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Renal hypertension

Bruna Thiemi Yonekubo, Heloisa de Miranda Cantuaria Alves, Eduardo de Souza Marques, Fábio Ferreira Perazzo, Paulo César Pires Rosa, Isabel O'Neill de Mascarenhas Gaivão, Edson Luis Maistro
Crataegus oxyacantha L. (Rosaceae) is a medicinal plant with a long history of use in European, Chinese, and American. The majority of pharmacological activities associated with fruit extracts of C. oxyacantha L. are related to cardio-stimulant properties utilized in the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension with myocardic insufficiency, angina pectoris, cardiac rhythm alterations, and heart failure. Some other therapeutic uses for renal calculi, dyspnea, as well as a diuretic, sedative, and anxiolytic were also reported...
October 16, 2018: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A
Eren Soyaltın, Demet Alaygut, Caner Alparslan, Tunç Özdemir, Seçil Arslansoyu- Çamlar, Fatma Mutlubaş, Belde Kasap-Demir, Önder Yavaşcan
Soyaltın E, Alaygut D, Alparslan C, Özdemir T, Arslansoyu-Çamlar S, Mutlubaş F, Kasap-Demir B, Yavaşcan Ö. A rare cause of neonatal hypertension: Congenital mesoblastic nephroma. Turk J Pediatr 2018; 60: 198-200. A rare cause of neonatal hypertension: Congenital Mesoblastic Nephroma (CMN) is a rare renal tumor in childhood and has been reported with palpable abdominal mass, hypertension, hematuria, polyuria and hypercalcemia. Histopathologically it has been classified into two histological types: classic and cellular...
2018: Turkish Journal of Pediatrics
Adi Guy, Kassem Sharif, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Alec Krosser, Boris Gilburd, Eleanor Zeruya, Ora Shovman, Abdulla Watad, Howard Amital
BACKGROUND: Patients with rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS), encounter significantly higher rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system maintains hemodynamic stability through blood pressure regulation. When dysregulated, this system has been implicated in various pathological conditions, including cardiovascular events. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the levels of renin and aldosterone in RA and AS patients...
October 2018: Israel Medical Association Journal: IMAJ
Punnaka Pongpanich, Pasvich Pitakpaiboonkul, Kullaya Takkavatakarn, Kearkiat Praditpornsilpa, Somchai Eiam-Ong, Paweena Susantitaphong
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of hypertension and its associated complications are markedly growing. Most patients need more than one drug to achieve blood pressure (BP) target. However, most guidelines only focus on the first-line treatment. We conducted a meta-analysis to explore the benefits of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs)/angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) combined with calcium channel blockers (CCBs) on metabolic, renal, and cardiovascular outcomes in hypertensive patients...
October 15, 2018: International Urology and Nephrology
Isabel V Poggiali, Ana Cristina Simões E Silva, Mariana A Vasconcelos, Cristiane S Dias, Izabella R Gomes, Rafaela A Carvalho, Maria Christina L Oliveira, Sergio V Pinheiro, Robert H Mak, Eduardo A Oliveira
BACKGROUND: Solitary functioning kidney (SFK) is an important condition in the spectrum of congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract. The aim of this study was to describe the risk factors for renal injury in a cohort of patients with congenital SFK. METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study, 162 patients with SFK were systematically followed up (median, 8.5 years). The primary endpoint was time until the occurrence of a composite event of renal injury, which includes proteinuria, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease (CKD)...
October 15, 2018: Pediatric Nephrology: Journal of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association
Rani Sauriasari, Mia Yuliana Pratiwi
Background: Several clinical studies have shown increased level of urinary TGF-β1 in diabetic nephropathy patients and its correlation with urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio (UACR), but other studies showed different results. Because of this contradiction, this study aims to analyze the correlation between urinary TGF-β1 concentration and UACR, and also estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) patients by controlling some confounding factors. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study, and the samples were obtained using consecutive sampling technique...
2018: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy
Chien-Cheng Huang, Chung-Han Ho, Yi-Chen Chen, Chien-Chin Hsu, Yi-Fong Wang, Hung-Jung Lin, Jhi-Joung Wang, How-Ran Guo
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on reducing neurological sequelae (NS) in patients with carbon monoxide poisoning (COP). Using a nationwide database of insurance claims in Taiwan, we conducted a population-based cohort study to identify 24,046 patients with COP diagnosed between 1999 and 2012, including 6793 (28.2%) patients who received HBOT and 17,253 (71.8%) patients who did not. We followed the two cohorts of patients and compared the occurrence of NS...
October 13, 2018: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Fehime Kara Eroglu, Evrim Kargın Çakıcı, Gökçe Can Gür, Tülin Güngör, Fatma Yazılıtaş, Eda Didem Kurt-Sukur, Evra Celikkaya, Çiğdem Üner, Emin Çakmakçı, Mehmet Bülbül
INTRODUCTION: Increased ultrasonography (US) use has been correlated with an increased incidence of pediatric renal cysts. For simple and stage II cysts, the malignancy risk is low in adulthood, no follow-up is recommended; but there is no consensus on childhood management. Since pediatric renal cysts may be manifestations of hereditary cystic diseases, a different approach and follow-up should be taken for these patients. Herein we present the clinical characteristics and follow-up data of our pediatric patients with simple and stage II renal cysts...
October 15, 2018: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
Naoki Yanagisawa, Takashi Muramatsu, Tomohiko Koibuchi, Akihiro Inui, Yusuke Ainoda, Toshio Naito, Kosaku Nitta, Atsushi Ajisawa, Katsuyuki Fukutake, Aikichi Iwamoto, Minoru Ando
Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has become one of the common comorbid conditions affecting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) population. Human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals are at increased risk of developing CKD, and they are likely to experience faster progression of renal dysfunction compared with HIV-uninfected individuals. Albuminuria represents not only kidney damage but also manifests metabolic syndrome and vascular dysfunction. Methods: We conducted a multicenter, cross-sectional study involving 2135 HIV-infected individuals in Japan to test the prevalence of CKD and proteinuria/albuminuria...
October 2018: Open Forum Infectious Diseases
Lei Yan, Hai-Ying Li, Xiao-Jian Ye, Rong-Quan Xu, Xiao-Yu Chen
OBJECTIVES: To discuss Doppler ultrasonographic and clinical features of middle aortic syndrome (MAS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Doppler ultrasonographic images and clinical dates of 11 patients with MAS confirmed by angiography were retrospectively analyzed from January 2004 to September 2016. RESULTS: The median age of 11 patients was 10 years (1-39 years). Ten patients presented with hypertension, only 2 cases presented with symptomatic intermittent claudication, and 1 case presented with abdominal pain...
October 14, 2018: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: JCU
Xing-Yu Hong, Jie Lin, Wei-Wei Gu
Aberrant blood vessel functioning and systemic circulation are key causes for vascular disorders; cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, renal artery stenosis, and peripheral artery diseases. Epidemiological and basic science evidence supported genetic reasons, compounded by obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, and smoking as risk factors. This is an umbrella review of risk factors and therapies in vascular disorders, exploring systematic reviews and meta-analyses studies in PubMed, Cochrane, Embase, and Central published in January 2000-May 2018...
October 14, 2018: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Y Kihara, O Konno, T Yokoyama, Y Nakamura, T Ueno, H Iwamoto
INTRODUCTION: The number of young women who wish to become pregnant opting for kidney transplants is increasing, as becoming pregnant under hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis is associated with many risks. However, there have been reports indicating that these patients are subject to a higher risk of miscarriage compared to women with normal renal function. We examine and report cases of patients that experienced pregnancy after undergoing kidney transplantation at our hospital. SUBJECTS AND METHOD: Of the kidney transplantation cases that were performed at our hospital between 1985 and 2016, there were 7 cases of pregnancy...
October 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
S Sekito, K Nishikawa, S Masui, Y Hasegawa, H Kanda, K Arima, Y Sugimura
BACKGROUND: The frequency of renal transplants from elderly living donors has increased because of a shortage of donors. However, the results of renal transplantation using aged kidney grafts have yet to be determined conclusively. METHODS: We evaluated 45 patients who underwent living donor kidney transplantation at our institution. The patients were categorized according to donor age at the time of the transplant: ≥ 60 years (elderly donor group, n = 21) and <60 years (young donor group, n = 24)...
October 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
R Deng, Y Dai, H Zhang, L Liu, J Li, Y Xiong, S Deng, Q Fu, C Wang
Glomerulonephritis recurrence has emerged as one of the leading causes of allograft loss. We aimed to investigate the effect of living-related and deceased donation on the incidence of renal allograft glomerulonephritis and its effect on renal allograft survival. METHODS: Adult renal allograft recipients with primary glomerulonephritis were enrolled. Transplantation date was from Feb 2004 to Dec 2015. Exclusion criteria included combined organ transplantation, structural abnormality, diabetic nephropathy, hypertension nephropathy, obstructive nephropathy, and primary uric acid nephropathy...
October 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Iván Tavera Busso, Ana Carolina Mateos, Luis Isaías Juncos, Norma Canals, Hebe Alejandra Carreras
According to the WHO, about 3 million people die each year due to ambient air pollution. Most of the in vivo studies on the PM2.5 effects have been done on respiratory and cardiovascular tissues. However, little is known about the effects on the tissues involved on xenobiotic removal, such as kidneys. In the present study we assess the harmful effects of sub-chronic exposure to PM2.5 on the kidney, by investigating histologic and serum alterations in healthy and hypertensive rat models. Mean PM2.5 concentrations during exposures were slightly above the daily WHO standard...
October 10, 2018: Environment International
Dandan Liang, Shaoshan Liang, Feng Xu, Mingchao Zhang, Xiaomei Li, Yiyao Tu, Zhihong Liu, Caihong Zeng
AIM: To explore the clinicopathological characteristics of patients with anti-GBM antibody-negative anti-GBM disease. METHODS: The clinical and renal pathological findings were retrospectively studied in 19 patients. All patients met the following inclusion criteria: linear GBM IgG deposition on immunofluorescence(IF); and lack of serum anti-GBM antibodies by ELISA and indirect immunofluorescence assay. RESULTS: There were 17 male and two female patients, with a median age of 36 years (range 15-61 years)...
October 12, 2018: Journal of Clinical Pathology
Hironobu Kobayashi, Katsunori Fujii, Masayo Kobayashi, Naoki Saito, Kentaro Okunushi, Ryota Ebata, Tadashi Shiohama, Daisuke Sawada, Naoki Shimojo
BACKGROUND: Peripheral facial nerve palsy is characterized by unilateral facial paresis due to ipsilateral facial nerve dysfunction. Most cases are idiopathic; however, some have specific etiologies, such as herpesvirus infection, immunological disorders, and hypertension. Atomoxetine is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor that is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This drug is known to cause adverse effects, such as nausea, appetite loss, headache, insomnia, and hypertension...
October 9, 2018: Brain & Development
Fan Ma, Kaiyu Zhou, Yimin Hua, Xiaoliang Liu, Hongyu Duan, Yifei Li, Chuan Wang
RATIONALE: Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) is rare in children and determining the underlying etiologies is essential for treatment. Venous thromboembolism, a well-known complication in nephrotic syndrome (NS), always occurrs during the treatment in course of the disease. However, CTEPH as the first manifestation of NS has not been reported till now. PATIENT CONCERNS: A 12-year-old boy initially complained of hemoptysis, cough and shortness of breath with exertion, any symptoms regarding NS such as edema were not presented...
October 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Maria Vollsæter, Thomas Halvorsen, Trond Markestad, Knut Øymar, Per Magne Ueland, Klaus Meyer, Øivind Midttun, Anne-Lise Bjørke-Monsen
BACKGROUND: Preterm birth and low birth weight are associated with reduced nephron numbers and increased risk of hypertension and kidney disease in later life. AIMS: We tested the hypothesis that extremely preterm birth and intrauterine growth restriction is associated with decreased renal function in mid childhood. METHODS: At 11 years of age the following measures were obtained in a regional cohort of children born extremely premature (EP, i...
2018: PloS One
Yu Kataoka, Sinny Delacroix, Samuel Sidharta, Jordan Andrews, Stephen J Nicholls, Costas P Tsioufis, Vasilios Papademetriou, Stephen G Worthley
Aim: Radiofrequency ablation of peri-arterial renal autonomic nerves has been studied as a potential therapeutic option for resistant hypertension. While recent clinical trials have reported its efficacy, there is paucity of data addressing the effects of the procedure on renal arteries, such as changes in vessel and lumen areas. Herein, the effect of atheroma burden on renal arteries after renal denervation was assessed using computed tomography (CT) imaging. Materials and methods: Serial renal artery CT imaging was conducted in 38 patients from the EnligHTN™ I study, a prospective, multicenter study evaluating the efficacy of the EnligHTN multi-electrode radiofrequency ablation catheter in resistant hypertensive subjects...
2018: International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease
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