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Kay Hewit, Emma Sandilands, Rafael Sanchez Martinez, Daniel James, Hing Y Leung, David M Bryant, Emma Shanks, Elke K Markert
Based on a molecular classification of prostate cancer using gene expression pathway signatures, we derived a set of 48 genes in critical pathways that significantly predicts clinical outcome in all tested patient cohorts. We tested these genes in a functional genomics screen in a panel of three prostate cancer cell lines (LNCaP, PC3, DU145), using RNA interference. The screen revealed several genes whose knockdown caused strong growth inhibition in all cell lines. Additionally, we tested the gene set in the presence of docetaxel to see whether any gene exhibited additive or synergistic effects with the drug...
October 19, 2018: Cell Death & Disease
Katrien Vanderperren, Jimmy H Saunders, Elke Van der Vekens, Eline Wydooghe, Hilde de Rooster, Luc Duchateau, Emmelie Stock
Pathology of the mammary gland is a common health issue in dogs and includes neoplasia, cysts, inflammation and infection. The use of the B-mode (US) and contrast-enhanced (CEUS) ultrasonography may aid in the diagnosis. Previous studies are currently lacking of the ultrasonic images of the mammary gland of healthy bitches in different stages of the estrous cycle and associated normal blood perfusion patterns. The purpose, therefore, was to describe the normal B-mode US and CEUS images of the mammary gland and inguinal lymph node, in six intact female beagles during five different stages of the estrous cycle (proestrus, estrus, early and late diestrus and anestrus)...
September 13, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Siw Waffenschmidt, Elke Hausner, Wiebke Sieben, Thomas Jaschinski, Marco Knelangen, Inga Overesch
BACKGROUND: Systematic information retrieval generally requires a two-step selection process for studies, which is conducted by two persons independently of one another (double-screening approach). To increase efficiency, two methods seem promising, which will be tested in the planned study: the use of text mining to prioritize search results as well as the involvement of only one person in the study selection process (single-screening approach). The aim of the present study is to examine the following questions related to the process of study selection: Can the use of the Rayyan or EPPI Reviewer tools to prioritize the results of study selection increase efficiency? How accurately does a single-screening approach identify relevant studies? Which advantages or disadvantages (e...
October 20, 2018: Systematic Reviews
Elke M Muntjewerff, Gina Dunkel, Mara J T Nicolasen, Sushil K Mahata, Geert van den Bogaart
It is increasingly clear that inflammatory diseases and cancers are influenced by cleavage products of the pro-hormone chromogranin A (CgA), such as the 21-amino acids long catestatin (CST). The goal of this review is to provide an overview of the anti-inflammatory effects of CST and its mechanism of action. We discuss evidence proving that CST and its precursor CgA are crucial for maintaining metabolic and immune homeostasis. CST could reduce inflammation in various mouse models for diabetes, colitis and atherosclerosis...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Elke Muhl
We report on the German Peer Review procedure for the quality management of Intensive Care Wards. The third up-date of the quality-indicators was published in 2017. The Peer Review Procedure, its organization, the development of quality indicators in Germany and their benefit for the patients is introduced.
October 2018: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
Elke J A Hilgers, Mark Aurel Schöttler, Tabea Mettler-Altmann, Stephan Krueger, Peter Dörmann, Michael Eicks, Ulf-Ingo Flügge, Rainer E Häusler
The xylulose 5-phosphate/phosphate translocator (XPT) represents the fourth functional member of the phosphate translocator (PT) family residing in the plastid inner envelope membrane. In contrast to the other three members, little is known on the physiological role of the XPT. Based on its major transport substrates (i.e., pentose phosphates) the XPT has been proposed to act as a link between the plastidial and extraplastidial branches of the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway (OPPP). As the XPT is also capable of transporting triose phosphates, it might as well support the triose phosphate PT (TPT) in exporting photoassimilates from the chloroplast in the light ('day path of carbon') and hence in supplying the whole plant with carbohydrates...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Elisabeth Binder, Tilmann Rohrer, Christian Denzer, Wolfgang Marg, Ute Ohlenschläger, Heike Schenk-Huber, Ulrike Schierloh, Heino Skopnik, Elke Elisabeth Fröhlich-Reiterer, Reinhard W Holl, Nicole Prinz
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the frequency of coeliac disease (CD)-specific human leucocyte antigen (HLA) genotypes in paediatric patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D), who are known to have a higher prevalence of CD than the general population, and to evaluate whether HLA genotyping is a suitable first-line screening method for CD. STUDY DESIGN: The study was a multicentre observational analysis of patients with T1D aged <20 years of whom a subgroup had undergone HLA genotyping...
October 16, 2018: Archives of Disease in Childhood
Sarah Feger, Carsten Kendziorra, Steffen Lukas, Ahmed Shaban, Björn Bokelmann, Elke Zimmermann, Matthias Rief, Marc Dewey
PURPOSE: Myocardial computed tomography perfusion (CTP) allows the assessment of the functional relevance of coronary artery stenosis. This study investigates to what extent the contour sharpness of sequences acquired by dynamic myocardial CTP is influenced by the following noise reduction methods: temporal averaging and adaptive iterative dose reduction 3D (AIDR 3D). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Dynamic myocardial CT perfusion was conducted in 29 patients at a dose level of 9...
2018: PloS One
Yilang Tang, Sonja Reissig, Elke Glasmacher, Tommy Regen, Florian Wanke, Alexei Nikolaev, Katharina Gerlach, Vanessa Popp, Khalad Karram, Massimo C Fantini, Jörn M Schattenberg, Peter R Galle, Markus F Neurath, Benno Weigmann, Florian C Kurschus, Nadine Hövelmeyer, Ari Waisman
BACKGROUND & AIMS: The CYLD lysine 63 deubiquitinase gene (CYLD) encodes tumor suppressor protein that is mutated in familial cylindromatosis, and variants have been associated with Crohn's disease (CD). Splice forms of CYLD that lack exons 7 and 8 regulate transcription factors and functions of immune cells. We examined expression of splice forms of CYLD in colon tissues from patients with CD and their effects in mice. METHODS: We performed immunohistochemical analyses of colon tissues from untreated patients with CD and patients without inflammatory bowel diseases (controls)...
October 10, 2018: Gastroenterology
Annerieke Sierksma, Ashley Lu, Evgenia Salta, Elke Vanden Eynden, Zsuzsanna Callaerts-Vegh, Rudi D'Hooge, David Blum, Luc Buée, Mark Fiers, Bart De Strooper
BACKGROUND: Despite diverging levels of amyloid-β (Aβ) and TAU pathology, different mouse models, as well as sporadic AD patients show predictable patterns of episodic memory loss. MicroRNA (miRNA) deregulation is well established in AD brain but it is unclear whether Aβ or TAU pathology drives those alterations and whether miRNA changes contribute to cognitive decline. METHODS: miRNAseq was performed on cognitively intact (4 months) and impaired (10 months) male APPtg (APPswe /PS1L166P ) and TAUtg (THY-Tau22) mice and their wild-type littermates (APPwt and TAUwt)...
October 12, 2018: Molecular Neurodegeneration
Maciej Zdun, Ryszard Jabłoński, Dariusz Dębiński, Hieronim Frąckowiak
This article presents the results of analysis of the arterial vascular region of the Eurasian elk, which is a representative of the Cervidae family. The study was conducted on 39 Eurasian elks. The head arteries of 25 animals were filled with LBS 3040 synthetic latex. The head arteries of the other 14 Eurasian elks were filled with an acetone solution of stained chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and macerated. The arterial circle of the Eurasian elk's brain is composed of bilateral rostral cerebral arteries and caudal communicating arteries...
October 12, 2018: Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology
Jan R Wiersema, Elke Godefroid
ADHD is considered a disorder of self-regulation. Recent research has shown that awareness of bodily states, referred to as interoceptive awareness, crucially contributes to self-regulatory processes. Impaired self-regulation in ADHD has been explained in terms of arousal regulation deficits in ADHD (the state regulation deficit (SRD) account). There is now ample support for the SRD account, however the exact reason for arousal regulation difficulties is not yet known. The SRD account explicitly refers to the ability to monitor one's momentary bodily state as a prerequisite for effective state regulation...
2018: PloS One
Harald Schwalbe, Isam Elamri, Maximillian Heumüller, Lisa M Herzig, Elke Stirnal, Josef Wachtveitl, Erin Schuman
Monitoring of newly synthesized proteins is becoming increasingly important to characterize proteome composition in regulatory networks. Puromycin is a peptidyl transfer inhibitor, widely used in cell biology for tagging newly synthesized proteins. Here, we report synthesis and application of an optimized puromycin carrying a photolabile protecting group as a powerful tool for tagging nascent proteins with high spatiotemporal resolution. The photocaged 7-N,N-Diethylamino-cumarin-4-yl]-methoxycarbonyl-puromycin (DEACM-puromycin) was synthesized and compared with the previously developed 6-Nitroveratryloxycarbonyl puromycin (NVOC-puromycin)...
October 12, 2018: Chembiochem: a European Journal of Chemical Biology
Dimitri Stylemans, Sylvia Verbanck, Stefanie Vincken, Walter Vincken, Elke De Wachter, Eef Vanderhelst
BACKGROUND: While cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease is generally considered to be an obstructive disorder, other pulmonary function patterns (PFP) may occur. Furthermore, little is known about possible associations between PFP and genotype or phenotypical characteristics. METHODS: Cross-sectional study including CF patients aged 16 years or more, identifying different PFP and exploring associations between PFP and genotype or phenotypical characteristics. RESULTS: Obstructive PFP was most prevalent in our population (n = 80), comprising obstructive lung disease (62...
October 12, 2018: Acta Clinica Belgica
Stien Vandendriessche, Elizaveta Padalko, Elke Wollants, Charlotte Verfaillie, Bruno Verhasselt, Liselotte Coorevits
OBJECTIVES: The Seegene AllplexTM Respiratory panel was retrospectively challenged using a collection of quality control samples (QCMD) and clinical samples previously analysed with validated routine methods. METHODS: A collection of 111 samples [43 QCMD samples, 13 bronchoalveolar lavage fluids and 55 nasopharyngeal aspirates/swabs] was tested with Seegene AllplexTM . The clinical samples were tested previously using either FTD® Respiratory Pathogens 21 qPCR assay (Fast Track Diagnostics), an in-house multiplex PCR for Bordetella, or BioGX Sample-ReadyTM Atypical pneumo panel (Becton Dickinson)...
October 11, 2018: Acta Clinica Belgica
Elke Scheer, Wolfgang Belzig
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: Nature
Georg Griesinger, Christophe Blockeel, Gennady T Sukhikh, Ameet Patki, Bharati Dhorepatil, Dong-Zi Yang, Zi-Jiang Chen, Elke Kahler, Claire Pexman-Fieth, Herman Tournaye
STUDY QUESTION: Is oral dydrogesterone 30 mg daily non-inferior to 8% micronized vaginal progesterone (MVP) gel 90 mg daily for luteal phase support in IVF? SUMMARY ANSWER: Oral dydrogesterone demonstrated non-inferiority to MVP gel for the presence of fetal heartbeats at 12 weeks of gestation (non-inferiority margin 10%). WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: The standard of care for luteal phase support in IVF is the use of MVP; however, it is associated with vaginal irritation, discharge and poor patient compliance...
October 10, 2018: Human Reproduction
Elke Oberhofer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: MMW Fortschritte der Medizin
Elke Oberhofer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: MMW Fortschritte der Medizin
Elke Oberhofer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: MMW Fortschritte der Medizin
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