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Xiao Yang, Wilfred A van der Donk
Ribosomally synthesized peptides are generally limited to L-amino acid building blocks. Given the advantageous properties of peptides containing D-amino acids such as stabilization of certain turns and against proteolytic degradation, methods to introduce D-stereocenters are valuable. Here we report the first in vitro reconstitution and characterization of a dehydrogenase that carries out the asymmetric reduction of dehydroalanine. NpnJA reduces dehydroalanine to D-Ala using NAPDH as cosubstrate. The enzyme displays high substrate tolerance allowing introduction of D-Ala into a range of non-native substrates...
October 7, 2015: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Jue Hou, Fan Wang, Peizhong Kong, Peter K N Yu, Hongzhi Wang, Wei Han
Radioadaptive response (RAR) in mammalian cells refers to the phenomenon where a low-dose ionizing irradiation alters the gene expression profiles, and protects the cells from the detrimental effects of a subsequent high dose exposure. Despite the completion of numerous experimental studies on RAR, the underlying mechanism has remained unclear. In this study, we aimed to have a comprehensive investigation on the RAR induced in the AG01522 human fibroblasts first exposed to 5 cGy (priming dose) and then followed by 2 Gy (challenge dose) of X-ray through comparisons to those cells that had only received a single 2 Gy dose...
2015: PloS One
Marcin Bekas, Krzysztof A Pachocki
BACKGROUND: Implementation of X-ray dental examination is associated with the patients exposure to ionizing radation. The size of the exposure depends on the type of medical procedure, the technical condition of the X-ray unit and selected exposure conditions. The aim of this study was to determine the dose received by patients during dental X-ray examination and the assessment of the technical condition of medical equipment, MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included a total number of 79 dental X-ray units located in the region of Mazovia...
2013: Medycyna Pracy
M Lantéri-Minet, G Demarquay, H Alchaar, J Bonnin, P Cornet, X Douay, V Dousset, G Géraud, V Guillouf, M Navez, F Radat, S Radenne, A Revol, D Valade, A Donnet
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March 2014: Revue Neurologique
S Chanraud, G Di Scala, B Dilharreguy, J Schoenen, M Allard, F Radat
BACKGROUND: Several imaging studies have identified localized anatomical and functional brain changes in medication-overuse headache (MOH). OBJECTIVE: The objective of this article is to evaluate whole-brain functional connectivity at rest together with voxel-based morphometry in MOH patients, in comparison with episodic migraine (EM) patients and healthy controls (HCs). METHODS: Anatomical MRI and resting-state functional MRI scans were obtained in MOH patients (n = 17 and 9, respectively), EM patients (n = 18 and 15, respectively) and HCs (n = 17 and 17)...
July 2014: Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache
Virginie Dousset, Martial Maud, Mélanie Legoff, Françoise Radat, Bruno Brochet, Jean-François Dartigues, Tobias Kurth
BACKGROUND: To validate a rapid questionnaire as a screening tool, because application of the diagnostic revised criteria of the ICHD-II for medication overuse headache (MOH) requires experience for the physician and is time-consuming. METHODS: ICHD-II criteria for probable MOH (pMOH) were transformed in questions formulated in such a way that they could be self-administered, easily understood, and quickly filled out. We compared this questionnaire to the gold standard: the diagnosis made by headache specialists, based on the the ICHD-II criteria...
2013: Journal of Headache and Pain
Yong Fu, Hai-Feng Zhang, Fang Li, Jun Xiong, Bo Zhang, Lin Li, Ri-Xin Chen
OBJECTIVE: To explore the possibility of the infrared objective displaying of heat-sensitive state of acupoint. METHODS: Fifty-four qualified subjects were enrolled. In the natural state, thermal tomography (TTM) was adopted to shoot the thermograms on the face. After the thermograms collection, the thermo-sensitive detection with moxibustion was applied. The suspending moxibustion with moxa stick was used at Xiaguan (ST 7, affected side) for 10 mm. The cases with heat extension and transmission at the acupoint were recorded at the end of moxibustion...
May 2013: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Françoise Radat, Sandra Chanraud, Georges Di Scala, Virginie Dousset, Michèle Allard
BACKGROUND: Medication Overuse Headache (MOH) can be related in some patients to dependence-related behaviour characterised by craving, a deficit in controlling substance intake, which is associated to orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) dysfunction. The aim of this study was to explore the psychological correlates in MOH patients and the functioning of the OFC through neuropsychological assessment (Iowa Gambling Task: IGT) and to relate it to prognosis at a one year follow-up point. FINDINGS: Seventeen subjects suffering from probable MOH were included and compared to 19 migraineurs and to 17 controls...
2013: Journal of Headache and Pain
F Radat, A Margot-Duclot, N Attal
BACKGROUND: Psychiatric co-morbidities are common in patients with chronic pain, but no data are available about their prevalence in patients with neuropathic pain. METHODS: A multicentre study involving neurology practices (n = 30) and pain departments (n = 8) was conducted to assess the prevalence of lifetime and current anxiety and mood disorders on the basis of DSM-IV criteria in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain. Factors independently associated with such co-morbidity were also studied...
November 2013: European Journal of Pain: EJP
Mohammad Hadi Dehghani, Gholam-Reza Jahed, Ahmad Zarei
BACKGROUND: Rhabditidae is a family of free-living nematodes. Free living nematodes due to their active movement and resistance to chlorination, do not remove in conventional water treatment processes thus can be entered to distribution systems and cause adverse health effects. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) can be used as a method of inactivating for these organisms. This cross sectional study was done to investigate the efficiency of ultraviolet lamp in the inactivation of free living nematode in water...
2013: Iranian Journal of Public Health
F Radat
The link between stress and migraine is complex. In its recent conception, stress is viewed as a transactional process between an individual and his-her environment in which the individual makes a response to an internal or external constraint. This paper reviews the evidence in favor of a relationship between stress and migraine. Many studies show that 50 to 80% of patients report stress as a precipitating factor for their migraine headaches. Many authors have suggested that acute stress can provoke biological modifications lowering the threshold of the individual's susceptibility to a migraine attack...
May 2013: Revue Neurologique
Françoise Radat, Michèle Koleck, Jérôme Foucaud, Michel Lantéri-Minet, Christian Lucas, Hélène Massiou, Fatima Nachit-Ouinekh, Abdelkader El Hasnaoui
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to describe the cognitive representations of migraine through the migraineurs' discourse. METHOD: A sample of subjects taken at random from a representative sample of the French general population is interviewed about their representations of migraine. A content analysis is performed using the ALCESTE software. RESULTS: The population is composed of 51 subjects. The analysis shows that throughout the corpus, the word 'migraine' does not appear spontaneously...
2013: Psychology & Health
F Radat, M Koleck
LITERATURE FINDINGS: The comorbidity between chronic pain and depression is high: in the general population setting, the odds ratio for suffering from one of these disorders when suffering from the other is estimated around 2.5. For chronic pain patients consulting in pain clinics, the comorbidity rate reaches one third to half of the patients. For the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain consists in an emotional as well as a sensory dimension, both of them have to be assessed systematically...
June 2011: L'Encéphale
Seyed-Mostafa Mousavinasab, Azadeh Farhadi, Mitra Shabanian
BACKGROUND: Along with development of different dental adhesives, concerns about hydrolytic deg-radation of the adhesive components have arisen. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the in vitro influence of thermocycling, water storage and resin coating on the microshear bond strength of total etch and self etch adhesive systems to dentin. METHODS: The superficial coronal dentin of eighty intact third molars were exposed and divided into 5 equal groups. Dental adhesives including Scotch Bond Multi Purpose (SBMP), Single Bond (SB), Clearfil SE Bond (CSE), Prompt L-Pop (PLP), and Prompt L-Pop plus Margin bond (PLPM) were applied according to the manufacturers' instructions on prepared surfaces in the study groups, respectively...
2009: Dental Research Journal
F Radat, M Lanteri-Minet
INTRODUCTION: Some data in the current medical literature suggests a link between medication overuse headache (MOH) and addictive behaviors. We present here a review of the clinical and biological data highlighting the role of addictive behaviors in MOH. RESULTS: One third to one half of MOH patients will relapse in their overuse within five years following withdrawal of the offending medication. Some studies have shown that two thirds of MOH patients fulfil DSM-IV criteria for dependence concerning their use of acute headache medication...
August 2011: Revue Neurologique
Françoise Radat, Dorota Milowska, Dominique Valade
OBJECTIVE: We describe a sample of patients receiving a diagnosis of headache attributed to psychiatric disorder (HSPD). BACKGROUND: The international literature to date provides only a few case reports of patients presenting with HSPD. METHOD: A retrospective study of the medical records of all patients having received HSPD when consulting at a headache emergency center during 2009. RESULTS: Out of a total of 8479 patients seen during one year, 25 men and 62 women received an HSPD diagnosis (1...
May 2011: Headache
D Valade, M Lantéri-Minet, F Radat, C Mekies, C Lucas, E Vivès, J M Joubert, G Géraud
METHODS: SMILE was an observational study carried out in France among office-based general practitioners (GPs) and neurologists from November 2005 to July 2006 to assess the determinants of prescription of migraine preventive therapy in primary care medicine. A total of 1467 GPs and 83 neurologists were included, treating 5417 and 248 migraine sufferers, respectively. RESULTS: The main factors leading physicians to deem a patient eligible for preventive treatment were perceived medication overuse and frequency of headaches, and secondarily, severity of headaches and functional impact...
October 2010: Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache
Françoise Radat, Michel Lanteri-Minet
Medication-overuse headache (MOH) can be viewed as an interaction between the worsening of the primary headache course and individual predispositions for dependence. We present here a review of the clinical and biological data raising the role of dependence-related behavior in MOH. Indeed, several clinical studies show that acute headache medications containing psychoactive components (barbiturates, opiates) are associated with an increased risk of MOH. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition substance dependence criteria were identified in a sub-group of MOH patients...
November 2010: Headache
Christelle Créac'h, Francoise Radat, Gerard Mick, Evelyne Guegan-Massardier, Pierric Giraud, Nathalie Guy, Nelly Fabre, Fatima Nachit-Ouinekh, Michel Lanteri-Minet
BACKGROUND: Whereas the clinical features of pure triptan overuse headache (TOH) are well known, there are insufficient data regarding the semiological pattern of headaches when triptan overuse is associated with other types of medication overuse. OBJECTIVE: To investigate and compare the clinical characteristics of patients with pure TOH and those with medication overuse headaches associating triptan and other medication overuses (combined TOH). METHODS: This cross-sectional, observational study was conducted in 7 tertiary-care headache centers participating in the French Observatory of Migraine and Headaches...
April 2009: Headache
F Radat, M Lantéri-Minet, F Nachit-Ouinekh, H Massiou, C Lucas, A Pradalier, F Mercier, A El Hasnaoui
The objective of this analysis was to describe psychological and cognitive variables in subjects with migraine and to identify those associated with chronicity. Data were collected from 10 000 subjects during face-to-face interview. Subjects with episodic migraine (n = 1127) or chronic daily headache (n = 407) with migrainous features were identified using an algorithm based on the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd edn classification. Data on headache impact was obtained with the Headache Impact Test-6, on psychological distress with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, on coping with the Coping Strategy Questionnaire catastrophizing score and the Brief COPE inventory, on illness perception with the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire and on locus of control...
March 2009: Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache
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