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Jason miller

Mark R Cronan, Rebecca W Beerman, Allison F Rosenberg, Joseph W Saelens, Matthew G Johnson, Stefan H Oehlers, Dana M Sisk, Kristen L Jurcic Smith, Neil A Medvitz, Sara E Miller, Le A Trinh, Scott E Fraser, John F Madden, Joanne Turner, Jason E Stout, Sunhee Lee, David M Tobin
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in humans triggers formation of granulomas, which are tightly organized immune cell aggregates that are the central structure of tuberculosis. Infected and uninfected macrophages interdigitate, assuming an altered, flattened appearance. Although pathologists have described these changes for over a century, the molecular and cellular programs underlying this transition are unclear. Here, using the zebrafish-Mycobacterium marinum model, we found that mycobacterial granuloma formation is accompanied by macrophage induction of canonical epithelial molecules and structures...
October 18, 2016: Immunity
Chafiq Hamdouchi, Steven D Kahl, Anjana Patel Lewis, Guemalli R Cardona, Richard W Zink, Keyue Chen, Thomas E Eessalu, James V Ficorilli, Marialuisa C Marcelo, Keith A Otto, Kelly L Wilbur, Jayana P Lineswala, Jared L Piper, D Scott Coffey, Stephanie A Sweetana, Joseph V Haas, Dawn A Brooks, Edward J Pratt, Ruth M Belin, Mark A Deeg, Xiaosu Ma, Ellen A Cannady, Jason T Johnson, Nathan P Yumibe, Qi Chen, Pranab Maiti, Chahrzad Montrose-Rafizadeh, Yanyun Chen, Anne Reifel Miller
The G protein-coupled receptor 40 (GPR40) also known as Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1 (FFAR1) is highly expressed in pancreatic, islet cells and responds to endogenous fatty acids resulting in amplification of insulin secretion only in the presence of elevated glucose levels. Hypothesis driven structural modifications to endogenous FFAs, focused on breaking planarity and reducing lipophilicity, led to the identification of spiropiperidine and tetrahydroquinoline acid derivatives as GPR40 agonists with unique pharmacology, selectivity and pharmacokinetic properties...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Fabrício E Rossi, Brad J Schoenfeld, Skyler Ocetnik, Jonathan Young, Andrew Vigotsky, Bret Contreras, James W Krieger, Michael G Miller, Jason Cholewa
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to compare strength, body composition, and functional outcome measures following performance of the back squat, leg press, or a combination of the two exercises. METHODS: Subjects were pair-matched based on initial strength levels and then randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups: A squat-only group (SQ) that solely performed squats for the lower body; a leg press-only group (LP) that solely performed leg presses for the lower body, or; a combined squat and leg press group (SQ-LP) that performed both squats and leg presses for the lower body...
October 13, 2016: Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
Luke Miller, Jason A Ferreira, Calvin Tucker
BACKGROUND: The development of novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) has revolutionized oral anticoagulation. Rapid incorporation of NOACs into general practice has heightened the demand for directed reversal agents. Idarucizumab is a targeted reversal agent that is approved for the urgent reversal of the anticoagulant effects of dabigatran. While it is a welcome addition to reversal strategies of dabigatran, a number of clinical questions exist regarding its place in therapy. OBJECTIVE: We describe controversies regarding the use of idarucizumab therapy in patients with dabigatran-associated bleeding...
October 8, 2016: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Kejin Zhou, Petra Kos, Yunfeng Yan, Hu Xiong, Yi-Li Min, Karina A Kinghorn, Jonathan T Minnig, Jason B Miller, Daniel J Siegwart
Tremendous effort has been made to improve stability and delivery efficacy of small RNA therapeutics. However, nearly all current nano-encapsulation carriers utilize the critical balance between only two interacting parameters: RNA-binding electrostatic interactions and nanoparticle-stabilizing hydrophobic interactions. We report the development of intercalation-meditated nucleic acid (IMNA) nanoparticles, which utilize intercalation as a third interaction to enhance small RNA delivery. This toolbox expansion of interaction parameters may inspire the use of additional forces in nanoparticle drug carriers to increase potency and stability...
October 6, 2016: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
David C Adams, Lida P Hariri, Alyssa J Miller, Yan Wang, Josalyn L Cho, Martin Villiger, Jasmin A Holz, Margit V Szabari, Daniel L Hamilos, R Scott Harris, Jason W Griffith, Brett E Bouma, Andrew D Luster, Benjamin D Medoff, Melissa J Suter
The inability to visualize airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells in vivo is a major obstacle in understanding their role in normal physiology and diseases. At present, there is no imaging modality available to assess ASM in vivo. Confocal endomicroscopy lacks the penetration depth and field of view, and conventional optical coherence tomography (OCT) does not have sufficient contrast to differentiate ASM from surrounding tissues. We have developed a birefringence microscopy platform that leverages the micro-organization of tissue to add further dimension to traditional OCT...
October 5, 2016: Science Translational Medicine
Travis W Shaddox, Jason K Kruse, Grady L Miller, Peter Nkedi-Kizza, Jerry B Sartain
United States Golf Association putting greens are susceptible to nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) leaching. Inorganic soil amendments are used to increase moisture and nutrient retention and may influence N and P leaching. This study was conducted to determine whether N and P leaching could be reduced using soil amendments and surfactant-modified soil amendments. Treatments included a control (sand), sand-peat, zeolite, calcined clay, hexadecyltrimethylammonium-zeolite, and hexadecyltrimethylammonium-calcined clay...
September 2016: Journal of Environmental Quality
Ian J Miller, Theodore R Weyna, Stephen S Fong, Grace E Lim-Fong, Jason C Kwan
Direct, untargeted sequencing of environmental samples (metagenomics) and de novo genome assembly enable the study of uncultured and phylogenetically divergent organisms. However, separating individual genomes from a mixed community has often relied on the differential-coverage analysis of multiple, deeply sequenced samples. In the metagenomic investigation of the marine bryozoan Bugula neritina, we uncovered seven bacterial genomes associated with a single B. neritina individual that appeared to be transient associates, two of which were unique to one individual and undetectable using certain "universal" 16S rRNA primers and probes...
September 29, 2016: Scientific Reports
Briana R Dye, Priya H Dedhia, Alyssa J Miller, Melinda S Nagy, Eric S White, Lonnie D Shea, Jason R Spence
Human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) derived tissues often remain developmentally immature in vitro, and become more adult-like in their structure, cellular diversity and function following transplantation into immunocompromised mice. Previously we have demonstrated that hPSC-derived human lung organoids (HLOs) resembled human fetal lung tissue in vitro (Dye et al. 2015). Here we show that HLOs required a bioartificial microporous Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLG) scaffold niche for successful engraftment, long-term survival, and maturation of lung epithelium in vivo...
September 28, 2016: ELife
Christopher R Hood, Stephanie Eldridge, Matthew Tran, Jason R Miller
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: There are several various accessory ossicles and sesamoid bones that can be seen throughout the foot and ankle, with reported incidence of 21.2% and 9.6%, respectively. Accessory ossicles and sesamoid bones usually remain asymptomatic until an inciting event (trauma, overuse) occurs and can then cause pain or degenerative changes. They can also be found in routine imaging. One of these confusing findings are lesser metatarsal sesamoids, which are a rare occurrence...
September 2016: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
Joaquina X Mascarenhas, Nikolay Korokhov, Lisa Burger, Ademola Kassim, Jason Tuter, Daniel Miller, Trissa Borgschulte, Henry J George, Audrey Chang, David J Pintel, David Onions, Kevin J Kayser
Contamination by the parvovirus minute virus of mice (MVM) remains a challenge in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) biopharmaceutical production processes. Although infrequent, infection of a bioreactor can be catastrophic for a manufacturer, can impact patient drug supply and safety, and can have regulatory implications. We evaluated engineering a CHO parental cell line (CHOZN(®) GS(-/-) ) to create a new host cell line that is resistant to MVM infection by modifying the major receptors used by the virus to enter cells...
September 19, 2016: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Stephen B Keysar, Phuong N Le, Bettina Miller, Brian C Jackson, Justin R Eagles, Cera Nieto, Jihye Kim, Binwu Tang, Magdalena J Glogowska, J Jason Morton, Nuria Padilla-Just, Karina Gomez, Emily Warnock, Julie Reisinger, John J Arcaroli, Wells A Messersmith, Lalage M Wakefield, Dexiang Gao, Aik-Choon Tan, Hilary Serracino, Antonio Jimeno
BACKGROUND: We have an incomplete understanding of the differences between cancer stem cells (CSCs) in human papillomavirus-positive (HPV-positive) and -negative (HPV-negative) head and neck squamous cell cancer (HNSCC). The PI3K pathway has the most frequent activating genetic events in HNSCC (especially HPV-positive driven), but the differential signaling between CSCs and non-CSCs is also unknown. METHODS: We addressed these unresolved questions using CSCs identified from 10 HNSCC patient-derived xenografts (PDXs)...
January 2017: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Simon B Goldberg, Robbie Babins-Wagner, Tony Rousmaniere, Sandy Berzins, William T Hoyt, Jason L Whipple, Scott D Miller, Bruce E Wampold
Recent evidence suggests that psychotherapists may not increase in effectiveness over accrued experience in naturalistic settings, even settings that provide access to patients' outcomes. The current study examined changes in psychotherapists' effectiveness within an agency making a concerted effort to improve outcomes through the use of routine outcome monitoring coupled with ongoing consultation and the planful application of feedback including the use of deliberate practice. Data were available for 7 years of implementation from 5,128 patients seen by 153 psychotherapists...
September 2016: Psychotherapy
Michael Fadell, Angie Miller, Laszlo Trefan, Jason Weinman, Jaime Stewart, Kari Hayes, Sabine Maguire
OBJECTIVES: Given the frequency of abusive fractures among infants, and the lack of research and or evidence for the phases of fracture healing seen in this age group, this study aims to describe a timetable of radiological features of fracture healing among infants in the first months of life. METHODS: We completed a retrospective cross-sectional time-series study of birth-related clavicle fractures from 2006-2013. A total of 108 digital images were available for review from 61 infants...
September 15, 2016: European Radiology
Yunfeng Yan, Li Liu, Hu Xiong, Jason B Miller, Kejin Zhou, Petra Kos, Kenneth E Huffman, Sussana Elkassih, John W Norman, Ryan Carstens, James Kim, John D Minna, Daniel J Siegwart
Conventional chemotherapeutics nonselectively kill all rapidly dividing cells, which produces numerous side effects. To address this challenge, we report the discovery of functional polyesters that are capable of delivering siRNA drugs selectively to lung cancer cells and not to normal lung cells. Selective polyplex nanoparticles (NPs) were identified by high-throughput library screening on a unique pair of matched cancer/normal cell lines obtained from a single patient. Selective NPs promoted rapid endocytosis into HCC4017 cancer cells, but were arrested at the membrane of HBEC30-KT normal cells during the initial transfection period...
September 27, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Andrew V Mossine, Stephen Thompson, Allen F Brooks, Alexandra R Sowa, Jason M Miller, Peter Jh Scott
Fluorine-18 ((18)F) is one of the most common positron-emitting radionuclides used in the synthesis of positron emission tomography radiotracers due to its ready availability, convenient half-life and outstanding imaging properties. In Part 1 of this review, we presented the first analysis of patents issued for novel radiotracers labeled with fluorine-18. In Part 2, we follow-up with a focus on patents issued for new radiochemistry methodology using fluorine-18 issued between January 2009 and December 2015.
September 2016: Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst
Joseph B Miller, Lisa H Merck, Charles R Wira, William J Meurer, Jon W Schrock, Jason T Nomura, Matthew S Siket, Tracy E Madsen, David W Wright, Peter D Panagos, Christopher Lewandowski
Large vessel ischemic stroke is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Recent advances in endovascular stroke treatment are changing the treatment paradigm for these patients. This concepts article summarizes the time-dependent nature of stroke care and evaluates the recent advancements in endovascular treatment. These advancements have significant implications for out-of-hospital, hospital, and regional systems of stroke care. Emergency medicine clinicians have a central role in implementing these systems that will ensure timely treatment of patients and selection of those who may benefit from endovascular care...
September 3, 2016: Annals of Emergency Medicine
Emily Miller, Kenton Kaufman, Trevor Kingsbury, Erik Wolf, Jason Wilken, Marilynn Wyatt
The purpose of this study was to use simple mechanical tests to evaluate the reliability of three-dimensional motion analysis systems and biomechanical models. Three different tests were conducted at four motion analysis laboratories where clinical care and research studies are routinely performed. The laboratories had different motion capture systems, different types and number of cameras, different types and numbers of force plates and different biomechanical models. These mechanical tests evaluated the accuracy of the motion capture system, the integration of the force plate and the motion capture system, and the strength of the biomechanical model used to calculate rotational kinematics...
August 30, 2016: Gait & Posture
Ian J Miller, Niti Vanee, Stephen S Fong, Grace E Lim-Fong, Jason C Kwan
: The uncultured bacterial symbiont "Candidatus Endobugula sertula" is known to produce cytotoxic compounds called bryostatins, which protect the larvae of its host, Bugula neritina The symbiont has never been successfully cultured and it was thought that its genome might be significantly reduced. Here, we took a shotgun metagenomics and metatranscriptomics approach to assemble and characterize the genome of "Ca. E. sertula". We found that it had specific metabolic deficiencies in the biosynthesis of certain amino acids, but few other signs of genome degradation such as small size, abundant pseudogenes or low coding density...
September 2, 2016: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Jason D Wagganer, William M Miller, Majid Mufaqam Syed-Abdul, Dhwani S Soni, Beverly J Hoover, Mary K McCrate, Beverly A Kester, Duc T Nguyen, Thomas J Pujol
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
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