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H Fan, M Li, T J Qin, S H Qu, L S Ye, F T Li, G S Lin, Y Q Liang
Objective: To investigate the relationship between the count of eosinophils(EOS) in peripheral blood and the serum levels of IL-33, and to discuss the relations among serum levels of IL-33, the count of EOS, visual analog scale (VAS) in different groups. Method: According to different treatments, the patients are divided into three groups: the untreated allergic rhinitis (AR) group (group A), the AR group who had been treated subcutaneous imunotherapy (SCIT) for at least a year (group B) and the AR complicated with allergic asthma group who had been treated subcutaneous imunotherapy (SCIT) for at least a year (gourp C)...
September 20, 2017: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
J Tomášek, I Kiss
BACKGROUND: The lower part of the digestive tract includes the large intestine, rectum and anus. Treatment algorithms of cancers in these localities have significant differences in both early and advanced stages. The vast majority of metastatic cases are incurable. A few years ago, it was generally accepted that gastrointestinal tumors are poorly immunogenic and modern immunotherapy would not work in gastrointestinal cancers. The breakthrough has become the recognition of the mismatch repair system (MMR) that affects the microsatellite instability (MSI) and its role in the development of colorectal carcinoma (CRC)...
2017: Klinická Onkologie: Casopis Ceské a Slovenské Onkologické Spolecnosti
T Büchler
Urothelial carcinoma is the most common urological malignancy. Nonspecific immunotherapy using the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine has long been the mainstay for the treatment of high-risk superficial bladder carcinoma in an adjuvant setting after transurethral endoscopic resection. In metastatic disease, cisplatin-based chemotherapy remains the main therapeutic modality. In Europe, the standard second-line chemotherapy for patients with cisplatin-refractory tumours is vinflunine. Other systemic treatments with a lower level of evidence include paclitaxel and docetaxel...
2017: Klinická Onkologie: Casopis Ceské a Slovenské Onkologické Spolecnosti
José M Urra, Carmen M Cabrera, Teresa Alfaya, Francisco Feo-Brito
Venom immunotherapy is the only curative intervention for subjects with Hymenoptera venom allergy who suffering systemic reactions upon bee or wasp stings. Venom immunotherapy can restore normal immunity against venom allergens, as well as providing to allergic subjects a lifetime tolerance against venoms. Nevertheless, it is necessary using safety assays to monitoring the development of tolerance in the VIT protocols to avoid fatal anaphylactic reactions. The purpose of this study was to assess the modifications in several markers of tolerance induction in subjects with Hymenoptera venom allergy undergoing immunotherapy...
February 2016: Molecular Immunology
D Kolářová, A Havránková, P Líbalová, S Frühaufová, Z Vernerová, E Kučera
OBJECTIVE: Analysis of one case of vulvar extramammary Paget´s disease (EMPD) and associated well differentiated endometrial adenocarcinoma.Desing: A case report. METHODS AND RESULTS: On this case report we present current theoretical knowledge about EMPD, difficulty of diagnostics, treatment and dispensarization the patients with this rare intraepithelial non-squamous neoplasia. We report a rare case of a 62 years old female patient with extramammary Paget´s disease of vulva and associated well differentiated endometrial adenocarcinoma...
November 2014: Ceská Gynekologie
Scott E Counts, Debomoy K Lahiri
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2014: Current Alzheimer Research
Jiri Polivka, Jiri Polivka, Vladimir Rohan, Ondrej Topolcan, Jiri Ferda
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most malignant brain tumor in adults, exhibiting high mortality. Standard therapy (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with temozolomide) has only limited effectiveness. The progress in genomics regarding GBM, in the detection of new markers of oncogenesis, abnormalities in signalling pathways, tumor microenvironment, and pathological angiogenesis over the past decade are briefly discussed. The role of novel prognostic in this review biomarkers [isocitrate dehydrogenases 1 and 2, CpG island methylator phenotype, promoter methylation status of the MGMT (O-6-methylguanine-methyltransferase) gene] is also discussed...
July 2012: Anticancer Research
Antonio Daga, Cristina Bottino, Roberta Castriconi, Rosaria Gangemi, Silvano Ferrini
Glioblastoma (GBM) is a deadly tumor, which in spite of surgery and radio/chemotherapy frequently undergoes relapses related to the infiltration of the normal parenchyma and to resistance to cytotoxic and radiation therapy. Immunotherapy may represent a promising approach, which may complement existing therapies with the aim of eliminating residual tumor cells, through their selective targeting by immune effector cells or antibodies. This goal can be achieved through different approaches, based either on the induction of an immune response of the host, or by the injection of in vitro generated effector cells or monoclonal antibodies...
2011: Current Pharmaceutical Design
A Kucera, R Skába, R Spísek, P Pajer, M Cervinková
AIM OF STUDY: After the treatment of tumors, we often encounter a minimal residual sickness. However, the elimination of these leftover tumor cells is crucial for the patient. In the past years one of the most discussed options for this treatment is Imunotherapy, mainly by Dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are the most efficient cells out of the antigen presenting cell group. METHODS AND RESULTS: In the first part of the project, we perfected a technique of inducting a tumor on an experimental model...
July 2009: Rozhledy V Chirurgii: Měsíčník Československé Chirurgické Společnosti
Ismana Surković, Ismet Suljević, Belma Ascić-Buturović, Bećir Heljić
Diabetes mellitus type 1, known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), results from a chronic autoimmune destruction of the insulin secreting pancreatic beta cells. This autoimmune process is marked by circulating auto antibodies to beta cell antigens. GAD 65 (Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase) auto antibodies are present in 70-80% of newly diagnosed patients with type 1 diabetes, and it can be detected many years before clinical onset of the disease. New knowledge in the imunopathogenesis have given expectation that imunotherapy will become routine manner for cure of diabetes mellitus type 1...
2006: Medicinski Arhiv
Frances Gotch
Imunotherapy to induce long-term, non-progressor status in HIV-1-positive persons may be considered in the context of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). The aim of such therapy must be to allow the induction or regeneration of HIV-1-specific immune responses which have the potential to control viraemia, and to alleviate the immunosuppression caused by HIV-1. Trials of therapeutic vaccines and/or cytokines and/or hormones have been conducted and are briefly described. In many cases, potentially beneficial transient HIV-1-specific responses which may translate into clinical advantage have been induced, but these do not persist...
September 2005: Journal of HIV Therapy
E S Schultz, G Schuler
In Germany, 6100 women and 5300 men contract a malignant melanoma of the skin every year. The chances of being cured are good in the early stages of the disease, but the average survival following distant metastasis is only 6 to 9 months. Therefore, early diagnosis is crucial, particularly as the skin is, by nature, a readily accessible organ. The introduction of epiluminescence microscopy has increased diagnostic accuracy significantly. In cases of doubt, complete excision of the suspect pigmented lesion is always advisable...
November 2005: HNO
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