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Sharon R Lewis, David Jw Evans, Andrew R Butler, Oliver J Schofield-Robinson, Phil Alderson
BACKGROUND: Hypothermia has been used in the treatment of brain injury for many years. Encouraging results from small trials and laboratory studies led to renewed interest in the area and some larger trials. OBJECTIVES: To determine the effect of mild hypothermia for traumatic brain injury (TBI) on mortality, long-term functional outcomes and complications. SEARCH METHODS: We ran and incorporated studies from database searches to 21 March 2016...
September 21, 2017: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Quan Li, Mengmeng Li, Xianpeng Yu, Jiqiang He, Yuechun Gao, Xiaoling Zhang, Changyan Wu, Yawei Luo, Yuchen Zhang, Xuejun Ren
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between the mean platelet aggregation degree and long-term clinical outcomes in patients receiving a complex percutaneous coronary intervention (CPCI). PATIENTS AND METHODS: We screened 2141 patients after a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) treated with aspirin and clopidogrel. CPCI was defined as a procedure targeted to at least one of the following: left main disease, bifurcation lesion, ostial lesion, chronic total occlusion, and small-vessel stenting...
September 2017: Coronary Artery Disease
Abigail Moore, Helen F Ashdown, Bethany Shinkins, Nia W Roberts, Cameron C Grant, Daniel S Lasserson, Anthony Harnden
BACKGROUND: Pertussis (whooping cough) is a highly infective cause of cough that causes significant morbidity and mortality. Existing case definitions include paroxysmal cough, whooping, and posttussive vomiting, but diagnosis can be difficult. We determined the diagnostic accuracy of clinical characteristics of pertussis-associated cough. METHODS: We systematically searched CINAHL, Embase, Medline, and SCI-EXPANDED/CPCI-S up to June 2016. Eligible studies compared clinical characteristics in those positive and negative for Bordetella pertussis infection, confirmed by laboratory investigations...
August 2017: Chest
Kunal N Karmali, Stephen D Persell, Pablo Perel, Donald M Lloyd-Jones, Mark A Berendsen, Mark D Huffman
BACKGROUND: The current paradigm for cardiovascular disease (CVD) emphasises absolute risk assessment to guide treatment decisions in primary prevention. Although the derivation and validation of multivariable risk assessment tools, or CVD risk scores, have attracted considerable attention, their effect on clinical outcomes is uncertain. OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of evaluating and providing CVD risk scores in adults without prevalent CVD on cardiovascular outcomes, risk factor levels, preventive medication prescribing, and health behaviours...
March 14, 2017: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Charles Benaim, Bertrand Léger, Philippe Vuistiner, François Luthi
Background. The "Patterns of Activity Measure" (POAM-P) is a self-administered questionnaire that assesses "avoidance", "pacing" and "overdoing" activity patterns in chronic pain patients. Objectives. To adapt the POAM-P to French ("POAM-P/F") and test its validity and reliability in Chronic Musculo-Skeletal Pain patients (CMSP). Methods. We followed the recommended procedure for translation of questionnaires. Five hundred and ninety five inpatients, admitted to a tertiary rehab center in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for chronic pain after orthopedic trauma, were included (sex ratio M/F = 4...
2017: Pain Research & Management: the Journal of the Canadian Pain Society
L W M E Beckers, M L A P Schnackers, Y J Janssen-Potten, J Kleijnen, B Steenbergen
INTRODUCTION: Given the promising advantages of upper extremity home-based programmes in children with cerebral palsy (CP), a systematic review of the available literature on this topic is warranted. The purpose of the systematic review described in this protocol is to investigate currently available home-based occupational therapy and physiotherapy programmes regarding both their feasibility and effect. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: This protocol describes a systematic review, developed in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols (PRISMA-P) 2015...
February 24, 2017: BMJ Open
Lona Jawaheer, Caroline J MacEwen, Deepa Anijeet
BACKGROUND: A dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedure aims to restore drainage of tears by bypassing a blockage in the nasolacrimal duct, through the creation of a bony ostium that allows communication between the lacrimal sac and the nasal cavity. It can be performed using endonasal or external approaches. The comparative success rates of these two approaches have not yet been established and this review aims to evaluate the relevant up-to-date research. OBJECTIVES: The primary aim of this review is to compare the success rates of endonasal DCR with that of external DCR...
February 24, 2017: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Dan Li, Xiaoguang Hu
Because of the high availability requirements from weapon equipment, an in-depth study has been conducted on the real-time fault-tolerance of the widely applied Compact PCI (CPCI) bus measurement and control system. A redundancy design method that uses heartbeat detection to connect the primary and alternate devices has been developed. To address the low successful execution rate and relatively large waste of time slices in the primary version of the task software, an improved algorithm for real-time fault-tolerant scheduling is proposed based on the Basic Checking available time Elimination idle time (BCE) algorithm, applying a single-neuron self-adaptive proportion sum differential (PSD) controller...
January 12, 2017: ISA Transactions
Junpeng Ma, Siqing Huang, Shu Qin, Chao You, Yunhui Zeng
BACKGROUND: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death and disability, and the identification of effective, inexpensive and widely practicable treatments for brain injury is of great public health importance worldwide. Progesterone is a naturally produced hormone that has well-defined pharmacokinetics, is widely available, inexpensive, and has steroidal, neuroactive and neurosteroidal actions in the central nervous system. It is, therefore, a potential candidate for treating TBI patients...
December 22, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Paula Huber, Nadia Diovisalvi, Marcela Ferraro, Sebastián Metz, Leonardo Lagomarsino, María Eugenia Llames, Marta Royo-Llonch, José Bustingorry, Roberto Escaray, Silvia G Acinas, Josep M Gasol, Fernando Unrein
Picocyanobacteria can occur as single-cell (Pcy) or as colonies (CPcy). Published evidence suggests that some Pcy strains have the capability to aggregate under certain culture conditions, however this has not been demonstrated to occur in natural environments. We investigated whether the Pcy and CPcy belong to the same species (i.e. phylotype), and the factors that determine their morphological and genetic variability in a hypertrophic shallow lake dominated by picocyanobacteria. Six main different morphologies and >30 phylotypes were observed...
March 2017: Environmental Microbiology
Marie Westwood, Bram Ramaekers, Shona Lang, Nigel Armstrong, Caro Noake, Shelley de Kock, Manuela Joore, Johan Severens, Jos Kleijnen
BACKGROUND: Allergy is a form of immune-mediated exaggerated sensitivity (hypersensitivity) to a substance that is either inhaled, swallowed, injected or comes into contact with the skin. Foreign substances that provoke allergies are called allergens. It has been claimed that multiplex allergen testing may help in diagnosing the cause of symptoms in patients with an unclear cause of allergy or who are allergic to more than one substance. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate multiplex allergen testing [devices that can measure the presence of multiple immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in a patient's blood at the same time], by assessing (1) clinical effectiveness (allergy symptoms, incidence of acute exacerbations, mortality, adverse events of testing and treatment, health-care presentations or admissions, health-related quality of life); (2) effects on treatment (diet, immunotherapy medications, other potential testing); (3) any additional diagnostic information provided by multiplex allergen testing; and (4) cost-effectiveness (cost of different assessment strategies)...
September 2016: Health Technology Assessment: HTA
Deqing Peng, Yongjian Zhu
BACKGROUND: Chronic subdural haematoma (CSDH) is one of the most common types of intracranial haematoma, and often occurs in older people. Burr-hole craniostomy, which is an evacuation through one or two burr holes drilled over the site of the haematoma, has been widely accepted as the most effective way to manage CSDH. Recurrences are a major problem and need reoperation, sometimes repeatedly. OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects and safety of the use of external drains versus no drains after burr-hole evacuation for the treatment of CSDH in adults...
August 31, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Jessica I Bravo Zuñiga, César Loza Munárriz, Jesús López-Alcalde
BACKGROUND: The hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects about 2% of the world's population and can cause chronic liver infection and persistent long-term sequelae such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.The prevalence of HCV infection among people on haemodialysis is often higher than the general population. The virus is easily transmitted parenterally, and blood transfusions have previously played a significant role in transmission; however, erythropoietin therapy has reduced the need for transfusions, and coupled with improved screening of donated blood, has significantly decreased transmission by transfusion...
August 11, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Sarah C Totton, Julie M Glanville, Rungano S Dzikamunhenga, James S Dickson, Annette M O'Connor
OBJECTIVE: In this systematic review, we summarized change in Salmonella prevalence and/or quantity associated with pathogen reduction treatments (washes, sprays, steam) on pork carcasses or skin-on carcass parts in comparative designs (natural or artificial contamination). METHODS: In January 2015, CAB Abstracts (1910-2015), SCI and CPCI-Science (1900-2015), Medline® and Medline® In-Process (1946-2015) (OVIDSP),, and Safe Pork (1996-2012) were searched with no language or publication type restrictions...
June 2016: Animal Health Research Reviews
Mark Linden, Carol Hawley, Bronagh Blackwood, Jonathan Evans, Vicki Anderson, Conall O'Rourke
BACKGROUND: The use of technology in healthcare settings is on the increase and may represent a cost-effective means of delivering rehabilitation. Reductions in treatment time, and delivery in the home, are also thought to be benefits of this approach. Children and adolescents with brain injury often experience deficits in memory and executive functioning that can negatively affect their school work, social lives, and future occupations. Effective interventions that can be delivered at home, without the need for high-cost clinical involvement, could provide a means to address a current lack of provision...
July 1, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Yen-Fu Chen, Amunpreet Boyal, Elizabeth Sutton, Xavier Armoiry, Samuel Watson, Julian Bion, Carolyn Tarrant
BACKGROUND: Growing literature has demonstrated that patients admitted to hospital during weekends tend to have less favourable outcomes, including increased mortality, compared with similar patients admitted during weekdays. Major policy interventions such as the 7-day services programme in the UK NHS have been initiated to reduce this weekend effect, although the mechanisms behind the effect are unclear. Here, we propose a mixed methods review to systematically examine the literature surrounding the magnitude and mechanisms of the weekend effect...
May 21, 2016: Systematic Reviews
Maunank Shah, Colleen Hanrahan, Zhuo Yu Wang, Nandini Dendukuri, Stephen D Lawn, Claudia M Denkinger, Karen R Steingart
BACKGROUND: Rapid detection of tuberculosis (TB) among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a global health priority. HIV-associated TB may have different clinical presentations and is challenging to diagnose. Conventional sputum tests have reduced sensitivity in HIV-positive individuals, who have higher rates of extrapulmonary TB compared with HIV-negative individuals. The lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan assay (LF-LAM) is a new, commercially available point-of-care test that detects lipoarabinomannan (LAM), a lipopolysaccharide present in mycobacterial cell walls, in people with active TB disease...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Gennaro Giustino, Usman Baber, Melissa Aquino, Samantha Sartori, Gregg W Stone, Martin B Leon, Philippe Genereux, George D Dangas, Jaya Chandrasekhar, Takeshi Kimura, Olga Salianski, Giulio G Stefanini, P Gabriel Steg, Stephan Windecker, William Wijns, Patrick W Serruys, Marco Valgimigli, Marie-Claude Morice, Edoardo Camenzind, Giora Weisz, Pieter C Smits, David E Kandzari, Soren Galatius, Clemens Von Birgelen, Robert Saporito, Raban V Jeger, Ghada W Mikhail, Dipti Itchhaporia, Laxmi Mehta, Rebecca Ortega, Hyo-Soo Kim, Adnan Kastrati, Alaide Chieffo, Roxana Mehran
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of new-generation drug-eluting stents (DES) versus early-generation DES in women undergoing complex percutaneous coronary intervention (CPCI). BACKGROUND: Whether the benefits of new-generation DES are preserved in women undergoing complex percutaneous revascularization is unknown. METHODS: We pooled patient-level data from women enrolled in 26 randomized trials of DES...
April 11, 2016: JACC. Cardiovascular Interventions
Kirstine L Sibilitz, Selina K Berg, Lars H Tang, Signe S Risom, Christian Gluud, Jane Lindschou, Lars Kober, Christian Hassager, Rod S Taylor, Ann-Dorthe Zwisler
BACKGROUND: Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation may benefit heart valve surgery patients. We conducted a systematic review to assess the evidence for the use of exercise-based intervention programmes following heart valve surgery. OBJECTIVES: To assess the benefits and harms of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation compared with no exercise training intervention, or treatment as usual, in adults following heart valve surgery. We considered programmes including exercise training with or without another intervention (such as a psycho-educational component)...
March 21, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
David M Griffith, Matthew E Vale, Christine Campbell, Steff Lewis, Timothy S Walsh
PURPOSE: Physical weakness is common after critical illness; however, it is not clear how best to treat it. Inflammation characterizes critical illness, is associated with loss of muscle mass during critical illness, and potentially modifies post-intensive care unit (ICU) recovery. We sought to identify published reports on the prevalence of systemic inflammation after critical illness and its association with physical recovery. METHODS: This is a systematic review of the literature from MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, CPCI-SSH, and CPCI-S from January 1982 to December 2011...
June 2016: Journal of Critical Care
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