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Lulu Liu, Xiaoling Wan, Peipei Zhou, Xiaoyuan Zhou, Wei Zhang, Xinhui Hui, Xiujie Yuan, Xiaodan Ding, Ruihong Zhu, Guangxun Meng, Hui Xiao, Feng Ma, He Huang, Xianmin Song, Bin Zhou, Sidong Xiong, Yan Zhang
BACKGROUND: Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-dependent chromatin remodeling SWI/SNF-like BAF and PBAF complexes have been implicated in the regulation of stem cell function and cancers. Several subunits of BAF or PBAF, including BRG1, BAF53a, BAF45a, BAF180, and BAF250a, are known to be involved in hematopoiesis. Baf200, a subunit of PBAF complex, plays a pivotal role in heart morphogenesis and coronary artery angiogenesis. However, little is known on the importance of Baf200 in normal and malignant hematopoiesis...
February 26, 2018: Journal of Hematology & Oncology
Victor V Tatarskiy, Yuriy P Simonov, Dmitrii S Shcherbinin, Alexander V Brechalov, Sofia G Georgieva, Nataliya V Soshnikova
The PBAF chromatin-remodeling complexes are multi-protein machines, regulating expression of genes involved in proliferation and differentiation. PHF10 is a subunit of the PBAF essential for its association with chromatin. Mammalian PHF10 is expressed as four ubiquitous isoforms, which are alternatively incorporated in the complex and differ by their influence on transcription of target genes. PHF10 have different domain structure and two of them (PHF10-S isoforms) lack C-terminal PHD domains, which enables their phosphorylation by CK-1...
July 17, 2017: Scientific Reports
Rodrigo O de Castro, Luciana Previato, Victor Goitea, Anna Felberg, Michel F Guiraldelli, Adrian Filiberti, Roberto J Pezza
The efficiency and type of pathway chosen to repair DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) are critically influenced by the nucleosome packaging and the chromatin architecture surrounding the DSBs. The Swi/Snf (PBAF and BAF) chromatin-remodeling complexes contribute to DNA damage-induced nucleosome remodeling, but the mechanism by which it contributes to this function is poorly understood. Herein, we report how the Baf200 (Arid2) PBAF-defining subunit regulates DSB repair. We used cytological and biochemical approaches to show that Baf200 plays an important function by facilitating homologous recombination-dependent processes, such as recruitment of Rad51 (a key component of homologous recombination) to DSBs, homology-directed repair, and cell survival after DNA damage...
May 19, 2017: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Lingjuan He, Xueying Tian, Hui Zhang, Tianyuan Hu, Xiuzhen Huang, Libo Zhang, Zhong Wang, Bin Zhou
ATP-dependent SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes utilize ATP hydrolysis to non-covalently change nucleosome-DNA interactions and are essential in stem cell development, organogenesis, and tumorigenesis. Biochemical studies show that SWI/SNF in mammalian cells can be divided into two subcomplexes BAF and PBAF based on the subunit composition. ARID2 or BAF200 has been defined as an intrinsic subunit of PBAF complex. However, the function of BAF200 in vivo is not clear. To dissect the possible role of BAF200 in regulating embryogenesis and organ development, we generated BAF200 mutant mice and found they were embryonic lethal...
2014: PloS One
Aleksandra Kuzmanov, Evguenia I Karina, Natalia V Kirienko, David S Fay
To adapt to stress, cells must undergo major changes in their gene expression profiles. We have previously described a largely uncharacterized stress response pathway in Caenorhabditis elegans that acts through an evolutionarily conserved motif, termed ESRE, for ethanol and stress response element. We characterize here the requirements for ESRE gene expression and show that the ESRE network is regulated by a conserved SWI/SNF family nucleosome remodeling complex termed PBAF. Depletion of PBAF subunits SWSN-7/BAF200 and PBRM-1/BAF180 results in decreased expression of ESRE genes and increased sensitivity to thermal stress...
March 2014: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Evelien Middeljans, Xi Wan, Pascal W Jansen, Vikram Sharma, Hendrik G Stunnenberg, Colin Logie
BACKGROUND: Nucleosome translocation along DNA is catalyzed by eukaryotic SNF2-type ATPases. One class of SNF2-ATPases is distinguished by the presence of a C-terminal bromodomain and is conserved from yeast to man and plants. This class of SNF2 enzymes forms rather large protein complexes that are collectively called SWI/SNF complexes. They are involved in transcription and DNA repair. Two broad types of SWI/SNF complexes have been reported in the literature; PBAF and BAF. These are distinguished by the inclusion or not of polybromo and several ARID subunits...
2012: PloS One
Rebecca Easley, Lawrence Carpio, Luke Dannenberg, Soyun Choi, Dowser Alani, Rachel Van Duyne, Irene Guendel, Zachary Klase, Emmanuel Agbottah, Kylene Kehn-Hall, Fatah Kashanchi
The SWI/SNF complex remodels nucleosomes, allowing RNA Polymerase II access to the HIV-1 proviral DNA. It has not been determined which SWI/SNF complex (BAF or PBAF) remodels nucleosomes at the transcription start site. These complexes differ in only three subunits and determining which subunit(s) is required could explain the regulation of Tat activated transcription. We show that PBAF is required for chromatin remodeling at the nuc-1 start site and transcriptional elongation. We find that Baf200 is required to ensure activation at the LTR level and for viral production...
September 30, 2010: Virology
Zhijiang Yan, Kairong Cui, Darryl M Murray, Chen Ling, Yutong Xue, Amy Gerstein, Ramon Parsons, Keji Zhao, Weidong Wang
PBAF and BAF are two chromatin-remodeling complexes of the SWI/SNF family essential for mammalian transcription and development. Although these complexes share eight identical subunits, only PBAF can facilitate transcriptional activation by nuclear receptors in vitro. Here we show that these complexes have selectivity in mediating transcription of different interferon-responsive genes. The selectivity by PBAF requires a novel subunit, BAF200, but not the previously described PBAF-specificity subunit, BAF180 (Polybromo)...
July 15, 2005: Genes & Development
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