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Molly cooke

Beverly Pierce, Brandin Bowden, Molly McCullagh, Alica Diehl, Zachary Chissell, Rebecca Rodriguez, Brian M Berman, Christopher R D Adamo
CONTEXT: Physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and chronic stress threaten the health of African-American youth in urban environments. Conditions often worsen in summer with diminished access to healthy foods and safe venues for physical activity. OBJECTIVE: A public-private partnership was formed to develop and evaluate an integrative health intervention entitled "Mission Thrive Summer" (MTS). METHODS: The MTS setting was an urban farm and adjacent school in a low-income community in Baltimore, Maryland...
February 24, 2017: Explore: the Journal of Science and Healing
Molly Cooke
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 6, 2017: JAMA Internal Medicine
Andrew F Leuchter, Aimee M Hunter, Felipe A Jain, Molly Tartter, Caroline Crump, Ian A Cook
Serotonin modulates brain oscillatory activity, and serotonergic projections to the thalamus and cortex modulate the frequency of prefrontal rhythmic oscillations. Changes in serotonergic tone have been reported to shift oscillations between the combined delta-theta (2.5-8 Hz) and the alpha (8-12 Hz) frequency ranges. Such frequency shifts may constitute a useful biomarker for the effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medications in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). We utilized quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) to measure shifts in prefrontal rhythmic oscillations early in treatment with either the SSRI escitalopram or placebo, and examined the relationship between these changes and remission of depressive symptoms...
January 2017: Journal of Psychiatric Research
Bethany L Stangl, Vatsalya Vatsalya, Molly R Zametkin, Megan E Cooke, Martin H Plawecki, Sean O'Connor, Vijay A Ramchandani
BACKGROUND: Self-administration is a hallmark of all addictive drugs, including alcohol. Human laboratory models of alcohol self-administration have characterized alcohol-seeking behavior, and served as surrogate measures of the effectiveness of pharmacotherapies for alcohol use disorders. Intravenous alcohol self-administration (IV-ASA) is a novel method that assess alcohol exposure driven primarily by the pharmacological response to alcohol, and may have utility in characterizing unique behavioral and personality correlates of alcohol-seeking and consumption...
October 14, 2016: International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology
Molly Gabaza, Habtu Shumoy, Maud Muchuweti, Peter Vandamme, Katleen Raes
The aim of this study was to evaluate the soluble and bound phenolic content of finger millet and the impact of process induced changes on phenolic profiles of their sour porridge. Finger millet porridge and intermediate products were collected from four groups of households in the Hwedza communal area, Zimbabwe, after which soluble and bound phenolic compounds (PC) including condensed tannins (CT) were quantified. Bound PC and CT contributed 95% of the total PC and CT. The CT were only detected in the red varieties...
October 12, 2016: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Molly C Cook, Justin Roper, Eric S Elder, Eduard Schreibmann
PURPOSE: To introduce a simplified quality assurance (QA) procedure that integrates tests for the linac's imaging components and the robotic couch. Current QA procedures for evaluating the alignment of the imaging system and linac require careful positioning of a phantom at isocenter before image acquisition and analysis. A complementary procedure for the robotic couch requires an initial displacement of the phantom and then evaluates the accuracy of repositioning the phantom at isocenter...
September 2016: Medical Physics
Nicole Green, Nadia Odell, Molly Zych, Cheryl Clark, Zong-Heng Wang, Bridget Biersmith, Clara Bajzek, Kevin R Cook, Mitchell S Dushay, Erika R Geisbrecht
The organization and stability of higher order structures that form in the extracellular matrix (ECM) to mediate the attachment of muscles are poorly understood. We have made the surprising discovery that a subset of clotting factor proteins are also essential for muscle attachment in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster One such coagulation protein, Fondue (Fon), was identified as a novel muscle mutant in a pupal lethal genetic screen. Fon accumulates at muscle attachment sites and removal of this protein results in decreased locomotor behavior and detached larval muscles...
November 2016: Genetics
Bharati Kochar, Molly Aldridge, Suzanne Follan Cook, Renee Bright, Meaghan Mallette, Heather Moniz, Samir A Shah, Neal S LeLeiko, Jason Shapiro, Bruce E Sands, Wenli Chen, Elizabeth Jaeger, Joseph Galanko, Millie D Long, Christopher F Martin, Robert S Sandler, Michael D Kappelman
BACKGROUND: Traditional cohort studies are important contributors to our understanding of inflammatory bowel diseases, but they are labor intensive and often do not focus on patient-reported outcomes. Internet-based studies provide new opportunities to study patient-reported outcomes and can be efficiently implemented and scaled. If a traditional cohort study was linked to an Internet-based study, both studies could benefit from added synergy. Existing cohort studies provide an opportunity to develop and test processes for cohort linkage...
2016: Journal of Medical Internet Research
Kristen Ricchetti-Masterson, Molly Aldridge, John Logie, Nittaya Suppapanya, Suzanne F Cook
Recent studies on the epidemiology of the inner-ear disorder Ménière's disease (MD) use disparate methods for sample selection, case identification and length of observation. Prevalence estimates vary geographically from 17 to 513 cases per 100,000 people. We explored the impact of case detection strategies and observation periods in estimating the prevalence of MD in the USA, using data from a large insurance claims database. Using case detection strategies of ≥1, ≥2 and ≥3 ICD-9 claim codes for MD within a 1-year period, the 2012 prevalence estimates were 66, 27 and 14 cases per 100,000 people, respectively...
2016: Audiology & Neuro-otology
Molly C McLaughlin, Thomas Borch, Jens Blotevogel
Hydraulic fracturing frequently occurs on agricultural land. Yet the extent of sorption, transformation, and interactions among the numerous organic frac fluid and oil and gas wastewater constituents upon environmental release is hardly known. Thus, this study aims to advance our current understanding of processes that control the environmental fate and toxicity of commonly used hydraulic fracturing chemicals. Poly(ethylene glycol) surfactants were completely biodegraded in agricultural topsoil within 42-71 days, but their transformation was impeded in the presence of the biocide glutaraldehyde and was completely inhibited by salt at concentrations typical for oil and gas wastewater...
June 7, 2016: Environmental Science & Technology
Amir Qaseem, Devan Kansagara, Mary Ann Forciea, Molly Cooke, Thomas D Denberg
DESCRIPTION: The American College of Physicians (ACP) developed this guideline to present the evidence and provide clinical recommendations on the management of chronic insomnia disorder in adults. METHODS: This guideline is based on a systematic review of randomized, controlled trials published in English from 2004 through September 2015. Evaluated outcomes included global outcomes assessed by questionnaires, patient-reported sleep outcomes, and harms. The target audience for this guideline includes all clinicians, and the target patient population includes adults with chronic insomnia disorder...
July 19, 2016: Annals of Internal Medicine
Andrew F Leuchter, Aimee M Hunter, Molly Tartter, Ian A Cook
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: British Journal of Psychiatry: the Journal of Mental Science
Christine Kolehmainen, Anne Stahr, Anna Kaatz, Meghan Brennan, Bennett Vogelman, Jessica Cook, Molly Carnes
BACKGROUND: Internal medicine (IM) residents participate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation events (or "codes"), stressful events that involve the death or near death of patients. Experiencing traumatic stress can lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). OBJECTIVE: We examined whether IM residents who participate in codes developed PTSD symptoms. METHODS: We conducted this research as a 2-phase, mixed methods study. In the first phase, we analyzed interview transcripts from 25 IM residents at 9 institutions for content relevant to PTSD...
September 2015: Journal of Graduate Medical Education
Aimee M Hunter, Ian A Cook, Molly Tartter, Simi K Sharma, Gregory D Disse, Andrew F Leuchter
RATIONALE: A history of antidepressant treatment may predispose subjects toward placebo nonresponse in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in major depressive disorder (MDD). OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to examine self-reported prior antidepressant treatment and response in relationship to clinical outcome in an 8-week randomized trial of reuptake inhibitor antidepressant medication (MED) versus placebo (PBO) administered along with limited supportive care...
October 2015: Psychopharmacology
Allison Vorderstrasse, Sara Huston Katsanis, Mollie A Minear, Nancy Yang, Tejinder Rakhra-Burris, Jason W Reeves, Robert Cook-Deegan, Geoffrey S Ginsburg, Leigh Ann Simmons
OBJECTIVE: Prior reports demonstrate that personalized medicine implementation in clinical care is lacking. Given the program focus at Duke University on personalized medicine, we assessed health care providers' perspectives on their preparation and educational needs to effectively integrate personalized medicine tools and applications into their clinical practices. METHODS: Data from 78 health care providers who participated in a larger study of personalized and precision medicine at Duke University were analyzed using Qualtrics (descriptive statistics)...
2015: Journal of Contemporary Medical Education
Alexis Moren, Mackenzie Cook, Molly McClain, Julie Doberne, Laszlo Kiraly, Rosina Serene Perkins, Karen Kwong
BACKGROUND: As medical student interest in global surgical care grows, a comprehensive curriculum is necessary to understand surgical care in resource-limited environments. METHODS: We developed a surgical elective encompassing a multiyear medical student curriculum, with the goal of improving students' understanding of global surgical care, consisting of a junior seminar and a senior clerkship. This student elective focused on the global burden of surgical disease, ethics of care in low-resource settings, and care of marginalized U...
July 2015: Journal of Surgical Education
Xenia Fave, Molly Cook, Amy Frederick, Lifei Zhang, Jinzhong Yang, David Fried, Francesco Stingo, Laurence Court
Several recent studies have demonstrated the potential for quantitative imaging features to classify non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients as high or low risk. However applying the results from one institution to another has been difficult because of the variations in imaging techniques and feature measurement. Our study was designed to determine the effect of some of these sources of uncertainty on image features extracted from computed tomography (CT) images of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tumors...
September 2015: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics: the Official Journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society
Brian G Ballios, Michael J Cooke, Laura Donaldson, Brenda L K Coles, Cindi M Morshead, Derek van der Kooy, Molly S Shoichet
The utility of stem cells and their progeny in adult transplantation models has been limited by poor survival and integration. We designed an injectable and bioresorbable hydrogel blend of hyaluronan and methylcellulose (HAMC) and tested it with two cell types in two animal models, thereby gaining an understanding of its general applicability for enhanced cell distribution, survival, integration, and functional repair relative to conventional cell delivery in saline. HAMC improves cell survival and integration of retinal stem cell (RSC)-derived rods in the retina...
June 9, 2015: Stem Cell Reports
Sara Huston Katsanis, Mollie A Minear, Allison Vorderstrasse, Nancy Yang, Jason W Reeves, Tejinder Rakhra-Burris, Robert Cook-Deegan, Geoffrey S Ginsburg, Leigh Ann Simmons
UNLABELLED: In this age of personalized medicine, genetic and genomic testing is expected to become instrumental in health care delivery, but little is known about its actual implementation in clinical practice. METHODS: We surveyed Duke faculty and healthcare providers to examine the extent of genetic and genomic testing adoption. We assessed providers' use of genetic and genomic testing options and indications in clinical practice, providers' awareness of pharmacogenetic applications, and providers' opinions on returning research-generated genetic test results to participants...
2015: Journal of Personalized Medicine
Shelley R Adler, Anna Chang, Helen Loeser, Molly Cooke, Jason Wang, Arianne Teherani
PURPOSE: The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators Innovations Funding program awards competitive grants to create novel curricula and faculty development programs, compare pedagogical approaches, and design learner assessment methods. The authors examined the principal investigators' (PIs') perceptions of the impact of these intramural grants on their careers and on medical education innovation. METHOD: At 12 months (project completion) and 24 months (follow-up), PIs submit a progress report describing the impact of their grant on their careers, work with collaborators, subsequent funding, project dissemination, and the UCSF curriculum...
June 2015: Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
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