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Social isolation asian culture

Josephine Agu, Roanna Lobo, Gemma Crawford, Bethwyn Chigwada
Increasing HIV notifications amongst migrant and mobile populations to Australia is a significant public health issue. Generalizations about migrant health needs and delayed or deterred help-seeking behaviors can result from disregarding the variation between and within cultures including factors, such as drivers for migration and country of birth. This study explored barriers and enablers to accessing sexual health services, including experiences of stigma and discrimination, within a purposive sample of sub-Saharan African, Southeast Asian, and East Asian migrants...
May 11, 2016: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Alison Karasz, Sumithra Raghavan, Viraj Patel, Moumita Zaman, Laila Akhter, Mahbhooba Kabita
BACKGROUND: Common mental disorder (CMD) is highly prevalent among low-income immigrant women, yet few receive effective treatment. This underutilization is partly owing to a lack of conceptual synchrony between biopsychiatric theories underlying conventional mental treatments and explanatory models in community settings. The Action to Improve Self-esteem and Health through Asset building (ASHA) program is a depression intervention designed by and for South Asian women immigrants. ASHA helps women to build psychological, social, and financial assets...
2015: Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action
Diana J Burgess, Jeremiah Mock, Barbara A Schillo, Jessie E Saul, Tam Phan, Yanat Chhith, Nina Alesci, Steven S Foldes
BACKGROUND: Southeast Asian communities in the United States have suffered from high rates of tobacco use and high rates of chronic diseases associated with firsthand and secondhand smoking. Research is needed on how best to reduce and prevent tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke in these communities. The objective of this study was to examine how tobacco use patterns in Minnesota's Southeast Asian communities have been shaped by culture, immigration, and adjustment to life in America in order to inform future tobacco control strategies...
2014: BMC Public Health
Meryanne K Tumonggor, Tatiana M Karafet, Sean Downey, J Stephen Lansing, Peter Norquest, Herawati Sudoyo, Michael F Hammer, Murray P Cox
Timor, an eastern Indonesian island linking mainland Asia with Australia and the Pacific world, had a complex history, including its role as a contact zone between two language families (Austronesian and Trans-New Guinean), as well as preserving elements of a rich Austronesian cultural heritage, such as matrilocal marriage practices. Using an array of biparental (autosomal and X-chromosome single-nucleotide polymorphisms) and uniparental markers (Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA), we reconstruct a broad genetic profile of Timorese in the Belu regency of West Timor, including the traditional princedom of Wehali, focusing on the effects of cultural practices, such as language and social change, on patterns of genetic diversity...
September 2014: Journal of Human Genetics
Irosha Nilaweera, Frances Doran, Jane Fisher
BACKGROUND: Women of reproductive age constitute a significant proportion of immigrants from South Asia to high-income countries. Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period place increased demands on women׳s psychological resources and relationships. The aim of this review was to evaluate the available evidence about the prevalence, nature and determinants of postpartum mental health problems among South Asian women who have migrated to high-income countries. METHODS: Using a systematic strategy, CINAHL, Medline, PsychInfo and Web of Science databases were searched...
September 2014: Journal of Affective Disorders
Alison Karasz, Viraj Patel, Mahbhooba Kabita, Parvin Shimu
BACKGROUND: Although common mental disorder (CMD) is highly prevalent among South Asian immigrant women, they rarely seek mental treatment. This may be owing in part to the lack of conceptual synchrony between medical models of mental disorder and the social models of distress common in South Asian communities. Furthermore, common mental health screening and diagnostic measures may not adequately capture distress in this group. Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is ideally suited to help address measurement issues in CMD as well as to develop culturally appropriate treatment models...
2013: Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action
Lara Maister, Manos Tsakiris
Body-awareness is produced by an integration of both interoceptive and exteroceptive bodily signals. However, previous investigations into cultural differences in bodily self-awareness have only studied these two aspects in isolation. We investigated the interaction between interoceptive and exteroceptive self-processing in East Asian and Western participants. During an interoceptive awareness task, self-face observation improved performance of those with initially low awareness in the Western group, but did not benefit the East Asian participants...
2014: Cognitive Neuroscience
Joel Sheridan, Katrina Scior
Research with South Asian families of individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) suggests an increased fear of stigma and isolation from the community. Evidence on attitudes towards ID among the wider community is very limited and was the focus of the present study. Responses were collected from 737 college students aged 16-19 using the Community Living Attitudes Scale-ID version. Results indicated that British South Asians (n=355) were less in favour of the social inclusion of people with ID than White British young people (n=382)...
April 2013: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Grace Y Wang, Marcus Henning
AIM: To explore the dynamic between Chinese people with bipolar disorder (BD) and family functioning. METHODS: Nine New Zealand Chinese with BD were interviewed. Data analysis was guided by content and thematic approaches. RESULTS: Four themes summarised from the interviews included: (1) family members are the primary resource; (2) many facets of recovery from BD is integrally linked with caregiving; (3) quality of family relationships is associated with acceptance of the illness; and (4) perception of caregiver burden motivates self-care...
January 25, 2013: New Zealand Medical Journal
Kyungil Kim, Arthur B Markman
Previous research suggests that members of East Asian cultures show a greater preference for dialectical thinking than do Westerners. This paper attempts to account for these differences in cognition using individual difference variables that may explain variation in performance both within and across cultures. Especially, we propose that the abovementioned cultural differences are rooted in a greater fear of isolation (FOI) in East Asians than in Westerners. To support this hypothesis, in Experiment 1, we manipulated FOI in American participants before having them resolve two conflicts: an interpersonal conflict and a conflict between an individual and an institution...
2013: International Journal of Psychology: Journal International de Psychologie
Kevin Koo
Infrequent use of and delayed presentation to professional services have increased the burden of mental illness in minority ethnic communities. Within the growing literature on informal carers, the Chinese remain relatively unstudied. This article reports a qualitative study of 14 carers to explore illness representations of affective disorders in British Chinese communities. Firstly, it places the study within a theoretical framework that permits an understanding of mental health and illness in different sociocultural belief systems...
November 2012: Sociology of Health & Illness
Ling Li, Aruna Wu, Xiao Wen Li, Yuan Zhuang
Researchers have gone beyond identity status and been putting more and more emphases on the dynamic process of identity development and its contextual embeddedness. Study of individual's adaptation to the multicultural background is a good point of penetration. Because of the differences in regional conditions and cultural traditions, the minority youths who go to university in the mainstream culture would have special experiences and challenges in the development of their self-identities. Semi-structured interview and narrative were used in this research to discover the characteristics of the self-identity constructing processes of Mongolian undergraduates in a Shanghai university context...
September 2012: Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science
Sundari Anitha
Research on domestic violence documents the particular vulnerability of immigrant women due to reasons including social isolation, language barriers, lack of awareness about services, and racism on the part of services. Based on qualitative interviews with 30 South Asian women with insecure immigration status residing in Yorkshire and Northwest England, this article explores how inequalities created by culture, gender, class, and race intersect with state immigration and welfare policies in the United Kingdom, thereby exacerbating structures of patriarchy within minority communities...
October 2011: Violence Against Women
Cannas Kwok, Kathryn White
OBJECTIVES: Although Chinese-Australian women are at higher risk of developing breast cancer after migration to Australia, information on their experience is limited. This paper explores Chinese-Australian women's perceptions of the meaning and experience of a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and coping mechanism. METHODS: Three focus groups were conducted with 23 Chinese-Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer in their native language (Cantonese or Mandarin)...
August 2011: Contemporary Nurse
Xinqi Dong, E-Shien Chang, Esther Wong, Melissa Simon
This qualitative study aims to investigate the cultural understandings of loneliness, identify the contexts of loneliness, and to examine its effect on the health and well-being of U.S. Chinese older adults. Despite loneliness is one of the main indicators of well-being, little attention has been paid to understanding loneliness among immigrant older adults. This study utilizes both survey questionnaires and semi-structured focus group methods to investigate the feelings of loneliness among U.S. Chinese older adults...
January 2012: Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Y Joel Wong, Kelly Koo, Kimberly K Tran, Yu-Chen Chiu, Yvonne Mok
The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to explore the phenomenon of suicide ideation among 293 Asian American college students. Guided by T. Joiner's (2005) interpersonal-psychological theory of suicidal behavior, the authors examined the relationships among perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, self-construals, and suicide ideation. Compared with thwarted belongingness, perceived burdensomeness was a more robust predictor of suicide ideation. However, thwarted belongingness moderated the positive association between perceived burdensomeness and suicide ideation...
April 2011: Journal of Counseling Psychology
Bocheol Chang
Native Korean women frequently suffer poverty, sexual violence, and Confucian gender discrimination. Once in America Korean military wives also experience racial and sexual oppression, intercultural familial conflicts and violence, and identity crisis and lead to feelings of isolation and non-belonging, a sense of anomie. Korean American pastors tend to understate and oversimplify the complexity of psychological and spiritual suffering of Korean military wives and overemphasize individual faith development as a solution...
2010: Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling: JPCC
Matthew J Miller, Jungeun Kim, Verónica Benet-Martínez
An emerging body of empirical research highlights the impact of acculturative stress in the lives of culturally diverse populations. Therefore, to facilitate future research in this area, we conducted 3 studies to examine the psychometric properties of the Riverside Acculturation Stress Inventory (RASI; Benet-Martínez & Haritatos, 2005) and its 5 subscales in a total sample of 793 self-identified Asian American participants. The reliability and validity of RASI scores and the hypothesized 1-factor higher order model (with 1st-order factors Language Skills, Work Challenges, Intercultural Relations, Discrimination, and Cultural Isolation) of the RASI were examined in Study 1...
June 2011: Psychological Assessment
Yung-Mei Yang, Hsiu-Hung Wang
BACKGROUND: According to the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Statistics, Taiwan, ROC (2010), Taiwan is home to 131,000 Southeast Asian female spouses holding valid resident permits. More than two thirds (68%) of this number is from Vietnam. An understanding of health-related quality of life (HRQL) among female Vietnamese spouses is essential to develop appropriate health policies and interventions for this population. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to compare HRQL values between the general Taiwan female spouse population and the female Vietnamese spouses living in Taiwan...
March 2011: Journal of Nursing Research: JNR
Andrew D Tiedt
Depression has been described as the world's most prevalent illness and a leading cause of disability across age groups. The global literature on aging and depression reports greater prevalence of depressive symptoms among women than men. This research applies data from the Nihon University Japanese Longitudinal Study of Aging to the gender gap in depressive symptoms reported by Japanese elders. This study takes the position that cultural norms centered on obligations to care determine both the prevalence of social support and its application by family members...
September 2010: Journal of Cross-cultural Gerontology
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