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Acquired weakness

Thiago C Jesus, Paulo Portugal, Francisco Vasques, Daniel G Costa
Wireless sensor networks have been considered as an effective solution to a wide range of applications due to their prominent characteristics concerning information retrieving and distributed processing. When visual information can be also retrieved by sensor nodes, applications acquire a more comprehensive perception of monitored environments, fostering the creation of wireless visual sensor networks. As such networks are being more often considered for critical monitoring and control applications, usually related to catastrophic situation prevention, security enhancement and crises management, fault tolerance becomes a major expected service for visual sensor networks...
August 10, 2018: Sensors
Kenya Matsumura, Hiroo Imai, Yasuhiro Go, Masatoshi Kusuhara, Ken Yamaguchi, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Kazuhiko Ohshima
Retrogenes are a class of functional genes derived from the mRNA of various intron-containing genes. PIPSL was created through a unique mechanism, whereby distinct genes were assembled at the RNA level, and the resulting chimera was then reverse transcribed and integrated into the genome by the L1 retrotransposon. Expression of PIPSL RNA via its transcription start sites (TSSs) has been confirmed in the testes of humans and chimpanzee. Here, we demonstrated that PIPSL RNA is expressed in the testis of the white-handed gibbon...
August 7, 2018: Gene
Brigitte Eisenwort, Anna Felnhofer, Claudia Klier
Multilingual children and language impairment Abstract. For many children with a migration background, difficulties acquiring their second language skills influences their educational success. Because of the wide range of languages and their varieties, which are not described linguistically in detail, development of reliable and valid assessment procedures is hindered. This results in a diagnostic dilemma, as children who have problems learning their second language, along with many other reasons, have to be distinguished from children suffering from a specific language impairment (SLI)...
August 10, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Le Guo, Yi Guo, Guo-Xia Zhang, Xue-Wei Zhao, Zhi-Jun Fan, Mu-Jun Zhi, Tie Li, Fu-Chun Wang
Ultra-weak bioluminescence (UWL) is a physiological phenomenon widely existing in all the biological activities including human, animals, plants, etc., which reflects the energy metabolism of the organism. Since the last century, ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) has been applied to the study of the essence of meridians and acupoints of traditional Chinese medicine and obtained some results as the higher luminescence characteristics, but many problems remain unsolved due to the limitation of detection technology...
June 25, 2018: Zhen Ci Yan Jiu, Acupuncture Research
Rong-San Jiang, Wan-Chun Huang, Kai-Li Liang
Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristics of this unique form of rhinosinusitis. Methods: Ninety-one patients with sinus fungus balls were evaluated for clinical characteristics. Nasal tissues obtained from 38 patients with sinus fungus ball, along with 26 controls were used for histopathological, cytokines/chemokines, western blotting, and genetic analyses. Results: Patients with fungus balls had significantly more females and their age was older...
2018: Clinical Medicine Insights. Ear, Nose and Throat
Bernardo Cacho-Díaz, Héctor Spínola-Maroño, Victor A Arrieta, Martin Granados-García, Talia Wegman-Ostrosky, Laura G Mendoza-Olivas, Mariana Chávez-MacGregor
OBJECTIVES: Breast cancer (BC) is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Neurological symptoms are highly feared because they are associated with central nervous system metastases (CNSm). So, we aimed to analyze the association of neurological symptoms with CNSm. PATIENTS & METHODS: Patients with BC referred for a neuro-oncological evaluation at a cancer referral center from June 2012 to December 2017 were included. Demographic, oncological history, comorbidities, clinical symptoms and signs, and their correlation with CNSm were prospectively acquired during consultation in a computerized database...
August 2, 2018: Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
Walter M Goldberg
Tropical scleractinian corals are dependent to varying degrees on their photosymbiotic partners. Under normal levels of temperature and irradiance, they can provide most, but not all, of the host's nutritional requirements. Heterotrophy is required to adequately supply critical nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. Scleractinian corals are known as mesozooplankton predators, and most employ tentacle capture. The ability to trap nano- and picoplankton has been demonstrated by several coral species and appears to fulfill a substantial proportion of their daily metabolic requirements...
2018: Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation
Xiaowei Ouyang, Zichao Pan, Zhiwei Qian, Yuwei Ma, Guang Ye, Klaas van Breugel
The interface between filler and hydration products can have a significant effect on the mechanical properties of the cement paste system. With different adhesion properties between filler and hydration products, the effect of microstructural features (size, shape, surface roughness), particle distribution and area fraction of filler on the fracture behavior of a blended cement paste system is supposed to be different, as well. In order to understand the effect of the microstructural features, particle distribution and area fraction of filler on the fracture behavior of a blended cement paste system with either strong or weak filler-matrix interface, microscale simulations with a lattice model are carried out...
August 6, 2018: Materials
Tao Yang, Zhiqiang Li, Li Jiang, Xiuming Xi
BACKGROUND: The association between corticosteroid use and intensive care unit (ICU)-acquired weakness remains unclear. We evaluated the relationship between corticosteroid use and ICU-acquired weakness in critically ill adult patients. METHODS: The PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, and Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature databases were searched from database inception until October 10, 2017. Two authors independently screened the titles/abstracts and reviewed full-text articles...
August 3, 2018: Critical Care: the Official Journal of the Critical Care Forum
Guang-Hui Huang, Zhu Hu, Chun Lei, Pei-Pei Wang, Jing Yang, Jing-Ya Li, Jia Li, Ai-Jun Hou
Eight enantiomeric pairs of new meromonoterpenoids (1a/1b-8a/8b) and four known compounds (9-12) were isolated from Rhododendron nyingchiense. Their structures were established by spectroscopic methods, quantum chemical calculations, and X-ray crystallography. The enantiomeric pairs were acquired from scalemic mixtures by chiral-phase HPLC and showed diverse heterocyclic frameworks. Compounds 1a/1b possess a rare 6/7/5/5 heterocyclic system, and 2a/2b incorporate a new 6/6/3/5 heterocyclic system featuring a quinone motif...
August 1, 2018: Journal of Natural Products
Kiyoshi Yamauchi, Kentaro Kasai
Transthyretin (TTR), a plasma thyroid hormone distributor protein (THDP), emerged from 5-hydroxyisourate hydrolase (HIUHase), an enzyme involved in urate metabolism, by gene duplication at a stage of chordate evolution. Comparison of amino acid sequences revealed the presence of two His-rich segments in the primitive TTRs. Using several HIUHase and TTR mutants, we investigated 5-hydroxyisourate (HIU) hydrolysis activity and thyroid hormone (TH) binding activity to elucidate how a novel function as a THDP arose...
July 28, 2018: Journal of Molecular Evolution
Shan Su, Zhong-Yi Dong, Zhi Xie, Li-Xu Yan, Yu-Fa Li, Jian Su, Si-Yang Liu, Kai Yin, Rui-Lian Chen, Shu-Mei Huang, Zhi-Hong Chen, Jin-Ji Yang, Hai-Yan Tu, Qing Zhou, Wen-Zhao Zhong, Xu-Chao Zhang, Yi-Long Wu
INTRODUCTION: This study evaluated whether tumor expression of programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) could predict the response of EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI) therapy. METHODS: We retrospectively evaluated patients who received EGFR-TKIs for advanced NSCLC at the Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute between April 2016 and September 2017 and were not enrolled in clinical studies. The patients' EGFR and PD-L1 statuses were simultaneously evaluated...
July 26, 2018: Journal of Thoracic Oncology
Ming-Chou Ho, Guo-Joe Huang, Yeu-Sheng Tyan, Hsien-Chun Tseng, Jun-Cheng Weng
The World Health Organization regards betel quid (BQ) as a human carcinogen. The current study analyzes whether the BQ cues can elicit activity in the chewers' craving-related brain areas. We adopted a cue-reactivity paradigm to examine the changes in the brain activities. The urge intensity was also included to examine whether it can moderate the brain areas stimulated by BQ cues. Sixteen male BQ chewers and 16 healthy male controls were recruited and analyzed. Four types of cues were adopted: BQ cues, matched food cues, visual control cues, and resting crosshair cued...
July 26, 2018: Brain Imaging and Behavior
Kenichi Suda, Isao Murakami, Hui Yu, Jihye Kim, Aik-Choon Tan, Hiroshi Mizuuchi, Leslie M Rozeboom, Kim Ellison, Christopher J Rivard, Tetsuya Mitsudomi, Fred R Hirsch
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is one of the acquired resistance mechanisms to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in lung cancers. Since EMT is related to tumor invasion, metastases, and resistance to various treatments, it is important to prevent the emergence of EMT. However, molecular mechanism(s) underlying EMT phenotypic changes, as well as biomarker(s) that predict the emergence of EMT in EGFR-mutated lung cancers are unclear to date. Through the comparison of expression data between isogenic lung cancer cell lines that acquired resistance to EGFR-TKI(s), we identified that high CD44 expression is related to a mesenchymal phenotype, and that sh-RNA-mediated knockdown of CD44 reversed the EMT change...
July 26, 2018: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Tilen Koklic, Iztok Urbančič, Irena Zdovc, Majda Golob, Polona Umek, Zoran Arsov, Goran Dražić, Štefan Pintarič, Martin Dobeic, Janez Štrancar
Bacterial infections acquired in healthcare facilities including hospitals, the so called healthcare acquired or nosocomial infections, are still of great concern worldwide and represent a significant economical burden. One of the major causes of morbidity is infection with Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which has been reported to survive on surfaces for several months. Bactericidal activity of copper-TiO2 thin films, which release copper ions and are deposited on glass surfaces and heated to high temperatures, is well known even when illuminated with very weak UVA light of about 10 μW/cm2...
2018: PloS One
Leonardo Trasande, Rachel M Shaffer, Sheela Sathyanarayana
Our purposes with this policy statement and its accompanying technical report are to review and highlight emerging child health concerns related to the use of colorings, flavorings, and chemicals deliberately added to food during processing (direct food additives) as well as substances in food contact materials, including adhesives, dyes, coatings, paper, paperboard, plastic, and other polymers, which may contaminate food as part of packaging or manufacturing equipment (indirect food additives); to make reasonable recommendations that the pediatrician might be able to adopt into the guidance provided during pediatric visits; and to propose urgently needed reforms to the current regulatory process at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food additives...
August 2018: Pediatrics
D Yu Pushkar, P I Rasner, D V Kotenko, A N Gerasimov, S A Shabalkin
INTRODUCTION: Voiding disorders in men are manifested by various symptoms associated with impairment of the urinary flow along the urinary tract and worsening of the urinary bladder storage function. There is a considerable lack of data on the prevalence of LUTS, their severity, and correlation with data from objective studies in men in the Russian Federation in general and in the Moscow region in particular. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective multicenter epidemiological study "Specific Features of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men Living in the Moscow Region" was conducted based on data acquired from April 1 to May 31, 2017 by an anonymous survey of 525 men (mean age 64...
July 2018: Urologii︠a︡
Simon Maier, Ludger Tebartz van Elst, Evgeniy Perlov, Ansgard Lena Düppers, Kathrin Nickel, Thomas Fangmeier, Dominique Endres, Andreas Riedel
Previous studies on cortical volume and thickness measures in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) show inconsistent results. We acquired structural magnetic resonance images of 30 individuals with ASD and individually matched controls and extracted surface-based and deformation-based morphometry measures. All participants had an IQ>100. Neither surface-based cortical thickness nor deformation based gyrification measures differed significantly across groups. Significant decreases but no increases of the gyrification index and sulcus depth could only be observed in the ASD group before correcting for multiple comparisons...
July 9, 2018: Psychiatry research. Neuroimaging
Avelino C Verceles, Chris L Wells, John D Sorkin, Michael L Terrin, Jeffrey Beans, Toye Jenkins, Andrew P Goldberg
PURPOSE: To compare the effects of adding a progressive multimodal rehabilitation program to usual care (MRP + UC) versus UC alone on 1) functional mobility, strength, endurance and 2) ventilator weaning and discharge status of patients with ICU-acquired weakness (ICUAW) receiving prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV). METHODS: Randomized pilot trial of an individualized MRP + UC versus UC in middle-aged and older ICU survivors with ICUAW receiving PMV...
July 11, 2018: Journal of Critical Care
Lenka Doubravská, Radovan Uvízl, Tomáš Gabrhelík, Olga Klementová, Milan Kolář
Hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) is an infection of the lung parenchyma. It is the second most frequent nosocomial infection and the leading cause of death from infection in critically ill patients. Hospital-acquired and, particularly, ventilator-associated pneumonia prolong the hospital stay and increase treatment costs. The clinical signs of pneumonia are rather non-specific, with limited possibilities to distinguish the lung condition from other nosological entities. The yield, effectiveness and cost of new rapid diagnostic procedures as well as early biochemical markers specific for pneumonia have not been sufficiently verified and clinical translation of technological innovations is slow...
March 2018: Klinická Mikrobiologie a Infekc̆ní Lékar̆ství
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