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Pd solutions

Yun Zhang, Jingyue Liu, Jaewan Ahn, Ting-Hui Xiao, Zhi-Yuan Li, Dong Qin
We report the development of an isocyanide-based molecular probe for in situ characterizing the overgrowth of a second metal on silver nanocrystal seeds in solution by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). As the first demonstration, we elucidate that the vibrational frequency of 2,6-dimethylphenyl isocyanide (2,6-DMPI) can serve as a distinctive reporter for capturing the nucleation of Pt on the edges of Ag nanocubes in the aqueous solution containing a Pt precursor, ascorbic acid, and poly(vinylpyrrolidone) under ambient condition...
April 24, 2017: ACS Nano
Lance L Hawley, Jenny Rogojanski, Valerie Vorstenbosch, Lena C Quilty, Judith M Laposa, Neil A Rector
Research with non-clinical and clinical samples has examined how mindfulness concepts relate to psychological symptom presentations. However, there is less clarity when examining treatment-seeking patients who experience DSM-diagnosed anxiety and obsessional disorders - both cross-sectionally, and following empirically-supported treatments. The Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ; Baer, Smith, Hopkins, Krietemeyer, & Toney, 2006) conceptualizes mindfulness as consisting of five facets: Observing, Describing, Acting with Awareness, Nonreactivity, and Nonjudging...
March 14, 2017: Journal of Anxiety Disorders
Zhirong Sun, Xiaoyue Ma, Xiang Hu
Palladium/carbon nanotubes-nafion film-modified titanium mesh electrode (Pd/CNTs-nafion film/Ti electrode) was prepared and used for catalytic dechlorination of 2,3,5-trichlorophenol (2,3,5-TCP). The influences of factors, such as Pd(2+) concentration, plating solution pH, and electrodeposition time and current, on the preparation of the electrode were studied by cyclic voltammetry (CV) to establish the optimal electrode preparation conditions. Additionally, the CV results highlighted that the addition of the CNTs-nafion film could enhance the electrochemical performance of the electrode...
April 21, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jose A Santiago, Judith A Potashkin
Disrupted iron metabolism has been implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease (PD), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that severely affects movement and coordination, yet the molecular mechanisms underlying this association remain unknown. To this end, we performed a transcriptomic meta-analysis of four blood microarrays in PD. We observed a significant downregulation of genes related to hemoglobin including, hemoglobin delta (HBD), alpha hemoglobin stabilizing protein (ASHP), genes implicated in iron metabolism including, solute carrier family 11 member 2 (SLC11A2), ferrochelatase (FECH), and erythrocyte-specific genes including erythrocyte membrane protein (EPB42), and 5'-aminolevulinate synthase 2 (ALAS2)...
2017: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
Marina Juribašić Kulcsár, Ivan Halasz, Ana Budimir, Krunoslav Užarević, Stipe Lukin, Andrea Monas, Franziska Emmerling, Janez Plavec, Manda Ćurić
N-H bond activation of gaseous ammonia is achieved at room temperature in a reversible solvent-free reaction using a solid dicyclopalladated azobenzene complex. Monitoring of the gas-solid reaction in real-time by in situ solid-state Raman spectroscopy enabled a detailed insight into the stepwise activation pathway proceeding to the final amido complex via a stable diammine intermediate. Gas-solid synthesis allowed for isolation and subsequent structural characterization of the intermediate and the final amido product, which presents the first dipalladated complex with the Pd(II)-(μ-NH2)-Pd(II) bridge...
April 17, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Jia Wang, Jerry M Baskin, Carol C Baskin, Guofang Liu, Xuejun Yang, Zhenying Huang
Cistanche deserticola is a holoparasitic plant with high medicinal value that reproduces only by seeds. However, the requirements for seed dormancy break and germination of this species remain unclear. The freshly matured dust-like seeds consist of a water-permeable seed coat and an undifferentiated oval-shaped embryo embedded in endosperm. No fresh seeds germinated in water or a 10(-5) M fluridone solution at any incubation temperature within 60 days. Length of embryos in seeds incubated in warm- and cold-started stratification sequences had increased 10...
April 8, 2017: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: PPB
Melissa Nataatmadja, Yeoungjee Cho, Elaine M Pascoe, Darsy Darssan, Carmel M Hawley, David W Johnson
♦Background: Glucose is the primary osmotic medium used in most peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions, and exposure to glucose has been shown to exert detrimental effects both locally, at the peritoneal membrane, and systemically. Moreover, high dialysate glucose exposure may predispose patients to an increased risk of peritonitis, perhaps as a result of impaired host defences, vascular disease, and damage to the peritoneal membrane. ♦ Methods: In this post-hoc analysis of a multicenter, multi-national, open-label randomized controlled trial of neutral pH, low-glucose degradation product (GDP) versus conventional PD solutions (balANZ trial), the relationship between peritonitis rates of low (< 123...
April 13, 2017: Peritoneal Dialysis International: Journal of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis
F F Han, A Inoue, Y Han, F L Kong, S L Zhu, E Shalaan, F Al-Marzouki, A L Greer
Thermal stability and crystallization of three multicomponent glassy alloys, Al86Y7Ni5Co1Fe0.5Pd0.5, Al85Y8Ni5Co1Fe0.5Pd0.5 and Al84Y9Ni4Co1.5Fe0.5Pd1, were examined to assess the ability to form the mixture of amorphous (am) and fcc-aluminum (α-Al) phases. On heating, the glass transition into the supercooled liquid is shown by the 85Al and 84Al glasses. The crystallization sequences are [am] → [am + α-Al] → [α-Al + compounds] for the 86Al and 85Al alloys, and [am] → [am + α-Al + cubic AlxMy (M = Y, Ni, Co, Fe, Pd)] → [am + α-Al] → [α-Al + Al3Y + Al9(Co, Ni)2 + unknown phase] for the 84Al alloy...
April 13, 2017: Scientific Reports
Yin-Long Lai, Jing-Mei Huang
A new route for the direct cross-coupling of alkyl and allylic halides using electrochemical technique has been developed in aqueous media under air. Catalyzed by Pd(OAc)2, the Zn-mediated allylic alkylations proceed smoothly between a full range of alkyl halides (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and substituted allylic halides. Protection-deprotection of acidic hydrogen in the substrates is avoided.
April 11, 2017: Organic Letters
Rubén Torres, Paula Ebner, María Eugenia Sanhueza, Miriam Alvo, Erico Segovia, Paula Segura
BACKGROUND: Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS) is a complication of peritoneal dialysis (PD) with a low prevalence but high mortality. It is characterized by peritoneal inflammation and fibrosis with subsequent development of intestinal encapsulation. It is associated with a long lapse on PD, frequent episodes of peritonitis, high glucose solution use, and high peritoneal transport status. AIM: To report the clinical features of patients on PD, who developed EPS...
January 2017: Revista Médica de Chile
Yudong Gao, Lu Wang, Yulong Zhang, Lina Zou, Gaiping Li, Baoxian Ye
In this work, poly(sodium p-styrenesulfonate) (PSS)-functionalized graphene supported palladium nanoparticles (Pd) composites were fabricated with simple ultrasonic bath method. The morphology and structure of PSS-GR-Pd composites were characterized using UV-vis absorption spectra, X-ray diffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopy. By combining the merits of the PSS-GR and Pd NPs, a new electrochemical sensor was erected to detect amaranth based on the PSS-GR-Pd nanocomposites. The electrochemical behavior of amaranth was investigated systematically in 0...
June 1, 2017: Talanta
Honglei Zheng, Liqiang Fan, Richard I Milne, Lei Zhang, Yaling Wang, Kangshan Mao
Species delimitation in tree species is notoriously challenging due to shared polymorphisms among species. An integrative survey that considers multiple operational criteria is a possible solution, and we aimed to test it in a species complex of aspens in China. Genetic [four chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) fragments and 14 nuclear microsatellite loci (nSSR)] and morphological variations were collected for 76 populations and 53 populations, respectively, covering the major geographic distribution of the Populus davidiana-rotundifolia complex...
2017: Frontiers in Plant Science
Ben Liu, Srinivas Thanneeru, Aaron Lopes, Lei Jin, Meghan McCabe, Jie He
New synthetic methods capable of controlling structural and compositional complexities of asymmetric nanoparticles (NPs) are very challenging but highly desired. A simple and general synthetic approach to designing sophisticated asymmetric NPs by anisotropically patterning the surface of isotropic metallic NPs with amphiphilic block copolymers (BCPs) is reported. The selective galvanic replacement and seed-mediated growth of a second metal can be achieved on the exposed surface of metal NPs, resulting in the formation of nanobowls and Janus-type metal-metal dimers, respectively...
April 3, 2017: Small
Yan-Song Zhang, Rathinam Balamurugan, Jian-Chin Lin, Sri Fitriyani, Jui-Hsiang Liu, Alexander Emelyanenko
Mono- and bis-rhodamine derivatives appended with amino (RhB1) and imino (BRI) groups, respectively, have been designed as colorimetric and fluorescent sensors for the selective detection of Pd(2+). In addition, an attempt has been made to improve the water solubility of the probe by synthesizing inclusion complexes of RhB1 with β-cyclodextrin as the host molecule. The resulting probe, RhB1-CD, exhibited exactly the same physicochemical phenomena as the guest molecule RhB1, indicating that complexation with β-CD improved the water solubility of RhB1 without affecting its sensing ability...
April 3, 2017: Analyst
Yuji Ukisu
Although the brominated flame retardant 1,2,5,6,9,10-hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) has been widely used to reduce the flammability of polymeric materials, it is a toxic and persistent organic compound. In this paper, we report an efficient method for the debromination of HBCD by using a Pd-catalyzed system. HBCD was completely debrominated to the C12 cyclic compounds such as cyclododecatriene, cyclododecadiene, and cyclododecene in a solution of 2-propanol/methanol (99:1, v/v) containing dissolved NaOH in the presence of a silica-supported Pd catalyst (Pd/SiO2) at 35 °C...
July 2017: Chemosphere
Fengjuan Chen, Amy S Gong, Mingwei Zhu, Guang Chen, Steven D Lacey, Feng Jiang, Yongfeng Li, Yanbin Wang, Jiaqi Dai, Yonggang Yao, Jianwei Song, Boyang Liu, Kun Fu, Siddhartha Das, Liangbing Hu
Wood, an earth-abundant material, is widely used in our everyday life. With its mesoporous structure, natural wood is comprised of numerous long, partially aligned channels (lumens) as well as nanochannels that stretch along its growth direction. This wood mesostructure is suitable for a range of emerging applications, especially as a membrane/separation material. Here, we report a mesoporous, three-dimensional (3D) wood membrane decorated with palladium nanoparticles (Pd NPs/wood membrane) for efficient wastewater treatment...
April 25, 2017: ACS Nano
Sudabeh Alatab, Iraj Najafi, Rasha Atlasi, Gholamreza Pourmand, Ozra Tabatabaei-Malazy, Naser Ahmadbeigi
INTRODUCTION: Peritoneal fibrosis remains a serious complication of long-term peritoneal dialysis. Stem cell therapy is an innovative field of scientific investigation with potential for clinical application. Here, we systematically reviewed the studies to determine whether stem cell based therapy could improve the peritoneal fibrosis in experimental models of peritoneal fibrosis. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION: Our systematic search of Pubmed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Cochrane Library yield 5219 article...
March 31, 2017: Minerva Urologica e Nefrologica, the Italian Journal of Urology and Nephrology
Yasuomi Yamazaki, Osamu Ishitani
The addition of a tertiary phosphine and O2 to reaction solutions strongly affected the reactivity and selectivity of coupling reactions between transition metal complexes. The Mizoroki-Heck reaction between metal complexes with bromo and those with vinyl groups in the diimine ligand did not proceed using Pd(OAc)2 in the presence of 2-dicyclohexylphosphino-2',6'-dimethoxybiphenyl (Sphos) under Ar but proceeded selectively after injection of air into the reaction vessel. In the absence of the phosphine ligand, on the other hand, not only the Mizoroki-Heck reaction but also a homo-coupling reaction between the metal complexes with the bromo groups proceeded at the same time...
March 27, 2017: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Biswadip Banerji, Satadru Chatterjee, K Chandrasekhar, Suvankar Bera, Leena Majumder, Chandraday Prodhan, Keya Chaudhuri
We herein report the design and synthesis of a group of fused phenanthro-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives as a new class of luminescent materials through a Pd(ii) catalyzed intramolecular CDC (cross dehydrogenative coupling) reaction. This method thus unlocked a convenient & expedient way for the synthesis of a new molecular framework containing π-extended fused heteropolycycles. The heteropolycycles showed very good fluorescence properties both in solid and solution phases which were further utilized in live cell imaging...
March 27, 2017: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Xin Wang, Ke Ye, Ce Sun, Hongyu Zhang, Kai Zhu, Kui Cheng, Guiling Wang, Dianxue Cao
Pd-Au/TiC electrodes with various three-dimensional structures are obtained by the pulsed potential electro-deposition in PdCl2/HAuCl4 electrolytes. The morphologies of Pd-Au/TiC composite catalysts are significantly dependent on the component of deposited solutions. The surface appearance of Pd-Au catalysts changes from rime-shaped structure, to feather-like construction, then to pineapple root-like structure and finally to flower-like configuration with the increase of PdCl2 content in electrolytes. These particular three-dimensional structures may be very suitable for H2O2 electro-reduction, which assures a high utilization of Pd-Au catalysts and provides a large specific surface area...
March 18, 2017: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
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