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Yu Hua Wong, Halimah Muhamad, Faridah Abas, Oi Ming Lai, Kar Lin Nyam, Chin Ping Tan
The effects of frying duration, frying temperature and concentration of sodium chloride on the formation of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) esters and glycidyl esters (GEs) of refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) palm olein during deep-fat frying (at 160°C and 180°C) of potato chips (0%, 1%, 3% and 5% NaCl) for 100min/d for five consecutive days in eight systems were compared in this study. All oil samples collected after each frying cycle were analyzed for 3-MCPD esters, GEs, free fatty acid (FFA) contents, specific extinction at 232 and 268 nm (K232 and K268), p-anisidine value (pAV), and fatty acid composition...
March 15, 2017: Food Chemistry
Davy Vancampfort, Michel Probst, Sabine Wyckaert, Marc De Hert, Brendon Stubbs, Simon Rosenbaum, Pascal Sienaert
The most significant contributor to premature mortality in patients with bipolar disorder is preventable cardiovascular diseases. This study investigated if the Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS) assessment (two questions which clarify if a person meets the recommended 150min of physical activity per week) can identify patients with bipolar disorder at higher risk of cardio-metabolic abnormalities. Clinical differences between those who adhere and those who did not adhere to the physical activity guidelines were investigated using an ANCOVA controlling for age and gender...
October 5, 2016: Psychiatry Research
Davide S Risso, Julia Kozlitina, Eduardo Sainz, Joanne Gutierrez, Stephen Wooding, Betelihem Getachew, Donata Luiselli, Carla J Berg, Dennis Drayna
Common TAS2R38 taste receptor gene variants specify the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide (PTC), 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) and structurally related compounds. Tobacco smoke contains a complex mixture of chemical substances of varying structure and functionality, some of which activate different taste receptors. Accordingly, it has been suggested that non-taster individuals may be more likely to smoke because of their inability to taste bitter compounds present in tobacco smoke, but results to date have been conflicting...
2016: PloS One
Boas Pucker, Daniela Holtgräwe, Thomas Rosleff Sörensen, Ralf Stracke, Prisca Viehöver, Bernd Weisshaar
Arabidopsis thaliana is the most important model organism for fundamental plant biology. The genome diversity of different accessions of this species has been intensively studied, for example in the 1001 genome project which led to the identification of many small nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and small insertions and deletions (InDels). In addition, presence/absence variation (PAV), copy number variation (CNV) and mobile genetic elements contribute to genomic differences between A. thaliana accessions. To address larger genome rearrangements between the A...
2016: PloS One
Brian Stegman, Mingyuan Shao, Stephen J Nicholls, Mohamed Elshazly, Leslie Cho, Peta King, Samir Kapadia, Murat Tuzcu, Steven E Nissen, Rishi Puri
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: High-intensity statin therapy (HIST) reduces cardiovascular events, however, sex-related differences in treatment effects are not well characterized. METHODS: A patient-level post hoc pooled analysis of 3 randomized trials utilizing serial coronary intravascular ultrasound was undertaken, testing the anti-atherosclerotic effects of HIST in coronary disease patients. Sex-related differences in changes (Δ) in coronary percent atheroma volume (PAV) were ascertained following 18-24 months of HIST (atorvastatin 80 mg or rosuvastatin 40 mg daily), and further characterized according to on-treatment lipid and lipoprotein levels...
September 15, 2016: Atherosclerosis
Ayumi Nagasawa-Masuda, Kenta Terai
Vasculogenesis is essential during early development to construct networks transporting oxygen, blood and nutrients. Tip and stalk cells are specialized endothelial cells involved in novel vessel formation because of their behavior such as sprouting as a leading cell and following tip cell. However, the spatiotemporal details determining the emergence of these cells are unknown. Here, we first show that the ERK activity in endothelial cells represents the precursor of tip and stalk cells for vasculogenesis in zebrafish...
October 3, 2016: Genes to Cells: Devoted to Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms
Gui-Fang Wang, Bing Qi, Lei-Lei Tu, Lian Liu, Guo-Cheng Yu, Jing-Xiang Zhong
AIM: To construct adenovirus vectors of lumican gene by gateway recombinant cloning technology to further understand the role of lumican gene in myopia. METHODS: Gateway recombinant cloning technology was used to construct adenovirus vectors. The wild-type (wt) and mutant (mut) forms of the lumican gene were synthesized and amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The lumican cDNA fragments were purified and ligated into the adenovirus shuttle vector pDown-multiple cloning site (MCS)-/internal ribozyme entry site (IRES)/enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP)...
2016: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Jun Deng, Sai Wu, Mengyun Yao, Changyou Gao
Chirality is one of the ubiquitous phenomena in biological systems. The left handed (L-) amino acids and right handed (D-) sugars are normally found in proteins, and in RNAs and DNAs, respectively. The effect of chiral surfaces at the nanoscale on cellular uptake has, however, not been explored. This study reveals for the first time the molecular chirality on gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) functions as a direct regulator for cellular uptake. Monolayers of 2-mercaptoacetyl-L(D)-valine (L(D)-MAV) and poly(acryloyl-L(D)-valine (L(D)-PAV) chiral molecules were formed on AuNPs surface, respectively...
2016: Scientific Reports
Rishi Puri, Steven E Nissen, Mingyuan Shao, Mohamed B Elshazly, Yu Kataoka, Samir R Kapadia, E Murat Tuzcu, Stephen J Nicholls
OBJECTIVES: Non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDLC) levels reflect the full burden of cholesterol transported in atherogenic lipoproteins. Genetic studies suggest a causal association between elevated triglycerides (TGs)-rich lipoproteins and atherosclerosis. We evaluated associations between achieved non-HDLC and TG levels on changes in coronary atheroma volume. APPROACH AND RESULTS: Data were analyzed from 9 clinical trials involving 4957 patients with coronary disease undergoing serial intravascular ultrasonography to assess changes in percent atheroma volume (ΔPAV) and were evaluated against on-treatment non-HDLC and TG levels...
August 11, 2016: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Colleen N McLaughlin, Inna V Nechipurenko, Nan Liu, Heather T Broihier
FoxO proteins are evolutionarily conserved regulators of neuronal structure and function, yet the neuron-specific pathways within which they act are poorly understood. To elucidate neuronal FoxO function in Drosophila melanogaster, we first screened for FoxO's upstream regulators and downstream effectors. On the upstream side, we present genetic and molecular pathway analyses indicating that the Toll-6 receptor, the Toll/interleukin-1 receptor domain adaptor dSARM, and FoxO function in a linear pathway. On the downstream side, we find that Toll-6-FoxO signaling represses the mitotic kinesin Pavarotti/MKLP1 (Pav-KLP), which itself attenuates microtubule (MT) dynamics...
August 15, 2016: Journal of Cell Biology
Yu Yu Sapicheva, Yu V Skripkin, D A Zhgulev, M I Prishchepo, V V Likhvantsev
A case of successful therapy of the patient with viral and bacterial pneumonia, prolonged ventilation (137 days) and tracheoesophagealfistula presented. The possibility of optimizing the gas exchange in the lungs by selecting appropriate modes of mechanical ventilation with the use ofproportional assist ventilation of the lungs (PVVL or PAV +), rather than suppressing patient's own attempts is shown.
March 2016: Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia
Mohamed B Elshazly, Stephen J Nicholls, Steven E Nissen, Julie St John, Seth S Martin, Steven R Jones, Renato Quispe, Brian Stegman, Samir R Kapadia, E Murat Tuzcu, Rishi Puri
The total cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (TC/HDL-C) ratio may quantify atherogenic lipoproteins beyond low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), non-HDL-C and apolipoprotein B (apoB). We analyzed pooled data from 9 trials involving 4,957 patients with coronary artery disease undergoing serial intravascular ultrasonography to assess changes in percent atheroma volume (ΔPAV) and 2-year major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE) rates when TC/HDL-C levels were discordant with LDL-C, non-HDL-C, and apoB...
September 1, 2016: American Journal of Cardiology
Thiago B C da Silva, Cinara O D'Sousa Costa, Alexandre F C Galvão, Larissa M Bomfim, Ana Carolina B da C Rodrigues, Mauricio C S Mota, Alex A Dantas, Tiago R Dos Santos, Milena B P Soares, Daniel P Bezerra
BACKGROUND: Great biodiversity is a highlight of Brazilian flora. In contrast, the therapeutic potentialities of most species used in folk medicine remain unknown. Several of these species are commonly used to treat cancer. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxic activity of 18 plants from 16 families that are found in the northeast region of Brazil. METHODS: The following species were studied: Byrsonima sericea DC. (Malpighiaceae), Cupania impressinervia Acev...
2016: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
John M Boland
The Tijuana River Valley is the first natural habitat in California to be substantially invaded by the Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer (KSHB, Euwallacea sp.), an ambrosia beetle native to Southeast Asia. This paper documents the distribution of the KSHB in the riparian vegetation in the valley and assesses the damage done to the vegetation as of early 2016, approximately six months after the beetle was first observed in the valley. I divided the riparian habitats into 29 survey units so that the vegetation within each unit was relatively homogenous in terms of plant species composition, age and density...
2016: PeerJ
Dimitris Georgopoulos, Nectaria Xirouchaki, Nikolaos Tzanakis, Magdy Younes
The data show respiratory variables in 108 critically ill patients with acute respiratory failure placed on proportional assist ventilation with load adjustable gain factors (PAV+) after at least 36 h on passive mechanical ventilation. PAV+ was continued for 48 h until the patients met pre-defined criteria either for switching to controlled modes or for breathing without ventilator assistance. Data during passive mechanical ventilation and during PAV+ are reported. Data are acquired from the whole population, as well as from patients with and without acute respiratory distress syndrome...
September 2016: Data in Brief
Rebecca K Vandegeer, Kevin S Powell, Michael Tausz
Plant antioxidants ascorbate and glutathione play an important role in regulating potentially harmful reactive oxygen species produced in response to virus infection. Barley yellow dwarf virus is a widespread viral pathogen that systemically infects cereal crops including wheat, barley and oats. In addition, rising atmospheric CO2 will alter plant growth and metabolism, including many potential but not well understood effects on plant-virus interactions. In order to better understand the wheat-BYDV interaction and any potential changes under elevated CO2, the total concentration and oxidised fraction of ascorbate and glutathione was measured in leaves of a susceptible wheat cultivar (Triticum aestivum L...
May 20, 2016: Journal of Plant Physiology
Bin Hu, Jun Deng, Honghao Zheng, Shan Yu, Changyou Gao
Chirality is one of the most fascinating and ubiquitous features in nature, especially in biological systems. The effects of chiral surfaces, especially in combination with degradable materials of good biocompatibility, on stem cell behaviors has not yet been tackled. In this communication, the chiral monomers N-acryloyl-l(d)-valine (l(d)-AV) are synthesized and are polymerized to obtain chiral (l(d)-PAV-SH) oligomers, which are covalently immobilized onto electron-deficient poly(propylene fumarate) polyurethane (PPFU) via Michael addition...
August 2016: Macromolecular Rapid Communications
R Di Mussi, S Spadaro, C A Volta, T Stripoli, A Armenise, L Pisani, R G Renna, A Civita, G Altamura, F Bruno, S Grasso
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
G Minas, N Koronakis, S Fetta, L Kypri, T Kyprianou
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
E Rohrs, S Reynolds, J Zurba
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
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