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Elham Fathiazar, Jorn Anemuller, Jutta Kretzberg, Elham Fathiazar, Jorn Anemuller, Jutta Kretzberg, Elham Fathiazar, Jutta Kretzberg, Jorn Anemuller
Voltage-Sensitive Dye (VSD) imaging is an optical imaging method that allows measuring the graded voltage changes of multiple neurons simultaneously. In neuroscience, this method is used to reveal networks of neurons involved in certain tasks. However, the recorded relative dye fluorescence changes are usually low and signals are superimposed by noise and artifacts. Therefore, establishing a reliable method to identify which cells are activated by specific stimulus conditions is the first step to identify functional networks...
August 2016: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Said Anajar, Rachid Ansari, Jawad Hassnaoui, Reda Abada, Mohammed Roubal, Mohammed Mahtar
INTRODUCTION: Foreign bodies in the upper airways are one of the most challenging otolaryngology emergencies, leeches present a very rare cause of airway foreign bodies around the world. CASE REPORT: A 6-year-old girl was referred to our otolaryngology department at a tertiary university hospital with a severe dyspnea and hemoptysis. Nasofibroscopy revealed a dark living leech in the supraglottic area which extends to the glottis. The patient was urgently admitted to the operating room, the leech was grasped and removed with a foreign body forceps with a full length of more than 6cm...
January 25, 2017: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Bryan S Sack, Rodolfo A Elizondo, Gene O Huang, Nicolette Janzen, Jimmy Espinoza, Magdalena Sanz-Cortes, Jennifer E Dietrich, Julie Hakim, Eric Richardson, Maria Oden, John Hanks, Balakrishna Haridas, James F Hury, Chester J Koh
BACKGROUND: There is a need for pediatric medical devices that accommodate the unique physiology and anatomy of pediatric patients that is increasingly receiving more attention. However, there is limited literature on the programs within children's hospitals and academia that can support pediatric device development. We describe our experience with pediatric device design utilizing collaborations between a children's hospital and two engineering schools. METHODS: Utilizing the academic year as a timeline, unmet pediatric device needs were identified by surgical faculty and matched with an engineering mentor and a team of students within the Capstone Engineering Design programs at two universities...
February 6, 2017: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Christoph Gonaus, Daniel Maresch, Katharina Schropp, Peter Ó Conghaile, Dónal Leech, Lo Gorton, Clemens K Peterbauer
Pyranose Dehydrogenase 1 from the basidiomycete Agaricus meleagris (AmPDH1) is an oxidoreductase capable of oxidizing a broad variety of sugars. Due to this and its ability of dioxidation of substrates and no side production of hydrogen peroxide, it is studied for use in enzymatic bio-fuel cells. In-vitro deglycosylated AmPDH1 as well as knock-out mutants of the N-glycosylation sites N(75) and N(175), near the active site entrance, were previously shown to improve achievable current densities of graphite electrodes modified with AmPDH1 and an osmium redox polymer acting as a redox mediator, up to 10-fold...
April 2017: Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Gavin Lawler, Michelle Leech
BACKGROUND/AIM: To assess if deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) technique achieved dose sparing for organs-at-risk in left breast radiotherapy patients in order to reduce long-term complications. PATIENTS AND METHODS: DIBH and Free-breathing (FB) as a control, CT planning scans obtained for 28 left breast/chest wall (+/- supraclavicular field) patients treated January 2008-December 2013 were retrospectively re-contoured and re-planned. Organs-at-risk examined: lungs, left lung, heart and left anterior descending coronary artery (LADCA)...
2017: Anticancer Research
Stephanie Elizabeth Johanna Zandee, Richard Anthony O'Connor, Iris Mair, Melanie Dawn Leech, Anna Williams, Stephen Mark Anderton
CD4(+)Foxp3(+) T regulatory (Treg) cells provide a key defence against inflammatory disease, but also have an ability to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines. The evidence for these two possibilities in multiple sclerosis (MS) is controversial. However, this has largely been based on studies of circulating Treg cells derived from peripheral blood, rather than the central nervous system. We show that Foxp3(+) cells in the brains of MS patients predominantly produce interleukin-10 (IL-10) and show high expression of the IL-33 receptor ST2 (associated with potent Treg function), indicating that Treg in the inflamed brain maintain their suppressive function...
February 7, 2017: Immunology and Cell Biology
John M Leech, Keenan A Lacey, Michelle E Mulcahy, Eva Medina, Rachel M McLoughlin
IL-10 is a potent anti-inflammatory mediator that plays a crucial role in limiting host immunopathology during bacterial infections by controlling effector T cell activation. Staphylococcus aureus has previously been shown to manipulate the IL-10 response as a mechanism of immune evasion during chronic systemic and biofilm models of infection. In the present study, we demonstrate divergent roles for IL-10 depending on the site of infection. During acute systemic S. aureus infection, IL-10 plays an important protective role and is required to prevent bacterial dissemination and host morbidity by controlling effector T cells and the associated downstream hyperactivation of inflammatory phagocytes, which are capable of host tissue damage...
February 6, 2017: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Elizabeth Throckmorton, Travis Brenden, Amber K Peters, Tammy J Newcomb, Gary E Whelan, Mohamed Faisal
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus genotype IVb (VHSV IVb) has caused major, sporadic fish die-offs in the Laurentian Great Lakes region of North America since 2005. Presently, factors affecting VHSV IVb persistence in enzootic systems are not well understood. Even with annual surveillance, the virus can go undetected for several years after an outbreak before again re-emerging, which suggests that the virus is maintained in the system either below detectable levels or in untested reservoirs. The aim of this study was to identify potential reservoirs of VHSV IVb in Budd Lake, Michigan; VHSV IVb was first detected in Budd Lake in 2007 but remained undetected until 2011...
March 2017: Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
Ross D Milton, Rong Cai, Sofiene Abdellaoui, Dónal Leech, Antonio L De Lacey, Marcos Pita, Shelley D Minteer
Nitrogenases are the only enzymes known to reduce molecular nitrogen (N2 ) to ammonia (NH3 ). By using methyl viologen (N,N'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium) to shuttle electrons to nitrogenase, N2 reduction to NH3 can be mediated at an electrode surface. The coupling of this nitrogenase cathode with a bioanode that utilizes the enzyme hydrogenase to oxidize molecular hydrogen (H2 ) results in an enzymatic fuel cell (EFC) that is able to produce NH3 from H2 and N2 while simultaneously producing an electrical current...
March 1, 2017: Angewandte Chemie
Yasmina Romdhane, Yann Quilichini, Saida Tekaya
The Erpobdella testacea cocoon membrane is studied for the first time by transmission and scanning electron microscopy. It has an ovoid form, displays a cambered dorsal side in which various micro-organisms are attached and a flattened ventral side. Symmetrically positioned, 2 opercula occur at the distal ends of the cocoon. The internal ultrastructure reveals fibrils (17.5nm) packed in layers forming C, S, bow shaped, parallel and stippling patterns lines, interrupted by Polygon-shaped cavities (1.8μm). Transverse sections show that each fibril presents an external dark part (6nm) and a central hole approximately 5...
January 20, 2017: Micron: the International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy
Takafumi Nakano, Ko Tomikawa, Takahiro Sakono, Natsuhiko Yoshikawa
Praobdellid leech species have been known to infest vertebrate mucous-membrane; some of them have been assumed to be invertebrate bloodsuckers. Praobdellid individuals were found feeding on the Japanese freshwater crab, Geothelphusa dehaani, at Mt. Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The leech had inserted its head into the intersegmental membrane between the crab's carapace and legs. Our findings represent a first invertebrate host record for praobdellid leeches. Additionally, molecular phylogenetic trees based on nuclear 18S and 28S rRNA, mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, and 12S rRNA sequences as well as the leech morphological characteristics showed that the present leech might belong to an unrecognized praobdellid lineage: a taxonomic revision of the Japanese praobdellid species is needed...
January 28, 2017: Parasitology International
Olivia Duffy, Elizabeth Forde, Michelle Leech
With margin reduction common in head and neck radiotherapy, it is critical that the dosimetric effects of setup deviations are quantified. With past studies focusing on the quantification of positional and volumetric changes of organs at risk (OARs), this study aimed to measure the dose delivered to these the parotid gland (PG) and pharyngeal constrictor muscles (PCMs) using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Furthermore, this investigation sought to establish a potential time trend of change in dose delivered to target volumes secondary to ascertaining the need for daily image guidance (IG) to reduce the dose burden to these important OARs...
January 23, 2017: Medical Dosimetry: Official Journal of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists
Ayaka Yano, Misako Urabe
The morphology of sporocysts and cercariae of Neoplagioporus elongatus (Goto and Ozaki, 1930) is described for the first time. A cotylomicrocercous cercaria obtained from the sorbeoconch snail Semisulcospira nakasekoae was confirmed to be the cercaria of N. elongatus, based on the degree of sequence identity of the COI gene to that of adult worms. Freshwater annelids (oligochaetes and leeches) and some aquatic insects (odonates) were demonstrated experimentally to be potential second intermediate hosts.
April 2017: Parasitology International
Nicolò Baranzini, Edoardo Pedrini, Rossana Girardello, Gianluca Tettamanti, Magda de Eguileor, Roberto Taramelli, Francesco Acquati, Annalisa Grimaldi
In recent years, several studies have demonstrated that the RNASET2 gene is involved in the control of tumorigenicity in ovarian cancer cells. Furthermore, a role in establishing a functional cross-talk between cancer cells and the surrounding tumor microenvironment has been unveiled for this gene, based on its ability to act as an inducer of the innate immune response. Although several studies have reported on the molecular features of RNASET2, the details on the mechanisms by which this evolutionarily conserved ribonuclease regulates the immune system are still poorly defined...
January 9, 2017: Cell and Tissue Research
Rebecca M Leech, Anthony Worsley, Anna Timperio, Sarah A McNaughton
BACKGROUND: There is some evidence that large energy intakes towards the end of the day are associated with adverse health outcomes, however, studies of temporal eating patterns across the day are rare. This study examines the temporal eating patterns of Australian adults using latent class analysis (LCA), as a novel approach. METHODS: Dietary data (n = 2402 men and n = 2840 women, ≥19 years) from two 24-h recalls collected during the 2011-12 Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey were analyzed...
January 7, 2017: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
Mark W Miller, David I Leech, James W Pearce-Higgins, Robert A Robinson
Many factors may affect daily nest survival. We present a novel multi-state, multi-stage model to estimate daily survival for each nest stage, daily hatching probability and probability that a failed nest died during a specific stage when stage of failure is unknown. The model does not require that hatching date be known. We used data from a large citizen science dataset to demonstrate the application of this approach, exploring the impact of laying dates, weather conditions, conserved soil moisture, soil carbon, habitat type and urbanization on failure rates of common blackbird (Turdus merula) nests...
January 2017: Ecology
Keegan McCaffrey, Pieter T J Johnson
Decades of community ecology research have highlighted the importance of resource availability, habitat heterogeneity, and colonization opportunities in driving biodiversity. Less clear, however, is whether a similar suite of factors explains the diversity of symbionts. Here, we used a hierarchical dataset involving 12,712 freshwater snail hosts representing five species to test the relative importance of potential factors in driving symbiont richness. Specifically, we used model selection to assess the explanatory power of variables related to host species identity, resource availability (average body size, host density), ecological heterogeneity (richness of hosts and other taxa), and colonization opportunities (wetland size and amount of neighboring wetland area) on symbiont richness in 146 snail host populations in California, USA...
December 30, 2016: Oecologia
Colin A Leech, Richard F Kopp, Heather A Nelson, Jyotirmoy Nandi, Michael W Roe
Stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) regulates store-operated Ca(2+) entry (SOCE) and other ion channels either as an endoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)-sensing protein or when present in the plasma membrane. However, the role of STIM1 in insulin-secreting β-cells is unresolved. We report that lowering expression of STIM1, the gene that encodes STIM1, in insulin-secreting MIN6 β-cells with RNA interference inhibits SOCE and ATP-sensitive K(+) (KATP) channel activation. The effects of STIM1 knockdown were reversed by transduction of MIN6 cells with an adenovirus gene shuttle vector that expressed human STIM1 Immunoprecipitation studies revealed that STIM1 binds to nucleotide binding fold-1 (NBF1) of the sulfonylurea receptor 1 (SUR1) subunit of the KATP channel...
February 10, 2017: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Judith A Leech
It is commonly claimed that sleep duration has declined in recent years - over a period coinciding with a marked increase in personal electronics and communications use. The aim of this study was to assess change in sleep duration among Canadians from 1998 to 2010, and examine any associations with non-work-related screen time. The analysis uses population-representative data from Statistics Canada's General Social Survey cycles of 1998 and 2010; the respective samples numbered 10 749 and 15 390 individuals...
December 20, 2016: Journal of Sleep Research
Anton V Volynkin, Dieter Stüning, Alexej Yu Matov
The present paper is the third in a series of articles on the genus Acronicta Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Volynkin et al. 2015; Volynkin 2015). Here we focus on the taxonomy of the Acronicta lutea species group, designating the lectotype of Acronicta lutea (Bremer & Grey, 1852), revising synonym status of Acronycta metaxantha funesta Draudt, 1950 and Pharetra leucoptera Butler, 1881, transferring Acronicta nigricans (Leech, 1900) to the subgenus Viminia Chapman, 1890 and introducing the new synonymy A. nigricans = Acronicta regifica Draudt, 1937 syn...
November 17, 2016: Zootaxa
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