalytic activity was 9.6 times higher than that of GA-GOx...
October 12, 2017: Nanoscale
Fumiaki Imamura, Stephen J Sharp, Albert Koulman, Matthias B Schulze, Janine Kröger, Julian L Griffin, José M Huerta, Marcela Guevara, Ivonne Sluijs, Antonio Agudo, Eva Ardanaz, Beverley Balkau, Heiner Boeing, Veronique Chajes, Christina C Dahm, Courtney Dow, Guy Fagherazzi, Edith J M Feskens, Paul W Franks, Diana Gavrila, Marc Gunter, Rudolf Kaaks, Timothy J Key, Kay-Tee Khaw, Tilman Kühn, Olle Melander, Elena Molina-Portillo, Peter M Nilsson, Anja Olsen, Kim Overvad, Domenico Palli, Salvatore Panico, Olov Rolandsson, Sabina Sieri, Carlotta Sacerdote, Nadia Slimani, Annemieke M W Spijkerman, Anne Tjønneland, Rosario Tumino, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Claudia Langenberg, Elio Riboli, Nita G Forouhi, Nick J Wareham
BACKGROUND: Combinations of multiple fatty acids may influence cardiometabolic risk more than single fatty acids. The association of a combination of fatty acids with incident type 2 diabetes (T2D) has not been evaluated. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We measured plasma phospholipid fatty acids by gas chromatography in 27,296 adults, including 12,132 incident cases of T2D, over the follow-up period between baseline (1991-1998) and 31 December 2007 in 8 European countries in EPIC-InterAct, a nested case-cohort study...
October 2017: PLoS Medicine
Jonas Elm
The molecular interactions between sulfuric acid (sa) and methylamine (ma) are investigated using computational methods. The molecular structures and vibrational frequencies of (sa)a(ma)b clusters, with a, b à 4 were obtained with the ωB97X-D func- tional using a 6-31++G(d,p) basis set. The single point energies were corrected us- ing the domain-based local pair natural orbital coupled cluster method - DLPNO- CCSD(T) - with an aug-cc-pVTZ basis set. The calculated Gibbs free energies (∆G) of the clusters are used to calculate the evaporation rates of the (sa)a(ma)b cluster sys- tem and compare them to the corresponding ammonia clusters...
October 11, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
Bhawna Sharma, Rachael M Crist, Pavan P Adiseshaiah
Genomic analyses from patients with cancer have improved the understanding of the genetic elements that drive the disease, provided new targets for treating this relentless disease, and offered criteria for stratifying patient populations that will benefit most from treatments. In the last decade, several new targeted therapies have been approved by the FDA based on these omics findings, leading to significantly improved survival and quality of life for select patient populations. However, many of these precision medicines, e...
October 10, 2017: AAPS Journal
Kun Jia, Guangyu Wang, Lijiao Liang, Meng Wang, Huhu Wang, Xinglian Xu
Salmonella has emerged as a well-recognized food-borne pathogen, with many strains able to form biofilms and thus cause cross-contamination in food processing environments where acid-based disinfectants are widely encountered. In the present study, RNA sequencing was employed to establish complete transcriptome profiles of Salmonella Enteritidis in the forms of planktonic and biofilm-associated cells cultured in Tryptic Soytone Broth (TSB) and acidic TSB (aTSB). The gene expression patterns of S. Enteritidis significantly differed between biofilm-associated and planktonic cells cultivated under the same conditions...
2017: Frontiers in Microbiology
Juergen Pauluhn
This paper reviews the results from past regulatory and mechanistic inhalation studies in rats with the type II pyrethroid Cyfluthrin. Apart from many chemical irritants, Cyfluthrin was shown to be a neuroexcitatory agent without any inherent tissue-destructive or irritant property. Thus, any Cyfluthrin-induced neuroexcitatory afferent sensory stimulus from peripheral nociceptors in the upper respiratory tract is likely to be perceived as a transient stimulus triggering annoyance and/or avoidance by both rats and humans...
October 7, 2017: Toxicology Letters
Yusuke Sato, Yasuyuki Kusaka, Motoyoshi Kobayashi
To understand the charging and aggregation of cellulose nanofiber (CNF), we performed the following experimental and theoretical studies. The charging behavior of CNF was characterized by potentiometric acid-base titration measuring the density of deprotonated carboxyl groups at different KCl concentrations. The charging behavior from the titration was quantitatively described by the 1-pK Poisson-Boltzmann (PB) model for a cylinder. The electrophoretic mobility of CNF was measured as a function of pH by electrophoretic light scattering...
October 10, 2017: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Denis Malvy, Daouda Sissoko, Alseny-Modet Camara
During the 2013-2016 west African Ebola outbreak that affected West Africa, accelerated clinical trials, testing unproven but promising and potentially lifesaving experimental interventions emerged as a key component of the global outbreak. In 2017, no Ebola medical countermeasures had proven antiviral efficacy in patients. However, in September 2014, the World Health Organization inventoried a list of potential drug candidates developed or repurposed with demonstrated antiviral efficacy in vitro or in animal models...
October 2017: Médecine Sciences: M/S
Antonio E Muñiz
BACKGROUND: Valproic acid (VPA) is increasingly used to treat a variety of medical disorders, such as seizures, psychiatric disorders, and headaches. Therefore, accidental and intentional ingestions with valproic acid are increasing. OBJECTIVES: A case is presented in an adolescent with ischemic electrocardiographic changes after an acute overdose with VPA. DISCUSSION: Major features of a valproic acid overdose include respiratory depression, progressive coma, hepatotoxicity, thrombocytopenia, and hemodynamic instability...
September 2017: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Xiuwen Yi, Cindy Fransisca, Ya He, Yinghui Liu, Sha Lu, Liya He, Liyan Xi
Chromoblastomycosis (CBM), one of the neglected tropical diseases, is hard to cure and easy to be recurrent. Many studies suggest that macrophage is involved in the pathogenesis of chromoblastomycosis and the fungicidal effect of 5-Aminolaevulinic Acid-Based Photodynamic Therapy (ALA-PDT) against F. monophora (one of the main causative agent of chromoblastomycosis) has shown great promise. However, the fungicidal ability of ALA-PDT to F. monophora is still controversial and the molecular mechanism and immune mechanism of ALA-PDT against F...
September 18, 2017: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology
Shuoxun Dong, Yili Wang, Yiwen Zhao, Xiaohui Zhou, Huaili Zheng
In this study, La(3+)(ion)/La(OH)3-W/La(OH)3-EW-loaded magnetic cationic hydrogel (MCH) composites were fabricated in situ and characterized to investigate the effects of lanthanum species on phosphate adsorption. The corresponding maximum P adsorption capacities of MCH-loaded La(3+)(ion) (MCH-La(3+)(ion)), La(OH)3-W (MCH-La(OH)3-W), and La(OH)3-EW (MCH-La(OH)3-EW) were 70.5 ± 2.67, 69.2 ± 3.5, and 90.2 ± 2.9 mg P/g, respectively. Furthermore, for MCH-La(OH)3-EW, the P adsorption capacity was maintained relatively stable and high at pH 4...
September 28, 2017: Water Research
Fabio Daniel Masevicius, Paolo Nahuel Rubatto Birri, Alejandro Risso Vazquez, Facundo Emanuel Zechner, María Fernanda Motta, Emilio Daniel Valenzuela Espinoza, Sebastián Welsh, Ernesto Fidel Guerra Arias, Mariano Andrés Furche, Fernando Daniel Berdaguer, Arnaldo Dubin
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the association between the concentration of the causative anions responsible for the main types of metabolic acidosis and the outcome. DESIGN: Prospective observational study. SETTING: Teaching ICU. PATIENTS: All patients admitted from January 2006 to December 2014. INTERVENTIONS: None. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Four thousand nine hundred one patients were admitted throughout the study period; 1,609 met criteria for metabolic acidosis and 145 had normal acid-base values...
October 6, 2017: Critical Care Medicine
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