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F J Sutili, L de Lima Silva, L T Gressler, L T Gressler, E K Battisti, B M Heinzmann, A C de Vargas, B Baldisserotto
AIMS: The aims of this study were to investigate the in vitro antibacterial activity of the essential oils (EOs) of Hesperozygis ringens (HREO), popularly known as 'espanta-pulga' and two different species of basil, Ocimum gratissimum (OGEO) and Ocimum americanum (OAEO), as well as, the potential of these products to be used in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) infected with Aeromonas hydrophila. METHODS AND RESULTS: OGEO and HREO showed better antibacterial activity in vitro...
July 2015: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Chiara Ruzza, Anna Rizzi, Davide Malfacini, Alice Pulga, Salvatore Pacifico, Severo Salvadori, Claudio Trapella, Rainer K Reinscheid, Girolamo Calo, Remo Guerrini
The peptide welding technology (PWT) is a novel chemical strategy that allows the synthesis of multibranched peptides with high yield, purity, and reproducibility. With this approach, a tetrabranched derivative of neuropeptide S (NPS) has been synthesized and pharmacologically characterized. The in vitro activity of PWT1-NPS has been studied in a calcium mobilization assay. In vivo, PWT1-NPS has been investigated in the locomotor activity (LA) and recovery of the righting reflex (RR) tests. In calcium mobilization studies, PWT1-NPS behaved as full agonist at the mouse NPS receptor (NPSR) being threefold more potent than NPS...
February 2015: Pharmacology Research & Perspectives
Marina Jorge Pulga, Ana Carulina Spinardi-Panes, Simone Aparecida Lopes-Herrera, Luciana Paula Maximino
BACKGROUND: The creation of new educational strategies based on technology is the essence of telehealth. This innovative learning is an alternative to promote integration and improve the professional practices in speech-language pathology (SLP). The objective of this study was to evaluate an SLP technology designed for distance learning. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The survey selected fourth-year SLP students (n=60) from three public universities in the state of São Paulo, Brazil...
March 2014: Telemedicine Journal and E-health: the Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association
Carolina Degen Meotti, Raquel Fonseca Ferreira da Silva Pulga, Karen de Almeida Pinto Fernandes, Paula Regazzi de Gusmão, Karina de Almeida Pinto Fernandes, Ana Rita Rocha
Cowden's disease or multiple hamartoma syndrome is an autosomal dominant inherited disease and the main dermatological features are facial trichilemmomas (hamartomas of the follicular infundibula), oral fibroma and benign acral keratoses. The importance of this disease lays in the increased susceptibility to malignization of some lesions, especially breast, thyroid and genitourinary tract. Despite its varied phenotypic expression, this disease is generally unknown. Consequently, many cases are undiagnosed or diagnosis comes at a late stage, which reinforces the importance of an early investigation of the disease so the patient may have periodic check-ups to discover and treat malignancies...
September 2013: Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia
R A Pereira, P A S Silveira, P Montagner, A Schneider, E Schmitt, V R Rabassa, L F M Pfeifer, F A B Del Pino, M E Pulga, M N Corrêa
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of butaphosphan and cyanocobalamin (BTPC) supplementation on plasma metabolites and milk production in postpartum dairy cows. A total of fifty-two Holstein cows were randomly assigned to receive either: (1) 10 ml of saline (NaCl 0.9%, control group); (2) 1000 mg of butaphosphan and 0.5 mg of cyanocobalamin (BTPC1 group); and (3) 2000 mg of butaphosphan and 1.0 mg of cyanocobalamin (BTPC2 group). All cows received injections every 5 days from calving to 20 days in milk (DIM)...
July 2013: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Alice Pulga, Chiara Ruzza, Anna Rizzi, Remo Guerrini, Girolamo Calo
Neuropeptide S (NPS) regulates various biological functions by selectively activating the NPS receptor (NPSR). Recently, epidemiological studies revealed an association between NPSR single nucleotide polymorphisms and susceptibility to panic disorders. Here we investigated the effects of NPS in mice subjected to the elevated T maze (ETM), an assay which has been proposed to model anxiety and panic. Diazepam [1 mg/kg, intraperitoneally (i.p.)] elicited clear anxiolytic effects reducing the latency to emerge from the closed to the open (CO) arm without modifying the latencies from the open to the closed (OC) arm...
December 2012: European Journal of Neuroscience
Joseph R Sharkey, Wesley R Dean, Cassandra M Johnson
There is a paucity of studies acknowledging the existence of alternative food sources, and factors associated with food purchasing from three common alternative sources: vendedores (mobile food vendors), pulgas (flea markets), and vecinos/amigos (neighbors/friends). This analysis aims to examine the use of alternative food sources by Mexican-origin women from Texas-border colonias and determine factors associated with their use. The design was cross-sectional. Promotora-researchers (promotoras de salud trained in research methods) recruited 610 Mexican-origin women from 44 colonias and conducted in-person surveys...
May 2012: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Eliane Cristina Campos, Luci Cristina Pulga Sudan, Edlivia Dias de Mattos, Reginaldo Fidelis
The aim of this study was to assess influenza immunization coverage in the elderly and the association between vaccination and socioeconomic, demographic, health, and lifestyle variables, using a descriptive cross-sectional epidemiological approach from April 2008 to September 2009 with 990 elderly in Cambé, Paraná State, Brazil. Vaccination coverage was 74.6%. The highest vaccination rate was among individuals 70 to 79 years of age [adjusted prevalence ratio (PR) = 1.05] and 80 or older (PR = 1.03), with hypertension, and with monthly income up to 3 times the minimum wage (PR = 1...
May 2012: Cadernos de Saúde Pública
C Ruzza, A Rizzi, V Camarda, A Pulga, G Marzola, M Filaferro, C Novi, V Ruggieri, E Marzola, G Vitale, S Salvadori, R Guerrini, G Calo'
Neuropeptide S (NPS) regulates various biological functions by selectively activating the NPS receptor (NPSR). Recently, the NPSR ligand [(t)Bu-D-Gly(5)]NPS was generated and in vitro characterized as a pure antagonist at the mouse NPSR. In the present study the pharmacological profile of [(t)Bu-D-Gly(5)]NPS has been investigated. [(t)Bu-D-Gly(5)]NPS activity was evaluated in vitro in the calcium mobilization assay at the rat NPSR and in vivo in the locomotor activity and righting reflex tests in mice and in the elevated plus maze and defensive burying assays in rats...
April 2012: Peptides
C Ruzza, A Pulga, A Rizzi, G Marzola, R Guerrini, G Calo'
Neuropeptide S (NPS) is the endogenous ligand of a previously orphan receptor now named NPSR. In the brain NPS regulates several biological functions including anxiety, arousal, locomotion, food intake, learning and memory, pain and drug abuse. Mice lacking the NPSR gene (NPSR(-/-)) represent an useful tool to investigate the neurobiology of the NPS/NPSR system. NPSR(-/-) mice have been generated in a 129S6/SvEv genetic background. In the present study we generated CD-1 congenic NPSR(+/+) and NPSR(-/-) mice and investigated their phenotype and sensitivity to NPS in various behavioural assays...
April 2012: Neuropharmacology
Wesley R Dean, Joseph R Sharkey, Julie St John
Accounts of the retail food environment have been limited by research that focused on supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants as the principal food sources for consumers. Little is known about alternative retail food sources, especially in rural and underserved areas such as the colonias along the South Texas border with Mexico. Many colonias are located near pulgas (flea markets). This is the first study to examine this alternative food source for colonia residents. This study's purpose is to provide preliminary data on food availability in this unstudied element of the retail food environment...
May 2011: Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Welber Daniel Zanetti Lopes, Thaís Rabelo dos Santos, Fernando de Almeida Borges, Claudio A M Sakamoto, Vando Edésio Soares, Gustavo Henrique Nogueira Costa, Gilberto Camargo, Mário Eduardo Pulga, Chandra Bhushan, Alvimar José da Costa
Infected calves from two different rural estates in Brazil were studied to assess the anthelmintic efficacy of oral trichlorfon against naturally occurring ivermectin resistant parasitic nematode strains. In experiment I, infected animals were from a region where ivermectin resistant populations of Haemoncus placei, Cooperia punctata, Cooperia spatulata and Trichuris discolor have recently been identified. Six calves with natural gastrointestinal nematode infections were treated with 48.5mg/kg aqueous trichlorfon administered orally and six calves acted as a non-treated control group...
December 3, 2009: Veterinary Parasitology
Luci Cristina Pulga Sudan, Adriana Kátia Corrêa
Health work could exist by building and rebuilding educational proposals concerning the practiones, considering the everyday problems. This research aimed at understanding the meanings attributed by the egressed nursing students at the university in the northwet region of Paraná State, to the lived experiences in their educative experiences with health workers. This is a qualtitative aaproach study. Data were obtained by means of semi-structured interviews, from August to October, 2004, in Basic Health Units...
September 2008: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
I E Bergmann, E Neitzert, V Malirat, R de Mendonça Campos, M Pulga, R Muratovik, D Quintino, J C Morgados, M Oliveira, D de Lucca Neto
The use during the last decade of immuno-enzymatic tests based on the detection of antibodies to the non-capsid proteins (NCPs) of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) to assess viral circulation, irrespective of vaccination, supported the incorporation into the OIE code of the 'free from FMDV with vaccination' category and opened the way to a 'vaccination to live' policy. Eradication programmes in South America include systematic vaccination accompanied by large serosurveys through NCP antibody testing to ensure the absence of residual viral activity...
2006: Developments in Biologicals
A Lunghi, L Gigante, P Cardillo, V Stefanoni, G Pulga, R Rota
Accidental events concerning process industries can affect not only the staff working in, but also the environment and people living next to the factory. For this reason a regulation is imposed by the European Community to prevent accidents that could represent a risk for the population and the environment. In particular, Directive 96/82/CE, the so-called 'Seveso II directive', requests a risk analysis involving also the hazardous materials generated in accidental events. Therefore, it is necessary to develop simple and economic procedure to foresee the hazardous materials that can be produced in the case of major accidents, among which the accidental heating of a chemical due to a fire or a runaway reaction is one of the most frequent...
December 10, 2004: Journal of Hazardous Materials
José Luís da Silveira Baldy, Gerson Zanetta de Lima, Helena Kaminami Morimoto, Edna Maria Vissoci Reiche, Tiemi Matsuo, Edlivia Dias de Mattos, Luci Cristina Pulga Sudan
We evaluated the immunogenicity of three recombinant hepatitis B vaccines, one Brazilian (Butang, Instituto Butantan) and two Korean vaccines (Euvax-B, LG Chemical Ltd. and Hepavax-Gene, Greencross Vaccine Corp.), administered intramuscularly to students aged 17 to 19 years in three 10- micro g doses (corresponding to half the amount of antigen routinely used for adult vaccination) at intervals of one month between the first and second dose, and of four months between the second and third dose. A total of 316 students non-reactive for any serological marker of hepatitis B virus infection were vaccinated: 77 (24...
March 2004: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Susan J Hemmings, Vivian B Pulga, Sam T Tran, Richard R E Uwiera
Mitochondrial, endoplasmic reticular and plasma membrane fractions were isolated by a new method from control male Fischer 344 rats and rats given CCl4 by gavage. After 1 h of CCl4 treatment, rats were in glucose and pancreatic hormone balance but plasma levels of T3 and T4 were decreased 29 and 22%, respectively. After 24 hours of CCl4 treatment, rats were: hypoglycaemic and insulin and glucagon levels were increased 33- and 35-fold, respectively; total T4 levels were decreased 62%; while total T3 levels were normalized...
March 2002: Cell Biochemistry and Function
E Cacciari, P Tassoni, A Cicognani, P Pulga, P Pirazzoli, A Collina
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 16, 1971: Minerva Pediatrica
M Gallerani, A Pulga, E Bottini, G Dall'Ara, G Battaglia, R Tessari
A 29 month personal experience with patients clinically followed-up at the divisions of internal medicine and surgery of Comacchio Hospital, located in an area of high incidence of heterozygote Beta thalassemic carrier is presented. A greater predisposition of these heterozygote carriers to manifest duodenal ulcers and gastric neoplasms is noticed.
April 21, 1986: Minerva Medica
S J Sulakhe, V B Pulga, S Tran
Plasma membranes were isolated from the livers of various animal species representing the four vertebrate classes: Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves and Mammalia. These liver plasma membranes displayed comparable levels of purity as judged by marker enzyme analysis. The activities of the two marker enzymes, 5'-nucleotidase and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase displayed striking, and quite different, species-dependent differences, with no apparent relationship to phylogeny. alpha 1 and beta-adrenergic receptors were characterized in isolated liver plasma membranes by radioligand binding techniques...
September 1988: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
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