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Yazmín Pinos, Victoria Castro-Gutiérrez, Gabriel Rada
La diarrea aguda es la enfermedad más común que afecta a los viajeros, principalmente aquellos que se dirigen a regiones de alto riesgo. El uso de probióticos podría prevenir su aparición, sin embargo, los datos que apoyan su uso no son consistentes y no se recomiendan en las guías clínicas actuales. Utilizando la base de datos Epistemonikos, la cual es mantenida mediante búsquedas en múltiples bases de datos, identificamos cuatro revisiones sistemáticas que en conjunto incluyen siete estudios aleatorizados pertinentes a esta pregunta...
December 23, 2016: Medwave
M Mellado-Ferreiro, V Jarne-Betrán, M Arteaga-Mazuelas, M L Abínzano-Guillén
Chronic diarrhea caused by infection in immunocompetent patients is an infrequent condition in developed countries, although certain pathogens,generally parasites (Giardia lamblia, Isospora belli,Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, Strongyloides, Ameba,Trichuris and Schistosoma) and some bacteria (Aeromonas,Plesiomonas, Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile, Salmonella or Mycobacterium tuberculosis)can cause persistent diarrhea.We present the case of a patient who showed Salmonella typhimurium in his stool culture and recovered following treatment with levofloxacin for 7 days...
2016: Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra
Carlos Valdebenito, Macarena Bonacic, Jennifer Matamala, Marcelo Wolff
We report a case of a middle-age male patient, with newly HIV infection in AIDS stage diagnosis, no comorbitidies, who was hospitalized for subacute malaise, fever, self-limited unproductive cough and no bloody chronic diarrea. The diagnosis of Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia was performed by imagenological suspicion and stains of cysts of this pathogen with bronchoalveolar lavage samples. Treatment was initiated with oral cotrimoxazole and starting HAART with good clinical outcome. Concomitantly, an etiologic study was conducted for chronic diarrhea and through histopathological examination of colonic mucosa, numerous extracellular cystic structures Pneumocystis characteristics were observed, performing the diagnosis of extrapulmonary pneumocystosis...
June 2015: Revista Chilena de Infectología: órgano Oficial de la Sociedad Chilena de Infectología
Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrellón, Anna Alejandra Ortíz-Hernández, Beatriz Llamosas-Gallardo, Mario A Acosta-Bastidas, Carlos Jiménez-Gutiérrez, Luisa Diaz-García, Anahí Anzo-Osorio, Juliana Estevez-Jiménez, Irma Jiménez-Escobar, Rosa Patricia Vidal-Vázquez
RATIONALE: Despite major advances in treatment, acute diarrhea continues to be a public health problem in children under five years. There is no systematic approach to treatment and most evidence is assembled comparing active treatment vs. placebo. OBJECTIVE: Systematic review of evidence on efficacy of adjuvants for treatment of acute diarrhea through a network meta-analysis. METHODS: A systematic search of multiple databases searching clinical trials related to the use of racecadotril, smectite, Lactobacillus GG, Lactobacillus reuteri, Saccharomyces boulardii and zinc as adjuvants in acute diarrhea was done...
May 2015: Gaceta Médica de México
Eduardo Salazar-Lindo, Isabel Polanco Allué, Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrellón
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2014: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrellón, Eduardo Salazar-Lindo, Isabel Polanco Allué
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2014: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
Isabel Polanco Allué, Eduardo Salazar-Lindo, Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrellón
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2014: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrellón, Eduardo Salazar-Lindo, Isabel Polanco Allué
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2014: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
R Ramírez Puerta, E Yuste Ossorio, S Narbona Galdó, N Pérez Izquierdo, L Peñas Maldonado
OBJECTIVES: To analyze the complications related to enteral nutritional support in patients with lateral amyotrophic sclerosis included in our home-based mechanical ventilation program (HMVP), with a special emphasis on gastrointestinal complications. METHOD: Retrospective, descriptive study of the patients included in our HMVP directed by intensive care physicians, by means of systematic review of the medical records (included in a Microsoft Access database) during the period 2004-2011...
November 1, 2013: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
Javad Ghaffari, Saeed Abedian-Kenari, Maryam Ghasemi, Farzad Gohardehi
BACKGROUND: Hyper IgE syndrome (HIES) is a rare primary immune deficiency, described as Job(`)s syndrome characterized by increased serum levels of IgE, eczema, recurrent cutaneous and pulmonary infections. In this paper, we presented a case of Hyper IgE syndrome. CASE PRESENTATION: A 16-year-old Iranian boy presented with a one year history of skin lesions in knees and elbows was diagnosed of psoriasis disease. He had a history of recurrent infections including otitis media, pneumonia, diarrea and skin infection...
2013: Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine
Adalberto Aguila, Robert Bernedo, Alina Llop, Margarita Ramírez, Laura Bravo, Anabel Fernández, Yudith Ledo
Forty strains of Escherichia coli isolated from children under 5 years of age with acute diarreas, coming from different provinces of the country , were analyzed. Four important phenotypical determinants were tested: sorbosa, sorbitol, enterohemolysin and 0157:H7 serology, in order to select those strains from enterohemorrhagic or Shiga toxin-producing category. Likewise, they were characterized by biotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility methods. The use of phenotypical tests showed six strains with presumptive characteristics, four of which were most likely to be Shiga toxin-producing strains...
May 2007: Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical
L Izaguirre Guerricagoitia, A Truchuelo Aragón
INTRODUCTION: Diarrhea is a frequent complication in patients admitted to intensive care and nursing consumes a significant percentage of time for them. Although this is a common condition, the exact size of the problem is unknown. The main objective of this study has been to determine the prevalence of diarrhea in hospitalized patients in critical care units (CCU)in Spain. METHOD: An observational, cross-sectional, prospective and multicenter study including the month of April 2008 on patients in CCUs...
April 2011: Enfermería Intensiva
Egoitz Tolosa Eizaguirre, Aníbal Rincón Mayans, Jorge Rioja Zuazu, Juan J Zudaire Bergera, Javier Barba Abad, José Ma Berián Polo
The bladder stone formation due to intravesical mesh erosion of tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) is an infrequent complication. We report a case of 73 years old woman, treated in two occasions by means of the positioning of a TVT with the intention of treating its urinary incontinence. The symptoms, of a year of evolution, was characterized by disuria, pelvic pain, diarrea and constitutional syndrome. RM showed bladder stone fixed to bladder wall. The extraction of the bladder stone was made by the section of the polypropilene mesh on which the calculi had been developed...
June 2009: Actas Urologicas Españolas
Mónica Benavente Montoya, Oscar Frisancho Velarde
UNLABELLED: Capsule endoscopy (CE) is a promising diagnostic method that evaluates gastrointestinal tract in all extension. If it is used in the correct patient, it is safe, noninvasive, tolerated very well. The CE is an important element in the diagnostic of diseases of the small bowel, specially in diagnostic of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the diagnostic yield and clinical outcome after CE in HNERM (Lima, Peru). METHODS: It is a retrospective study between January 2004 and January 2007...
October 2007: Revista de Gastroenterología del Perú: órgano Oficial de la Sociedad de Gastroenterología del Perú
Aurora Longa, Luisa Vizcaya, Beatriz Nieves, Laura Bravo, Luis Morier, Irene Pérez-Schael, Luis Enrique Cabrera
The feces of 397 patients with acute diarrheal disease (ADD) and of other 121 patients without diarrea (control group) were studied in the state of Mérida, Venezuela, from June 1993 to December 1994. The genus Aeromonas was identified in patients with ADD in 11.83% and in 5.78% of the patients from the control group. On studying the virulence factors described for Aeromonas (enterotoxin, cytotoxin, hemaglutinins, cellular hydrofibrosity, and hemolytic activity) in the isolated strains, it was detected that all presented at least one of the factors investigated associated with enteropathogenicity...
May 2005: Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical
Telma Gambandé, Mario Damiano, Noemí Borda, Rodolfo Notario, José Aita
Bacterial agents causing diarrea in patients attended in a hospital of Rosario, Argentina. The frequency of bacterial agents causing diarrhea can vary in patients of different areas, and through the time. In an epidemiological surveillance we studied 304 patients with diarrheal diseases looking for Salmonella enterica, Shigella spp, Campylobacter spp, Aeromonas spp, Yersinia enterocolitica, and diarrheogenic Escherichia coli. C. jejuni was isolated in 30 patients (9,9 %), Salmonella in 18 (5,9 %), and enteropathogenic E...
2006: Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas
J B Bellido-Blasco, J M González-Cano, J V Galiano-Arlandis, C Herrero-Carot, M D Tirado-Balaguer, A Arnedo-Pena, L Safont-Adsuara, M A Romeu-García
BACKGROUND: Sporadic cases of diarrhea in preschool children are highly frequent, especially those caused by rotavirus, Campylobacter and Salmonella. The aim of this study was to identify some of the factors associated with these processes. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A case-control study of hospitalized incident cases aged less than 3 years old was performed. Questionnaires were administered at admission, before the results of stool tests were known. Susceptibility, food exposure, and environmental factors were investigated...
April 2007: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
Alessia Marocco, Baroukh Assael, Giovanni Gabutti, Alfredo Guarino, Pier Luigi Lopalco, Federico Marchetti, Franco Maria Ruggeri, Lucina Titone, Alberto Eugenio Tozzi, Giovanni Vitali Rosati, Carla Zotti, Elisabetta Franco
Rotaviruses (RV) are the most common etiological agents in acute gastroenteritis (GE) in children in the first years of life. Data from the national scientific literature show that RV is responsible of 26% of all cases of hospitalisation for diarrea in children, resulting the most frequently identified agent. The Italian database of hospital discharge, freely available from the web site of the national Ministry of Health, was searched to investigate the epidemiology of RV gastroenteritis. The mean number of hospitalisation for RV enteritis in children in the first 4 years of live was 4...
March 2006: Igiene e Sanità Pubblica
Leandro Roberto Jones, E Laura Weber
Bovine pestiviruses (Bovine Viral Diarrea Virus 1 (BVDV 1) and Bovine Viral Diarrea Virus 2 (BVDV 2)) belong to the genus Pestivirus (Flaviviridae), which is composed of positive stranded RNA viruses causing significant economic losses world-wide. We used phylogenetic and bootstrap analyses to systematically scan alignments of previously sequenced genomes in order to explore further the evolutionary mechanisms responsible for variation in the virus. Previously published data suggested that homologous crossover might be one of the mechanisms responsible for the genomic rearrangements observed in cytopathic (cp) strains of bovine pestiviruses...
December 2004: Infection, Genetics and Evolution
S Mulić, R Mulić
There are justified reasons to assume that antibicrobial drugs are too frequently prescribed in routine pediatric practice. The main aim of the study was to prove the frequency of antimicrobial administration to children. A total of 209 children of either sex and under 18 years of age with common colds and 95 children with diarrhea who were examined at the Primary Health Care Department of Hospital Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period of Jan 1999-Apr 2000 were investigated for antimicrobial therapy...
2000: Medicinski Arhiv
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