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Sore throat postoperative

Joël L'Hermite, Elisabeth Dubout, Sophie Bouvet, Laure-Hélène Bracoud, Philippe Cuvillon, Jean-Emmanuel de La Coussaye, Jacques Ripart
BACKGROUND: Sore throat is a common complaint after surgery. It affects patient satisfaction and can affect activity after discharge. The supraglottic airway device (SAD) offers an alternative to traditional tracheal intubation with potential benefit in preventing sore throat. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to compare the incidence of sore throat following three different SADs, the laryngeal mask airway Unique (LMA-U) and the more recent LMA Supreme (LMA-S) and the I-gel...
October 15, 2016: European Journal of Anaesthesiology
Eugene Kim, Byung-Gun Kim, Young-Jin Lim, Young-Tae Jeon, Jung-Won Hwang, Seo-Yun Lee, Hee-Pyoung Park
BACKGROUND: Positioning of a lightwand in the midline of the oral cavity can be challenging in patients with cervical immobilization. Direct laryngoscopy may permit the lightwand tip to more easily access the glottic opening. We tested our hypothesis that a laryngoscope-assisted lightwand technique allows more successful endotracheal intubation than does a conventional lightwand approach. METHODS: A total of 162 patients requiring cervical immobilization during intubation for cervical spine surgery were allocated randomly to 2 groups...
October 11, 2016: Anesthesia and Analgesia
Xiaojun Du, Songsong Mao, Jianxiu Cui, Jue Ma, Guangyan Zhang, Yong Zheng, Haiyu Zhou, Liang Xie, Dongkun Zhang, Ruiqing Shi, Gang Chen
BACKGROUND: The aim of the present study was to determine the safety and feasibility of the use of laryngeal mask airway (LMA) for non-endotracheal intubated anesthesia for patients with pectus excavatum (PE) undergoing thoracoscopic Nuss procedure. METHODS: Between July 2015 and December 2015, 30 selected patients with PE were planned to undergo a thoracoscopic Nuss procedure using LMA for non-endotracheal intubated anesthesia in the Guangdong General Hospital...
August 2016: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Mona Sharma, Renu Sinha, Anjan Trikha, Rashmi Ramachandran, C Chandralekha
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) cuff pressure increases when the air is used for the cuff inflation during oxygen: nitrous oxide (O2:N2O) anaesthesia, which may lead to various problems. We compared the effects of different gases for ProSeal LMA™ (PLMA) cuff inflation in adult patients for various parameters. METHODS: A total of 120 patients were randomly allocated to four groups, according to composition of gases used to inflate the PLMA cuff to achieve 40 cmH2 O cuff pressure, air (Group A), 50% O2 :air (Group OA), 50% O2:N2O (Group ON) and 100% O2 (Group O)...
August 2016: Indian Journal of Anaesthesia
Duraiswamy Sankar, Radhika Krishnan, Muthusubramanian Veerabahu, Bhaskara Pandian Vikraman, J A Nathan
AIM: The aim was to determine the morbidity or mortality associated with the blind awake intubation technique in temporomandibular ankylosis patients. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: A total of 48 cases with radiographically and clinically confirmed cases of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis were included in the study for evaluation of anesthetic management and its complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Airway assessment was done with standard proforma including Look externally, evaluate 3-3-2 rule, Mallampati classification, Obstruction, Neck mobility (LEMON) score assessment in all TMJ ankylosis patients...
January 2016: Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery
Jianfeng Chen, Quan Du, Min Lin, Jianbo Lin, Xu Li, Fancai Lai, Yuanrong Tu
OBJECTIVES: Transareolar single-port needlescopic thoracic sympathectomy under intravenous anesthesia without intubation has rarely been attempted in managing primary palmar hyperhidrosis (PPH). The objective of this study is to evaluate the feasibility and safety of this minimally invasive technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From May 2012 to May 2015, 168 male patients with severe PPH underwent single-port endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) and were randomly allocated to groups A or B...
August 24, 2016: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Tomohiro Kusunoki, Toshiyuki Sawai, Nobuyasu Komasawa, Yuichiro Shimoyama, Toshiaki Minami
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To examine postoperative sore throat resulting from tracheal intubation stylet removal. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: Operating rooms and hospital ward. PATIENTS: A total of 50 American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status 1 and 2 patients who underwent elective abdominal and/or orthopedic surgery under general anesthesia. INTERVENTIONS: Patients were allocated to 2 groups: those who developed sore throat postoperatively (ST group) and those who did not (NST group)...
September 2016: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia
Geoffrey Haw Chieh Liew, Esther Dawen Yu, Shitalkumar Sharad Shah, Harikrishnan Kothandan
INTRODUCTION: The LMA Supreme™, i-gel® and LMA ProSeal™ are second-generation supraglottic airway devices. We tested the hypothesis that these devices differ in performance when used for spontaneous ventilation during anaesthesia. METHODS: 150 patients who underwent general anaesthesia for elective surgery were randomly allocated into three groups. Data was collected on oropharyngeal leak pressures, ease and duration of device insertion, ease of gastric tube insertion, and airway safety...
August 2016: Singapore Medical Journal
Mahnaz Narimani, Seyed Ahmad Seyed Mehdi, Farshid Gholami, Ladan Ansari, Mohammad Aryafar, Fatemeh Shahbazi
PURPOSE: The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of betamethasone gel and lidocaine jelly (over tracheal tube cuff) compared with distilled water on the postextubation syndrome incidence (sore throat, cough, and hoarseness). DESIGN: Double-blind randomized clinical trial study was used. METHODS: Ninety-nine patients of either sex undergoing elective surgery, under general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation, were recruited...
August 2016: Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing: Official Journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses
Hülya Bulut, Sevilay Erden, Sevil Güler Demir, Bilge Çakar, Zühal Erdoğan, Nevra Demir, Ali Ay, Emine Aydın
PURPOSE: This study was conducted for the purpose of determining the effect of cold vapor applied for sore throat in the early postoperative stage. DESIGN: A quasi-experimental design was used. METHODS: The study sample consisted of 60 patients who underwent lumbar disc herniation surgery in the Neurosurgery Clinic of Gazi University Health Research and Practice Center in Ankara, Turkey. The study involved two intervention groups and one control group...
August 2016: Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing: Official Journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses
Jian-Feng Chen, Min Lin, Ping Chen, Du Quan, Xu Li, Fan-Cai Lai, Yuan-Rong Tu
BACKGROUND: Conventional endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is usually performed with 5-mm thoracoscope under general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation. Needlescopic thoracic sympathectomy under total intravenous anesthesia without intubation has rarely been attempted. This randomized controlled trial assesses the feasibility and safety of this minimally invasive therapeutic procedure in managing primary palmar hyperhidrosis. METHODS: From July 2012 to July 2014, 221 patients with severe primary palmar hyperhidrosis underwent bilateral ETS and were randomly allocated to group A or group B...
August 2016: Surgical Laparoscopy, Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques
Swati Chhatrapati, Anjana Sahu, Subhhash Sadashiv Auti, Swapnil Ganesh Aswar
INTRODUCTION: Polyvinyl Chloride Endotracheal Tube (PVC ETT) can be used as an alternative to Fastrach Silicone Wire-Reinforced Tube (FTST) for intubation through Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway (ILMA) as the latter is expensive and has low volume high pressure cuff. AIM: To evaluate the effects of orientation of PVC ETT (normal curve and reverse curve) on the success of intubation through ILMA, haemodynamic response and postoperative sore throat. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty healthy adult patients of ASA physical status I & II scheduled for elective surgery under general anaesthesia requiring endotracheal intubation were randomly divided into two groups...
May 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Rui Xu, Ying Lian, Wen Xian Li
OBJECTIVE: Flexible laryngeal mask airways (FLMAs) have been widely used in thyroidectomy as well as cleft palate, nasal, upper chest, head and neck oncoplastic surgeries. This systematic review aims to compare the incidence of airway complications that occur during and after general anesthesia when using the FLMA and endotracheal intubation (ETT). We performed a quantitative meta-analysis of the results of randomized trials. METHODS: A comprehensive search of the PubMed, Embase and Cochrane Library databases was conducted using the key words "flexible laryngeal mask airway" and "endotracheal intubation"...
2016: PloS One
Başak Ceyda Meço, Ahmet Onat Bermede, Zekeriyya Alanoğlu, Olcay Yaka, Neslihan Alkış
OBJECTIVE: This prospective, randomized, double-blinded study aimed to compare the effects of three different doses of ketamine or lidocaine on intubating conditions and haemodynamics in a rapid-sequence induction model with 3 mg kg(-1) propofol and 0.6 mg kg(-1) rocuronium. METHODS: A total of 128 ASA I-III patients who were scheduled for elective surgery were randomized in the following five groups: Group 1 (n=24), 1 mg kg(-1) lidocaine+3 mg kg(-1) propofol+0...
February 2016: Turkish Journal of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation
Dilek Erdoğan Arı, Arzu Yıldırım Ar, Ceren Şanlı Karip, İncifer Siyahkoç, Ahmet Hakan Arslan, Fatma Nur Akgün
OBJECTIVE: I-gel is a new supraglottic airway device without an inflatable cuff. We aimed to compare I-gel and the classic laryngeal mask airway (LMA) regarding the ease of use and clinical performance in Turkish population. METHODS: Fifty American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) I-II patients were randomly allocated into two groups: Group I-gel and Group LMA. Insertion time and success in first attempt were recorded. Peak, plato and mean airway pressures, EtCO2, airway compliance and leak volume were periodically recorded during the operation...
October 2015: Turkish Journal of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation
Monu Yadav, Nitish Chalumuru, Ramachandran Gopinath
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Postoperative sore throat (POST) is a well-recognized complication after general anesthesia (GA). Numerous nonpharmacological and pharmacological measures have been used for attenuating POST with variable success. The present study was conducted to compare the efficiency of preoperative nebulization of normal saline and magnesium sulfate in reducing the incidence of POST following GA. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Following institutional ethical committee approval and written informed consent, a prospective randomized double-blinded study was conducted in 100 cases divided into two equal groups...
April 2016: Journal of Anaesthesiology, Clinical Pharmacology
Sang Ho Lee, Yoon Chan Lee, Ji Hyeon Lee, So Ron Choi, Seung-Cheol Lee, Jong Hwan Lee, Chan Jong Chung
BACKGROUND: Sore throat and hoarseness are common complications after general anesthesia with tracheal intubation. The position for patients can affect the incidence of postoperative sore throat (POST) by causing displacement of the endotracheal tube. This study investigated the prophylactic effect of dexamethasone in prone position surgeries. METHODS: One hundred-fifty patients undergoing lumbar spine surgery (18-75 yr) were randomly allocated into the normal saline group (group P, n = 50), dexamethasone 0...
June 2016: Korean Journal of Anesthesiology
A Venugopal, Ron Mathew Jacob, Rachel Cherian Koshy
INTRODUCTION: Endotracheal tube (ETT) has been associated with various pharyngolaryngeal morbidities (PLMs) following general anesthesia (GA). Laryngeal mask airway (LMA), currently the most commonly used supraglottic airway device, has several advantageous over the ETT but has been associated with varying results of PLM. The aim of our study was to compare the PLM between them and to know whether LMA is a better alternative. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred and seventy American Society of Anesthesiologists Grades 1 and 2 women scheduled for elective mastectomy were included in the study, 85 each in either group, E Group (intubated with ETT) and L Group (using LMA) on a random basis...
May 2016: Anesthesia, Essays and Researches
K El-Boghdadly, C R Bailey, M D Wiles
Postoperative sore throat has a reported incidence of up to 62% following general anaesthesia. In adults undergoing tracheal intubation, female sex, younger age, pre-existing lung disease, prolonged duration of anaesthesia and the presence of a blood-stained tracheal tube on extubation are associated with the greatest risk. Tracheal intubation without neuromuscular blockade, use of double-lumen tubes, as well as high tracheal tube cuff pressures may also increase the risk of postoperative sore throat. The expertise of the anaesthetist performing tracheal intubation appears to have no influence on the incidence in adults, although it may in children...
June 2016: Anaesthesia
Nashwa Abdallah Mekhemar, Ahmed Samy El-Agwany, Wafaa Kamel Radi, Sherif Mohammed El-Hady
Postoperative sore throat is a common complication after endotracheal intubation. After tracheal intubation, the incidence of sore throat varies from 14.4% to 50%. The aim of the study was to compare between benzydamine hydrochloride gel, lidocaine 5% gel and lidocaine 10% spray on the endotracheal tube cuff as regards postoperative sore throat. The present study was carried out on 124 patients admitted to Alexandria university hospitals for lumbar fixation surgery requiring general anesthesia. Patients were randomly allocated into 4 groups...
May 2016: Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
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