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Alfred Königsrainer, Silke Templin, Ivan Capobianco, Ingmar Königsrainer, Michael Bitzer, Lars Zender, Bence Sipos, Lothar Kanz, Silvia Wagner, Silvio Nadalin
OBJECTIVE: to report the first case of resection and partial liver segment 2-3 transplantation with delayed total hepatectomy (RAPID) from living donor in a patient affected of irresectable colorectal liver metastases (i-CRLM) BACKGROUND:: A renaissance of liver transplantation (LT) for i-CRLM has been recently observed. The Norwegian SECA trial demonstrated a 5-year overall survival rate of approximately 60%, notwithstanding early tumor recurrence. The RAPID technique was recently introduced as alternative to whole deceased donor LT, but it is limited by poor availability of splittable organs and many organisational aspects...
June 18, 2018: Annals of Surgery
Wenguang Xi, Gang Yan, Huaqiao Tan, Liguang Xiao, Sihang Cheng, Shifa Ullah Khan, Yonghui Wang, Yangguang Li
Transition metal (TM) oxides and hydroxides are one of the important candidates for the development of durable and low-cost electrocatalysts towards water splitting. The key issue is exploring effective methods to improve their electrocatalytic activity. Herein, we report a new type of P-doped Ni(OH)2/NiMoO4 hierarchical nanosheet array (abbr. P-Ni(OH)2/NiMoO4) grown on Ni foam (NF), which can act as a highly efficient electrocatalyst towards overall water splitting. Such a composite was obtained by a three-step preparation process...
June 19, 2018: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Kyra Sarner-Levin, Laura Canetti, Yael Latzer, Omer Bonne, Bernard Lerer, Eytan Bachar
BACKGROUND: This study examines the relationship between anorexia nervosa (AN), selflessness, and genderrole identity in young Israeli women and explores their parents' gender-role identity. METHOD: Forty-seven AN women and 50 non-clinical controls completed the Eating Attitudes Test (EAT26), Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI-2), Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI), and Selflessness Scale. Twenty-four parents from the AN group, and 41 mothers and 38 fathers from the control group also completed the BSRI...
2018: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Dvir Froylich, Matthew Davis, Gautam Sharma, Tammy Fouse, Philip Schauer, Stacy Brethauer
BACKGROUND: Gastrojejunostomy revision after gastric bypass surgery is a challenging procedure that requires advanced skills. The air-leak test was performed to identify gastrojejunostomy leaks. Omental patch seal technique is a well-known treatment of perforated gastrojejunostomy ulcers (Surg Obes Relat Dis 4:423-8, 2012; Surg Endosc 2:384-9, 2013; Surg Endosc 11:2110, 2007). METHODS: We present a case of a 40-year-old female, who underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass 6 years prior and subsequently developed marginal ulcer, resulting in chronic gastrojejunostomy stricture...
June 18, 2018: Obesity Surgery
Suria Hussin, Siti Suhaila Mohd Yusoff, Faridah Mohd Zin, Ab Rahman Izaini Ghani
Frontal meningioma is often asymptomatic and patient may present with psychiatric symptoms. We report a case of 45- year-old female patient with no premorbid medical illness presented with 6 months history of depressive symptoms and changes in personality. Her worsening cognitive impairment brought her to psychiatry clinic and led to further investigation with contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) Brain. The result showed well defined markedly enhancing lesion in the frontal region measuring 5.5 cm X5...
January 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Konika Sharma, Karn Wijarnpreecha, Nancy Merrell
Diphyllobothrium latum ( D. latum ) infection in humans is uncommon in the United States. Although there has been a drastic decline in the report of D. latum infection in this region, physicians should be aware of an uncommon presentation and its clinical relevance. We report a case of 55-year-old female of Ecuadorian/Peruvian origin who presented with an unknown cause of chronic right lower quadrant abdominal pain for 2 months without other particular symptoms. Initial workup revealed evidence of iron deficiency anemia, and stool occult blood test was positive...
June 2018: Gastroenterology Research
Noha Yahia Sultan, Ahmed YacoobMayet, Sinaa Abdulmohsen Alaqeel, Hussain Abdulrahman Al-Omar
BACKGROUND: Egypt has the largest proportion of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection worldwide and there is an urgent need to increase community awareness and knowledge about the disease in the country. The main aim of this study was to assess the level of knowledge and awareness about HCV in clinically diagnosed HCV patients in Egypt. METHODS: This was a prospective, cross-sectional study conducted between 1 February 2014 and 30 April 2014 in Cairo, Egypt using validated questionnaire as an instrument for data collection...
June 18, 2018: BMC Public Health
Carina Mendoza
This article defines empathy as the conveyed expression of awareness, understanding, and sensitivity to the experiences, feelings, and emotions of a patient with a medical condition. This article is a reflective short story addressing empathy through the eyes of Maria (a fictitious patient), who is confronted with the challenges of negotiating her first encounter at a medical facility, and through the actions of Dr Jones (a fictitious physician) who, at a critical juncture, fails to engage empathically with her patient donning the ubiquitous hospital gown...
May 30, 2018: Permanente Journal
Yue Zhang, Lu Gao, Emiel J M Hensen, Jan P Hofmann
The evaluation of the stability of emerging earth-abundant metal phosphide electrocatalysts by solely electrochemical current-potential sweeps is often not conclusive. In this study, we investigated Co2 P to evaluate its stability under both acidic (0.5 M H2 SO4 ) and alkaline (1.0 M KOH) hydrogen evolution (HER) conditions. We found that the electrochemical surface area (ECSA) of Co2 P only slightly increased in acidic conditions but almost doubled after electrolysis in alkaline electrolyte. The surface composition of the electrode remained almost unchanged in acid but was significantly altered in alkaline during current-potential sweeps...
June 8, 2018: ACS Energy Letters
Thomas H M Lau, XiaoWei Lu, Jiří Kulhavý, Simson Wu, Lilin Lu, Tai-Sing Wu, Ryuichi Kato, John S Foord, Yun-Liang Soo, Kazu Suenaga, Shik Chi Edman Tsang
Surface sites of extensively exposed basal planes of MoS2 monolayer nanosheets, prepared via BuLi exfoliation of MoS2 , have been doped with transition metal atoms for the first time to produce 2D monolayer catalysts used for the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Their HER activity is significantly higher than the corresponding thin and bulk MoS2 layers. HAADF-STEM images show direct proof that single transition metal atoms reside at the surface basal sites, which subtly modify the electro-catalytic activity of the monolayer MoS2 , dependent on their electronic and stereospecific properties...
June 7, 2018: Chemical Science
Jhen-Hao Jhan, Hsin-Chih Yeh, Yu-Han Chang, Shiao-Jin Guu, Wen-Jeng Wu, Yii-Her Chou, Ching-Chia Li
INTRODUCTION: Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) is important in the treatment of prostate cancer. However, the relationship between ADT and the risk of diabetes remains unclear, and the association between duration and types of ADT has not been fully investigated. AIM: To examine the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in men who underwent ADT for prostate cancer. METHODS: Data were collected retrospectively from the Longitudinal Health Insurance Database of Taiwan...
March 22, 2018: Journal of Diabetes and its Complications
Chao Shi, Zhi-Chun Jing, De-Gang Yang, Jian-Yu Zhu
BACKGROUND: Type 1 leprosy reaction, also known as "reversal reaction", is related to cellular immune responses to Mycobacterium leprae antigens. The risk factors that trigger type 1 leprosy reactions are poorly understood. Leprosy with concurrent tetanus is rare, and there are no publicly available reports of a leprosy patient infected with tetanus that induced type 1 leprosy reactions. CASE PRESENTATION: A 56-year-old Chinese Han female presented to our hospital with symptoms of erythematous plaques and pain over her left upper limb for 2 days and foreign object sensation in her throat for 3 days...
June 17, 2018: Infectious Diseases of Poverty
Mariana Ingolotti, Enrique Alfonso Roig Melo-Granados, Pedro Mario González-Madrigal, Humberto Ruiz García
PURPOSE: To report a case of central retinal artery occlusion in a patient with macular telangiectasia Type 2 using multimodal imaging. METHODS: Observational case report. RESULTS: A 58-year-old woman who presented with acute painless unilateral vision loss was diagnosed with central retinal artery occlusion in her right eye with macular telangiectasia Type 2 findings in both eyes. Fundus examination revealed retinal whitening with unusual cherry-red spot plus small crystalline deposits in the temporal macula...
June 13, 2018: Retinal Cases & Brief Reports
Xue Chen, Yingjian He, Jiwei Wang, Ling Huo, Zhaoqing Fan, Jinfeng Li, Yuntao Xie, Tianfeng Wang, Tao Ouyang
Knowledge of the pathology of axillary lymph nodes (ALN) in breast cancer patients is critical for determining their treatment. Ultrasound is the best noninvasive evaluation for the ALN status. However, the correlation between negative ultrasound results and the sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) pathology remains unknown. To test the hypothesis that negative ultrasound results of ALN predict the negative pathology results of SLN in breast cancer patients, we assessed the association between ALN ultrasonography-negative results and the SLN pathology in 3115 patients with breast cancer recruited between October 2010 and April 2016 from a single cancer center, prospective database...
June 14, 2018: Cancer Medicine
Yayun Wu, Zhizhen Chen, Pengfei Zhang, Lihua Zhou, Tao Jiang, Huajie Chen, Ping Gong, Dimiter S Dimitrov, Lintao Cai, Qi Zhao
We developed highly bright and stable far-red emissive AIEdots by using a new kind of click-functional PEG grafted amphiphilic polymer to coat hydrophobic AIE-active polymers (PDFDP). Furthermore, an anti-HER2 recombinant fully human antibody was produced and conjugated on the AIEdots via metal-free click chemistry to fabricate in vivo tumor-targeting nanoprobes.
June 15, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Sukesh Manthri, Sindhura Bandaru, Abdisamad Ibrahim, Chaitanya K Mamillapalli
Acute pericarditis as a presenting sign of adrenal insufficiency is rarely reported. We present a rare case that highlights pericarditis as a clinical presentation of secondary adrenal insufficiency later complicated by cardiac tamponade. A 44-year-old lady who presented to the hospital with a one-day history of pleuritic chest pain and shortness of breath. In the emergency room, she had a blood pressure of 70/35 mmHg. Laboratory evaluation revealed white blood cell count of 16.08 k/cumm with neutrophilia, normal renal function and elevated troponin (0...
April 13, 2018: Curēus
Husam A AlTahan, Roaa R Amer, Areej A Madani, Eman A Bakhsh
BACKGROUND Epidural venous plexus (EVP) engorgement occurs due to many conditions, so it can be easily misdiagnosed. This becomes problematic when the diagnosis requires prompt treatment for a good outcome, especially when it results in cauda equina syndrome (CES). We report a case of extensive iliocaval thrombosis leading to epidural venous plexus and ascending lumbar vein engorgement as an outcome of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) due to probable adverse effects of oral combined contraceptive pills (OCCP). CASE REPORT A 42-year-old woman presented to a rural medical facility with bilateral lower-limb swelling and skin darkening for 2 days...
June 15, 2018: American Journal of Case Reports
Shenzhen Xu, Emily A Carter
The active intermediate responsible for pyridine (Py)-catalyzed reduction of CO2 on p-GaP photoelectrode is currently under debate. Exploration of the proposed intermediates' available pathways for further reaction may yield a deeper understanding of the CO2 reduction mechanism that will be essential to designing better co-catalysts in such photoelectrochemical systems. Adsorbed 2-pyridinide (2-PyH-*) was recently proposed by Carter and coworkers to be an intermediate that facilitates hydride transfer (HT) to CO2 to produce formate...
June 14, 2018: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Mingsheng Ma, Mengqi Zhang, Zhengqing Qiu
RATIONALE: Parasitic eosinophilic meningitis is rarely observed in infants. The diagnosis of this disease is complicated by its atypical and severe clinical manifestations. PATIENT CONCERNS: An infant presented to our hospital with high fever and irritability, as well as refusal to walk. Cerebrospinal fluid collected through lumbar puncture showed increased eosinophil count and third-stage Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae. DIAGNOSES: Eosinophilic meningitis was suspected...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Albert S Lee, Diana K Bowen, Seth Vatsky, Stephen A Zderic, Gregory E Tasian
We report successful percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in an 8-week-old, 4.12 kg infant with a combined stone burden of > 2 cm in a solitary kidney. The patient was born with thoracolumbar myelomeningocele and had developed recurrent urinary tract infections. Her size precluded retrograde intrarenal surgery and shockwave lithotripsy would be unlikely to clear the stone burden. Stone analysis revealed hydroxyapatite and carbonate apatite stones, and metabolic work up revealed hypercalciuria for which chlorothiazide was started...
June 2018: Canadian Journal of Urology
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