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Lori M Hilt, Michael R Sladek, Leah D Doane, Catherine B Stroud
Rumination is a maladaptive form of emotion regulation associated with psychopathology. Research with adults suggests that rumination covaries with diurnal cortisol rhythms, yet this has not been examined among adolescents. Here, we examine the day-to-day covariation between rumination and cortisol, and explore whether trait rumination is associated with alterations in diurnal cortisol rhythms among adolescent girls. Participants (N = 122) provided saliva samples 3 times per day over 3 days, along with daily reports of stress and rumination, questionnaires assessing trait rumination related to peer stress, and diagnostic interviews assessing depression and anxiety...
December 6, 2016: Cognition & Emotion
Silvia Hilt, Tang Tang, Jeffrey H Walton, Madhu Budamagunta, Izumi Maezawa, Tamás Kálai, Kálmán Hideg, Vikrant Singh, Heike Wulff, Qizhi Gong, Lee-Way Jin, Angelique Louie, John C Voss
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by depositions of the amyloid-β (Aβ) peptide in the brain. The disease process develops over decades, with substantial neurological loss occurring before a clinical diagnosis of dementia can be rendered. It is therefore imperative to develop methods that permit early detection and monitoring of disease progression. In addition, the multifactorial pathogenesis of AD has identified several potential avenues for AD intervention. Thus, evaluation of therapeutic candidates over lengthy trial periods also demands a practical, noninvasive method for measuring Aβ in the brain...
November 26, 2016: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
Travis K Price, Majed Shaheen, Laurynas Kalesinskas, Kema Malki, Evann E Hilt, Catherine Putonti, Alan J Wolfe
While Lactobacillus crispatus contributes to the stability of normal vaginal microbiota, its role in urinary health remains unclear. As part of an on-going attempt to characterize the female urinary microbiota, we report the genome sequence of an L. crispatus strain isolated from a woman displaying no lower urinary tract symptoms.
December 1, 2016: Genome Announcements
Kema Malki, Jason W Shapiro, Travis K Price, Evann E Hilt, Krystal Thomas-White, Trina Sircar, Amy B Rosenfeld, Gina Kuffel, Michael J Zilliox, Alan J Wolfe, Catherine Putonti
Bacterial surveys of the vaginal and bladder human microbiota have revealed an abundance of many similar bacterial taxa. As the bladder was once thought to be sterile, the complex interactions between microbes within the bladder have yet to be characterized. To initiate this process, we have begun sequencing isolates, including the clinically relevant genus Gardnerella. Herein, we present the genomic sequences of four Gardnerella strains isolated from the bladders of women with symptoms of urgency urinary incontinence; these are the first Gardnerella genomes produced from this niche...
2016: PloS One
Evann E Hilt, Travis K Price, Katherine Diebel, Catherine Putonti, Alan J Wolfe
A draft genome sequence for a urinary isolate of Nosocomiicoccus ampullae (UMB0853) was investigated. The size of the genome was 1,578,043 bp, with an observed G+C content of 36.1%. Annotation revealed 10 rRNA sequences, 40 tRNA genes, and 1,532 protein-coding sequences. Genome coverage was 727× and consisted of 32 contigs, with an N50 of 109,831 bp.
November 17, 2016: Genome Announcements
Travis K Price, Arya Mehrtash, Laurynas Kalesinskas, Kema Malki, Evann E Hilt, Catherine Putonti, Alan J Wolfe
The genus Escherichia includes pathogens and commensals. Bladder infections (cystitis) result most often from colonization of the bladder by uropathogenic E. coli strains. In contrast, a poorly defined condition called asymptomatic bacteriuria results from colonization of the bladder with E. coli strains without symptoms. As part of an on-going attempt to identify and characterize the newly discovered female urinary microbiota, we report the genome sequences and annotation of two urinary isolates of E. coli: one (E78) was isolated from a female patient who self-reported cystitis; the other (E75) was isolated from a female patient who reported that she did not have symptoms of cystitis...
2016: Standards in Genomic Sciences
Daniel Morton, Deidre Batchelar, Michelle Hilts, Tanya Berrang, Juanita Crook
PURPOSE: Planning permanent breast seed implant (PBSI) brachytherapy using CT alone may reduce treatment accuracy because of differences in seroma visualization compared with ultrasound (US). This study evaluates dosimetric effects of seroma delineation in PBSI and the potential impact of incorporating three-dimensional (3D) US into PBSI treatment planning. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Spatially coregistered CT and 3D US images from 10 patients were retrospectively analyzed to simulate the PBSI procedure...
October 19, 2016: Brachytherapy
Magnhild Oust Torske, Johan Håkon Bjørngaard, Bjørn Hilt, David Glasscock, Steinar Krokstad
OBJECTIVE: Studies of the mental health of farmers have been largely cross-sectional and possibly confounded. We performed a prospective cohort study as well as a sibling comparison to control for unmeasured confounding. METHODS: Our study included 76 583 participants aged ≥19 years from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study [HUNT1 (1984-1986), HUNT2 (1995-1997) and HUNT3 (2006-2008)]. We used the Anxiety and Depression Index (ADI) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) to measure symptoms of mental distress...
September 16, 2016: Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health
Carolyn A McCarty, Douglas Zatzick, Elizabeth Stein, Jin Wang, Robert Hilt, Frederick P Rivara
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Postconcussive and co-occurring psychological symptoms are not uncommon after sports-related concussion and are associated with functional impairment and societal costs. There is no evidence-based treatment targeting postconcussive symptoms in children and adolescents. The goal of this study was to test a collaborative care intervention model with embedded cognitive-behavioral therapy, care management, and psychopharmacological consultation. We hypothesized that patients in collaborative care would demonstrate greater reductions in postconcussive, depressive, and anxiety symptoms and improvement in functioning over the course of 6 months, compared with usual care control...
September 13, 2016: Pediatrics
Rebecca P Barclay, Robert J Hilt
Integrated care is a way to improve the prevention, identification, and treatment of mental health difficulties, including substance abuse, in pediatric care. The pediatrician's access, expertise in typical development, focus on prevention, and alignment with patients and families can allow successful screening, early intervention, and referral to treatment. Successful integrated substance abuse care for youth is challenged by current reimbursement systems, information exchange, and provider role adjustment issues, but these are being addressed as comfort with this care form and resources to support its development grow...
October 2016: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America
Anastasia K Hauser, Mihail I Mitov, Emily F Daley, Ronald C McGarry, Kimberly W Anderson, J Zach Hilt
To increase the efficacy of radiation, iron oxide nanoparticles can be utilized for their ability to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS). Radiation therapy promotes leakage of electrons from the electron transport chain and leads to an increase in mitochondrial production of the superoxide anion which is converted to hydrogen peroxide by superoxide dismutase. Iron oxide nanoparticles can then catalyze the reaction from hydrogen peroxide to the highly reactive hydroxyl radical. Therefore, the overall aim of this project was to utilize iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated to a cell penetrating peptide, TAT, to escape lysosomal encapsulation after internalization by cancer cells and catalyze hydroxyl radical formation...
October 2016: Biomaterials
Alexander R Nödling, Robert Möckel, Ralf Tonner, Gerhard Hilt
The effect of several Lewis acids on the CBS catalyst (named after Corey, Bakshi and Shibata) was investigated in this study. While (2) H NMR spectroscopic measurements served as gauge for the activation capability of the Lewis acids, in situ FT-IR spectroscopy was employed to assess the catalytic activity of the Lewis acid oxazaborolidine complexes. A correlation was found between the Δδ((2) H) values and rate constants kDA , which indicates a direct translation of Lewis acidity into reactivity of the Lewis acid-CBS complexes...
September 5, 2016: Chemistry: a European Journal
Prachi Gupta, Carolyn T Jordan, Mihail I Mitov, D Allan Butterfield, J Zach Hilt, Thomas D Dziubla
Mitochondria are considered to be the "power plants" of the cell, but can also initiate and execute cell death, stimulated by oxidative stress (OS). OS induced mitochondrial dysfunction is characterized by a loss in oxygen consumption and reduced ATP production. Curcumin, as a potential therapeutic, has been explored as a candidate for mitochondrial OS suppression, but rapid metabolism and aqueous insolubility has prevented it from being effective. Further, efficient delivery of curcumin via the incorporation into nanocarriers has again been limited due to low drug loading capacities and/or significant burst release, resulting in acute cytotoxicity...
September 25, 2016: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Morten Buhagen, Anna Grønskag, Siri Fenstad Ragde, Bjørn Hilt
OBJECTIVE: This study investigates the association between occupational exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE) and kidney cancer, as this correlation has been questioned. METHODS: The incidence of cancers was studied in a dynamic cohort of 997 male workers who for many years had been occupationally exposed to TCE. RESULTS: During a 50-year observation period, 13 cases of kidney cancer were observed (7.5 expected) with a standardized incidence ratio of 1...
September 2016: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Carlo Zambonelli, Antu K Dey, Susan Hilt, Samuel Stephenson, Eden P Go, Daniel F Clark, Mark Wininger, Celia Labranche, David Montefiori, Hua-Xin Liao, Ronald I Swanstrom, Heather Desaire, Barton F Haynes, Andrea Carfi, Susan W Barnett
The viral envelope glycoprotein (Env) is the major target for antibody (Ab)-mediated vaccine development against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1). Although several recombinant Env antigens have been evaluated in clinical trials, only the surface glycoprotein, gp120, (from HIV-1 subtype B, MN, and subtype CRF_01AE, A244) used in the ALVAC prime-AIDSVAX gp120 boost RV144 Phase III HIV vaccine trial was shown to contribute to protective efficacy, although modest and short-lived. Hence, for clinical trials in southern Africa, a bivalent protein boost of HIV-1 subtype C gp120 antigens composed of two complementary gp120s, from the TV1...
2016: PloS One
David Daniel, Amir Kalali, Mark West, David Walling, Dana Hilt, Nina Engelhardt, Larry Alphs, Antony Loebel, Kim Vanover, Sarah Atkinson, Mark Opler, Gary Sachs, Kari Nations, Chris Brady
This paper summarizes the results of the CNS Summit Data Quality Monitoring Workgroup analysis of current data quality monitoring techniques used in central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials. Based on audience polls conducted at the CNS Summit 2014, the panel determined that current techniques used to monitor data and quality in clinical trials are broad, uncontrolled, and lack independent verification. The majority of those polled endorse the value of monitoring data. Case examples of current data quality methodology are presented and discussed...
January 2016: Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience
Jingya Dai, Qitang Fan, Tao Wang, Julian Kuttner, Gerhard Hilt, J Michael Gottfried, Junfa Zhu
The influences of the substrate structure on the formation of one-dimensional organometallic and covalent oligomers on a Cu(110) surface were studied using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS), and low energy electron diffraction (LEED) in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV). Vapor deposition of submonolayer 4,4''-dibromo-meta-terphenyl (DMTP) onto a Cu(110) surface at 300 K leads to scission of C-Br bonds and the formation of organometallic chains (cis/trans and all-trans) connected by C-Cu-C bonds...
July 27, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Anastasia K Hauser, Kimberly W Anderson, J Zach Hilt
AIM: In the present study, we examine the effects of internalized peptide-conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles and their ability to locally convert alternating magnetic field (AMF) energy into other forms of energy (e.g., heat and rotational work). MATERIALS & METHODS: Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles were functionalized with a cell penetrating peptide and after internalization by A549 and H358 cells were activated by an AMF. RESULTS: TAT-functionalized nanoparticles and AMF exposure increased reactive oxygen species generation compared with the nanoparticle system alone...
July 2016: Nanomedicine
Bo Young Park, Min Ki Hong, So Ra Kang, Seung Eun Hong
OBJECTIVE: Wound healing can be aided by the use of low- and medium-intensity lasers. The use of neodymium-yttrium-aluminum garnet (Nd: YAG) pulsed high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) with a 1064-nm wavelength laser provides deeper and more efficient penetration into tissue due to it being less absorbed by chromophores in tissue, e.g., hemoglobin, melanin and water, thereby enhancing the wound healing process. In this study, we examined the effect of high-intensity laser therapy on wound healing with a Q-switched Nd: YAG pulsed laser in an animal model...
June 28, 2016: Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy: Official Publication of the European Society for Laser Dermatology
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