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Narayan Yoganandan, Jason Moore, Frank A Pintar, Anjishnu Banerjee, Nicholas DeVogel, JiangYue Zhang
While studies have been conducted using human cadaver lumbar spines to understand injury biomechanics in terms of stability/energy to fracture, and physiological responses under pure-moment/follower loads, data are sparse for inferior-to-superior impacts. Injuries occur under this mode from underbody blasts. OBJECTIVES: determine role of age, disc area, and trabecular bone density on tolerances/risk curves under vertical loading from a controlled group of specimens. T12-S1 columns were obtained, pretest X-rays and CTs taken, load cells attached to both ends, impacts applied at S1-end using custom vertical accelerator device, and posttest X-ray, CT, and dissections done...
March 2, 2018: Journal of Biomechanics
Baki Topal, Karel Demey, Halit Topal, Joris Jaekers, Eric Van Cutsem, Vincent Vandecaveye, Xavier Sagaert, Hans Prenen
BACKGROUND: Cytoreductive surgery (CRS) plus hyperthermic intra-operative peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPC) for gastric peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) is controversial, and selection criteria for this treatment modality are lacking. METHODS: Thirty-two patients (F/M ratio 12/20; median (range) age 58 (32-75) years) underwent CRS + HIPC with cisplatin for PC from gastric adenocarcinoma in 2010-2014. This monocentric phase-2 nonrandomized prospective study with a power of 90% aimed to improve the 1-year overall survival (OS) rate with 40% (historical reference of 52% to 72%)...
November 17, 2017: BMC Cancer
Yi-Xiang Zhang, Ye-Qing Yuan, Xue-Qi Zhang, Dong-Long Huang, Yu-Ying Wei, Jiang-Gen Yang
As a main treatment of prostate cancer, castration therapy has been widely applied in the clinic. However, the therapeutic strategy for hormone-independent prostate cancer (HIPC) was not satisfied. Gemcitabine is an important chemotherapeutic agent that has been approved for the treatment of numerous human solid tumors, including HIPC, whereas the gemcitabine resistance has become a serious problem in clinical chemotherapy. In the present study, the mechanisms of resistance to gemcitabine were investigated in HIPC cell lines...
November 2017: Oncology Letters
(no author information available yet)
Annual influenza vaccinations are currently recommended for all individuals 6 months and older. Antibodies induced by vaccination are an important mechanism of protection against infection. Despite the overall public health success of influenza vaccination, many individuals fail to induce a substantial antibody response. Systems-level immune profiling studies have discerned associations between transcriptional and cell subset signatures with the success of antibody responses. However, existing signatures have relied on small cohorts and have not been validated in large independent studies...
August 25, 2017: Science Immunology
John Bosco Oryema, Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong, Gabriel Picone
This paper examines the impact of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative on under five mortality rate (U5MR) in Sub-Saharan Africa. The HIPC Initiative involves debt forgiveness and the redirection of funds that were meant to service external debt towards the provision of social services and poverty reduction in eligible countries. The Initiative is akin to a natural experiment since some countries benefited while some did not, and the timing of debt forgiveness varied across countries. We exploit these variations to identify the impact of HIPC Initiative on child mortality using a dynamic panel data estimator...
February 10, 2017: Global Public Health
Xinjun Zhang, Nianli Liu, ZhiYing Shao, Hui Qiu, Hong Yao, JiaYin Ji, Jianshe Wang, Wenchao Lu, Ronald C Chen, Longzhen Zhang
Androgen receptor (AR) plays a crucial role in the development and progression of prostate cancer (PCa). PCa patients typically receive androgen deprivation therapy; nonetheless, these patients eventually develop castration and radiation resistance. We hypothesized that we could further improve radiotherapeutic efficacy of hormone-independent PCa (HIPC) by silencing AR. In this study, nanoparticle (NP) AR-shRNA was formulated using folate-targeted H1 nanopolymer. We demonstrated that NP AR-shRNA enhances PCa radiosensitivity as indicated by the inhibition of cell growth, increased apoptosis, and increased cell cycle arrest in AR-dependent HIPC in vitro...
May 2017: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine
Verena Preis, Sebastian Hahnel, Michael Behr, Laila Bein, Martin Rosentritt
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the fatigue and fracture resistance of different CAD/CAM-materials as implant- or tooth-supported molar crowns with respect to the clinical procedure (screwed/bonded restoration). METHODS: 168 crowns were fabricated from different CAD/CAM-materials (n=8/material): ZLS (zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic; Suprinity, Vita-Zahnfabrik), COB (composite; Brilliant Crios, Coltene), COL (composite; Lava Ultimate, 3M Espe), PMV/PPV (polyether ether ketone (PEEK)+milled composite veneer/composite paste veneer; BioHPP+HIPC veneer/Crealign veneer, Bredent), COH (composite; Block HC, Shofu), and ZIR (zirconia; IPS e...
April 2017: Dental Materials: Official Publication of the Academy of Dental Materials
Gill Lewin, Karyn Concanen, David Youens
The Home Independence Program (HIP), an Australian restorative home care/reablement service for older adults, has been shown to be effective in reducing functional dependency and increasing functional mobility, confidence in everyday activities, and quality of life. These gains were found to translate into a reduced need for ongoing care services and reduced health and aged care costs over time. Despite these positive outcomes, few Australian home care agencies have adopted the service model - a key reason being that few Australian providers employ health professionals, who act as care managers under the HIP service model...
2016: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Sriram Ravindran, Shakila Ansari Banu, Gino A Kurian
BACKGROUND: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is well known to protect the heart from ischemia reperfusion injury by specifically modulating the mitochondrial adenosine-triphosphate-linked potassium channel, thereby preserving mitochondrial function. The present study is designed to investigate the H2S preconditioning effect specifically on the mitochondrial subpopulation, namely, interfibrillar (IFM) and subsarcolemmal (SSM) mitochondria. METHODS: Isolated heart perfusion model with the method of Langendorff was used to induce reperfusion injury in rat hearts...
July 2016: Cardiovascular Pathology: the Official Journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology
Shakila Banu Ansari, Gino A Kurian
In this study, we compared the impact of H2S pre (HIPC) and post-conditioning (HPOC) on oxidative stress, the prime reason for myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury (I/R), in different compartments of the myocardium, such as the mitochondria beside its subpopulations (interfibrillar (IFM) and subsarcolemmal (SSM) mitochondria) and microsomal fractions in I/R injured rat heart. The results demonstrated that compared to I/R rat heart, HIPC and HPOC treated hearts shows reduced myocardial injury, enhanced antioxidant enzyme activities and reduced the level of TBARS in different cellular compartments...
May 25, 2016: Chemico-biological Interactions
Simon Taufall, Marlis Eichberger, Patrick R Schmidlin, Bogna Stawarczyk
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to investigate the fracture load of different veneered PEEK 3-unit fixed dental prosthesis (FDPs) after different aging regimens. METHODS: Congruently anatomically shaped 3-unit FDPs were milled using a master stl-data set and randomly divided into four groups (N = 120, n = 30 per veneering group), which were veneered using different veneering methods: (i) digital veneering with breCAM.HIPC, (ii) conventional veneering with crea...
December 2016: Clinical Oral Investigations
Chien-Yu Huang, Yu-Jia Chang, Sheng-Dean Luo, Batzorig Uyanga, Feng-Yen Lin, Cheng-Jeng Tai, Ming-Te Huang
Androgen deprivation therapy has constituted the main treatment for prostate cancer; however, tumors ultimately progress to hormone-independent prostate cancer (HIPC), and suitable therapeutic strategies for HIPC are not available. Maspin, which is also known as mammary serine protease inhibitor, has been suggested to be a valuable focus for targeted cancer therapy. Specifically, maspin has been shown to be upregulated after androgen ablation therapy. Gemcitabine is used as a first-line therapy for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, but its disease control rate is low...
March 2016: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Maria Nikiforou, Evi Vlassaks, Eveline Strackx, Boris W Kramer, Johan S H Vles, Antonio W D Gavilanes
Hypoxic-ischemic preconditioning (HIPC) has a neuroprotective effect against a subsequent, more severe perinatal hypoxic-ischemic episode. The protective processes of preconditioning (PC) in the immature brain remain undefined but are most likely related to the immune cells of the central nervous system. To determine the role of astrocytes in HIPC, we initially exposed primary rat astrocytes to oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) for 30 minutes as a PC stimulus. A subsequent more severe insult was induced 24 hours later by exposing the astrocytes to OGD for 3 hours...
2015: CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets
Erdal Karaöz
Several studies have been reported on the in vitro expansion of stem cells from pancreatic islet (PI-SCs) cultures and on the differentiation of these SCs into multi-lineage cells. These mesenchymal-type cells which exhibit no hormone expression could then be induced to differentiate into hormone-expressing islet-like cell aggregates. It has been shown that human islet-derived precursor cells (hIPCs) were a type of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). Newly we and some other research groups showed that nestin-positive progenitor/stem cells isolated from islets of human and murine pancreas have phenotypic markers identical to MSCs from bone marrow and that are able to proliferate and differentiate into insulin-producing cells in vitro...
2014: JOP: Journal of the Pancreas
Maria E Bustillo, Alexandra L Fischer, Maria A LaBouyer, Julia A Klaips, Andrew C Webb, Donald E Elmore
Antimicrobial peptides continue to garner attention as potential alternatives to conventional antibiotics. Hipposin is a histone-derived antimicrobial peptide (HDAP) previously isolated from Atlantic halibut. Though potent against bacteria, its antibacterial mechanism had not been characterized. The mechanism of this peptide is particularly interesting to consider since the full hipposin sequence contains the sequences of parasin and buforin II (BF2), two other known antimicrobial peptides that act via different antibacterial mechanisms...
September 2014: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
John S Tsang, Pamela L Schwartzberg, Yuri Kotliarov, Angelique Biancotto, Zhi Xie, Ronald N Germain, Ena Wang, Matthew J Olnes, Manikandan Narayanan, Hana Golding, Susan Moir, Howard B Dickler, Shira Perl, Foo Cheung
A major goal of systems biology is the development of models that accurately predict responses to perturbation. Constructing such models requires the collection of dense measurements of system states, yet transformation of data into predictive constructs remains a challenge. To begin to model human immunity, we analyzed immune parameters in depth both at baseline and in response to influenza vaccination. Peripheral blood mononuclear cell transcriptomes, serum titers, cell subpopulation frequencies, and B cell responses were assessed in 63 individuals before and after vaccination and were used to develop a systematic framework to dissect inter- and intra-individual variation and build predictive models of postvaccination antibody responses...
April 10, 2014: Cell
Chun-Te Wu, Yu-Jia Chang, Miao-Fen Chen, Jun-Jen Liu, Po-Li Wei, Weu Wang, Hui-Hsiung Liu
Thrombomodulin (TM) is highly expressed in endothelial cells and plays the key role in maintaining physical homeostasis. In addition, many pieces of evidence also show that TM contains the diagnostic value for malignant diseases. TM has been found to correlate with metastatic status in multiple cancers, but its role in prostate cancer progression remains unclear. TM expression was determined in prostate cancer cells (DU-145 and PC-3 cells) using real-time PCR and Western blotting. TM expression was manipulated in prostate cancer cells using TM-specific shRNA and an overexpression system...
June 2014: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Ming-Chen Ba, Hui Long, Yin-Bing Wu
A 33-year-old woman with very poor health status was admitted to our hospital because she had experienced increasing abdominal distention for three months, CT examination showed a right ovarian tumor together with massive abdominal and pelvic fluid. The patient was first treated by continuous circulatory hypothermic intraperitoneal perfusion chemotherapy (HIPC) guided by B-mode ultrasound, followed by cytoreductive surgery (CRS) after her ascites was controlled and her health condition improved. She was diagnosed with gestational choriocarcinoma (GC) based on the pathological examination of the hysterectomy specimen...
April 2013: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Chung-Kang Tseng, Hua-Shui Hsu, Chih-Te Ho, Hui-Ying Huang, Chiu-Shong Liu, Cheng-Chieh Lin, Wen-Yuan Lin
SUMMARY: HASH(0x4f64458) OBJECTIVE: To examine the accuracy of present resting energy expenditure (REE) predictive equations among obese adult Taiwanese, and obtain new predictive equations for this population. METHOD: A total of 80 participants (men = 42, women = 38) aged 18-64 years (mean 41.5 ± 13.1 years) with body mass index (BMI) ≥30 kg/m(2) were recruited from obesity clinic of a tertiary hospital. Anthropometric data including weight, height, waist circumference (WC), hip circumference (HipC) were collected...
October 2011: Obesity Research & Clinical Practice
Joanne Lee
The most recent amendment to the Health Information Privacy Code (HIPC) permits disclosure of health information to third parties where there is "serious" risk to the life and safety of an individual or to others. In this article, I discuss the complexities that arise in the application of the new test for "seriousness" to genetic information and why this standard is subjective and a threat to patient privacy.
June 28, 2013: New Zealand Medical Journal
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