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Superficial Fascia

Woo Jong Kim, Hong Seop Lee, Sung Hun Won, Yong Cheol Hong, Dhong Won Lee, Ji-Hye Lee, Chang Hyun Kim
RATIONALE: The Morel-Lavallée lesion (MLL) is a closed degloving injury developing when shear force acts between the muscle fascia and the subcutaneous layer. MLLs develop principally in the trochanteric area or the pelvis; lesions in the proximal calf are rare. Acute lesions can be treated conservatively, but chronic lesions are best treated surgically because of a high rate of recurrence. To the best of our knowledge, this is a rare case of successful treatment of an MLL in the proximal calf associated with tibio-fibular shaft fracture...
October 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
César Calvo-Lobo, Ignacio Díez-Vega, Mónica García-Mateos, Juan José Molina-Martín, Germán Díaz-Ureña, David Rodríguez-Sanz
BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to describe and correlate the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and superficial fascia thickness assessed by ultrasonography (US) with the lumbar erector spinae muscles contractile properties evaluated by tensiomyography (TMG). METHODS: A cross-sectional descriptive study with 50 healthy participants was performed. The point of maximum lordosis in the lumbar region of the right erector spinae was evaluated by US and TMG. First, the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and superficial fascia thicknesses (cm) were assessed by US...
June 2018: Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira
Xuekang Yang, Zhuoqun Fang, Mengdong Liu, Yue Zhang, Qiaohua Chen, Ke Tao, Juntao Han, Dahai Hu
BACKGROUND: This study introduces a technique for the reconstruction of deep toe defects in diabetic patients using a method that combines free vascularized fascia flap with skin grafting. METHODS: In this retrospective study, conducted between March 2010 and February 2016, 15 diabetic patients with deep toe ulcer received surgeries that combined free vascularized fascia flap with skin grafting, including nine anterolateral thigh fascia lata flaps and six superficial temporal fascia flaps...
November 2018: Journal of Surgical Research
Q Bettex, C Jaloux, M Abellan Lopez, D Casanova, B Bertrand, C Philandrianos
Breast reconstruction by abdominal flap has evolved to ensure minimal donor-site morbidity with the description of Deep Inferior Epigastric artery Perforator flap (DIEP flap). Being of the same thickness and the same surface, the Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery flap (SIEA flap) does not require, for it harvesting, to open the abdominal fascia or to dissect through the muscles minimizing again donor-site sequelae. However, it is little used because of the variability of its vascularization and a higher failure rate than the DIEP in the literature...
September 27, 2018: Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique
Sandeep Silawal, Karim Rayan Galal, Gundula Schulze-Tanzil
A rare unilateral variation of the first left lumbrical muscle was discovered in a female Caucasian cadaver dissected during a first year anatomy course at the Paracelsus Medical University - Nuremberg, Germany. The muscle possessed two venters with the first originating near the medial epicondyle of the humerus together with the intramuscular tendon of the superficial flexor digitorum tendon, and the second presenting as a regular first lumbrical muscle with radial palmar origin from first tendon of the deep flexor digitorum muscle...
September 25, 2018: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
Bahman Guyuron, Nazilla S Seyed Forootan, Kris Katira
BACKGROUND: Super-high superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) suspension and tailor tack plication are powerful facelift tools used in cases of primary facial rhytidectomy. TECHNIQUE: Thorough pre-operative patient screening and counseling are completed in an outpatient cosmetic surgery center. A super-high SMAS flap is developed by undermining and incising along a line extending from the tragus to lateral canthus and dissecting the SMAS sufficiently to induce movement of the lateral nose and the oral commissure with traction on the SMAS...
September 19, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Recep Anlatıcı, Gökhan Özerdem, Sarp Demiralay, Ömer Refik Özerdem
INTRODUCTION: Combined and/or multistage operations often are needed in postbariatric surgery. AIM: With this retrospective study of a series of 55 cases, we aim to determine the effectiveness and safety of one-stage combined postbariatric surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 248 postbariatric procedures were performed in one session (except one-staged gynecomastia case) in 55 patients. The procedures included face and neck lifting, upper and lower trunk lifting, gluteal fat injection, mammoplasty, gynecomastia correction, abdominoplasty, and thigh and arm lifting...
September 17, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Charles Yuen Yung Loh, R Raja Shanmugakrishnan, Metin Nizamoglu, Alethea Tan, Marco Duarte, Waseem Ullah Khan, Naguib El-Muttardi
The superficial temporal artery (STA) flap is a versatile flap for head and neck defect reconstruction. It can be based on the frontal branch of the STA and an islanded 360-degree rotation arc for various defects on the scalp, cheek, and auricular region. It provides a nonmicrosurgical option for reconstructing such defects, which is itself relatively easy to perform. However, venous congestion is a problem than often can cause worry to the clinician and hence preclude its use. In this review, we revisit this flap in head and neck reconstruction, with case examples used for reconstruction of defects on the scalp, maxilla, lip, ear, and retroauricular area...
September 11, 2018: Annals of Plastic Surgery
Kei Noguchi, Takachika Aoki, Kimihiko Orito, Soushou Kajiwara, Kana Fujimori, Motohiro Morioka
BACKGROUND: Direct and/or indirect bypass surgery is the established approach for preventing stroke in patients with Moyamoya disease. However, conventional indirect revascularization, including encephalo-myo-synangiosis, have some disadvantages associated with the mass effect of the temporal muscle under the bone flap and post-surgical depression in the temporal region. We devised a novel indirect revascularization method, using only the temporal fascia, to address the aforementioned disadvantages...
September 6, 2018: World Neurosurgery
Delia Hînganu, Cristinel Ionel Stan, Corina Ciupilan, Marius Valeriu Hînganu
The masseteric region is considered by the most researchers as a subdivision of the parotideomasseteric region. Because of its surgical significance, we emphasize it has distinctive morphofunctional features. The aim of this manuscript is to highlight particular characteristics of the masseteric region and practical applications of this concept. The material used was represented by 12 embalmed cephalic extremities dissected in "Ion Iancu" Institute of Anatomy, "Grigore T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iaşi, 10 operating specimens from the Clinics of Maxillofacial Surgery and Plastic Surgery of the "St...
2018: Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology, Revue Roumaine de Morphologie et Embryologie
Maud Creze, Marc Soubeyrand, Krystel Nyangoh Timoh, Olivier Gagey
PURPOSE: The thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) and the erector spinae aponeurosis (ESA) play significant roles in the biomechanics of the spine and could be a source of low back pain. Attachment, collagen fiber direction, size and biomechanical properties of the TLF have been well documented. However, questions remain about the attachment of the TLF and ESA in relation to adjoining tissues in the lumbosacral region. Moreover, quantitative data in relation to the ESA have rarely been examined...
August 31, 2018: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy: SRA
Christian von Rüden, Richard Kühl, Christoph J Erichsen, Stephen L Kates, Sven Hungerer, Mario Morgenstern
Skin and soft tissue infections include the skin as well as fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, synovial membranes, fat, blood vessels, nerves, and fibrous tissues. They range from superficial infections to deep infections with a necrotizing clinical course. These infections can promptly progress with severe systemic complications, requiring rapid management, and proper surgical and medical treatment. This manuscript provides recommendations based on current practice guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of surgically relevant skin and soft tissue infections in adults...
August 2018: Zeitschrift Für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
C Y Zheng, R Cao, M H Gao, Z Q Huang, M C Sheng, Y J Hu
This study aimed to compare the outcomes of three surgical techniques for the treatment of patients with benign parotid tumours: superficial parotidectomy (SP; group 1), partial superficial parotidectomy (PSP; group 2), and ultrasonic scalpel-assisted minimal extracapsular dissection (US-MECD; group 3). Groups 1 and 2 received the conventional surgical technique, while group 3 underwent surgery with an ultrasonic scalpel. A total of 281 patients treated during 2012-2016 were included: 98 in group 1, 91 in group 2, and 92 in group 3...
August 20, 2018: International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Young Chul Suh, Joon Pio Hong, Hyunsuk Peter Suh
According to early studies on the superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap, there are two major types of perforators that are presumed to originate from the superficial circumflex iliac artery: the medial perforator with a direct cutaneous vessel (superficial branch) - located relatively medially on the flap, and the lateral perforator, traveling laterally beneath the deep fascia and often with an intramuscular pathway penetrating the deep fascia on the lateral aspect (deep branch) of the flap. Although there are well described studies on the anatomy of the arterial vasculature, design and elevation of the flap are different issues, as there are always some potential for anatomical variations, such as pedicle anatomy, location of lymph nodes, and thickness of superficial fascia...
August 2018: Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie
Alaa Eldin Adel Elmaddawy, Alaa Eldin Mazy
Background: The thyroid gland surgery is a common and painful procedure demanding analgesia. Many regional techniques are applied for anterior neck surgeries mostly assigned in relation to the involved cervical fascia. Dexmedetomidine (Precedex) is a selective alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonist which prolongs the sensory blockade duration of local anesthetics. Our study hypothesis is that ultrasound (US)-guided bilateral superficial cervical plexus block (BSCPB) may provide longer analgesia when adding dexmedetomidine to bupivacaine-epinephrine...
July 2018: Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia
Pei-An Hu, Zheng-Rong Zhou
Background Nodular fasciitis rarely occurs in young adults and children; it usually resembles other tumors, even malignancy. Purpose To review the imaging findings of six cases of nodular fasciitis misdiagnosed radiologically. Material and Methods The clinical and radiologic features of six cases of histologically proven but radiologically misdiagnosed nodular fasciitis were reviewed retrospectively. Two cases underwent both plain and enhanced computed tomography (CT) scans and the other four had both regular and enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) scans...
July 31, 2018: Acta Radiologica
Thomas von Arx, Marc J. Nakashima, Scott Lozanoff
The individual appearance and facial expression are based on the musculoskeletal system of the face. The bones of the face contribute to the anterior portion of the skull. This region is also referred to as the facial skeleton or viscerocranium. The muscles of the face include all mimetic muscles innervated by the cranial nerve VII (facial nerve). Two masticatory muscles (masseter, temporalis) that are supplied by the motoric portion of the cranial nerve V3 (mandibular nerve) also contribute to the contour of the face...
July 30, 2018: Swiss Dental Journal
Masakazu Ohuchi, Masaki Fukunaga, Kunihiko Nagakari, Daisuke Azuma, Shintaro Kohama, Jun Nomoto, Kazuhiro Sakamoto
PURPOSE: The question as to whether laparoscopic surgery should be applied for inguinal hernia after radical prostatectomy remains a debate due to surgical difficulty arising from adhesions in the prevesical space. We report the surgical technique used in our department, its outcomes, and its safety and effectiveness compared with the surgical outcomes of primary transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair (TAPP) cases. METHODS AND MATERIALS: From February 2013 to January 2017, 30 patients with inguinal hernia were treated with TAPP after radical prostatectomy...
July 25, 2018: Hernia: the Journal of Hernias and Abdominal Wall Surgery
Hyung Hwa Jeong, Joon Pio Hong, Hyun Suk Suh
Elevating thin flaps has long been a goal of reconstructive surgeons. Thin flaps have numerous advantages in reconstruction. In this study, we present a surgical method for elevating a thin flap and demonstrate the safety of the procedure. A retrospective review was performed of the electronic medical records of patients who underwent thin flap elevation for lower extremity reconstruction from April 2016 to September 2016 at the Department of Plastic Surgery of Asan Medical Center. All flaps included in this study were elevated above the superficial fascia...
July 2018: Archives of Plastic Surgery
Ayesha Moin, Akshay D Shetty, T S Archana, Saurabh G Kale
Facial paralysis can be a devastating consequence resulting from blunt and penetrating trauma to the head and neck, as well as surgical injury, either accidental or due to involvement by tumor. In addition, the etiology can be attributed to a variety of other causes, ranging from infectious to metabolic, and is frequently idiopathic in nature. The incidence of facial nerve injury during temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgeries varies among surgeons. There are many factors that could contribute to the injury of the temporal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve...
January 2018: Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery
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