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Tejs Ehlers Klug
PTA is a collection of pus located between the tonsillar capsule and the pharyngeal constrictor muscle. It is considered a complication of acute tonsillitis and is the most prevalent deep neck infection (approximately 2000 cases annually in Denmark) and cause of acute admission to Danish ENT departments. Teenagers and young adults are most commonly affected and males may predominate over females. However, no studies of age- and gender-stratified incidence rates have previously been published. Furthermore, smoking may be associated with increased risk of peritonsillar abscess (PTA) development, although the magnitude of the association has not been estimated...
March 2017: Danish Medical Journal
Varvara K Kozyreva, Guillaume Jospin, Alexander L Greninger, James P Watt, Jonathan A Eisen, Vishnu Chaturvedi
Shigella sonnei has caused unusually large outbreaks of shigellosis in California in 2014 and 2015. Preliminary data indicated the involvement of two distinct bacterial populations, one from San Diego and San Joaquin (SDi/SJo) and one from the San Francisco (SFr) Bay area. Whole-genome analysis and antibiotic susceptibility testing of 68 outbreak and archival isolates of S. sonnei were performed to investigate the microbiological factors related to these outbreaks. Both SDi/SJo and SFr populations, as well as almost all of the archival S...
November 2016: MSphere
Frederick A Masoudi, Angelo Ponirakis, James A de Lemos, James G Jollis, Mark Kremers, John C Messenger, John W M Moore, Issam Moussa, William J Oetgen, Paul D Varosy, Robert N Vincent, Jessica Wei, Jeptha P Curtis, Matthew T Roe, John A Spertus
The National Cardiovascular Data Registries (NCDR) of the American College of Cardiology consists of ten national programs designed to measure quality of care for high impact cardiovascular conditions and procedures. The NCDR provides feedback with benchmarking of a broad range of quality metrics to participants; supports quality improvement interventions at the local and national level; and serves as the basis for cardiovascular health services and epidemiology research that informs contemporary clinical care...
December 20, 2016: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Mohammed S Al-Omary, Allan J Davies, Arshad A Khan, Michael McGee, Bruce Bastian, James Leitch, John Attia, Peter J Fletcher, Andrew J Boyle
BACKGROUND: Heart failure carries a major burden on our health system, mainly related to the high rate of hospital admission. An understanding of the recent trends in heart failure hospitalisation is essential to the future allocation of health resources. Our aim is to analyse the temporal trends in heart failure hospitalisation. METHODS: We extracted all separations in the Hunter New England Local Health District between 2005-2014 (n=40,119) with an ICD 10 code for heart failure (I-50) in the first four diagnoses on discharge...
November 19, 2016: Heart, Lung & Circulation
Susanne Hansen, Benjamin Hoffmann-Petersen, Asger Sverrild, Elvira V Bräuner, Jesper Lykkegaard, Uffe Bodtger, Lone Agertoft, Lene Korshøj, Vibeke Backer
Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide affecting more than 300 million people. Symptoms are often non-specific and include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Asthma may be highly variable within the same individual over time. Although asthma results in death only in extreme cases, the disease is associated with significant morbidity, reduced quality of life, increased absenteeism, and large costs for society. Asthma can be diagnosed based on report of characteristic symptoms and/or the use of several different diagnostic tests...
2016: European Clinical Respiratory Journal
Kuibao Li, Xiyan Yang, Lefeng Wang, Mulei Chen, Wenshu Zhao, Li Xu, Xinchun Yang
Given both smoking and vitamin D are associated with coronary heart disease (CHD) via inflammation and smoking may interfere with the local antiinflammatory effects of vitamin D. We hypothesized that the relationship between smoking and severity of CHD may be modified by vitamin D.A cross-sectional study was conducted. 25-OH vitamin D values were determined in 348 consecutive patients (mean age 62.4 ± 10.5 years; 56.3% male) undergoing coronary angiography at the Heart Center of Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University between the period of September 2014 and May 2015...
September 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Glen T Schumock, Edward C Li, Katie J Suda, Michelle D Wiest, JoAnn Stubbings, Linda M Matusiak, Robert J Hunkler, Lee C Vermeulen
PURPOSE: Historical trends and factors likely to influence future pharmaceutical expenditures are discussed, and projections are made for drug spending in 2016 in nonfederal hospitals, clinics, and overall (all sectors). METHODS: Drug expenditure data through calendar year 2015 were obtained from the IMS Health National Sales Perspectives database and analyzed. Other factors that may influence drug spending in hospitals and clinics in 2016, including new drug approvals and patent expirations, were also reviewed...
July 15, 2016: American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy: AJHP
Robert W Derlet, Robert M McNamara, Scott H Plantz, Matthew K Organ, John R Richards
BACKGROUND: Health care delivery in the United States has evolved in many ways over the past century, including the development of the specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM). With the creation of this specialty, many positive changes have occurred within hospital emergency departments (EDs) to improve access and quality of care of the nation's de facto "safety net." The specialty of EM has been further defined and held to high standards with regard to board certification, sub-specialization, maintenance of skills, and research...
June 2016: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Mirjam Kaestli, Eric P M Grist, Linda Ward, Audrey Hill, Mark Mayo, Bart J Currie
OBJECTIVES: Melioidosis is an often fatal disease in humans and animals and endemic in Southeast Asia and northern Australia. It is caused by the environmental bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei. We analysed weather and climate factors preceding new melioidosis cases in Darwin and compared the time between weather event and admission to hospital for severe and average wet season rainfall. METHODS: In a time-series analysis from 1990 to 2013 we applied a boosted regression tree and a negative binomial model to investigate the association between melioidosis cases and weather events...
June 2016: Journal of Infection
Alison Young, Ernie Marshall, Monika Krzyzanowska, Bridget Robinson, Sean Brown, Fiona Collinson, Jennifer Seligmann, Afroze Abbas, Adrian Rees, Daniel Swinson, Helen Neville-Webbe, Peter Selby
Remarkable progress has been made over the past decade in cancer medicine. Personalized medicine, driven by biomarker predictive factors, novel biotherapy, novel imaging, and molecular targeted therapeutics, has improved outcomes. Cancer is becoming a chronic disease rather than a fatal disease for many patients. However, despite this progress, there is much work to do if patients are to receive continuous high-quality care in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time, and with the right specialized expert oversight...
March 2016: Oncologist
Nicolai Lohse
The work on this thesis began in 2003 when the global HIV epidemic was out of control. A minority of persons with HIV were benefitting fully from the recently introduced highly efficacious antiretroviral therapy (ART) combinations. Among the global challenges were lack of access to good healthcare, drug toxicity, and emergence of drug-resistant virus. It was unknown how long the drugs could maintain their efficacy in the individual even if administered as intended, and there was a fear that the increased drug pressure would increase the prevalence of drug resistance, subsequently leading to transmission of resistant virus from one individual to another, and thereby waning the treatment options available...
February 2016: Danish Medical Journal
Maibritt Holm, Ninna Aggerholm-Pedersen, Marco Mele, Peter Jørgensen, Steen Baerentzen, Akmal Safwat
AIM: The aim of this study was to contribute to the collected knowledge of prognostic factors in primary breast sarcomas (PBS) to the benefit of possible future prospective studies and therapeutic guidelines. METHOD: All patients with pathologically verified PBS in the period of 1979-2014 were extracted from a hospital-based database at Aarhus University Hospital. All records were reviewed for patient and tumor characteristics. Primary endpoints were overall survival, disease-free survival (DFS) and disease-specific survival (DSS)...
May 2016: Acta Oncologica
Brandon D Bushnell
The concept of "alignment" between physicians and hospitals is a popular buzzword in the age of health care reform. Despite their often tumultuous histories, physicians and hospitals find themselves under increasing pressures to work together toward common goals. However, effective alignment is more than just simple cooperation between parties. The process of achieving alignment does not have simple, universal steps. Alignment will differ based on individual situational factors and the type of specialty involved...
September 2015: Orthopedics
Ennio Polilli, Monica Tontodonati, Maria Elena Flacco, Tamara Ursini, Palmira Striani, Dante Di Giammartino, Maurizio Paoloni, Luigi Vallarola, Gabriella Lucidi Pressanti, Giorgia Fragassi, Patrizia Accorsi, Lamberto Manzoli, Giustino Parruti
PURPOSE: Available estimates of the prevalence of chronic HCV infection in Italy are quite conflicting, varying from 1.5 to 22.5%, with an apparent north to south gradient. As Direct Acting Antivirals are expensive, both National and local governmental Agencies are in urgent need of detailed and reliable estimates of HCV patients to be treated, nationwide and in each district. We investigated the prevalence of anti-HCV antibodies in a large unselected sample of surgical patients providing consent to in-hospital opt-out pre-surgical HCV screening, at two hospitals from the Abruzzo Region, Italy...
February 2016: Infection
Henrik Ullman, Megan Spencer-Smith, Deanne K Thompson, Lex W Doyle, Terrie E Inder, Peter J Anderson, Torkel Klingberg
School-age children born preterm are particularly at risk for low mathematical achievement, associated with reduced working memory and number skills. Early identification of preterm children at risk for future impairments using brain markers might assist in referral for early intervention. This study aimed to examine the use of neonatal magnetic resonance imaging measures derived from automated methods (Jacobian maps from deformation-based morphometry; fractional anisotropy maps from diffusion tensor images) to predict skills important for mathematical achievement (working memory, early mathematical skills) at 5 and 7 years in a cohort of preterm children using both univariable (general linear model) and multivariable models (support vector regression)...
November 2015: Brain: a Journal of Neurology
Elisa Giulia Liberati, Laura Galuppo, Mara Gorli, Marco Maraldi, Francesca Ruggiero, Matteo Capobussi, Rita Banzi, Koren Kwag, Giuseppe Scaratti, Oriana Nanni, Pietro Ruggieri, Hernan Polo Friz, Claudio Cimminiello, Marco Bosio, Massimo Mangia, Lorenzo Moja
INTRODUCTION: Computerized Decision Support Systems (CDSSs) connect health care professionals with high-quality, evidence-based information at the point-of-care to guide clinical decision-making. Current research shows the potential of CDSSs to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. The mere provision of the technology, however, does not guarantee its uptake. This qualitative study aims to explore the barriers and facilitators to the use of CDSSs as identified by health providers...
April 2015: Recenti Progressi in Medicina
Hidenori Arai, Yasuyoshi Ouchi, Kenji Toba, Tamao Endo, Kentaro Shimokado, Kazuo Tsubota, Seiichi Matsuo, Hidezo Mori, Wako Yumura, Masayuki Yokode, Hiromi Rakugi, Shinichi Ohshima
BACKGROUND: The demographic structure of a country changes dramatically with increasing trends toward general population aging and declining birth rates. In Japan, the percentage of the elderly population (aged ≥65 years) reached 25% in 2013; it is expected to exceed 30% in 2025 and reach 39.9% in 2060. The national total population has been decreasing steadily since its peak reached in 2008, and it is expected to fall to the order of 80 million in 2060. Of the total population, those aged ≥75 years accounted for 12...
June 2015: Geriatrics & Gerontology International
Teresa M Waters, Michael J Daniels, Gloria J Bazzoli, Eli Perencevich, Nancy Dunton, Vincent S Staggs, Catima Potter, Naleef Fareed, Minzhao Liu, Ronald I Shorr
IMPORTANCE: In 2008, Medicare implemented the Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs) Initiative, a policy denying incremental payment for 8 complications of hospital care, also known as never events. The regulation's effect on these events has not been well studied. OBJECTIVE: To measure the association between Medicare's nonpayment policy and 4 outcomes addressed by the HACs Initiative: central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs), catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs), hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs), and injurious inpatient falls...
March 2015: JAMA Internal Medicine
Yifru Berhan, Asres Berhan
BACKGROUND: Ethiopia is one of the six countries which have contributed to more than 50% of all maternal deaths across the world. This country has adopted the millennium development goals (MDGs) including reducing the maternal mortality by three-quarter, and put improvement in maternal health as one of the health sector development program (HSDP) performance indicators. The purpose of this study was to review the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) in Ethiopia in the past 30 years using available literature...
September 2014: Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences
Mihajlo Jakovljevic, Ana Zugic, Ana Rankovic, Aleksandar Dagovic
OBJECTIVE: Current radiation therapy capacities in Serbia and most of Eastern Europe are heavily lagging behind population needs. The primary study aim was assessment of direct costs of cancer medical care for patients suffering from cancer with assigned radiotherapy-based treatment protocols. Identification of key cost drivers and trends during 2010-2013 comparing brachytherapy and teleradiotherapy was a secondary objective of the study. METHODS: Retrospective, bottom-up database analysis was conducted on electronic discharge invoices...
January 2015: Journal of Medical Economics
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